Toronto | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Angelina Kroupto

December 2, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is a cock gurgling, ball bouncing penis wrinkle skum bag. For any boys that have the discomfort of sleeping with this piece of trash. Use a condom, or beware. looks might be with her but that’s about it. She’ll be quick to sleep with your man… and your cat.

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Lost Soul

December 2, 2014 Toronto 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Snika tosh use to be snika Louis my x sad to say scared lost desperate needy emotional soul

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Filthy Boyd

December 1, 2014 Toronto 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet jonna Boyd aka jonna m wice on Facebook. Here lives a filthy rodent who can’t seem to keep her nose out of peoples business. She loves the drama she causes and then tries to blame it on other people she’s disgusting and a fat whore .. She has three innocent kids who shouldn’t even be with her . she also told my friends x that she wished that he was her baby dad . jonna your a fat cow and you tried to call my friend on over Facebook then when you got confronted in person you backed out like a little punk ass bitch . also jonna here is a former mth head and still is from what I heard which is why she hits up food banks for diapers . what a Sad and pathetic excuse for a human being . you don’t even deserve the title of being called a mom jonna get on birth control and stop sso hitting out babies . fucking moose so here u go nik another skanky Toronto welfare mother

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Jasmine Sekhon Will Do Anything To Show Off On Instagram

December 1, 2014 Toronto 11


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m the same guy that introduced TheDirty fans to Chest Bump, oh I meant Kirsten King. I have a new girl for you! Her name is Jasmine Sekhon aka Maya (her work name). This girl is a punjabi  from Brampton/Missisauga and she keeps her escort life hidden from the public (probably because it would bring shame on her parents). But when I was scooping through her Instagram, she is clearly f*cking a black guy who is probably her pimp. Alot of brown girls from Toronto have taken up escorting so they can stunt on Instagram, it’s kind of sad but who cares. This girl has the bustiest body I’ve ever seen on a brown chick.

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MzEmporess – “Vanessa Michaels/Vanessa Paquette Found On Backpages

December 1, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, MzEmporess/Vanessa Paquette is a “promo model” who moved to Alberta but is back in Toronto recently. She’s on backpages, clearly hiding her tattoos, has an Alberta phone number, posting pics on her facebook and backpage from “photogrid”, posing with the same cell phone, same stats. Tries to hustle men for money but doesn’t do a good job… is releasing a website soon and trying to sell it and other sh*t like cell phone cases with her mug on it.. THE F*CK!? Real hookers at least admit when they are outed.

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Pretty Shitty

December 1, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: You know what they say Nik , 3rd times a charm! Meet KEYSHA aka SITTINPRETTY Yes this is her 3rd time up here maybe this time she’ll learn her lesson! This girl is sleezy skeezy and oh so cheesy.. Never in my life have I met a girl like this not only the FACT that she’s a deadbeat mother but she’s a horrible sister too, she goes behind her 17yo sisters back and has sex with her 17yo boyfriend!!!!! Did I mention this girl is 21yo!!!!!! This rundown girl has a kid that she choses not to take care of, he’s always complaining that he’s hungry and as you can tell she’s never missed a meal in her life! She makes the poor kid sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag so she can have different men in and out of her bed all night, like how tf do you live with yourself!!!!! And idk who in there right mind would want to sleep with her LOL her titties drop to her waist line and her eyebrows are so big they look like they’re trying to tell a story. She’s so run down there’s no coming back!!! One day this girl went downtown to sleep with this guy and he said when he pulled out there was goat cheese chunks all over his elephant trunk!!! Girl that is so nasty you need to get yourself checked or just do us all a favor and keep your infested ass at home with your child!!! You need to go get yourself a job and stop hustling everybody for 5$ acting like it’s diaper money knowing damn well it’s metro money so you can go smoke drugs and sleep with little boys…. I can go on for ever about this nasty girl but I’ll leave the rest for another day!

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Two Very Classy Girls

December 1, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 28


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two Indian girls will do anyone (and anything) whose willing to fly them out and buy them expensive things. They’ve even slept with the same man (they really have no standards. I guess they got to do what it takes to get the latest designer bag or shoes). They’ve been whoring for years but have nothing to show except shoes and handbags. You’d think the fact that they’ve been hoeing since their early 20’s and they’re now touching 30 they’d have something in their name. They still live with their parents and the only thing they have is a car they share (they even share swim suits..ewww). These girls live for the Instagram likes. They recently created a blog where they struggle to string two sentences together. They also claim to have a catering company but what chef flies in private jets, first class with a face full of makeup and designer clothes to places like Dubai. They wear makeup that’s 2 shades lighter than their face and half of the things they have is fake. I see them rocking the Chanel Iphone case but Chanel doesn’t make phone cases.

They look like they were born in the early 80′s.- nik

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Shave Please

December 1, 2014 Toronto 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware of this dirty homewrecker who will ruin your relationship . She’s a known stripper and very dirty. Even ignites a bum giving attention she will take it

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