Kayla Demelo Thinks She Is Hot Because Of Her Huge Boobs

October 9, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 116


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, does having big boobs make you hot?  I don’t get why so many girls believe that.  Like Kayla for example.  Yes, her boobs are huge, but as you can see so is the rest of her… so what is the verdict here?

REAL huge boobs are repulsive. They need to be fake to have longevity.- nik

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We Need To Expose Raza Malik For The Sex Addict He Is

October 8, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Toronto 159


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Raza Malik – a “business” man. He is the biggest manwhore and will say anything for sex. He has businesses in Dubai, Singapore, Australia, etc. and gets women to fly out, so him and his buddy can take turns f*cking or double teaming. He says he wants to settle down and get married but he’s just looking for orgies. Initially, he gets a girl hooked by saying he wants to marry and once she’s interested, he makes excuses as to how he cannot be in a relationship due to his business.  He uses online dating to lure women into his sick game. On the surface, he looks like a catch but underneath, he is just another disgusting f*ck. He sends the same Greg picture..  He has multiple f*ck buddies and constantly hits up his exes because they’re “easy”. He has no respect for women.

Raza you should make friends with Jackson Vroman — very strong supplier to the foreign markets.- nik

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Egg on my Face

October 7, 2014 Toronto, Vancouver 176

THE DIRTY ARMY: CON ARTIST ALERT looking for help to identify this girl and her blond friend. Sunday I bought tickets from these two off a craigslist for the Toronto Raptors game. Was given hardcopy and receipt to find out at the door they were counterfeit. Apparently they got a lot of ppl as i met a few that day that all got taken by these two ( well over a couple K ) . One was a grandma that paid 900$ for tickets for her grandkids to only find out the hard way as we did. Help me identify these two, they have done this before a few times apparently. These two heartless con artist need to be exposed for they’re true colours. karma always goes full circle

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Barlen Zaro Is Nothing But A Fraud

October 7, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 99


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if you’ve ever met this dumb b*tch, you would understand why nobody likes her. She runs around town claiming she’s “independent” because she has a tanning salon (hypnotic sun tanning) under her name. Sorry, last time I checked your boyfriend that no one has ever seen because you’re too embarrassed to show his face BOUGHT the salon for you. Not only did he buy it, but he pays the rent and everything for it. Your in the mid 20′s and still fighting over the most pathetic drama with kids/men/your girls.. its so sad–like its not cute to say “I would f*ck up any guy” act a goddam lady for christ sake. The saddest part is, her boyfriend Pesci is known to be such a sweetheart. He bought her the bmw that she has, her salon, all her loubs/shoes, clothing. After all he does for you, you still have the audacity to cheat on him with Some italian 19 year old rich kid that has daddies money. It’s sad how your boyfriend has no idea that you F*CK HIM and black mail him so he can pay for your salons rent because your boyfriend is kind of slow in his “work” right now. Everyone in Woodbridge knows about this, and has seen the video of you guys having sex, so man up and tell your boyfriend before he finds out the hard way. Nik, what do you think about this fraud chick?

I want to see what Pesci looks like.- nik


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Nasty IG Slore

October 6, 2014 Toronto 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Megan Shell, from Gravenhurst. I actually considered her to be half decent as far as her mental state goes. But now she’s just a wack job. Between lazy stoners and productive stoners, this chick is lazy. And her body is gross. She takes the most disgusting pics of herself and posts them on her IG for everybody to see. It takes a lot more than a little reefer to make a girl think that posting those photos are okay. Like, Psychosis, or maybe crack. Come on girl, get it together. Get some definition on your body and a face lift, also some new hair extensions if you’re going to be posting pics like that. Because were all laughing at yo ugly ass.

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Emma Zahra

October 6, 2014 Toronto 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this crazy cnt, attacked my girl for no reason. My girl ended up in the hospital cause of this chick. Beware of this psycho. She obviously has issues, She had no reason to do what she did. What I gather from the situation is that this chick was talking to my boy at club and my boy rejected her nasty ass. He started dancing with my girl, and next thing u know crazy bitch ended up attacking her, followed her as around the club like a serious stalker. My girl didn’t deserve what this girl Emma Zahra did to her. All because she is a desperate bitch no one wants. She is the definitely of GRIM. The streets of Toronto aren’t safe with the Crazy psycho wandering around, She is so Nasty. I have never seen trash like this before. My girl is an amazing chick , with an amazing heart, and stunning looks. She was a victim of this crazy psychos ways. I have seen at at the club so many times , acting all messed up. Desperate for anyone to give her attention. She needs a wake up check. NO BODY WANTS YOUR CRAZY UGLY ASS. Stay away from my this digusting chick. Also she fcking sticks. Peeps call her Smella Emma, cause she smells like a mixture of semen and sweat, Not even sure how she managing smell like that since no would ever touch her. You would have to make a blind homeless man to fck her. You can find her lurking around the downtown streets of toronto.

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Brittany Lynn Northcut

October 6, 2014 Toronto 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Well I think its time to put this chick on blast. After she slept with my friends ex-fiance two weeks before their wedding i absolutely cant stand the site of her. She’s so fake! She will act like yout friend and instantly try to flirt with your boyfriend. She doesn’t care if your in a relationship or not shes a hoe and will have sex with anything or anyone. No one likes her not even the guys that slept with her. She had sex with with a girls bf and then called her and rubbed it in her face. This bitch went to far shes a damn snake and shes proud of it. Any guy or girl that bannged her only did because they were desperate or drugged out. Shes only 18 and already had about 80 sex partners and she wemt to rehab for drinking and taking pills. Shes trashy and classless and everyone in St.Charles knows her as the Cumm Bag. I hate this girl and im not the only one. Shes a homewreker and destroyed to many relationships, its not right.

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What Drugs Do

October 6, 2014 Toronto 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda watts of brampton ontarioso this is what may happen to you when you do drugs. this bitch is crazy . she’ll stalking you pages instagram Facebook everything telling you the reason you put up pictures or anything. she’s so crazy that she puts up porns on craigslist just to get a couple bucks to fed her habit of G or cociane or anything she can get her hands on. she makes these porns with her 2 young kids in the next rooms. watch out girls she will also steal your husband and claim that her man loves her but be hid her back he will call his ex begging to go bak to her. he uses this bitch because she gets grands from the government so your hard earned money she gets for sitting around doing drunks and getting drunk and making porns. she’s 31 and claims a 26 yr old loves her who’s also a crack head. shell stalking his ex girlfriends on Facebook clamming she’s the one he loves when the other doesn’t even talk to her or him anymore. hell leave her and go back and steal more money from her this bitch is the nastiest of them all. brampton guys you better watch out.

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