Jaqualeyn Crosby

September 15, 2014 Toronto 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, never thought I’d wanna post anyone but I guess Karma is a bitch. This “wonderful” and to be honest, quite sad, individual is Jaqualeyn Crosby. Know shes already on here but I had some things I wanted to expose on this dirty cow. First off, if drama queen had a picture in the dictionary, her pic should be used. Granted you can fit it cause of the size of her head is enormous, sorry that was unessecary lol. She is so dramatic, when things don’t go her way, she cries and threatens suicide which is so pathetic, if she had killed herself for everytime she said it. There’d be about 12-13 tombstones at this rate. Pathetic. She constantly lies which is the result of never growing up and oweing up to her problems and fuck ups. She has NO friends and I emphasize none, and if she does, they don’t stick around long because they catch on to her bullshit or get fed up or where never really her friends to begin with. Maybe felt sorry for her, like I did. But I don’t forget and I don’t forgive for the lies and manipulation. Oh she thinks she’s good at that as well.trun people against one another. Too bad it often turns against her. Other than that, everything said about her before is true. She’s a man stealer, she’ll fck anything that moves, she lives off thd system and refuses to work, she always is eating, never showers, just doesn’t care about others or herself for that matter. She’s never been pregnant and she has and will continue to lie about it, slapping her “friends” who have been by basically mocking them just so people can feel sorry for her. Shes pathetic and stupid. Sorry but you have to be known as the manipulate lying bitch you are jackie. Grow up and do something with your life.

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Jessica Mann

September 15, 2014 Toronto 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik this girl is a home wrecking whore she sleeps with anything with a dick her vag os going tp fall off yet. She has a good boyfriend and she always takes off to go fck someome gross i say. Someone needs to teach this to bit whore a lesson

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Cody Bro

September 15, 2014 Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well nik , im surprised this dirtbags hasent been posted here before. This guys the biggest piece of scum I have met , I see him at ysb and och everyday. He’s the biggest crack/ cokehead you’ll ever meet and will sleep with anything with two legs women beware , he trys to act “hard ” because his p*ssy friends will “back him up. CODY YOUR A JOKE NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME YOULL KNOW WHO I AM BECAUSE ILL BE SWINGING AND LETS SEE IF YOUR SO CALLED FRIENDS WILL BACK YOU UP THEN. And lay off the coke bro

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Arielle Is Actually A Home Wrecker

September 13, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 113


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Arielle Zechoval. She has been posted before for her nasty twat tattoo, but now this dirty girl needs to be put on blast for her slutty home wrecking ways. This girl likes to go after guys with wives and girlfriends, and has broken up my friends marriage. She is a piercer at Metamorphosis Tattoo. If all that gross metal in her face is a reflection of her work, I wouldn’t get a peircing from her although who knows what she is passing around that shop anyways. She lies, cheats, and steals from her work and friends but tries to cover it up with a good girl persona. She just moved into a new place, clearly she got kicked out of the one she was in since all of her friends talk sh*t about her behind her back. She is loud, obnoxious, parties too much, and goes home with random men from the bar. She is only 24 and thinks she’s hot sh*t but looks like an old hag from being used and abused, I can’t imagine what she will look like in a few years after she takes a few more beatings. This girl needs to get some self respect.

Who gets wheat grain tattoos? Or maybe that is lavender?- nik

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Bomba’s New Look

September 12, 2014 Bomba, The Dirty, Topeka, Toronto 118

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is it just me or is Bomba turning into Jwoww?  Not going to BS you, she totally does look 1000 times better from the first time she was posted.  She does need those cutlets redone but besides that, props for the improvement.

Bomba looks exactly like Kim Kardashian… they could be twins.- nik

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Con Artist Manny Suarez

September 12, 2014 Toronto 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware: Manny Suarez the master Mexican manipulator. Apparent woman beater and known pill and powder junkie. Known to frequent Toronto afterhours such as comfort zone, Ryze and Stakked and has claimed to have banged local hottie Bomba and some of her crew. He claims he’s 25 this f’kin loser is actually a 21 year old unemployed baby daddy to a daughter in Toronto and another daughter in Mexico with some coke head slore he met at BPM. He lies about any and everything and somehow feels like we believe him. He is always scamming or searching for money like the little sewer rat he is. He stays close to his boyfriend Nik Zita and his crew but has never admitted he gets fcked and sucked regualrly for coke and pills. He owes at least one person you know money and yes he fucked your girlfriend and probably your mom. He owns nothing lives at home in Rexdale with his immigrant parents which are aloft to his various lifestyles. He aparently tried to take his baby momma to court for custody not for the kid but for the $$$ he got called out by the judge was sent for drug testing and offered supervised visits but he dissapered claiming some new bullshit, his baby moms are milfs btw. He will always have a story and charming smile to get what he wants until you run dry or go broke and he’s gone. He will fuck anyone for a ride home, a smoke or even a friend after a certian point of the night comes, if hes not clinging to his boyfriend Nik Zitas side. Don’t be a victim.

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Stubby Gnome Chad Silvari

September 12, 2014 Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this short hairy loser thinks he’s gods gift to women, no, little girls. He posts only pictures of himself from 8 years ago to get barely legal girls to talk to him on Tinder. He will say ANYTHING to get you to f$%& him and his tiny little brown infected D will make you laugh. He won’t use condoms and he left me with drd. Never talked to me again. Guess what he’s still on tinder day and night after more young victims. Blast this Pepsi head drunk. Girls need to be warned!!!

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Emanuel Cugliari Is The Biggest Douchebag Ever

September 10, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 163

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m actually really surprised that Emanuel Cugliari has never been posted on here. Emanuel is your typical rich spoiled douchebag. You’d think his head would explode by how cocky he is. This little punk had to be put on blast after he posted a disgraceful screenshot of a money deposit from his rich dad. Because his dad is one of the richest guys I know, Cuggz gets everything he wants. I’m sorry man, but you brought this post on yourself. Hopefully posting you smartens you up, so that you start working hard for your money instead of relying on your father.

That selfie is creepy. Why is he looking at his phone and not the mirror?- nik

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