Stephanie Law

August 21, 2014 Toronto 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Were do we start with this crack.M&th,n needle banging street walker..this disturbing looking bitch pops out kids addicted to drugs,she went in labor with the one kid so high on crack her poor baby was shaking, every kid she ever had gets taking by c.a.s s soon as she has them,infact she is prego right now i justsee seen her shooting Mehh in her vains.cares nothing about herself let alone her crack babies,who gets pregnant and continues drugs shmd…. a price of shit that’s who…this girl will sleep with anyone for drugs,food,n money,condom or not…she will sleep with ur man and send him home wit drd’s watch out for this drd. N grove hoe!! vvvvvains…goods

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Dino Taglieri

August 20, 2014 Calgary, Toronto 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is the world’s biggest scumbag. He is extremely delusional, and beyond pathetic. He came to Calgary about 5 years ago and started dating my friend. After about a year they got a place together and moved in together. He was ok in the sense that he furnished the place and paid the rent, he also bought her lots of gifts. But that’s about it for anything good to come from this ugly midget. The whole time he was married with 2 kids back in Toronto. And upon there break-up she comes to find out from a bunch of people that he was actually banging numerous girls who worked for him at the bow from young ones to gross 50 year olds. This guy defines what a Pig is and should Rot in Shame. And to top it off now hes back in Calgary doing it all over again, you can find him on POF under the name Sputach.

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Carissa Selbee Sells Herself

August 20, 2014 Kingston, Toronto 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Carrissa selbee is a nasty skank with zero self respect posts picture of herself in bra and painties on facebook acting like shes hot shit when really shes a scabby slut with hiv and herps, she suck any guy off for a out ladies shes a major hoe so hide your children carissas scabby flappy loose pussy will eat them whole. This disease needs to drop off the face of the earth you can find her on craigs list selling herself for a cheap buck.she seriously needs help befoee she infects all of BC with her nasty ass . Check out her aweful butterfly tramp stamp tacky and ugly hunny you should just get Easy tattooed on your forhead .

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Rat Face of Aurora

August 20, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Sarah VercilloVercillo-Hepell or Rat Face as many nicknamed her. This fugly bag of bones will open her legs for anything. Can you blame her though, she’s to dirty to get a DECENT man that hasn’t been in every dirty pussy In Aurora She’s a huge shit talker and her asshole is at fill capacity cause she has her head so far up it. She goes back and forth with her ex’s. Back and forth like a fugly slutty ping pong ball. While she was still dating a guy she starts hanging out with her main ex and hooking up with him. He’s pretty dirty to as he was not single. Anyways this hoe breaks upo with her boyfriend in the meanist way possible, just talking shit and putting him down hardcore. And starts dating her ex she was hooking up with. If it fails the first time try try again right? He must be stupid enough to think she won’t cheat on him in their sad pathetic future. Cause guess what folks!! She’s pregnant! I’ve known this girl for some time and she never wanted babies until her sister in law and blood sister got pregnant . Now not only is she a fugly slut she’s an attention whore and human breeder. How pathetic can you get. Karma is a bitch, either she has a miscarriage and blesses us with her dead spawn. Or she has this baby and ends up hating it and having her life ruined in the typical “Not Ready For A Baby” way. Either way she’s going to get what her nasty ass deserves. XOXO

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Good Girl

August 20, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik so this slore loves attention and threatens anyone who crosses her she has been caught threatening co workers ex’s and randoms. She is an over all nasty looking piece of garbage she is only happy when people are sympathetic to her drama. She changes her hair color more then her underwear. She only ever puts people down and is obsessed with her ex its so pathetic. Somebody needs to slap some sense into this whore or knock it into her whatever works lol what do you think Nik?

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Chantalle Two-Short

August 20, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this ginger hoe is famous for trying to get pregnant for a next girls baby dad every single month, she will text you saying how much your man loves her mouth on his dick, she is just beyond ratchet has no class or morals no self respect, she is a home wrecker because her own baby dad never claimed her, if any females find out they have an drd it’s cause there man slept with her.

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Personal Touch Hair Salon Whitby

August 20, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ho’s name is Kristi – co-douche bag owner of the kinkiest salon in Whitby. The store is obviously a front for the real business where Kristi is the star of the show!! Just ask for a personal appointment under the code of “laser skin rejuv” or a “bottom-half manscape” – it’s expensive but the cum swallow is free . Just be sure to wear protection, because this bitch is full of oral herpes. Wish somebody had warned me. I probably still would have went to see her – she is top in her game and will not be beat or undersold – she’ll do you for free the first time if you promise to book again. She will even bring her husband in for a threesome if you are into that sort of thing. Be discreet on booking!!

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August 19, 2014 Toronto 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This girl is a dirty skeet from oshawa she likes to trap men by lieing and say she pregnent forr them just to get $$ outta them then lie n say she lost it she’s alway caught on Simcoe begin for money and she always sniffing the snow she a no good hoe who sleeps with everyone man and passes her dirty cl*p to every body her name is ally gallager everyone stay clear since i known this girl she\’s done nothing but sleep with all kinds

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