Broke Bald Busted

July 22, 2014 Tucson 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is David Gagnon, well first off just a warning this guy will rip anyone off just for his next high, he only becomes friends with people to steal and use for anything. Another warning is that his penis is deformed and has weird little spots on it.. it was a horrifying experience for me to find that out one day but after that I wouldn’t go near it and i told him he should get that checked out. He’s stolen from me and 2 others I know and will do anything he can get his hands on. He needs to do something with himself besides being a broke ugly busted ass junkie. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIECE OF SHIT.

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Breanna Alyse

July 21, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just another crazy tweaker chick. Basic run down from october to now. Her bf left her because of her drug problem in october. She was acting violent and wouldn’t contribute to the household. After he left she called his work multiple times looking for him and creating lies to get him fired. She then stalked him to wear he was moving to after he got off work at midnight. After she found out he was with one of his friends she went home and got every single thing he owned that was left in the house and ripped it up, poured bleach and oil all over it and threw it on his friends car. 2 days later she was obviously high out of her mind and showed up at his new residence, banging on the door in the middle of the night demanding to see him. They decided to call the cops instead. After not being allowed to see him she decided it would be a good idea to run her car into his friends. Yes crash her car into his friends. Did I forget to mention she had a BABY IN THE BACKSEAT. Cops later filed a report, she was charged with criminal damage and restraining orders were set in place. Shortly after, Breanna totaled her car and faked a pregnancy to try and get attention… After getting evicted from her apartment, Breanna convinced her now, Ex-boyfriend\’s mom to let her move in. That didnt last very long, she was discovered doing drugs around the kids in the house and was kicked out. But by that time she had a new man on the hook. Daniel took care of her by getting an apartment with her and driving her all over the place and helping her with whatever she wants. At this time it is March and Bre still doesn’t have a job. After Daniel calls bre out on her drug problem and laziness Breanna freaks out again. Fortunately her rich aunty has bought her a new car and bre decides she doesn’t need daniel anymore, he is cool with it and moves out but leaves her with a check for the nexts months rent. She cashed it for drugs and a tattoo and tries to blame daniel for the missing money and apparently a midding bong…. so here we are in july and she is now homeless and jobless and lookijg for someone to take care of her. Watch out men, its saif that she might not be in tucson anymore but san diego or phoenix. ….

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Crazy with a capital K

July 17, 2014 Tucson 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl is nuts, when I tried to break up with her she contacted friends and family through Facebook, called my employer and stole my wallet, watch and phone. After doing some due diligence (which I probably should have done earlier) she has a criminal charge, restraining order from her ex husband and has a car registered in another guys name who she also sleeps with. After we split up She decided to tell me she has drd! Great one more thing to get checked… Just a real peach! I hope my bad luck will save someone else the trouble!

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Fair Warning

July 15, 2014 Scottsdale, Tucson 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: SCOTTSDALE WARNING: One towns trash is another towns disease! This heroin junkie left her slug trails all over the Tuc and is searching for her new connect in the 602 to accept blow-jobs for drugs. What she neglects to tell you is her mouth comes with sores for you two to share.

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AC The Promoter is a Joke

July 15, 2014 Tucson, Westside-AZ 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: AC The Promoter is a bullSh***ing, womanizing, broke, conceded PUNK! He goes by AC Chavez on Facebook. It is absolutely ridiculous how stupid he is. This self proclaimed wannabe concert promoter is beyond ignorant and stupid multiplied by each other and then BROKE added to that. He is A HUGE attention whore. WHORABLE! HE LOVES to put his ugly fat face on flyers promoting concerts that OTHER people put on. Put on meaning Pay For. NEVER MONEY from AC! AC loves to add his fugly face to flyers announcing HE’s Going To Be THERE! Like, Really???? ummm So WHAT EVERS DUDE! All the concerts he claims to present & host are always for hasbeen artists! Or they’re lame ass chicano rappers or singers no one gives a turd about. Once in a blue moon he’ll have his fugly whale face on a flyer promoting a big concert, but it’s because he begs his friends with $ to let him host. He’ll do it for free as long as he can plug in his album. Oh yeah! HE tries to rap. L to the O & to the mother f**king L! Now the bigger stuff! He is a cheater! He will hump anything with a heart beat. Even though he had his baby momma at home for many years raising their kids, he was out boinking teens & UNDERage females! Yup! We will show proof after lawyers in NM say we can. What bugs me most is how he claims to have “The Mind Of A Boss” & posts about $$$ & takes pics with $$ but needs a car wash w/ people to help him raise money to help him buy a new car. WTF?

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Team Pedo

July 9, 2014 Tucson 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lock you doors and hide your kids when this piece of shit comes around, This is Tim Larson and I wanted to put him on blast for what he is. He has been fired from every job that he has had for sexual abuse, and some how he got a job at a local bar as a manager and tried to sexually abuse my daughter. Shes 17, hes 36.

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Fatty Tabby

July 2, 2014 Tucson 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik This Is Fatty Tabby! She claimed that your love of her life beat her up all this non sense what a damn drama queen!!! She is so wack she is now saying her man has a.little dick but bitch wasnt complaing when she was letting him fck her while she called him daddy can you say fake!!! This hoe is hanging out with a bunch of other hoes (judith&her ugly ass sister) looking like the chicken from chicken run hahah!! This picture she.posted her shorts high as fuck to where her suppose to be suppose to be hanging out tell that hoe to turn forward i bet a men ass camel toee Hahah fatty tabby bitch.think she hot when she walk in with her flat ass and can barley walk in heels hahah maybe if she because real close to the plastic surgery sisters they will give her a loan we will see how long that friendship last they are fake literally

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Tubby Tabby Is Back In Tucson

June 25, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Tucson 51




THE DIRTY ARMY: Guess who is back living in Tucson. That’s right Bull frog Tubby Tabby! He so call love of her life/ pump/ sugar daddy left her & kick her to the curbside! Now she has no where to go but once again she is back to being a stripper & working at TD’s West or Tens to make her wannabe money. Poor Tubs! Maybe one day a man Will respect you until then guys keep you Greg out of the cum dumpster!!!!

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