Jill the ‘Queen’

April 15, 2014 Cougars, Toronto 4 7,787 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet jill this whore used to be my friend before she screwed me over . So lets begin back in summer of 2010 I moved in with jill and her x boyfriend Gary things went well untill I spent most of my money on taking her son to the carnival I wanted him to go and guess what nik mommy bitch here wanted to get drunk and leave her son behind nice mom huh anyways I called her out on her so called nurturing and she got mad and kicked me out . Anyways time went by and she turned herself into cas finally after all she was the most horrible mother I’ve ever met in my life she would leave her son in his room while she got wasted and smoked crck and do pills in her living room and so on more info nik she now hooks herself to the purple crayon !! So miss piggy here thinks she’s sooo much better then me well not even close my man comes from a wealthy family and good upbringing my man doesn’t cheat and my man cares and loves me Shes jealous and butt hurt over the fact all her ugly dirt bag boyfriends used her and abused her Haha jill your Nothing but a bottom feeding slore and your what 34 ? And act like a high school girl grow the Fck up and stop smoking purple Greg and taking it up the tail pipe for crack bitch. Case closed

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Taylor Carvello aka Taylor Thotvello

April 15, 2014 Toronto 6 5,250 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Dirty Army, I got your newest addition for you. This little whore’s name is Taylor Thotvello (coughs) excuse me, Carvello. She is an 18 year old high school dropout that lived in Brampton with her “boyfriend” Jeramy Latchana for over four months before he left her stupid ass because he cheated on her and kicked her out because her pu**y’s loose and she’s not good in bed. She hops from dick to dick (preferably brown or hispanic) because she has nothing better to do with her life because everyone she had contact with cut her off and hates her guts because she lies about everything and she doesn’t know the truth whether it hit her. 1. She is a pathological liar who will make try to make others look bad to make herself look good. She is such a scumbag, she tried to tell me that her mother beat her up and abused her as a child. This bitch called CAS on her own mother and told them that her mother is abusive and the only reason she got away with this because her mother pled guilty to Taylor’s false claims in court but karma was a bitch and Taylor was placed into foster care and was severely mistreated by her foster parents!! Bitch should’ve realized that being with her mom was better. I found out that this was false after her mother told me that she lied. She also says that her mother kicked her out of the house just to gain sympathy from others when truthfully, she moved out giving her mother notice many weeks before so she could live with Jeramy and tricked me to help her but then my mother found out and kicked her out of the apartment I was living in (She tricked me into letting her move in my house by lying). This bitch is so stupid she claims that she is half-trini through her “father” when Roger is actually her stepfather. Her biological father is actually a white man whom is a drug dealer who left Taylor as a little kid (Who wouldn’t blame him, his daughter is a slutty ass scumbag). She has a tattoo of the name ‘Camryn’ tattooed on her chest (I was unable to find a picture of it) and her reason is: SHE CLAIMED SHE DIED OF BRAIN CANCER AT THE AGE OF 8. Actually, her sister Camryn is alive and well and living with her grandmother in an unknown location which I never got the chance to find out. 2. She is a true whore bag whom has had multiple sex partners and calls me a whore (I’ve only had one person). I can name some of the guys she’s fcked: Andrew S., Fawaz K., Jeramy L. and the list goes on and on. She’s had quite the number of pregnancy scares and her mother found birth control pills and a pregnancy test under her bed. She’s even disrespected her own mother by having sex in her house while she was home! Did you know she got drunk with her ex and fcked the man in a bush in a park at 1am.. WITH NO PROTECTION!! One time, she even pissed herself after she finished fcking her ex bf Andrew S. (Can you say ‘dirty slu’?) 3. She collects welfare illegally and spends most of that money on marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and expensive clothes yet she can’t even save money to find her own apartment because she doesn’t wanna admit to mommy that she has nowhere to live because her ex kicked her out.

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Tranny escort Aryton

April 15, 2014 Toronto 21 8,324 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s pretty clear this girl is very unhappy with herself I mean look at her she’s lucky she’s skinny cause I too would sell myself if I had an ugly mug like hers unlike real beauty and real women we have class while you go around town to town selling your bannock ass. Maybe one day when you get raped u will realize you should have gotten a real job and went to school. Couple years in you will have a big old flappy twat unless it’s already been done. Just another sad case of the drd

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Ryerson Reject

April 14, 2014 Mississauga, Toronto 18 9,077 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Ryerson Nursing graduate Patricia Buenavente. We trust nurses and caregivers with our LIVES. How could someone who pompously announces that they have “perfected the art of bullshit” look after anyone?! She has the audacity to admit that she “does not give a F***” and will proudly LIE to any patient asking if she has experience. Has she never heard of social media hurting someone’s career? Idiot. After completing University, it is normal to be overjoyed and a little cocky… But this “nurse” seems to completely lack any quality of a person that I would want checking up on me, my family or loved ones in a time of crisis. She deserves to have her degree taken away.

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Sascha King

April 14, 2014 Toronto 9 6,445 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet sascha king this bitch here is the dirtiest hoe in Toronto she dates drug dealers for free drugs including m*th and cra*k she’s sucks Greg of all colors and sizes even sucked off a dog once !!! She’s only 18 and had twins by a 500 pound meth dealer named one ton fcking pathetic if you ask me this cow needs to go in a hole already .

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The Fat Lieing Whale

April 14, 2014 Toronto 8 5,593 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this here is Rebecca Guindon aka Beca Guindon , now to start off with she was a little slut in high school and since has not changed. She did however move up to escorting and finally had a child of her own she claimed her baby sister to be hers back in high school and her mother got “custody” later turned out to be a lie finally had a child with Joshua the guy that constantly talks shit and cheats and she is a fall down parent herself but is the first to run her mouth . she threatens people in front of her child is still in the hoodrat lifestyle preys on skinny girls and “beefs” them because she wishes to be them and knows If she sits on them in a fight she will suffocate them. Beca lay off everyone eat a bigmac and try and be a better parent then your mother clearly she didn’t raise you properly no class and no standards

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Druggie Mom

April 14, 2014 Cougars, Toronto 6 7,942 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet jill my x girlfriend i dated a while back this bitch is Beyond dead beat mother material . Here goes jill here has a kid she purposly gave away to cas just so she could party and sell her stank v for pills she only cared about her self Shes a 36 year old woman Who acts like Shes 19 need i say more .. Her story is,fukin ridículous ive have much more too tell everybody when i come out with this cunts part two .and one Last thing i beat the shit out of her a few Times because she cheated on me Shes evil she used this awesome good girl and when she had spent all her money on jill and food jill kicked her out she drank and Did drugs at home while her son was in His bedroom so with that i bid you farewell enjoy nik

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Crazy Cat Lady: Jennifer Morozowich

April 14, 2014 Toronto 13 6,977 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jennifer Morozowich or jmoe, is a Toronto cougar taking crazy cat lady to the next level. When she’s not stealing other people’s ideas in the workplace (INideas or Cundari) or in her own ventures (opening a “Cat Café” Smitten Kitten in Toronto trying to pass herself off as a cutting edge genius. This woman is truly shameless, on her off time she can be caught trying to lure any man under 35 with her fake +2s and soft bod. It’s time for Toronto to see her for who she really is. She’s trying to profit off of adorable little animals and other people’s idea…time to get a life and accept you’re past your expiration date.

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