Alabama | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Pervy Tattoo Artist

September 20, 2013 Alabama, Dirty Business 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nic, this here is Jesse of Fleshworks Studio. This guy isn’t too bad at art, don’t get me wrong, he has some nice pieces. But, he has been known to not design what you wanted in the first place. Instead he will try to make it better, in his opinion, or he won’t do it. And if you get ink done by him that you don’t like, he won’t fix it. He gave me a tattoo that I had the rights to free touchups (as he tells you during the session), but according to him, you have to pay extra cash. Uh what? To top it off, he is a major perv. He will subtly ask you to give him sexual favors in return for free tattoo’s. He has tattooed minor’s before, and I wonder what Derek the shop owner would think? Put this greaseball on blast, before any other clients end up dissatisfied and broke.

My name is spelt Nik.- nik

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Why Rob Franchise aka “Ciroc Queen” Hates Nik Richie So Much

August 28, 2013 Alabama, The Dirty 20



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first off I couldn’t mark a city for this douchebag because Loserville wasn’t a category… anyway, I run with the “King of Nightlife” aka King Beatz and we truly cannot stop laughing at this douchebag that we use to let run with us.  Broke ass Rob Franchise aka The Peach Ciroc Queen… he finally started IG’ing again and as you can see, he is trying to get back at KB by posting this picture of a bootleg broke KB and as you can see in every picture now he has a hashtag “f*ckyowebsite” and that is directly aimed at you Nik.  King Beatz use to hate you and your site, but after you posted KB and Ciroc Queen, KB realized that Rob was truly using him and being a broke moocher and that is when we cut him off from the team… no broke dudes that is the only rule we have, no matter if you are self made or your parents fund your life… long as you got funds, you can run with us… no more people like Rob are going to be around us.  So Nik, don’t take it personal, Rob is mad that you woke up KB and KB decided to do some damage control and better’ed his life… Rob enjoying posting Throwback pictures on IG forever since you will never be able to afford another bottle.

Life is not about the bottle. When are you losers going to realize this?- nik 

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Aaryn Gries From Big Brother

July 15, 2013 Alabama, Hollywood 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Aaryn Gries.  She played her role as the racist white trash b*tch in the Big Brother house which lead her off the house and dropped by her modelling contract/agency. Do you think she could have made it far as a model? And how is racism still around these days?

Her life is over. Hope you enjoyed the 10 seconds.- nik

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High School Student Gets Tased By Cops

May 14, 2013 Alabama, The Dirty 171

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I remember when I tried to be cool in High School.

This is good tape to send to Football scouts.- nik

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People Are Becoming Numb To Reality

April 16, 2013 Abbotsford, Akron, Alabama 2

photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Cassie from Orlando. She is a plus sized social media model who really lives and gets her self esteem for the day off of IG and Twitter account, otherwise she is a loser who does not do much with her life. Nik, why does she get off so much on social media can’t she worry about real life?

Thank God for photoshop.- nik

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Is This Facebook Appropriate

January 30, 2013 Alabama, The Dirty 68

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is having a baby with his gf of a couple months, he uploaded this picture of himself onto Facebook for all to see (which his baby momma, his baby mommas MOTHER, and his SISTER all commented on it) and he captioned it “How a real man paints blue balls or no blue balls” this is taken in their soon to be babies room, how the hell is that ok taking picture of your balls with blue paint on them, while painting your future kids room grow up this is why babies shouldnt have babies.

I blame Obama.- nik

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I Really Need Some Advice Nik

January 15, 2013 Alabama, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a huge fan of The Dirty and I watched you on Couples Therapy… I’ve also pre-ordered your book. Couples Therapy made me truly believe in love again and made me realize the person that I want to be with. Me and my boyfriend broke up in September unfortunately, but have since been trying to work things out. Watching you and Shayne gave me hope. The guy I feel has given up on me, but I am still holding on with every last bit that I have. I know this is real, and I’m not ready to give up yet. It is my fault that we are where we are today, and I’m trying to fix things, but starting to feel like it is too late. Any tips to help me win him back over? I have been struggling with depression the past year, and he’s the only one I’ve told.  My depression stems from the guy who I knew as my dad for 24 years. He has been strung out on drugs, and I have not seen or spoken to him in 2 years. Its really putting me in a tough spot because I can’t be a good girlfriend while stuck in this sadness. I feel as if my whole identity has been taken away from me. I’m struggling through school, working 2 jobs as hard as I can, barely getting by, and have no one to lean on. I really hope that you respond to this because I have no one to talk to. I don’t want to put this extra stress on my mom, because she has a lot on her plate as well; I have two younger brothers. I’m in tears as I write this because I feel as if this is my last hope.  My ex has severe trust issues because his mom lied to him for 18 years about who his father was. I took everyday with a grain of salt knowing that, because I know how hurt he was by it. We leaned on each other for support, and now I have no one. I went out with my roommate one night, and didn’t tell him, and that’s when it started to spiral out of control. I just want to fix things, because I know this is exactly where I need to be. What should I do Nik?

Why do you need to lean? Life is very simple, when a person loves themselves first and is 100% sold on themselves the law of attraction will take its course. My dominance comes from my confidence in knowing who I am. The world can crash around me in terms of friends, family and business but my inner confidence will always get me through life with a smile. If you blame others for your issues you are going to attract others who do the same (boyfriend blaming mother). On the flip side people want what they don’t have and the easiest way for that to happen is to surround yourself with a person who has it. So my advice to you is to lean on yourself and ask yourself who you want to be? And whoever that is: BE IT! This isn’t about relationships, this is about you. If you shift your boyfriend will come crawling back because he will want that new glow you have and it will be up to you if you want the Blamer back.- nik

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AJ McCarron Needs To Stop Being So Jealous Of HIs Fiancee Katherine Webb

January 14, 2013 Alabama, The Dirty 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you believe how jealous Alabama QB AJ McCarron is over Katherine’s overnight popularity?  She had 8 TV appearances set and he made her cancel all of them.  He went nuts on her after she went on Good Morning America saying that she is taking the spot light away from him and his national champion team.  He is the dreamkiller here.  She is so hot and people want to give her an opportunity to be her own person, but he shut that down right away.  AJ will not be in the NFL and Katherine is without a doubt wasting her time with this jabroni.  Do you agree Nik?

I still can’t get past Katherine Webb’s REFUND Gap. AJ should cut this chick.- nik

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