Tori Clatworthy

September 8, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Tori Clatworthy, she and her slut friends love to run around markham getting drunk and starting shit. this girl pretends that she is the shit, but ends up literally eating shit from girls that wanna beat ha ass. She’s slept with countless girl’s boyfriends, even her own “bestfriendds”. She will not think twice about throwing you under the bus as long as she comes out on top. She is so self absorbed its scary because shes really not that good looking, i mean id smash it butt, shes a fckin parasite oh and the best part is she genuinely thinks she is the hottest thing around, too bad she looks like a future tori spelling look a like gone wrong.

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Sierra Christine Celeri-Calleri

September 8, 2014 Toronto 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Sierra, one of toris hoes, anyways this girl is the nastiest and freakiest one outta the group!! my homeboy ended up fucking this girl just so hed drive her home from school, shes basically your average town slut, her nudes have gotten out (i really need to find them and send them here) she had the biggest pepp nips ive ever sseen. basically sierra is down to fuck anything that will buy her things and has a car. she currently goes to durham college for investigating and security, which is ironic when this girl would spread child pornography (her own bestfriend shai) who was unfortunate to have her own nudes get around because of sierra. she has made a lot of girls lives hell for no reason, she literally thinks she is the sexiest girl in the world, she loves to creep the dirty and always says how you, my good sir Nik would actually love to wife her up so tell me nik would you??

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Tori Clatworthy

September 8, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! this girl thinks she is one of the hottest things to ever crawl around Markham, she and her group of friends are only 19 (soon to come) and yet are probably the hugest whores around. Tori pretends to have money but in reality begs people to pay for her shit. Shes dating adam lee whos a piece of work too. she talks a lot of shit about everyone, yet is the same one to go run to the cops when girls wanna beat her ass. She is HATED IN MARKHAM, like for fcks sakes someone took a shit in a frying pan and cooked it at her house at a party. Main reason im posting is because its about fcking time HEY TORI LETS SEE HOW HOT YOU THINK YOU ARE NOW LMAO but the main question is, nik would you?

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Toronto’s Vee Vixen

September 8, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 184

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Toronto’s ‘Vee Vixen.’ She’s a nice girl but way too full of herself and needs to snap into reality. It’s like she’s a drone and not her own person. From all the make up to the false eye lashes to botched surgery procedures and constant partying. You can see that partying has really caught up to her, she looks like some washed up 35 year old and has the butt implants from hell. She needs new +2′s because her refund gap is starting to scare me.. But who is she really? I seriously think that her and her main girls are escorts, but people are too polite to call them out on escorting. Nik, it’s about time this girl gets real.

Looks like a strong $7k shopping day. Wonder who paid?- nik

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Reece in Pieces Pt. 2

September 8, 2014 Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: There’s too much to be said. Reece’s addiction is himself; he has never once kept his word, we used to be gym buddies and he would hold me up waiting at the gym for 2-3 hours on the regular! Usually the hours were late into the night when it’s not safe for me to go home alone so I was stuck waiting or sleeping at the gym. I once was coming over and he said something bad had happened, wouldn’t tell me what, and that he was at a walk-in clinic. I said I was coming to meet him to help whatever was wrong and showed up to find he had gone home and sent me on a goose chase so I wouldnt know where he was. He once tried to get me to scam for tips on a bar saying that it was a cash bar, management had given the go ahead and knew it was ok since the venue did this on a weekly basis. I couldn’t speak to management as they only seemed to want to liaise with Reece. He almost lost me my job when I found out it was all a complete lie so he could throw someone else under the bus and get suspicion off of himself for doing the same thing. I am now banned from that bar and he walked out with $200, while everyone else made $40. The guy is in the city to become an actor. Keep him off your bars and off your sets, he would not be a good person to see do well within either industry.

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Dirty Rat

September 8, 2014 Toronto 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Alex. She has been posted on this site a number of times! This 21yr dirty ape moved from Edmonton to Toronto to prosistute. Yes, this disgusting bitch will suck any Greg for a quick buck.. She will fck you raw for a quickie” if you buy her a designer bag ” fakes” she thinks she is instagram famous or something. She hangs out with other dirty ass prositutes In Toronto as well. She thinks she is Jamaican for some weird reason Lol . Alex you are the lamest ugliest bitch I ever met… By the way fix your teeth boo

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I Don’t Like Wire Transfer’s New Nose

September 7, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 82


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I do think she looks like Barbie now with her nose done, but for some reason it bothers me.  Do you think her nose is where it should be?

I like it.- nik

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Nina Ross Needs To Stop Causing Drama

September 7, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Miss ” Nina Ross” from Toronto, ON. This girl has a 8 year old son, she’s a escort/dancer and still thinks she’s in high school.  Grow up and started acting like a f*cking mother. REAL mothers don’t classify themselves as “Hustlers” and starts drama with everyone. You’re not 18 anymore hun.

Why did you have to show us the face?- nik

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