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Sepideh Abolfazli Is Out Of Control

November 12, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 11


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, “Sepideh Abolfazli” or “Sepi Ab” is out of control! She snorts cocaine, does drugs, passes out from drinking. She doesn’t stop till shes in the hospital. The worst part is, I have seen her with so many guys in the past years… Could you imagine how loose she is? She is a wh*re and a obnoxious rude girl. She is super sloppy and her friends support her because they take pics and videos of her, even when shes in the hospital with an IV in her arm. Its pretty sad. I am not surprised to see her with new guys everyday. Thats what happens when you go to every club and have all your social networks open. Please straighten her up Nik.

You can tell by her stomach she drinks Heineken.- nik

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Riddled and Piddled

November 11, 2014 Toronto 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this guy offers m4m services on Craigslist! Massage etc – I know 3/4 people now who have had iPhones or money stolen in his home- goes by the name of Dave Toma- based in Toronto but apparently on ‘holiday’ having made a massive profit selling everyone’s electronics on Craigslist! Guy is a total scammer and needs to be stopped

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Real Truth

November 11, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ew… This is Julianne. Where do I start? Definition of what a cruel and jealous bitch really looks like. We all know she posted her ex bestfriend here with loads of lies attached to it. This girl stopped getting her birth control and using condoms so she could have a baby because her bestfriend did. Even worse, she got pregnant with her bestfriend’s boyfriend, little brother! Even though she\s pregnant, she continues to smoke her cigarettes and weed. She’s very open about it but should probably be ashamed of herself. I think she deserves to be here for thinking she could try to drag someone down. It’s come to my attention she’s the one that has had chla***. Disgusting. Children should defiantly not be having children. She should be thinking more about her child than worry about being an obsessive cunt

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Wannabe Boxer

November 11, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is such a creep with a brain the size of a peanut. He adds any and every girl on Facebook even if it’s obviously a fake account trying to get with them. He’s also on literally every dating site there is lying how he’s a successful boxer from LA when he’s just jobless living in his dad’s basement in Brampton. He tried to brag on Facebook how girls go up to him on the street and ask if they can suck his dick. I swear you have to have brain damage to be this stupid. BTW put a shirt on no one wants to see your man tits.

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Sara Klinck

November 11, 2014 Toronto 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Sara. Started her escapade here in gravenhurst Ontario, and then took it out west to Alberta. Me and a few friends used to bang her. She had no problem sleeping with more then 1 dude at a time. Now it\’s either cheating on one of her many boyfriends or jumping on what ever dic she can find on her online dating. Some females nvr learn. Good pussy, but diiiirty.

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Franford Slore

November 11, 2014 Kingston, Toronto 29


THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this is a girl who smokes her drugs, shoots up, she is a stripper/ call girl she is bi sexual , has had numerous std, likes threesomes or not she really dosent care, she likes sleeping with other women’s boyfriend and husbands, she has lost her kids, due to her way of life, as the saying goes for people like her SO MANY MEN SO LITTLE TIME. OR ITS RAINING MEN, WOMEN BEWARE SHE WILL FCK ANYTHING WRECK YOUR FAMILY AND GIVE YOU A DISEASE TO BOOT.

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Melanie Brooke

November 11, 2014 Montreal, Toronto 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik Melanie Brooke, not your average dirty whore. This girl came from Vaughan – obviously!- where all the dirty whores are born and raised. This girl moved to Montreal when she was about 12, but before she did, made it a point to have sex with every boy. She has a BABY GIRL, a baby daddy – WHO by the way, is her boyfriend. this ratchet parties like its going out of style, popping mollies, and snorting cocaine. She makes sure everyone knows her saggy ass vagina is open and ready for business. If a bum off the street asked her to suck his dirty dick, she would do it no questions asked. This girl makes it seem as though she is sweet, innocent, single and clean. She absolutely is not responsible enough to care for herself, let alone a baby girl- social workers should be looking into this… Now for the kicker, this girl has recently given one of my friends an drd!! yes you heard that right, an drd. She goes to Toronto to party very often to try and rekindle sex lives with all the boys she left behind, hoping to have kids wit every single one. She has 8 different accounts on all social media, so she can make sure she is/ will be able to see what is going on in your lives forever. Shes a wannabe home-wrecker, but once her face & stinky, saggy ass vagina is exposed, she doesn’t succeed. KEEP THIS BROAD OUT OF TORONTO, before things start getting messy. BEWARE ladies and gentleman, if you’ve been in contact with this girl within the last year, get yourself checked..

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Vaughan Scum

November 10, 2014 Toronto 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI NIK! It isn’t often that you see a guy on this website, but I need to let the world know, but more specifically VAUGHAN, what a piece of sh*t this ‘Luke” dude is. We would go out, have sex meanwhile he had a girlfriend for FOUR YEARS, so who knows what else he was doing. He was so manipulative and made me believe every word out of his dirty mouth. In his pictures he looks your average Vaughan “Dude-Bro” and he uses that to his advantage, but trust me, that isn’t the case. The only reason I am writing about this is because, I had NO IDEA about his girlfriend. He is a class A actor/liar/cheater and I cannot wait for KARMA to meet his match.

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