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Sonja Fear/Maryjean Olsen

September 30, 2014 Halifax, Truro 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: well where do i start….. this waste of space is nothing but a drama starting, fat ass with no teeth in her head, aka a redheaded cunt….she will talk shit about anyone weather u are friends with her or not…. she thinks her family is perfect but in reality her family is fucked just like herself they will NEVER add up to anything or anyone and its her fault for that. she has never had to work a day in her life so all she knows how to do with her time is sit on her fat ass and live off her husband and create drama for others, and before that she lived off her ex husband. she will rat you out for anything.loves to make up lies about everyone including her own children so that she gets ahead in life. her and her drug dealing husband are low lifes. she ruins the apts on Anita cres in Truro heights for the landlord while selling drugs out of that apt, while he thinks shes the queen she is really ripping him off….she cant keep her nose out of anyones lives even if u try to stay away from her.

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Scab Michelle

September 19, 2014 Halifax, Truro 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Dirty SCAB… Michelle (will go) Lowe is the biggest slut around!!! Of all ppl that should not be raising children god forbid they dont become her when they grow up… she goes with all the small guys around… ok i know its hard to find anyone bigger than her… so she can bully them and use them for there money cause she cant keep a job cause shes a BITCH! This Over grown skank has the biggest mouth around…

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Pictou County Pedo

July 16, 2014 Halifax, Truro 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: I give you a guy who goes by RICHARD PICTOU on dating sites and gay person sites and he is a dirty child luring scumbag. He offers money and or drugs to underage boys to have sex with them. Parents beware he will go to any length to have sex with you young son. He drove to truro in Dec 2012 and offered my younger brother (14 YO) money and drugs to perform oral sex on him. We only discovered this after the fact. We went to the police and they said their was not enough evidence to investigate. Since the occurrence we have posted several ads on CL and POF etc.. posing as an 18 yo boy then after he makes contact we admit to a lower age. he is very pleased and drives to Truro to meet. each time it is the guy in this picture. He puts the money/drugs offer out at the front of the conversation. PARENTS BEWARE!!!

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Scumbag Of Truro

July 7, 2014 Truro 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this People is Tyler Douglas! A womanizing asshole that looks for women with low self esteem, lies to them, tells them he has a job but yet is on welfare, fucks them, uses them and then dumps them when something better comes along. He is a sicko that fantasizes about having sex with his sister and CHILDREN! YES CHILDREN. The police took his computer because there was child porn found on it! He is a sick f**k that should be in jail.

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Robert Purdy Huston and Tia st Peter

July 2, 2014 Halifax, Truro 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: robert huston is the biggest scumbag of all time, his only friends are the people he uses untill they get sick and tired of this needle banging waste of life mooching off of them, his own family doesnt want him for the same reasons, his pill head girlfriend is no better gangbanging guys left right and center they both cheat on each other reguarly if they dont have their drugs then tia throws a bitch fit cries all day makeing sure to ruin the day of everyone around her cus the crack head princess has gotta have her weed and pills when they arnt liveing with a hydromorph addict they are racking up debts with coke heads, he literaly owes everyone he knows money unless they were too smart to fall for his bullshit be warned they are both dirty drug addicts and should be run out of truro as soon as possible!!!

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Skemily Scumbag

June 26, 2014 Halifax, Truro 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Skemily — Emily MacFadden. saying her name makes me want to gag, and puke in my mouth. She is such a fcking slut. She has fcked everyguy in Truro, and sends out naked pictures to anyone who shows her attention. Her hair is a fuking hot mess.. so fried and did , I am sure if you touched it it would scratch your hands up cause its so fcking fried from all the bleach shit she pits in it. She wears gallons of makeup attempting to cover up her fugly face, but nothing works believe me .. nothing that ugly can ever be pretty. She photoshops every picture to make people think she is somewhat pretty, but she is a fcking monster when you see her in person. What you can see of her skin under all the make up is crevices and pimples. She looks lime a fcking clown! She cheats on everyone she has been with.. men of truro will never ucking learn. She was in jail for running from a scene in which she was driving drunk and killed someone.. got a slap on the wrist.. the Canadian justice system is jusy so fuking wonderful.n This bitch is disgusting.. being in the same room with her would probably give you a drd. OHHH and her ucking dogs!!! They can fcking rot! They are little rats and because she is such a cnt I hope they get hit my a car so she can cry all her fcking makeup off.. She is 24 and obsessed with fcking Hello Kitty, she is nothing but scum, or the bacteria that lives on scum..
Dirty piece of shit

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Steals from Children

May 12, 2014 Halifax, Truro 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Daniel Rej Watters of Truro, is suck a low life scumbag.He has gone as low as to steal a childs christmas present bout a week before christmas and also says he slept with the childs mother and actually did not. This back stabbing punk has also stole from the one person that was willing to take him in feed him and help him out with his children. He talks all these storys like he sleps with all these girls when those who really know him know he ain’t doin’ shit.He acts like he is this guy that is honorable but in fact is a snake that scheems off everyone and is a compleate freeloader. He tells people that he is all about his kids but is all about himself. Will steel from anyone. AND HE GOT WOGS

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Cassandra Taylor

April 9, 2014 Halifax, Truro 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Whoa Nik! Here’s a real treat for ya! Cassandra Taylor A.K.A Cack! More like cock, she’s had enough of it! And what kind of nickname is that anyway, like really! This girls poor boyfriend got ratted on and stuffed in the pen and the whole time he’s inside his woman who is supposed to love him ever so much is taking down the whole damn town and surrounding areas. That’s a damn sin you think if you went to jail your woman would hold it down for you like a REAL WOMEN would but noooooo this dirty little drd infested whore just can’t say no to cock! It doesn’t matter how old or young, shrivelled or stinky, she honestly does not care! It’s so bad this girl has vagisil washes and wipes all over house, she keeps them in her purse and everything. If you gotta keep vagisil wipes on hand you know it’s some rotten shit going on down there! she’s a stinky ugly little girl with fuckin brown ass ugly teeth and huge ass eyeballs she really needs to stop taking pictures! As you can tell by the one I so gladly thought I would share with you all! Hahahahah omg she’s soooooo ugly, and I’ll call it how I see it there’s tons of pretty girls on here that don’t deserve it but this ditch pig is not one of them. She’s a wrote off little junkie whore with no shape to save her self. Everyone knows she’s got escort ads on craigslist calls herself candy haha she may have changed it by now tho. Anyway you all have been warned! And she really got the next man wearing her boyfriends clothes! Diiiirt

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