Have We Thought About Any DC Names For Chloe Khan

August 13, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 125

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, BMD is getting played out and we need a new DC or two.  Chloe is perfect and she has been nominated before.  She is delusional and makes her boobs bigger bi-annually, so we gotta think of something good.

I accept the nomination. Tell me more.- nik

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Juice Head Chad Gill

August 13, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Chad Gill and Kaitlyn Harris of Toronto, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario

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Drug Dealing Floozy

August 13, 2014 Kingston, Toronto 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristal Mitchell, a 30 year old drug dealer with a 12 year old child, she’s known for sleeping with just about anyone but primarily younger teens, she’s known for child abuse, drug/drinking abuse, and often thievery, an individual with bad morals and an easy lay.

Also See: Floozy

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Groupie Jaclyn

August 13, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl has NO interest in being a parent! Shes a sociopath and believes her own lies! All she does is party (as you can see from the pics) has like 2 pictures of her child..that she has signed out rights to her parents so that she can party and be shared around the same group of men! Than when shit hits the fan on her she tries to blame everyone else around her instead of herself! Shell act like shes a bad girl and when you see her she cowars and runs away! Haha silly little hoe.. anyone need RFTB. .heres your lady!

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Waste Nate

August 13, 2014 Toronto 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik meet Elijah ahzbek Jonnie so this twat posted me on here a while back spitting out bs lies and they were all lies so im here now about to spit out the actual dirt i have on this cunt . ok so miss azhbek here had a baby that was taken by cas because of her pill use and drinking during her pregnancy . had a apartment that she never cleaned there was always cat shit on the floor she would leave toronto for weeks leaving her poor cat to suffer and starve . oh did i mention she screwed her own cousin jason callaghan who is also posted on here . all miss whore here does is screws guys for beer money and drinks in public Parks with other low life bums every day she couldn’t even stay sober a day after treatment so I’ve heard and doesn’t care about ever getting her son back from cas . Elijah please stop breeding and snorting t1s your such a broke ass slew you cant even afford Pepsi which is hillarious so how do u afford beer ? oh wait its always cheep beer only broke bum Indians drink . well nik here’s is another waste nate of Toronto

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Kaleigh Rose Anderson

August 13, 2014 Toronto 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me just say… I found this site today after writing a review for realtor’s for this GEM of a girl. It all started 3 months ago when my husband started to look for a new home for us to buy in Ontario… This little girl, realtor was recommended by a male co-worker of my husband and I now know why. She likes to fuck her married clients because she thinks that they will never tell their wives. I can tell you that she made the biggest mistake when it came to me, for I intercepted a text from her to my husband asking to meet up at 1am in the morning. Story has it that she fucks her male clients in the homes that they are looking to buy, sometimes even at hotels. She is passed around so often that she is highly recommended by most married men. It sickens me to see on her Facebook that she is now engaged. I wanted to put her up here in hopes that her Husband to be will run across this and figure it out on his own. SHE is a no good dirty, home-wrecking whore that can’t sell anything without opening her legs. She needs to be stopped. I hope she understands the impact of her actions.

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I Need Advice About My Marriage

August 12, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 197

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am 29 and currently pregnant with my 3rd child – all of whom belong to my husband. I have been with this man since I was 19 and always thought I was “good enough” – until I found TheDirty. I realize now – I am ugly as f*ck! For the past year, I have been struggling to mend my marriage but it is becoming increasingly clear that I am going to be a single mother of three soon. My husband refuses to go to marriage counselling, I’m sure he is cheating on me, he won’t touch me – and if he does, he can’t get it up, he stays out with all night snorting blow, has recently turned violent with me and he lies about EVERYTHING! I want to save my marriage and have tried therapy on my own, have planned romantic getaways, worked out, lost weight, tried give him some more space to get over this phase but my final straw was about 1 month ago when he soberly beat the sh*t out of me. He loves porn and slutty looking girls but gets edgy if I ever wear anything revealing out in public – do you think if I made my body look like a pornstar it would save my marriage or make him mad? Should I go less pornstar but enhance my girl next door look? These are the things I know: my teeth need fixing – although straight, my top front four are huge. To have them fixed would be the most expensive and require filing them down and then braces for up to two years (yikes!), my boobs are itty bitty Bs but a good shape and nice nipps and I have beef curtains! Please help me prioritize these.

You need to leave your husband before you are too old to find a new one. You sound crazy and it’s all because he has warped your sense of happiness. Your kids will end up replicating the model… you need to get out.- nik

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Patrick G-Roid Jae

August 12, 2014 Hamilton, Toronto 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: How do we even start with this hot pathetic sad mess. This guy is a fucking parasite that will latch onto anyone just to get a head in life. He will steal from his own friends and will fcking and suck anything that has a dick. It can homeless crackhead walking down the street this dirty disease bag will invite him over and suck him off just for a bump(this isn’t even a gross exaggeration). He has exhausted all avenues in toronto and burned so many bridges in the city. No one actually likes him outside of a bar and club situation because he has no aspirations or interest in life. He lives off his looks 90% of the time. He is basically the lowest type of prositute there is. Him and his ex will go around on Grindr (gay social media) and bathhouses and rob people. They will goto steamworks together and give people meth and take their key bands off and steal from their lockers. Whats even more golden is when they go on grindr and get unsuspecting victims to invite their sorry asses over and steal from them too. Like I said the worst kind of prositute. He will bitch and complain about how rough his life has been but we all know how much those lies are stained with bullshit. This kid has stories for days and will tell you the saddest sob story about his miserable life. Like how he has no money for rent or for the vet and ask you money and you will see him later that night partying with the money that he just got. Nicki help me expose this walking pile of disease.

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