Mother Nate

August 7, 2014 Toronto 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: hi nik this is lisa cada . she’s the worst unfit mother I’ve ever known . this bitch had the deceny to tell the people she knows untruthful things about me . she was going around saying i never fed my daughter jayla and that I deserved to have her taken from me . well lisa here had all Her kids taken and drinks at the bar 24/7 !!! this whore also fucked my x baby father Donnie too while I was pregnant and she was supposed to be my friend of so long how could i trust her and keep being her friend ? also i heard she smoked crack and drank when she was pregnant with her son Elijah as well as the rest of her kids shes just another duty ugly fat native cnt fck u lisa cada leave toronto you fat skank u wanna fight come to thirty collage bitch sincerely mindy Babii doll Crosby

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Maverine Volaine Gold Digging Squirrel

August 7, 2014 Toronto 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: WHO- MAVERINE CHANTEL VOLAINE WHAT- omg where do we start!! This waste of human oxygen is maverine she is from the Toronto-Belleville area.. Isn\’t she just a disgusting sight?! She hooked up with a local dealer here in Belleville and boy did she grab that guy by the balls!! I mean coke balls lmfao!! Not only was she sitting on his dick she was sitting on his wallet and HEROINE I watched this girl lose her little girls to their father because she was such a junkie.. She ripped off her own friends her supposedly bestfriends! Let’s just do a little dragon before I charged them up the ass for this! lol she would go to her c.a.s SUPERVISED visits doing a hit before she left the house… Well I guess little Mav got sick of being a junkie cuz her boyfriend stopped selling and stopped feeding her habit so she went to rehab in Toronto.. Yes her dope dealing boyfriend went up there to visit her… The whole time her kids ARE NOT with her cuz she’s a fall down piece of shit … So while in Toronto Mav finds herself an old man who has some money and no kids.. Oh what a find for her!!! She’s been on rehab and can’t live off her ex now cuz he’s in Belleville she’s in Toronto.. So she’s got her gold digging claws on this one so now she’s looking awesome! He buys her a house a car cleans her ass up hence why she\’s fat now.. Buys her pretty things that are fake like she’s use to buying and wow maverine is citizen of the year and the model person!!! Didn\’t know fucking an old man and trapping him with a kid was moving on up lol so now she’s got this decent guy and she’s pretending to be a decent girl.. Her hubby is a well respected individual who doesn’t know apparently what kind of trash he hooked up… One mans trash is another mans treasure!! So junkie maverine who didn’t even try to get her kids back until she had some money and a decent partner popped out another kid.. This time a boy… AND GUESS WHAT!?!! SHE STOLE HOLLY BROWNS BABY NAME!! Yes the one she’s blasting on here! She neglects to also mention she was friends with holly and use to tell Holly EVERYTHING… I can’t believe that mav’s man has hooked up with something like her!! He’s a fire fighter he helps people! He’s a decent human being he has morals and self respect… HOW THE FUCK DID HE END UP WITH THIS TRASH?!?! I would be embarrassed if I were him to see all the childish things his “woman” ( and I use that word loosely) is doing and apart of.. She’s a 35 year old woman maybe I’m off by a couple years I don’t know cuz I’m not friends with this piece of shit pig… She’s friends with people half her age and sits on Facebook all day bashing people lol I wonder what her kids are doing while she’s sitting posting on this site making sure she hits all the status’ up?? Poor fcking kids! I\’m not a mother but if this trash was around id tell her she need to lose those kids… THANK GOD SHE ONLY HAS HER GIRLS PART TIME!!! Trashy to classy with a sack of balls!! You fcking pig piece of trash you should be the one on here so now I’m posting you up!!!

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Paul Venomous is a Creep

August 7, 2014 Toronto 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paul Venomous is Toronto’s top bullshitter photographer. He claims that he charges models thousands of dollars for photoshoots. I shot with him and so did many of my friends for free. But I do know of some models he promised to get published for $700 and never did or got them into magazines no one have even heard of. A few of my friends has had sex with him to get free photoshoots. Why is this city full of people like Paul? It is time for change

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Kiidiosa Caught With Old 60 Year Old Man; Will Barton

