Anthony Simpson

August 11, 2014 Toronto 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anthony Simpson is a fcking goof who should get the sh** knocked outta him , he is a child. Molester and a women beater he has done this over and over again he goes after young girls rapes them and does whatever he can to get some , he has been in and out of jail for the last 5 years because he is fucked his last girl was 14 years old he found her on facebook and said they should get together telling the girl he was younger and just wanted to hang out he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he has been doing he has also gotten 3 young girls pregnant I have seen what this goof has done first hand and if anyone doesn’t believe what I am saying look under Google Anthony T . Simpson . He is also on the sex offender website and is not aloud around any age children not even his own ! He is a fuking goof who will get what’s coming to him and just so everyone knows he just got out of jail so please watch out !!!!

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Farah aka Scarborough Shrek

August 11, 2014 Toronto 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Farah Aka Ugly Big Eared Whore. She is the biggest whore/crackhead in Scarborough and screws anything and anyone. Her mother kicked her out because she came home one day and found her screwing three guys at once on her own mother’s bed!!!! She’s slept with Sameen, Sal, Ali, Moe, Dragan, Jamil, Mustafa, Ramzi, Zobair, Aryan, Javid, Faisal, Sepehr, Sajad, Akbar, Nisar, Masi, Khadar, Ajmir, Tony, Bilal, Obaid and the list goes on and on. She can’t get a real job so she started prostituting and she told one of her friends (Samia) recently that her pimp abuses her and under pays her. She also fucks dealers for h*roin and coke or whatever drug she can get her hands on. Her older sister, who has a 5 year old son, is a crackhead and buys drugs instead of feeding her own child!! I’m surprised this whore hasn’t been on THE DIRTY yet. Farah you need to close your fcking legs, zip your fcking mouth, stop sucking dick, invest some time into looking for a “real” job and stop fcking other girls’ boyfriends. She and her sisters are seriously a disgrace to their community.

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Finally Legal

August 11, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: From fake pregnancies to keep a guy at 17, to escort ads the DAY she turned 18, this girl looks used, abused and cracked out years before shes even 20. Meet Natasha, Orillia’s newest addition to our collection of slores. 100 dollar specials are what keep this girl drunk everynight. Using people, “attempting” to steal boyfriends and sitting in a motel room waiting for phone calls is this girls life. I guess she’s just lonely, bored, and just basically useless.

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Oshawa Privates

August 11, 2014 Toronto 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this stupid bitch is the dirtiest girl in Oshawa she works at Timmy’s nd fcks all her co workers girls and guys!! She even gets drunk and calls rape and was even charged about lying about it.. She’s so gross and she has a black hole for a vagina has a bunch of things wrong with it if you see her stay away she will use you and abuse you makes me sick how gross a person can be!! Her and her mother smoke crck and have sex with guys together..  another hoe from Oshawa who takes guys down to the creek and fcks them in the dirty water and stands on celica street sucking diks for beer gross right she has been the same way since she was 15 but if u wan a good time I guess these girls are the place to be but if you cherish your private parts an dun wanna get used these girls aren’t for you

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We Got It Wrong About Laura Jacobs

August 9, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Toronto 119



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw the post about Laura Jacobs a few days ago and decided to take a look at her on insta and twitter, I think we got this one wrong boys and girls. This girl is extremely sexy! I looked through all of her insta pics and its really tough to find one this isn’t amazing who ever posted that pic of her really had to search to find a mediocre one. I am crushing on this girl REALLY HARD! She’s a natural beauty!! Her selfies are so damn hot and her bod is cray cray. Sorry Nik but this girl is a fucking rocket!! I’d take her over Scarjo any day of the week!I would loveeeee to hook up with this sexy lady, you all need to look this chick up in Insta and salivate as well!! Marry me Laura!!!!

If she lost 2 more pounds in the face she would look like Amber Heard.- nik


Laura Jacobs Has Made It In Hollywood

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Since Her Friends Can’t Tell Her

August 9, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 81



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, his junkie barber is so proud of her drug use that she brags about it and the mdma feind she is!  Her eyebrows are just horrible! someone needs to set this ratchet to fix them since non of her friends have the balls to tell her.

I like her better with hats.- nik

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Whose Her Babies Daddy

August 8, 2014 Toronto 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: this is jose allen shes straight up nasty shes married to a man that can no longer have kids but just found out shes pregnant all of the husbands friends pass her around behind his back . they all laugh around kenora housing complex about whos fcked her while the husband always at home with the kidsand being her bitch luke wake up your women is a whore that aint your baby get dna n checked for drds cause i know someone shes fcked and they had c**p stay far away from the one guys

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Oshawas Finest

August 8, 2014 Toronto 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ricky Hughes ” Risky ” and Zabrina Lynne Munshaw ” Zabrainer ” these two are one of a kind. Ricky thinks he’s a dope boy sellin rock to his father an his mother who put his ass into Cas when he was a child because they knew he was going to be a waste of life and air. Kids a Cas come up who think he a Baller of the cheques he gets every month. He’s a behind the screen and computer gangster all talk till things get heavy. H’s a part time smoker & dealer. Poor kid lost 200+ pounds in months. Put the pipe down an have some to eat. Zabrina lmao this Oshawa welfare Cas case dead beat mother is such a waste of life it is legit sickening this bitch has 2 kids not 1 but 2 from 2 diff guys doesn’t know who the father is because she don’t keep her legs close. Her poor mother takes care of both this bitches kids. She has full custody of her daughter and soon to get full of her son. This poor excuse of a person rather smoke rock in her motel room with her crack head boyfriend then take care of her kids. Her own mother kicked her out because Zabrina was letting her bfs smoke crack in her mothers home where 8 children live plus zabrinas 2 kids. She gets a welfare an baby bounce cheque and gives it right to her crack head boy friend then complains to her mother she has no money an can’t help with her kids. Let alone she can’t put the pipe down. This girl is a winner she will fck your boyfriend an then charge you an say you beat her up in front of her kids, meanwhile it was you walking home alone after you went behind 2 of your friends back an fucked their bfs and they caught you leaving his house Lmao! Oh should we tell why your name is Zabrainer? Sucking all the Malaga niggas dick for a 20 piece. Maybe we should tell em how your a rat an got off your chargers of the 20 piece an the nigga did time. You gave the niggas government lol your a rat goof & Your nothing but a whore. Get your shit together!

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