Infamously Will Struggling Model

July 28, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: He is getting more and more known for embarrassing himself and shocking people I feel he is just crying out for help and it’s truly sad don’t believe me? Look at his instagram it’s infamouslywill see another amanda bynes insane person most likely using drugs oh and he even has the same arm tattoo of wings as amanda bynes did

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Northshore Slore

May 30, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik does she look better before or after her +2s? She will sleep with anyone that gives her attention especially on tte first night! Surprised she aint knocked up yet. She doesny care if they guy she ia talking to is single or married. I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole. Would u

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Used Next

May 15, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Thought this girl was beautiful already, then she had to go get a boob job. I thought she looked great pre boob job. Wish she could see how beautiful she really is. Stop being so insecure my babygirl.

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Drunk Mom

May 14, 2014 Alabama 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this mother has the resemblance of a preop tranny, she doesn’t work, lives with her parents, and receives excessive child support. Her child\’s teeth are literally rotting out. His legs are covered in bruises, and his bedtime is around 2 am. She leaves him with her relatives, friends, or occasionally the child\’s father while she goes out drinking. She drinks while he’s with her also, and makes sure to post her exploits on Facebook along with her opinions of herself being a great mom! Pretty sure she’s gone les too from the way she poses with her girlfriends. She also caught an drd from a relatives ex husband! I fear for her child’s well being!

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Scott Slider

May 1, 2014 Alabama, Miami, Mobile 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scott and his Miami fck. ! Still in denial Lori!!!! He denies u and his children. Maybe u can talk on date night to your friend Electra about your happy marriage.! And I have Moore pics Darlings. I hear u go to Burlington’s for your chopping needs, he takes me to Saks.

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Fat Husband Stealing Porritt

April 16, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham, Montgomery 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Angie Porritt is a nasty slut! She was Told that the man that she was sending naked pics to was married yet she continued to do so! She’s like 60 years old! She’s putting her nasty puss & boobs out there so we decided to really put her out there, here on The Dirty! These pics of course are clean compared to what she has been sending this married man! But if she continues to send the nasty pics……they will be blasted on here as well!!!! She may look like a sweet innocent “older lady” but she really is a nasty SLUT!!! I’m sure her “Mother & Daddy” will be proud when they learn of her nasty slutty ways! Watch out bitch! I were warned!!!

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Wedding Day Gift

March 24, 2014 Alabama, Montgomery 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sabrina, or Bina, gave me drd and W**ts. The night of our wedding was the first time we had slept together and about a year later I developed a rash. I had it checked out and sure enough. Turns out she cheated before the wedding. She knowingly had it and didn’t say a word.

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The Good the Bad the Infamous

February 19, 2014 Alabama 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who is getting more and more talk about his infamous stupidity you know I mean will Cyrus aka infamouslywill it is what I thought was impossible it’s actually even worse than ever new sources found he is using rumored methamphetamine and kratom ok I felt bad for him for a while when he was first talked about but he is 20 now and he is in and out of jail and lost every good person in his life of course Alix bresler is making it worse buying him liquor and pills it is just a day in this train wreck life nik I see all the posting on him and I actually am close friends of this family I still think of when they were church going good valued people then his dad started drinking non stop and will got expelled out of the school and things never got better he was in rehabs multiple times and recently has started being arrested because he isn’t well I am not posting this to bash all I want is for him to be the smart kind boy he was he isn’t going to live much longer if he keeps this going and his poor mom teaches in this school and it has made it hard for her to show her face he needs to see infamouslywill is not good and needs to stop with it hope you will put this up because it needs to be known what he fully is getting done to his life

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