August 6, 2014 Toronto 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl Kii is so dirty. She uses her fake clothing line Kiidiosa to pimp out her pussy. Her dresses fall apart, and can\’t even be worn out because the cucchi shows in every badly cut piece. She’s disgusting, I actually thought she calmed down on her hoeing because she stopped instagramming but I guess not. Known this hoe for years. The most disgusting thing I’ve heard is that she went to Monaco with an old married African fraudster from Nigeria, to fuck him and 5 of his friends because they requested a big chick who will fuck for free to go on a yacht! She DID it! This was only TWO WEEKS after her FATHER passed away! Hungry bitch. And she’s flaunting her first class trip actin brand new updating the same pics on every throwback! Pathetic! She recently got back into her groupie ways dating Will Barton, a younger basketball player who she tricked into thinking she has her shit together. She can barely afford real thread for her cheap dresses to cover her cellulite ass. Poor guy should ask her how she funded her trip to Monaco & why. Don’t fall for her stories. Confront thus lying bitch about the old Africans she let run a train on her. Dude, check yourself at the clinic. She’s a cum guzzling slut & we all know it. The jig is up Kiidiosa. This cnt has a daughter and her father just passed away. Do you have no shame? Her vagina is already out there so it suits her tacky dresses that bare all!

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South Oshawa Slore Shannon Howitt

August 6, 2014 Toronto 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This little cm dumpster can be seen trying to hit up old, sagging-balled men in dirty south Oshawa establishments. Has a couple kids and no idea who the daddies are either. Her sister Kandice, same story. A kid she named after a ghetto rapper and is on assistance because the only thing she works is her fat ass at your local filling station. Stay away from these pieces of shit. Unless you wanna catch something.

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New Baby Daddy

August 5, 2014 Toronto 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kashif Grant or as you may already know him as kash! Guy is all over the place, literally! Will fuck anything that walks! Yo steph you have clamidia, you might want to go to the doctorand take care of that before you give birth to your son! Ya mans got a dirty birdy!!! Montreal, toronto…you name her, hes fucked her! Got this girl looking stupid af posting bout no return policies but then got her man all over after…lol… he was happy you was telling him to go! He was on fb looking for new pussy the min you left the house. .. oh and you might wanna take the web cam with you when you leave cuz dont nobody wanna watch ya mans beat off! Please him so he wont go anywhere else! Your babies aren’t going to make him faithful! Just more reason for him to sit at home and live off you wjile taking your daughter along for the ride! Oh and the living room looks nice since you re arranged it!  seriously tame him or stop trying to be hard on fb when you just another dumb hoe letting another brother sit on his ass and do nothing! **END OF PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT**

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The Cops Daughter

August 4, 2014 Toronto 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: This folks is a what we call THE FAKEST OR FAKES she talks all high N mighty bout lower class folk EVEN HER POOR BABY DAD SHE PUTS DOWN MORE FCKING GUY HER best friend is fcking her baby daddy N sarah is tooo fcking dumb or cock struck to relize how shady her CIRCLE IS A VERY CLOSE LIL BIRDIE SHARED A DIRTY LIL SECRET WITH A GIRLFRIEND OF MINE SARAH LOVES TO GET DRUNK SHAKE HER ASS UP ON THE DJ STAND N THEN GET FUCKED BEHIND A DUMSTER AT JUNTION NIGHT CLUB OR WAS IT THE OTHER ONE EITHER WAY SHE WAS CLEARLY BORN WIT A NICE SHINEY SPOON UP HER NASTY FCKING ASS N GOOD OLD DADDY THE COP SAVED HER ASS FROM REAL SHIT N SHE DOSENT NO A COCK SUCKING THING BOUT THE STRUGGLE these types of hoes are the worst they put others down n big them self up on how shes such a great mother her poor kid is gunna grow up hatin the cunt i would A mother dose not allow her self get to these stages of stupidty n just being drunk shes sloppy she dosent carry no class in the wrinkled ass no wonder why her baby dad fucks her best friend atleast she hot anyways shes just an ugly whore threw n threw shes a pig a legit filthy smelly animal SHE NEEEDS AAA someone help this women or please direct her in the good lords way

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I Don’t Care How Many Men Wire Transfer Has Seen

August 3, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, even though Wire Transfer would only date someone rich. I would totally pay for her love if I could. I’m sure with her profession she has slept with over 500 men, but still, I would love to call her my wife and take care of her financially forever. To have a woman like that, shows power, dominance and strength and at the end of the day, the woman is f*cking perfect.

She really needs to change the font for her marketing campaign.- nik

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