Jaccob “Jiggy” Johnson

March 27, 2014 Toronto 4 5,671 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. First of all I’d like to thank you for making this website. If I had of known about it sooner, I would have posted this a long time ago. I learned of it today, so here I go.. This douche bag is Jacob Worthington aka JIGGY. He is a woman abuser, a drug user and a straight up wannabe gangster. He is so broke, his pockets are full of lint and buttons. He uses girls to sleep on their couches because he is homeless after burning so many bridges and spending all his money on drugs. When I met him, I thought that he was a decent guy and he moved in with me after only dating for a while. I didn’t think much of it. He ended up being so abusive to me. He body slammed me on the floor, choked me until I was unconscious, dragged me down stairs, broke a glass table and cut me with a piece of the glass..And Much MUCH more. The only way I got away from him was because one day a neighbor heard how bad the fight got and called the cops. Complete psychopath. Women, BEWARE. He is from Oshawa but he reps other places because he is ashamed that he is a product of the armpit of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). EXPOSE THIS WOMAN BEATER!

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Scarborough Hoodrat

March 27, 2014 Toronto 9 10,359 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Daniella from Scarborough ON, “Dee smiilesz” on Facebook, this girl will do anything and anyone at the drop of a 5 dollar bill. She claims she loves her baby father but cheats on him with everyone, especially already taken men. I don’t know if there’s anyone she hasn’t already givin a bj too. Girls like 20 with 2 kids 2 diff baby fathers, poor guys clearly weren’t warned about her. God only knows what drd’s she’s spreadin..

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Undercover Slore Revision

March 26, 2014 Toronto 77 7,210 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl name is Shauna Cohen and she is beyond ratchet !! We were bff i swear i would have done anything for her and she ended up fcking my boyfriend . I swear she deserve everything thats coming her way. She will fuck your man and empty his pockets and oh yes she does have stds . She got it from her boyfriend when she was only 15 and he was 25 . Dirty Dirty Dirty Girl. She is all over backpages and i bet has given 100s of guys drds !!

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Goldigger with Mental Problems

March 26, 2014 Toronto 30 8,532 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She knows Im having sex with other women and still has sex with me, but I am sure I got herpes from her. I fucked her friend and this is what she told me and I know this to be 100% true. This young little whore’s name is Ashely Magalas. She is having sex with 5 guys at any given time, some married, some with kids, some young, some up to 60 years old, as long as you buy her food and tell her you have a “good job” you will get laid. She will go home with you even if you buy her a hotdog after the club. She has no class but does have a coke habit. She has been spreading her drds throughout the downtown Toronto region, she even has the lesions to prove it. She runs a so-called “match-making” event which is a scam, she gets guys to pay to go on these speed dating events but most of the girls there won’t be interested in the guys because it turns out the girls of the event are all her friends. She fishes for “rich” men at her dating events (that is how I met her) so she can fck them and have them pay for her shelter, clothes, and food, she is cheaper than a hooker. The event is called “Single and Eligible” and it is a scam.

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Children are not Pawns

March 26, 2014 Toronto 4 9,228 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: In all honesty I’d never sink this low but I am sick and tired of the bullshit! This so called women, cheats and has been seen by many people! She is medaling with a father and splitting a mother and child apart! My feelings have strongly told me not to post any of this! But I have to I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else! What would you do if your 4 yr old child was being held against you and used as a pawn? When you have tried to do absolutely everything to get along with the dad’s girlfriend! You have went thru every measure and all your trying to do is be there for you son?! What the hell does that have to do with the new girlfriend?! What would you do if that was you? And you know it’s not on the fathers behalf because she hits him and she is also abusive towards him?! Not only in the home bit in public?! I feel bad for my ex on his behalf because of his anxieties and depression. I feel for him feeling like he can’t do better then a lying cheating abuser…. But he can do better then her! He can find someone who will treat him better and not try to control his child or the situation where it is affecting the child and his behaviour because he is mad he can’t see mommy and for what?! Because daddy’s girlfriend don’t like mommy?! Or for the fact multiple people have told him she has been seen with other guys! A lot of them her exs?! I don’t get this and I am now seeking social media I have had enough of my son being hurt and have had enough of my ex being manipulated because he is a good guy and won’t see past it! I have screen shots of the text I can include and others! I am emailing for help! I am emailing to put it out there!

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One of the Prettiest in Toronto

March 25, 2014 Toronto, Would You? 82 6,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I know you always turn girls down and have something to say but this girl has to be one of the prettiest girls in toronto facial wise I seen her at time nightclub a few weeks back but couldnt talk to her because she was with too much people WOULD you NIK?

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Brittany isnt a Cheater .. but shes still racist

March 25, 2014 Toronto 82 8,684 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany was posted for being a cheater but thats not true . I don’t know why people are trying to focus the attention on her relationships when the real issue is how racist she is! this girl literally hates being black. She’s half black but she legitimately hates black people ! There are multiple stories of her talking down to anyone of colour. The most recent and blatant showcase of her racism was when she was partying on MGK’s tour bus .. one of the guys asked her for her number she replied with “sorry i have a boyfriend .. but i’m not really into black guys anyways”. I even have a text she sent to one of my friends not too long ago. She’s planning on having plastic surgery this year to get a smaller whiter looking nose. she must really hate herself , if your half then your black !! its mixed/light skin girls like this that are the reason for the divide within the black community.

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The Doc

March 24, 2014 Toronto 19 6,608 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies beware of this guy who will claim he’s a “doctor” and show up at your place with a stethoscope and scrubs but he isn’t even listed on the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons website. He bigs himself up claiming to be a healthcare worker but last time I checked he wasn’t listed hmmmm sounds fishy to me??!? He’s definitely bi-polar and a pathological liar who needs to stop fronting!

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