Alexandra Mikrachevskaia

September 26, 2014 Toronto 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alexandra Mikrachevskaia is a Gold digger that works at our company Global Benefits, she is currently sleeping with our company president Peter Hitchen. She is also sleeping with the company owner Allan Jefferson just to get promoted within our company, she stays after hours to provide sexual favors and she needs to be put on blast so she can stop damaging our work place.

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Alysha Walsh

September 25, 2014 Halifax, Toronto 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Alysha Walsh , the first pic is of her n her best friends babie daddy that she fcked more then once , she let two guys fuck her at the same time in the back seet of budys car , she gets guys to come drink her n she tells them she will fck them if they do , she even told me that , n she did give it up lol , shes home less n she n when she dose getto shower she puts the same dirty close on lol she went to the Howerd Johnson motel to fck budy then left n went n seein her boyfriend n probly fcked him just after she had budy blow a nut in her lol shes a dirty smelly trout that n her own sister will tell u she a dirty hoe even her own friends will just go look at herwall on face book lol her wall tells all !!!!

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BMD Needs To Get Off Of Her High Horse

September 24, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 147


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, BMD is moving up in the world.  She thinks she is the greatest thing on earth, but we all know she is nothing but a stripping hooker who gives all her money to her rapping pimp… Someone started an IG page with her and all her friends before all their surgeries and injections.  Enjoy.

Send me more. These pictures are classic. What a scam.- nik

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Two faced Persian, Gizelle Mandi

September 23, 2014 Toronto 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So this girl ( your kind ) really needs a nose job most of all. 2nd, she is the biggest 2 faced bitch you’ll ever meet. i saw her at the Persian beauty awards ( LOL?) and shes not even hot, and she talks shit about Persians and loves to be Indian and shit. she loves posting “smart” quotes and shit on her Facebook about life and Jesus,puts on this sweet act in public, acting like she’s smart yet,but every week SHE IS DATING AND FCKING A DIFFERENT GUY. She will be nice to you yet stab you in the back and talk shit and be a slut behind closed doors. Thought you would like to meet the biggest Persian? hypocrite and idiot.

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Why Do Guys Book Shims

September 23, 2014 Toronto 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this shim is so gross, she’s a prostitute tranny who sucks 10 different guys every day, is high on coke and drunk every night, and proud that she sells her body so she can afford a nice car or designer sh*t. The sad thing is I doubt her family knows where she’s getting the money from. at least keep it on the DL and stop showing off what you afford by selling your body, we’ll see how she tries to make a buck when shes 45 and beat up and ugly.

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Did Justin Bieber Pay For Sex With Wire Transfer

September 23, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 23



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since Natalie Gauvreau has been getting more attention for her escorting, she started being less brazenly stupid and a bit more private creating Twitter account @Sexynatgdotcom where she ONLY follows rich men and mostly celebs. She hopes that they follow her back and then can DM with them back and try to get them to pay for her…ahem…services. Side note: all “fan accounts” including Instagram account “nataliegauvreaufans” are run by her in an attempt to try and make her look way more popular than she is. She also has bought fake followers to boost her image. Apparently, Justin Bieber followed her back on her locked Twitter account Sexynatgdotcom that’s sole purpose is used for collecting future pigeon sugar daddies and caused quite an uproar in the Bieliber community.  If I was JB I would have totally paid whatever she wanted to get penetrated… do you think he hit it?

Well, it wasn’t Justin Bieber. He has zero control over his Twitter. The man responsible is Scooter Braun who actually runs and lures artists (he stole Grande pretending to be JB on twitter) through Justin Bieber’s account. The only social media Justin actually uses is his Shots account. His Twitter fans are actually following Scooter Braun’s bull sh*t. Someone has to do the dirty work.- nik

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Tony Peters The Pervert With A Camera Got Robbed

September 22, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tony Peters is so stupid. He gave money to Christina Alcivar to get his Greg sucked but she ran off with the money and his laptop. Oh wait he also allowed her to use his credit card. Tony looks like is is 80 years old and about to croke. He shoots in auto mode but says he is a professional photographer. He claims he does fashion shows but has not done one before. Who is this creep kidding? Time to put your camera down Tony and stop spamming Christina Alcivar’s name.

Looks like true love.- nik

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Angela Fremont dirty undercover

September 22, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: She is one of the biggest want to be hoes in Toronto and Montreal .. She Looking for a pimp.. Daddy has money and lives in Toronto and Mommy lives in Montreal so she has her hoeing in two places… She will do anything with anyone.. Can\’t keep her legs closed..

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