Toronto | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Looking for a Name

November 6, 2014 Toronto 81

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wondering if anyone can give me this red dressed scallywags name. She’s either knowingly ( or unknowingly, but I doubt that) being a home wrecking trollop. She’s supposedly from Toronto, but we’re all from Winnipeg. So that seems to be more logical. She needs to be called out on her skeezy ways, if she’s deliberately being a homewrecker. Anyone give me a Facebook name?

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Escort Over Mother

November 5, 2014 Toronto, Windsor 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thunder Bay,ON. This is Sherry, she has been on methadone since the 90′s. This one would rather suck cock then raise her own kids. She has four and hasn’t been with any of them for more then a months time. She has stolen from the charity boxes at Tim Hortons and even steals money for her little kids. She is a pathetic excuse for a human let alone a mother. Addict d to cr*ck while pregnant with these babies. Just wish this one would fuck off and die. Her boyfriend is her pimp and is only half her age. She is the real douche bag this one! With multi drd’s I’m not sure how Monique gives her morning massages!

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Sam Hasna

November 5, 2014 Surrey, Toronto 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off sam cheated on his lovely wife with some 20 yr old bimbo then cheated on said bimbo with eevery waitress he employed at various bars he participated in including the wildfire,rotana, and fire water. Every gf he’s had since he cheats on, now that he doesn’t own any bars bankrupt  poor thing it’s harder for him to find girls to manipulate and has turned to hookers mostly. to top it all off he has a micro penis, literally! like it’s really small, and not any good upkeep in that area. come all girls why you keep going back to this lying scum?! He’s very manipulative and can make you feel very special, but keep in mind he’s using those exact same lines with other girls! and many many other girls. it must be small man syndrome

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Tyler Miller is a Violent Offender

November 5, 2014 Toronto 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy will violently physically and sexually assault young women in broad daylight on busy urban streets. He’s been charged twice but deemed ‘not criminally responsible’ because of his schizophrenia diagnosis. Regardless of his mental health status, the women of Toronto need to be aware. He will randomly attack you, and at 6’2″ 230 lbs, this is no joke. The Canadian gov’t is fully aware of his sexually violent nature and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars funding his therapy. He is consistently released from mental health custody to freely roam the streets to victimize, yet again. Please cross the street and run in the other direction if you see this shady, damned character approaching you.

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My Worst Encounter With Kayla Baby

November 4, 2014 Hollywood, Toronto 94


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have to tell you about my encounter with kaylaababeyy.  I am 54 years old banker and happily married with my family. I had seen that kaylababeyy was in town so I decieded to book her for an hour for oral so I saw her paid $400 for the hour after she counts it she pull down my pants and gave me the best blow job ever.  After 20 mins of head I told her to put on the condom, instead she sat on my stiff Greg and started to ride it until I came inside her.  I got so pissed after thinking about my wife, I asked Kayla are you clean she said yes…. couple weeks after after my wife came home and slapped me in my face telling me she has DRD I feel so bad Nik, I f*cked up my marriage.

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Whats Her Secret

November 4, 2014 Los Angeles, Toronto 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – this is sky taylor im really confused about her occupation or if she even has one. this girl is always in new clothes purses shoes hair styles that cost large amounts of money and id like to know how she does it .. she wears $800 reading glasses and claims her health insurance covered it.. EVERYONE knows health insurance doesnt cover $800 for glasses and i think her lips and nose r fake but she never has to go to work . i think she has a go pro .. i heard she was spotted with gregory soros a few months back while she was in a relationship with someone else .. if its true how did she do it?? any ideas?? i want in!!

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My Encounter With Jian Ghomeshi

November 4, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Toronto 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, with as many as 8 women coming out and telling their stories of how they were physically abused by Jian Ghomeshi, I wanted to come forward with my own information on how I first came to know and ultimately what I thought was “bond” with Mr. Ghomeshi. I don’t work in the media, but all I can and will say is that I was inside the studio where he did his radio show as I was visiting Toronto from British Columbia. We struck up a conversation and got along really well, which was difficult for me because anyone who knows me knows I am incredibly shy. He followed me on Twitter briefly so we could exchange DMs where we later exchanged numbers. He would always insist that I go to his place, but being the shy person I was it took me a good three months of us talking, just by phone or by text as I wasn’t a Toronto native anyway, until I felt fully comfortable in meeting up with him outside of his place of work the second time I travelled to Ontario. At first things were normal – we conversed like normal human beings. But without getting all TMI, I’ll just say that one thing led to another. I was completely taken aback by Jian’s aggressive stance in the bedroom, and he was violent on many occasions when we were “together.” Knowing what I know about him now and have read, it’s really scary, and I’m glad to have gotten away from that.

The greasy hair says it all.- nik

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Bomba’s Cat Is Real

November 4, 2014 Bomba, The Dirty, Toronto 126

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is not funny, Bomba’s cat is real and it really is sick. So guys help her out, you will be rewarded… I promise.

They give away those kind of cats at PetSmart. I don’t understand why people are giving Bomba money?- nik

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