October 15, 2014 Edmonton, Toronto 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Mohammad this guy goes on plenty of fishes to use women for sex.He will never spend money on u cause his ass is always brook, cant work a job for more than two days. Makes up lies that he goes to school to be a PSYCHOANALYST I meant him in Edmonton and now according to his profile he moved to Toronto hes always different cities looking for pssy. Do not believe anything on his profile he does not drive a car because he cannot afford one. Claims he lives as a king when he don’t have shit and that his parents are Somali Diplomats(Somalia don’t have government)DUMBASS!!!He doesn’t even have a cell phone SAD LIFE. He is the most fucked up person I have ever meant in my life and he is a pathological liar.

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Is Wire Transfer Really Putting Her John On Blast

October 15, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw a picture that Wire Transfer posted on instagram thanking a “Mr. R” for the dress she was wearing in the pic. The dress was purchased from her Amazon wishlist. I didn’t know that clients were actually sticking around and purchasing thing off her wishlist. It should be a hit it and quit it type of relationship but Mr. R is probably a loyal customer. This can’t be a good look for business. Just wondering, did the gifts come pre or post the wire transfer?

I don’t understand, what do these guys get when they buy something off an Amazon wish list?- nik

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Smells Like a Bar

October 15, 2014 Toronto 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Mandie (Mandy) Conklin. She’s about as white trash as it gets. She thinks she is the hottest thing that has ever walked the earth. She wears makeup that is 4 shades too dark, she wears push up bras to make her tits look bigger, she never washes her makeup off and just puts makeup over yesterdays shit. She uses her hands to apply makeup and under her nails are build up of makeup.. it’s fcking gross. Her teeth are covered in plaque. Her breath stinks. She gave my buddy the c*ap then denied it. Just looking at this girl you can tell she smells like cat piss. Her bedroom had cat puke on the floor and she had ice cap cups filled with cigarette butts. She literally lives in a pigsty and is totally okay with it. This girl will try and fck your boyfriend then deny it. She has about 80 kills under her belt, that I know of. 40 of which are people’s sloppy seconds or her friends boyfriends. The most disgusting thing about her is, she never washes her hair. She would put in glue in extensions and when they fell out she would just reapply more extensions over the old glue. Her hair actually looked like a rats nest. She never showers and when she does she doesn’t wash her hair. One of my guy friends fucked her and said her snatch smelled so bad he faked nutting just to end it. When you’re sitting beside her you can smell the stench coming off of her. This is the kinda bitch that goes to bars and expects people to pay for her. Straight up Oshawa pig.

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Put This Tranny on Blast

October 14, 2014 Toronto 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,This is Vee Cortez, A.K.A Vita Cortez, Vitarrio Jessie Cortez, MS. VEE. She/He is a Toronto Drag Queen and a ” female illusionist”. looks horrible as a woman but still manages to be with a different guy every weekend. can afford the “good life” because she has many sugar daddies to provide for her. She’s so selfish, I have never in my life met a person worse then him. i knew him since we were kids and he wasn’t like this before. he was on MTV CREEPS on the second season of the show, claims to be a drag queen but I’ve never seen him perform any where in Toronto. his instagram posts are so F****D up it\ ridiculous. can someone please blast this bitch and bring him/her back to reality!!!

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Lash Bunnie The Gold Digger

October 14, 2014 Toronto, Vancouver 205

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Maral. She lives in Vancouver and thinks she’s the next Kim Kardashian. She is an undercover gold digger. First she was dating that Spanish guy who paid for her boobs, bought her bags, shoes as much as his little drug dealing money couple buy. Then she cried her story he would cheat on me do coke and party all night and leave me.. to every guy in Vancouver to Toronto. Then she met big man Duke in Vancouver… who’s rich as f*ck!! She flashed her tits ass… sexually f*cked his mind till he bought her what she cries for… even THOUSANDS on make up… like RELAX.  Why pay for all your surgeries if you are going to load all that crap on your face. Now she’s with this new city boy drug dealer… who’s now once again paying for everything she owns. He even got her her own business selling China eye lashes for double the price. He got her this business and now she is posting half naked photos on the computer for other men to see… she’s Malibu lash bunny turn into Hoe bunny. These guys are insane spending money on her right?

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Bomba Is Looking Like A Cholla

October 12, 2014 Bomba, The Dirty, Toronto 138

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Bomba is starting to look more and more like a ghetto cholla from LA.  Why is she going for this look?  She looks way better when she is trying to do the sex tape Kim Kardashian look.

Is Bomba even 19 years old yet?- nik

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Fourplay Would Be A Perfect DC Name For Chloe Khan

October 10, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 85


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have we came to a decision on Chloe Khan’s dirty celebrate name?

Top Names:  Milk Jugs, Goodyear, Balloons, TrainWreck, Silicone Valley, Boobzilla and FourPlay.

I’m leaning towards Goodyear.- nik

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Rita the Norwood Mom

October 9, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Rita she thinks because she is a mom that it makes her the best person to exist. She brings her kids up in every Facebook status saying that if you aren’t a parent then you can’t have an opinion on ANYTHING. She always says how she is such a good mom but she recently posted photos of her sons baby dads penis on Facebook for the world to see. She acts like she can slut shame the world because she honestly must have forgotten that she has two babies by two different men and lost another to a different guy when she was a teen. She considers that her child too but she always brags about how she wasn’t a teen mom because that isnt two faced. She posts photos bent over trying to show off her boy chest and her shit thigh tattoos she is an attention seeker with no morals this girl needs to be aware that having so many kids makes her a slut because she doesn’t seem to notice it. She deserves to be put on blast for the rude things she always says to other because they don’t have kids she needs to wake up and realize that welfare and online drama isn’t going to support her family forever. Maybe all that child support will Bahahahah also this photo describes all the bedtime stories she must be reading to the kids too bad the one is partially def and not blind

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