Alabama | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

Scott Slider

May 1, 2014 Alabama, Miami, Mobile 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: Scott and his Miami fck. ! Still in denial Lori!!!! He denies u and his children. Maybe u can talk on date night to your friend Electra about your happy marriage.! And I have Moore pics Darlings. I hear u go to Burlington’s for your chopping needs, he takes me to Saks.

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Fat Husband Stealing Porritt

April 16, 2014 Alabama, Birmingham, Montgomery 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Angie Porritt is a nasty slut! She was Told that the man that she was sending naked pics to was married yet she continued to do so! She’s like 60 years old! She’s putting her nasty puss & boobs out there so we decided to really put her out there, here on The Dirty! These pics of course are clean compared to what she has been sending this married man! But if she continues to send the nasty pics……they will be blasted on here as well!!!! She may look like a sweet innocent “older lady” but she really is a nasty SLUT!!! I’m sure her “Mother & Daddy” will be proud when they learn of her nasty slutty ways! Watch out bitch! I were warned!!!

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Wedding Day Gift

March 24, 2014 Alabama, Montgomery 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sabrina, or Bina, gave me drd and W**ts. The night of our wedding was the first time we had slept together and about a year later I developed a rash. I had it checked out and sure enough. Turns out she cheated before the wedding. She knowingly had it and didn’t say a word.

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The Good the Bad the Infamous

February 19, 2014 Alabama 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who is getting more and more talk about his infamous stupidity you know I mean will Cyrus aka infamouslywill it is what I thought was impossible it’s actually even worse than ever new sources found he is using rumored methamphetamine and kratom ok I felt bad for him for a while when he was first talked about but he is 20 now and he is in and out of jail and lost every good person in his life of course Alix bresler is making it worse buying him liquor and pills it is just a day in this train wreck life nik I see all the posting on him and I actually am close friends of this family I still think of when they were church going good valued people then his dad started drinking non stop and will got expelled out of the school and things never got better he was in rehabs multiple times and recently has started being arrested because he isn’t well I am not posting this to bash all I want is for him to be the smart kind boy he was he isn’t going to live much longer if he keeps this going and his poor mom teaches in this school and it has made it hard for her to show her face he needs to see infamouslywill is not good and needs to stop with it hope you will put this up because it needs to be known what he fully is getting done to his life

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Infamous Wills Shocking Behavior

December 12, 2013 Alabama, Atlanta 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this person known on Instagram as infamouslywill is the image of dirty everything he does sleeping with everyone never seen gay guys like this Amanda bynes looks sane to this dude it’s time to have the dish on thedirty

Shocking is the lack of  information you added.- nik

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Who Will Win The Iron Bowl This Year

November 29, 2013 Alabama, Auburn, The Dirty 28

iron_bowl_auburnmagazinedotcom copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this has been an amazing college football season.  Alabama will be playing Auburn this week in the Iron Bowl.  I know you are an avid gambler, so I wanted to ask you who I should take for this game?

My wallet says Bama.- nik

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Holly Is Something

November 11, 2013 Alabama 44

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fabulous lady right here is Holly W from Gulf Shores, Alabama. She looks sweet enough, but she is a devoted pill junkie and class A sk*nk. This lovely mother of 2 can usually be found working for tips anywhere that the dress code allows bikini tops or pasties. I’m not saying she has DRD, but the father (who is in jail) of one of her kids does. If you’re intrested in meeting her you can meet up with her boyfriend at the local bar for a round of “Where the %*#$ is Holly?” The last time this was played her hiding spot was the back seat of someones car, with a mouth full of big black Alabama football player. She tried to take me home from the bar for two weeks straight, each night thinking she was meeting me for the first time. Real classy.

I knew she had 2 kids with no husband… you can see it in her face and armpits.- nik

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Bethani Secrest Divorce

October 4, 2013 Abbotsford, Alabama 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik… here is a sad soul, miss Bethani Secrest, we have a real mess here I think it must have started from serious daddy issues cause she always has to be comforted by a man. This needs to be put on blast, she has a kid with her husband but goes and lives with other dudes and fcks them while she’s still married. Then takes 2+ yrs to finally get her divorce and gets with another guy has a kid, moves in with him makes him re-arrange his life to be with her only for her to sadly fks multiple guys at one time in a night and send her friends pictures of her doing it! Who does that??? Maybe all the heroin and crack got to her head I’m unsure, she needs help and needs to quit fcking the entire universe as well as all our troops! Poor girl pull your head out of that vag somewhere where ever it has been lost.

White trash problems.- nik

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