World War III

October 27, 2014 Toronto 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, earlier this week a man who had converted himself to be involved in the ISIS movement his two men at parliament, killing one, (Police then shot the assailant on the scene) and now the shooting at parliament today… do you think the two situations are connected? do you think we could be facing another world war?

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Rob Alex Blake

October 26, 2014 Toronto 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik whats going on ? meet rob alex blake . this fat obese nigger has nothing better to do then bash people through commenting on the dirty all the time even his own apparent freinds. anyways this piece of shit wished death on my son for no reason and said a bunch of dumb things about me too on here . he lives like a farm animal in his apartment thats infested with cockroaches its digusting !! and he smells like a cow too omfg . and he has the decency to call me coked out and a whore lol wow really rob is that all the dirt u have on me thats cool only sand falls through fingers remember that u fat fucking nigger loose some weight then come talk a big game bitch . rob thinks hes bad ass for threating to beat on a woman which was me whom he threatned hahaha yea ok nigger so nik heres yet another goof who bullys on women and wishes death upon innocent babies

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Your Thoughts On Bri Neal

October 24, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Bri Neal. She is from Canada and seems to fit the criteria of your standard: thin, big boobs, blonde and tanned. So Nik, whats the verdict on this beauty?

Tell me more. The tip of her nose concerns me and her hip length doesn’t do her any favors, but I think we can be Facebook friends.- nik

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Top Notch “Rich” Prick

October 23, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man whore trolls for underage girls with two Tinder and multiple online dating profiles. He thinks he is a god with his two cars, horse and condo when his money comes from his mommy and daddy. He is a complete psychopath and is constantly trying to lure little girls because he thinks he is smarter than them. Please call this guy out on his ridiculous sh*t.

He looks like Hack Murphy.- nik

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Trevor Godinho Is Not An Elite Photographer

October 23, 2014 Toronto 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Toronto photographer Trevor Godindo and his website claims he is an elite photographer by shooting celebrity portraits like Clive Owen, Nik Gage, Jennifer Connelly and more. However, you don’t see any pro portraits of them on his website. Sure, there are snapshots of Micheal Douglas and Jeff Bridges that are crappy with terrible lighting. Looks like he just saw then on the street and asked to take a picture. Hardly, publishable for any well known American magazines. He is no Annie Leibovitz or even Matt Barnes who is well known pro photographer in Toronto. Add to the fact that he thinks he shoots top tier models for agencies. He does not work for any agencies and the models are middle tier at best. Don’t get fooled by the number of publications his work has been in, they are lesser known publications, not in North America. Any photographer can make themselves look good with a website.

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October 23, 2014 Toronto 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: yosoymaureena from toronto looks so stupid saying “we need more women in the business industry and not stunting for IG. ” when all she does is cake up her face and edit her pics for instagram .. Where is her “successful business” at ?? Too funny !

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Maples Ratchet

October 23, 2014 Coquitlam, Toronto 7



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Victoria stokes as we know her as the maples ratchet! This bitch talks about being pregnant while getting high and drinking, she talks this and that, all she does is talk shit about everyone, trying to say she’s part of Montana, lying about her age hopping dick to dick, dirty little girl hood hopping little shook snitch!

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Jessica Viola

October 23, 2014 Toronto 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: I used to be one of this girls best friends, she changes her best friends of course like her fuking underwear she is a conniving whore. beside being a big slut who sleeps around with who ever including her friends boyfriends and their friends shes a molly popping anorexic manipulative whore she uses this guy who has been in love with her for years! and still keeps him around and the bitch has no shame to flirt with anyone in front of him, and then uses him and her close friends for money, she can’t keep a job a friend or any boys around shes a low down dirty .

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