Marianne Lilly

April 9, 2014 Toronto 7 9,188 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is MARIANNE LILLY she is a huge c*ke head from Pickering Ontario and tries to sleep with guys that are in relationships or married. This b*tch cheated on a guy she was with for over 6 years and now is mad he wont take her back. I personally don’t even know how a chick like this ever had a boyfriend. she is like 30 years old and loves to backstab and pick fights with EVERYONE including her friends and family. THIS GIRL IS IMMATURE AND DIRTY. Thinks that every guy wants her yet she looks like she got hit by a big pile of UGLY. Tell me who the hell shows up to a 5 year old boys birthday party all drunk and yells at people asking for c*caine (in front of the kids)?! That’s just f*cked. This girl needs a serious reality check and a little bit or shall i say A LOT of growing up to do, cause from what I’ve seen and heard shes a serious waste of skin. What do you think?

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Rob Mitchell

April 9, 2014 Toronto 16 8,682 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just wanna post this guy on here to give a warning out to girls who may actually consider sleeping with him to get yourself tested!! I as well as another unfortunate girl have both caught something from this guy. If you are considering sleeping with him I highly suggest going with him to get a test done if he tells you hes clean. I don’t think he’s had an std test done in his life and if he has he will be able to prove it to you. Just wanna give everyone the heads up because I know he gets around and we don’t need any more people infected. So ladies get yourself checked aand make him do the same before letting that d*ck near you.

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Aryton Spence “The backpage secret” Tranny

April 8, 2014 Toronto, Winnipeg 177 7,959 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aryton“Rezdog Tranny-face”Spence has been hoeing herself online each and every week to literally hundreds of men for the past few years to pay for weekend drinks at the bar and a few lines in the can at any bar from Tornonto to Vancouver and back. In all the years following in her mothers footsteps by selling her pepsi’d out body for drugs she has obviously contracted countless infectious diseases, and as my bro has unfortunately found out,herpes has been added to her fatal DRD collection. In a blackout drunk,he made the mistake of taking the old infected tranny out to his car and making himself a little suck-suck video.When he awoke the next morning and watched the tape, he discovered that a blister scab lipped,nasty square eyebrowed,man-face sloot had been slobbing puss drops all over his unprotected slong.It didnt take but a few weeks for himself to show signs of the virus he caught from the pimple chested transgendered gutter trash.And now that poor guy is pretty much good as dead to having any real relationship ever again, unless of coarse it is with another vile drugged out waste of life like Aryton.With suicide his only realistic option, we must prevent anyone else from making the same drunken mistake as him by warning the rest of the public about the diseased backpage hooker currently floating around Toronto spreading the viscous smelling maggot infested arse cheeks,as well as the roacach lipped vomit hole covered in a drd scab sandwich secreting curd.Smash this trash

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Bareback Queen Jordanne Love

April 8, 2014 Toronto 19 5,702 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this waste of life wh*re is Jordanne Koene aka Jordanne love. she currently resides in Oshawa Ontario. She thinks she actually looks good with the wide as f*ck nose on her face and a gut that hangs over her p*ssy. She is as ratchet as they come. She has two kids and another on the way, her current child she has no idea who the father is but swears up and down its for some black guy knowing all to well she was riding his friend bareback that same week she claims to have gotten pregnant. Here’s the bombshell her own sister has even told the guy she claims to be the one that impregnated her that he shouldn’t worry because she is not as far along as she is claiming to be, which only leave one to believe it is another man. Like really how many guys is this girl f*cking? Does she not know how to spell condom? or birth control? This trash needs to be on here to make men aware of what there getting themselves into, and to make her look in the mirror at those saggy *ss tits, and do something with her life instead of being a c*m dumpster

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Cross-eyed Crosby

April 8, 2014 Toronto 42 6,708 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet malinda may Crosby this fat slore is by far the worst human being that ever walked this earth. She’s a filthy bitch scunt and dated my friend she had 4 kids that were all taken from her by cas and she cares about drinking at the bar then working on getting her kids back. She also collects child tax too without her kids kind of a low blow mindy you fukin filthy bitch . This cow needs to die in a hole . I seen her pan handling too downtown in Toronto all of last summer shes a certified bum . Smokes m*th sucks Greg for mcdonalds cheeseburgers this mth slore is dirt to the max and ugly as sin nik put this cow on blast and expose her

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Nikki Ouimette the Cow

April 7, 2014 Toronto 31 6,431 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nicole also known as Nikki Ouimette moved from her small shitty town to be a tattoo artist. She told me that when I went in to get a piece done by her and instead left with a huge infected arm tattoo. When I went back to ask her about it she laughed and said oops? Sorry what kind of professional are you? You fat cow that thinks all your male customers like you. Get a grip. Have you looked in the mirror lately? You’re obese. She sucks don’t get tattooed by her.

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You Will Never Guess Who This Is

April 7, 2014 BMD, The Dirty, Toronto 46 98,805 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is BMD!  Yes, Staci Doll aka Samantha Cudow aka your favorite Canadian Dirty Celeb… BMD.  This is her prior to f*cking her face up and adding fillers everywhere you can.  It sucks to grow up with her and to see what she has became.  Truly sad and I feel for her and the pain she has inside.

This picture must be from the ‘liked white guys’ era.- nik

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Need Your Opinion: What Happens In Vegas

April 4, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 182 109,024 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a huge fan and read your sites religiously- An issue in my life has come up and I thought your opinion would help. My boyfriend of two years recently booked a trip to Vegas this summer, although we have a good relationship the idea of him being in Vegas with a bunch of his guy friends makes me nervous. Conveniently, he’s going the weekend of Electric Daisy Carnival, which makes me even more uncomfortable. His friends say I’m out of his league but I don’t trust people once alcohol/egos come into play. I want him to have fun but I don’t want to be played.. What should I be expecting and what do you think?

He will probably be rolling and have sexual intercourse with a stranger. Just being honest.- nik


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