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How Many Miles Does The Ferrari Have By Now

February 21, 2012 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, when I came across this today, I knew you would love to see it! Looks like you can pay to ride around in style with the Ferrari Guy!  He is a true legend… how many miles you think that thing has on it?

Tony Fag probably has 240k miles on that Fiero by now.- nik

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Downward Economy Hits Tony Tag Bad

June 7, 2011 Chicago, Dirty Army Strong, The Dirty, Tony Fag 9

Downward economy hits Tony Tag Bad

Downward economy hits Tony Tag Bad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Many of you might know him as Tony Tag aka Tony Fag or even the guy with the 80′s hair and Ferrari for hire. I am said to say but even Tony has had to make cuts in his fiscal budget. I noticed that not only is his website down but he is now driving a shiny, slightly used 1980′s caddy. However don’t be alarmed, I am sure if you contact him through Facebook he will be more that happy to still rent out his services for $300/hr. Nik, do you concur that this is a fare going rate for complete shame and utter embarrassment?

If Tony Fag was smart he would knock his price down to $50.00 an hour as a summer special.- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

December 8, 2010 The Dirty, Tony Fag 14

Click on the picture to see how Tony Fags rolls around in a Ferrari with more than 200K miles on it.

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The Real Tony Fag

November 9, 2010 Chicago, Tony Fag 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the true story about Tony Fag… What do you think about it?

His celebrity in Chicago is dying.- nik

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It’s So Exciting To See A Dirty Celeb In Person

August 3, 2010 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 11

Douche Siting Tony Fags

Douche Siting Tony Fags

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was enjoying my day today walking around millenium park and I saw this douche working out in the grass. Kinda exciting to see a dirty celeb ha. Notice the shorts he has been photographed in from bout 2 years ago.

Tony Fag in all his glory.  I am bummed he turned down the movie role offer for “The Expendables”.- nik

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Buy Tony Fag’s Ferrari For 65K

June 4, 2010 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have some good info on Tony Fag’s Ferrari. It’s a real 360, however it looks like a mexican modded it out. Dude added a spoiler and gold rims. Its a 2002 with 72K miles….all city miles…lol… He really racked up the mileage cruising “Viagra” triangle! Anyhow, I flip exotics and was offered this car 2 weeks ago. Once I saw the personalized tag…I knew where I recognized it from…THE DIRTY! Could’ve bought it for 65k…passed on it cause he F’d it up …looks like a kit car.

This is awesome… sorry Tony Fag you cannot hide from the DIRTY ARMY.  I wouldn’t buy that kit car for more than 23K.  Only because I am not sure how much Fiero’s are going for these days.- nik

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Recession Hitting Hard For Tony Fag

June 3, 2010 Chicago, Dirty Rides, Tony Fag 3

Recession hitting hard for Tony T

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I took this picture in downtown Oak Park.  I couldnt believe that I saw Tony Fags in his Eldorado painted just like his 360.  Nik I’m a true Dirty Army for life and I know and see all these Dirty Celebs on the site, but when you get to see one yourself and take an image of them out in the wild, its like seeing a Unicorn, you kow what I mean.

That looks like a Kit Car too.- nik

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What Rhymes With Tag

March 26, 2010 Chicago, The Dirty, Tony Fag 18

Sometimes Dirty Celebs cannot handle their fame… Tony Fag is just another man on a mission to defeat the DIRTY ARMY!

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