Nicole De Francesco Is An Attention Seeker

August 19, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 159



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nicole De Francesco known for her infamous half nudes on twitter and Instagram and being a wh*re by the age of 15, “NickiiiDee” has been caught escorting! My buddy came to me to and asked if this girl Brittany looked familiar since he seen her as an escort and thought he recognized her in person. I knew right away from the photos and the stomach tattoo he described that it was Nicole. I’ve seen her around and know of her through mutual friends. So I decided to search for her Backpage profile after my buddy showed me pics and found this “Brittany Escort”. This Mississauga broad is nothing but trouble and known for trying to steal girls’ boyfriends. This girl is nothing but a horse looking stick figure who has no curves and completely full of her self.  Nicki you need to stop hanging around pornstars and escorts and make your money the good old fashioned hard working way. She’s completely cocky and “goes to the gym” to probably lurk on muscle guys and get guys’ attention. Apparently she has a boyfriend? I’m sorry fellas but I would rather want a wifey who’s hard working and intelligent. This bimbo just wants to make money so she can spend it on luxurious things and show it off to her so called “fans”.  You’re not fooling anyone. And people need to know the truth before getting involved in your lies.

I’ve never seen a double selfie before. Very inventive.- nik

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Illvibe is Uncurable

August 19, 2014 Toronto 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: hey i recently met illvibe at a show in ottawa he thinks hes a big shot but i decide to give em a chance, turns out he gave me a std and he has a little dick so ladies becareful.he thinks hes the dopest rapper in the game lolllll, he has no record deal, and his breathe stinks like shit. he talks a smooth game but last about hmm 2 mins, he still lives with his mother and is broke as a joke, he once stole ten bucks from the purse to get a beer. some bigshot!!!and i heard hi and clarity are sexually involved

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April Spring Summer aka April Bui

August 18, 2014 Toronto 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, April Spring Summer (her facebook name and Instagram) is a Viet girl, real last name is Bui.  I’ve always wondered, how do these girls that come from poor/average families travel the world and get to go to exotic places 24/7 and have no jobs/income.  Then I found pictures of these girls with old rich white men at the Playboy Mansion.  Enlighten me people.

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Denise Doe Is Rolling In Old Men’s Dough

August 18, 2014 Toronto 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Denise Doe, frinds with April Summer Spring, are 2 Asian escorts/sugar babies from Toronto.  Denise used to work at a Viet bar/lounge and is a noodle from an average background. Definitely don’t have the money to travel the way she does.  How do these noodles do it? Don’t need to be a scientist to figure that out.

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Oshawa Trash

August 15, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is Taylor Wannan she calls herself taytitties more like no titties at all shes a fat custy whore that fucks almost any guy that would give her alcohol she edits the shit out of her photos. Her tattoos make her look trashy as fck. She needs to go on weightwatchers. She cheats on her pill junky boyfriend who is in and out of jail to get drunk almost everynight.

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Crazy Kat Inokai

August 15, 2014 Toronto 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay where do I even start with this hot mess. Meet kat inokai who is quite possibly the most selfish, selfabsorbed, psycho and manipulative little bitch in TO. She married dan pembleton who is a total sweetie who works for Accilent and they had a little girl together but poor little kat just could not handle having to act like a grown up and decided to get divorced. So her and her husband were separated for a few months when she met some farm kid from saskatchewan and managed to sink her claws into him. Once he moved his sad little struggling actor act to TO, the two started shacking up after a few months and were calling their little act a family, her little girl included. During this whole time she does nothing but moan on her blogs about how hard it is not getting pregnant, and getting divorced, and being a parent, and woe is fcking her like as if no one has ever gone through this shit before you selfabsorbed little bitch. They had been banging for months, despite her still being married and despite the little farm boy only dating her for a few months she managed to guilt and manipulate him into essentially being a sperm donor and going to all these ridiculous fertility treatments with her. Then in December he knocked her up, once again she is still married to her separated husband and now she has this poor idiot trapped, ya better get runnin back to sask cap.

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Dyllan Rhines

August 15, 2014 Toronto 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Expose this fool..dyllan rhines..,28 years old drives around drunk all the time. This guy is an alcoholic and cke head. Will use any girl for sex and give you drdS. Sleeps with dirty dirty women. He is a very narcissistic self righteous prick. Will move in your house and use you for a place to live when his debt is too high then save and leave. This guy is emotionally and physically abusive. Hangs out with scrum bags too. Gets off a DUI and drives.his bosses truck. Dyllan also likes to play head games and use single mothers for anything. You will pay for all the dates and then the anti biotics after the fact. Dyllan comes off as a nice guy but ladies look out he is a walking std and will bring you down. He will also go out of his way to deliberately psychologically tortue you and sleep with your friends behind your back. The guy is a fall down drunk who needs to be exposed.

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Nora Alali

August 15, 2014 Toronto 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik nora was recently posted on this website for becoming a stripper at Diamonds in Mississauga with her friends Shene and Shila. Her mother is a gold digger…its not a surprise that Nora is following her moms footsteps. She thinks everyone will believe that her mom made that much money just from working restate-haha please. Nora was recently found on a well known SUGAR DADDY dating site also known as seeking arrangements. Nora, really? Your mom sucks dick for money, to give to you. Why do you feel the need to find sugar daddies. Ruin your name more? Take it up the ass for 100$ and being seen by people in public with old men. Nik, when will this little 18 year old learn that she needs to stop? she claims she’s almost done university but hunny your born in 1995 or even 1996, and your mom paid your way through private school just to get into university. Stop lying to the world, be upfront about yourself. Your are ruining your life by working at strip clubs, (most shameful thing to persians) and now finding rich dirty older men? yikes

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