Nathan the Toilet Tranny

July 21, 2014 Toronto 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: Need I say more…

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Gross Toronto Chick

July 20, 2014 Toronto 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl’s name is Linda. She goes by Linda Cruiser, and is actually one of the biggest dousche bags I have ever met. She pretends to be your friend and gets close to u and then before u know it she is talking filth behind ur bak. She talks smack about her own good friend who goes by Brittany Leanne Costa. She has fuked multiple men that her friends have been with and continues to slu it out on a daily…. Keep your mouth and legs closed Linda. There’s only so much of ones personal life that can stay hidden.. Yous a hoe!!! Sorry

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Pepsi’d Out Forgy

July 20, 2014 Toronto 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet denzel aka denzi bear on Facebook . so let me begin this fat sloppy fag deserves to be on her because my friend passed away and this goof denzel was posting all these ignorant comments on a status saying how he was glad and happy my friend had died. Yea piece of work u are denzel your butt hurt that my friend hated your fat ass that u say evil shit about him after he dies ? I’m sure if he was still here your fat ass would be banged out you dirty fg you’ll rot in hell pssy let’s not forget you sucked a 14 year old boys dick when u were high on coke and molly also you stole money from a a*ds charity too your a low life.

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Marina Longmire

July 19, 2014 Toronto 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet marina longmire this filthy scunt is the biggest dead beat mom in Toronto. She can’t even focus on getting her kids back from cas she’d rather drink and pan handle on the street while she still collects welfare . this fucing ugly bitch is scum and needs her ovaries ripped out so she cant bring anymore innocent children into this world. So put this dirty Indian skeeze on blast oh yea marina your not pretty your a fasd poster child bitch

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All Girls Beware

July 18, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 193

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I just want to warn girls about this douchebag.  He pretends he is a baller but is not at all.  He depends on him mommy and daddy to take care of him and rolls around in an old Range that you can get for under 12k… the dude needs help and needs to wake up and realize he aint sh*t… and he needs to stop playing with girl’s hearts.

The Mickey Mouse photo bomb must be to lure the youth.- nik

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Ugly Kay Kay

July 18, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Omg where do I start with this bitch Kay Kay LOL shes originally from mtl but thinks she’s bad cause she moved to Toronto. Bitch you ugly ass NY shit. Your so fuking dark nobody can see u in the dark. You talk shit about every girl and even your own friends. Like did u look in the mirror thank god there’s filters nowadays cause fuk bitch you ugly!!!! All you do is hate on other Girls that’s prettier than we can all y. Your mom is a crck head that doesn’t give too shits about you she’ll PROLLY sell your baby for a piece. Your a patheticlogy liar you lie about every fucking thing. You got some mans name tattooed on you and you weren’t even with him dumb bitch. Hahahaha your so fuking dumb. And once again ugly. Your a fuking crack baby have fun living with that for the rest of your life hoe! Which city you going to run away to next? Don’t trust this bitch with nothing shell back stab you like she did to me. You talk shit about everybody cause really you feel like a piece of shit inside. Go suck a dick bitch and twerk on the pole cause that’s all your good for.

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The Creature Of Oshawa

July 17, 2014 Toronto 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik so this is Madison the most nastiest big mouthed bitch that I know in Oshawa. I used to go to school with her until she got taken away by C.a.s when she was 15 for her stepdad not wanting her and quite frankly I can’t blame him. She is sooo nasty and fat and ugly, I had her at my house once and she will eat your entire fridge. She always smells like B.O and fish Her whole nigger family like to pretend to be something there not like they have money to spend when in all reality there welfare cases. Her mom is a cum guzzling crackhead and is just as trashy as her. Her own black babyfather doesn’t even want to be around his own child because of who he had it with. But I can’t blame him. He shoulda brown paper bagged this hoe. And to think I loved this fat hoe.

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Trisha Dertinger

July 17, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 238


THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK! put this trash on blast! this girl walks around thinking that she is gods gift to earth. Shes a prostitute and a stripper who thinks doing coke and MDMA is more important than her own kids! She is continuously harrassing other girls boyfriends to watch her come strip at The Manor in guelph And has fcked 100s of men! Not to mention she has given countless men her DRDs without even telling them this bitch will most likely get sued one day!Check her out as Anna Lee the Spinner on SP411 an escort review website as she claims in many of her online advertisements. This horseface needs to be knocked down a few notches because all she is, is a 24 year old WHORE with no life goals or future. the only thing she is good at is spreading her legs to get cash. this creep also has a strange obsession with other girls especially BREE WALKER, she claims they look alike and STALKS the fck out of her, really weird and also claims that bree walker prostitutes with her! EVERYONE THAT KNOWS THIS GIRL HATES HER SHE HAS NO GENUINE FRIENDS BECAUSE OUT OF ALL OF THE DIRT IN HAMILTON THIS GIRL TAKES THE GRAND PRIZE!

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