Toronto | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Schmoozing Sam

November 27, 2014 Toronto 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is Christina she goes around fcking all kinds of men introducing to her 2 kids the amout of men that her poor kids have to meet she goes after boyfriends and husbands so watch out for this one will ask for money from these guys and never pay back using excuse that she needs to feed her kids this is all facts ! She also has a drug problem molly and weed her choice of drug dropping her kids where ever so she can go party so felt the need to call out this hoe

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Gold Digger

November 26, 2014 Toronto 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet this girl she will sleep with random guys cheat on her boyfriends been around the block used and abused don’t know why any guy would sleep with this she slept with my boyfriend of 3 years he ended up getting the cl*p gave it to me n lucky I ended up getting checked she always loses her kids its crazy crack method h*roin anything she can get her hands on!

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Oshawa’s most Busted

November 26, 2014 Toronto 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jessye (Jessica) Wood. She is a sad excuse for a Mother and proudly lives off your taxes (welfare case). Out of all the hoes in Oshawa, this one has to be the dirtiest of them all. This bitch has a kid and pinned it on a Christian man. He never even had sex with her. She cheated on him with several different guys (mostly “boys in the band” kinda guys). She used to hang out at the jam space being tossed around from dude to dude. You’ll also find this gutter trash at the Atria. She’s just your basic, dirty band slut. She has been pregnant twice in the past year and is pregnant again with her new boyfriends child. She is obsessed with being pregnant, getting shitty Disney tattoo’s, crying on Facebook, band dudes, pretending to a photographer etc. I used to hang out with her back in the day, but couldn’t trust her since she’s literally a walking penis vacuum. I feel bad for her kid(s). She also went through a period where she claimed to be “straight edge”, in actuality she was just pregnant and wasn’t supposed to be smoking or drinking haha. Fcking delinquent. She can’t keep friends, she can’t keep boyfriends and she can’t keep her legs closed! I bet you’re reading this because you fucked her! haha

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50% Plastic And 50% Airhead

November 25, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 23


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Candace Gribbon she is 50% plastic and 50% airhead. Candace needed to stop surgery 10 years ago but never took a hint. Now surgery can’t even fix the damage that is done. I’m hoping that she can read this and realize how weird she looks to everyone.  Just stop now before it gets super crazy.  Just doing you a favor.

I say keep going.- nik

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Miss Senior Citizen Social

November 25, 2014 Toronto 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: take a look at this model named princess anastasia. she is 48 years old and running for playboy miss social. It looks like playboy is going the old people s home contest

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Dereck Smith

November 25, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty peace of shit Derek Smith thinks he’s a MAN… it’s sad he don’t even got game it’s almost funny Smalls is what he calls himself lol what a name.(His Name Is For His D*ck)lol the BIGGEST HO* IN MTL he tells all girls to come to his cousins mom’s house. my girl who fcked him not to long ago told me it’s like a hoes house girls come and go and his mom says it’s okay lol nobody wants u nasty ho*s people look out for this Dirty Slore….

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Nasty Nicole

November 25, 2014 Toronto 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, you absolutely have to expose this nasty cheating deadbeat mom. This is Nicole Romanick / Gillies. She is a trashy knob gobbling mother who got married to her husband only to go and cheat on him any chance she got. This bitch is broke she has no job. Lives off her child tax and child support and sucks and fcks her way through the oilfield for anything she can. She likes to hit up the crck pipe every now and then and will suck and uck for that to. She uses her kids and mouth for a way to get through life. This bitch needs to be exposed. I bet her husband hasn’t even seen these naked photos of his wife… Funny thing was this was while her husband was at work!!!!! Be a fuken mother and get a fcken job you disgusting human being!!!!

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Homeboy Derek

November 24, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 110

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty peace of shit thinks he’s the man he has a bbm and a girl in but still finds time to try and spit game on me and my girl tilling us him and his bbm are done we no the truth you nasty Fck and he don’t even love that kid ( his words him self not his kid but that kid) it’s sad he don’t even got game it’s almost funny Buckie is what he calls himself lol what a name .him and his home boy Derek if that’s how you spell the hoes name as well as stanly oh yea and let not forget his brother who is the head of it all T.J A.K.A fat man lmao these names lol are the biggest hoes in Montreal he tills all girls to come to his mom’s house witch my girl who fucked him not to long ago told me it’s like a hoes house girls come and go and his mom says it’s okay lol sad the fore of you stick to trying to be loyal to your girls for once nobody wants u nasty hoes people look out for these for

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