Hannah Jane

April 21, 2014 Toronto 8 9,200 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this nasty trailer trash, sucubus whore, has fcked through more than half the Toronto Rave Scene. If the name Anthony Seselja ( DjNexkid), rings a bell you would know how fcking gross and pedo he is. well shes fcked him too. Shes a physco slut, who has a horrific eating disorder and a nasty drug habbit. Losing over 120 pounds in less than a year, ( by taking mass amounts of speed and other drugs, and also starving herself). Leaving her with what you see here. A disgusting saggy body. Oh did i mention this slore has a latex allergy? SO if you were going to hit it, DONT. you cant cover your dick, and youll more than likely end up with a dirty as drd. Have a dick? Need to get laid? Send Hannahjane IsaPanda a message/ add on Facebook. Shell happily fuck you for a gram of weed, or just because you pay attention to her.

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Update On Former Escort Niusha Ghasem

April 21, 2014 Toronto 13 8,601 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so we all know Niusha G, the former escort and stripper.  This little gold digger has been on the prowl since she was 19, working at RUB & TUGS all over the GTA.. Golden spa ext. Niusha has has sex with almost every guy in the GT and has gotten the most amount of surgery possible: Nose job, cheek life, lip injections, Botox, NOSE JOB, and breast implants. If you know her, you know she is the biggest disgrace to persians! She was in an afghan video a couple years back, your persian lol why are you in an Afghan video? What do you think Nik? She has a whole group of escort friends as well, Sanaz Ameli, Karolina V, Nikki Chloe, and the list goes on! So where did Niusha disappear to? Well, she found a rich old jewish man who she is now married to and uses him. Nik, her husband bought her a Bentley and she crashed shortly after, and he then bought her a brand new range rover! You would think after all this time, she would keep a low profile right? WRONG.

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Mariah Sparks

April 18, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 62 9,000 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Mariah Sparks MTL bigger waste bitch she move to Toronto to go sell her dirty stink drd pssy….She loves taking pictures with her welfare and escort money fake stripper she always takes a old man home to get paid ..She fcked half Montreal I guess she had to go to Toronto to start fuking other girls boyfriend her best talent ….a hoe will always be a hoe …Mariah you will always be a waste case your money doesn’t among to shit your mom should of swallow you like you like to swallow everyone cum nasty hoe … Sad your 20 you’re and you have to put 1000 pond of make up to look proper your all use up you only have a man cause your bring him money lol…KARMA NEVER FORGETS WATCH YOUR BACK!

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Don’t Waste Your Time

April 18, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 154 101,200 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I just want to warn other girls about this douchebag so they don’t waste their time like I did mine.  This guy is not only a huge player, but takes 10 times as long as any girl to get ready.  He is so into himself its ridiculous, to the point where I was convinced he was either gay or bi.  Just don’t let that pretty face fool you, he will sleep around any chance given and for some reason, he has a ton of chances.

Those are definitely FORGY eyebrows. And that jacket with the white fuzzy sh*t… come on bro.- nik

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Easy Slore

April 17, 2014 Toronto 5 9,020 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut sleeps with anybody and everybody

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Mama Zara Mendes

April 17, 2014 Toronto 38 9,038 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Zara aka Sarah aka RudeGirlZee has 3 kids with 3 different baby daddy’s? In fact she is not even sure who her third kids father is. This “woman” is not hard to spot out of a crowd as she resembles a humpback whale. She thinks she is living in riches when all her money comes from her baby bonuses. She takes photographs of her tits and ass and posts them online then says shes a protector of her children, girl you just advocating that you’d like to get raped. She likes to eat doughnuts and suck the dick of many young black males, she keeps her numerous guys engaged by giving blow jobs in her own social housing apartment, all the while all 3 of her children are sleeping in one room next to her. This bad bitch will go to the high ends of the earth to make someone’s life miserable with no remorse…here you go Sarah, here’s your karma

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Nancy White Is Fake

April 16, 2014 Krusty, Toronto 7 9,017 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Nancy white college Parks famous blow Job princess. Anyways Miss Nancy here thinks Shes tough sh*t but really isn’t.  Shes just a fat snitch and tries to pull the pregnant card so people Dont bang her out well Nancy your just obese so nice try. Anyways shes the nastiest fattest bitch ive ever known and lies.

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Who wants to be his next baby mama

April 16, 2014 Toronto 28 7,983 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy a fu*king pig, first off he sleeps with anything, he is as useless as they come…he is 28 yrs old with an 18 yr old skeeze, he has 8 kids, he leaves the women when he finds out they are pregnant, only to return the day they have the baby to look like daddy of the year, but he leaves again when the baby is a month old, he is constantly looking for his next fu*k He’s never had a job, he’s a crackhead, he steals off his family and has and even breaks into people’s houses when his welly is spent on his crack All ladies of Toronto be warned He goes by Jj, jay, James or William Don’t let yourself become his next baby mama

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