I Used To Be Friends With Cynthia Todorovski

September 18, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 99


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Cynthia Todorovski and I use to be very close friends, she was always a good girl and nice until she started meeting all these whores at cabana pool bar and Muzik nightclub. Shortly after, she started stripping with her best friend Vanessa at airport strip, ect. Now you can see her adds all over back pages along with seeking arrangement and various sugar daddy dating websites. She escorts now after being seen stripping. All her new friends are escorts and strippers, she use to have a minimum wage job and now all of a sudden can afford louboutins? haha cmon Cynthia, who are you trying to fool. Your a disgusting whore now, and everyone knows you escort, ew. Nik, tell this escort to change her ways before its too late haha.

Some John needs to step up and buy her some +2′s.- nik

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46 year old Grandma

September 18, 2014 Toronto 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Were can i start she will have guy come.over so she can.smoke.infront of her poor young daughter smokes crck infront of her daughter. She has sex with her brother inlaw she even.has sex with elderly men.from.the.apt she lived in and is not.even.shy about it she has dentures due to the fact shes. Been.smoking rock while she was pregant hope. Her.poor.kid does not repeat the cycle she.s. only.90 poinds.wet tops.so if anyone.is.hard up on.getting pssy and. You have spare.change she lives in.maple glen. east tec

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Alison Skinn

September 18, 2014 Toronto 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not sure where to begin with this little tramp. Met her online through Tinder. She tells me she is ready to meet. I go to the location, and she Tinders me and asks me to go to a more visible location. I was getting agitated, but I was horny, and had already agreed to “compensate her”, as the back & forth pics were quite frankly turning me on. I met her at an arena late at night, and was pleased at what I saw. Not a knock out, but cute in a girl next door sort of way. She said to go behind a dumpster, and she would take care of me. No more than about 30 seconds later, two dudes show up, and they whisk her away with my $200. I’m pissed. Pissed at myself for paying up front, pissed at not recognizing that I was being set up, and pissed at her for being a royal scam artist. Karma will bite this girl in the ass one day. I had my buddy try to set something up with her, but it would appear she is quite adept at changing her number regularly. Warning to the Dirty World: Beware of Tinder scammers, and stay away from this tramp thief.

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Alex Karlee Is Gorgeous

September 17, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto 190


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do not tell me this girl is not the most perfect girl in Toronto? Saw her IG and was stunned by her beauty. Keeps it classy by not taking all her clothes off. She even got casted in the weeknd music video.

6.1187729.- nik

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Sexual Deviant Jamal Raza Is A Sex Predator

September 17, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Toronto 186

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if there was ever a candidate worthy of a being put in the “Dirty Wall of Shame” it’s gotta be Jamal Raza of Complete Innovations Fleet Complete. Jamal Raza is a sex monster who preys on vulnerable young women. This sick disgusting horny freak Jamal Raza has been convicted of sexual assault and also has been convicted of several drunk driving charges. This sex addict pervert Jamal Raza uses his ‘position’ (pun intended!) to hire young women at Complete Innovations FleetComplete and the starts a sexual relationship with them. This Pakistani Jamal Raza the vile disgusting convicted child rapist is not only a serial philanderer who is married (to his first cousin by the way) and has a son but also frequently uses the services of various escort agencies around Greater Toronto. In fact, Jamal Raza is explicitly requests the escort agency bookings that he’d like a prostitute who is young, white, small and blond. Emphasis on YOUNG. Nik, women around Toronto need to be aware of this sex predator Jamal Raza and many on the web have voiced concerns over him.

Never trust a man who takes black and white pictures of himself.- nik

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Matt Freeland

September 16, 2014 Toronto 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is the scum of the earth. He likes to break into peoples houses and still whatever he can get his hands on, even kids toys and kids clothes. This asshole babysat for a girl while she ran down the street to the store and when she came back All her valuables were gone and her baby’s were on the floor by themself crying. He’s slept with my friends sister who’s 14 years old. also he starting sleeping with his brothers girlfriend and eventually broke them up. He texted her one day and told her he always had a thing for her then when his brother was at wotk , he fucked her in his brothers own bed. He always gets arrested for steep crimes but never spends more the a month or two in jail. He beat up his sister and he’s a dead beat dad. Don’t trust this goof. His best friend allowed him in his house then he stole his daughters iPod among other things. Then his best friend forgave him again and not only did he steal more shit including kids stuff. He tried to fuck his best friends girl. These are just some examples of what a goof rat he is. There’s lots more! The word “Goof” & “Rat” gets thrown around a lot in this city (Kingston) and this site. And Matt Freeland is (in every sense of the word) a GOOF, RAT, GRINDER, RAPIST!

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Wire Transfer Looks Like A Freak

September 15, 2014 The Dirty, Toronto, Wire Transfer 105


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are stills from a video Natalie posted. You can see her lips are painfully over filled, nose looks like Michael Jackson, has a weave, no ass, dried out blonde hair with dark roots and a face that doesn’t move. Please stop pretending she is hot.

The Tiffany necklace totally makes her look dated.- nik

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Jaqualeyn Crosby

September 15, 2014 Toronto 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, never thought I’d wanna post anyone but I guess Karma is a bitch. This “wonderful” and to be honest, quite sad, individual is Jaqualeyn Crosby. Know shes already on here but I had some things I wanted to expose on this dirty cow. First off, if drama queen had a picture in the dictionary, her pic should be used. Granted you can fit it cause of the size of her head is enormous, sorry that was unessecary lol. She is so dramatic, when things don’t go her way, she cries and threatens suicide which is so pathetic, if she had killed herself for everytime she said it. There’d be about 12-13 tombstones at this rate. Pathetic. She constantly lies which is the result of never growing up and oweing up to her problems and fuck ups. She has NO friends and I emphasize none, and if she does, they don’t stick around long because they catch on to her bullshit or get fed up or where never really her friends to begin with. Maybe felt sorry for her, like I did. But I don’t forget and I don’t forgive for the lies and manipulation. Oh she thinks she’s good at that as well.trun people against one another. Too bad it often turns against her. Other than that, everything said about her before is true. She’s a man stealer, she’ll fck anything that moves, she lives off thd system and refuses to work, she always is eating, never showers, just doesn’t care about others or herself for that matter. She’s never been pregnant and she has and will continue to lie about it, slapping her “friends” who have been by basically mocking them just so people can feel sorry for her. Shes pathetic and stupid. Sorry but you have to be known as the manipulate lying bitch you are jackie. Grow up and do something with your life.

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