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Dumpster lays

December 16, 2014 Thunder Bay, Toronto, Winnipeg 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Alyssa Tyler and Mandi morin these two chicks are huge huge sloots they will fck anyone and everyone Mandi has drd and pretty much hands them out to anyone she ducks and Alyssa plays it off that she’s not a huge Sloot but she is she’s a bigger who’re then Mandi bangjng guys at the bars they both work in there under wear and fuk who every thinks there sexy nasty hoes of thunder bay

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Fake Music Producer

December 16, 2014 Toronto 14

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy goes by the name therealdramabeats . Total fraudster who claims to have worked with every music artist in the business. Posts fake garbage daily on IG and picks up underage girls. You can google his name and see all the bs this guy claims. Beware!

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Trisha Definitely Gets Around

December 16, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 64


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I won’t lie, I’m tired of hearing about and seeing Trisha Grant Calitri. Trisha is the Toronto Suns cover girl for their new calendar. You might have seen her around before. We all gotta know why she is the top girl with The Sun. Any idiot could put 2 and 2 together, she sleeps around and works her way to the top. Actually my buddy witnessed it himself when the girls were shooting at Cabana for the calendar. A little too friendly with the photographer! I’m so done looking at that face, sucks to think we will have to see it on peoples walls for an entire year. Give it a break girl.

Why do her inner thighs touch?- nik

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Trying to Hard

December 15, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dana long really knows how to play the role. Shes clinging to brett for dear life now that she doesnt have to work and has an athlete to support her. Her upper lip has gotten bigger, along with her chest gap. Check out this photo. Who goes to dinner with their bfs parents looking like this? Her refund gap is horrible. You already got a successful man, relax with the horrible cleavage. She posts on twitter about how thigh gaps are a negative thing and having a booty is all that yet dana is a bone rack just like paige brendel, just more womanly looking. Thoughts?

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**UPDATE: Sara Klinck — Submission Removal Request

December 15, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 391

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Sara Klinck. Started her escapade here in gravenhurst Ontario, and then took it out west to Alberta. Me and a few friends used to bang her. She had no problem sleeping with more then 1 dude at a time. Now it’s either cheating on one of her many boyfriends or jumping on whatever Greg she can find on her online dating. Some females nvr learn. Good p*ssy, but diiiirty.

**UPDATE [December 15, 2014] Email from Sara Klinck:

So because some bitch wrote to you guys about me and had no proof now I need to go through my lawyer? My dad is the f*cking mayor for christs sake. You guys are f*cked.

Sara Klinck
Clear Environmental Solutions
Division of Canadian Energy Services
Cell: (403) ***-****

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Abusive Butch Lezzer

December 14, 2014 Toronto 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: her name is laura massciote and i was unprivledged to waste two years of my llife with her shes fat but refers to herself as thin, rewears the same cheap clothes over and over, works crappy factory jobs even though shes 47 year old with no real education she is also extremely cheap and once yelled at me over one dollar and 80 cents. she beat me up to the point i got sent to the hospital. shes always looking to date women yet never takes the time to work on herself and severe obvious issues. she has cut marks all over her arms and 27 assault charges she has also abused her ex girlfriend i confirmed so this is something she does that will NEVER change no matter who you are as a person, if your good or not. she has a dragon tattoo on her arm her number is six fourseven eight three three five eight one five and she lives at 1011 lansdowne by lansdowne and dupont unit 20-03 She ruined my lifeand im just writing this hoping i can stop her from hurting anyone else again. She will only use and lie and cheat on you. then after 6 months start hitting you till you knock out. SO LADIES STAY AWAY!! unless u want to be taken to mcdonalds for a date and then abused after

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Old Liar

December 14, 2014 Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Miranda. This slut lies more than most people change their underwear, about anything and everything. She is more worried about cock and money more than taking care of her kid. She is a shitty person all around and likes to fuck with peoples lives by telling lies.

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Fahrin Jaffer

December 12, 2014 Toronto 829

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Fahrin Jaffer in Toronto tested positive for H** and various other STDs. It came as a complete shock and surprise to me given that I was sexually intimate with this serial farting skank Fahrin Jaffer for a number of years. Now I am worried if I might have contracted any drds from this promiscuous slut Fahrin Jaffer. It seems as though Fahrin Jaffer has been living a life of fraud and deceit. All of Fahrin Jaffer’s websites have no phone number, no fax number, no office address, no professional e-mail but there is only a silly Yahoo and a Gmail address listed. Fahrin Jaffer’s websites claims she worked at the law firm D’Angela Fox Vanounou LLP but I am informed by this law firm that this liar Fahrin Jaffer never even worked there! I am also told that this scammer Fahrin Jaffer went to the worst last school on the planet – Thomas Cooley. Nik, put this gassy bitch Fahrin Jaffer on full blast so that other unsuspecting men don’t fall victim to this 43 year old unemployed reject Fahrin Jaffer!!!

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