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What Do You Think Of Katherine Webb

January 9, 2013 Alabama, The Dirty 357

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is AJ McCarron’s girl, Katherine Webb. She is a pageant queen (Ms. Alabama) and got a lot of attention at the BCS game this year. She’s got those dream killer eyes, you gotta admit. I wanted to ask you what you think and are you all over her like the rest of the nation is now?

She has Luke Wilson jaw and the sharpest nose tip in America. Sorry, I don’t see it.- nik

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I Would Die For Her

January 9, 2013 Alabama, Orlando, The Dirty 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I feel like I’ve seen her on your site before but I can’t figure it out! I think its that Gloria Christine girl but I have no clue for sure. A girl like this, I would totally die to have in my life for a few years. I mean look at her, not one thing is wrong with her and that is what I call perfection. If it isn’t her, do you know who this girl is?

Yes that is Gloria Christine and yes she has hairy shoulders.- nik

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True Story About The Hood

November 21, 2012 Alabama, The Dirty 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see everyone calling you racist because you won’t sleep with black women. I’m black Nik and I refuse to sleep with my own kind just like you refuse to sleep with persian b*tches. People need to lay off you man. Watch this rap video, it explains everything about us. Stay strong Nik.- your black fan.

Like I said to someone in comments, if you hate eating tomatoes you don’t eat tomatoes. I’m not racist for not wanting to f*ck Asian, Black, Mexican, Indian or anything that resembles the Middle East. I just don’t like the taste/smell. I have Wolverine senses in the bedroom.- nik

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Krispy Kreme On Tosh.0

October 26, 2012 Alabama, Krispy Kreme, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, did you get a chance to see Krispy Kreme on Tosh.0?  I wasn’t surprised one bit, it seems like its a habit of Daniel’s to get content from you for his sucky ass show.  On the other hand, I hope this is the last time you post this fraud Krispy Kreme. The act is done and over.  Just give it up buddy.

Is it just me? I don’t think Krispy Kreme held up his character very well.- nik

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Krispy Kreme Drops Straight Dope

August 27, 2012 Alabama, Krispy Kreme, The Dirty 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s back, and strong as ever.  Nik, Krispy Kreme fooled you and the world.  My question is why is he still rapping in full retard after he got outted?

I still think he is retarded. I’m telling you, something happened to this kid.- nik

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Comment King Of The Day

August 19, 2012 Alabama, Comment King, Mobile, The Dirty 18

Post: This Is Wrong On So Many Levels

Congratulations Mobile Mike, you are Comment King of the Day. Your constant wisdom of the Christian faith fascinates me.- nik

**FYI- You cannot be knighted as “Anonymous” I refuse to award peasants in the village.**

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As a reward please choose 2 t-shirts for us to ship out!!!!!

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Trailer Trash Mom Needs To Learn A Lesson

August 9, 2012 Alabama, The Dirty 14

Trailer trash teen mom needs to learn a lesson!

Trailer trash teen mom needs to learn a lesson!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I need you to put my so called cousin on blast! This dirty sloot Callie just had a baby 4 months ago and is already out in the club letting it all hang out! And she doesn’t know who the dad is! She thinks that her and her cousin Hagan (The fat one in the white) are so hott but Hagan just had an affair with an married man and Callie takes her baby daughter with her to party! She recently had a wreck at 2 am DRUNK even though she’s not 21 with her baby in the car! Put her up Nik! She needs to realize that she’s NOT cute and she’s a bad mom!

Hagan your legs need some major work… there’s a reason why the guys aren’t looking.- nik

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At Least 17 Injured In Shooting At Downtown Tuscaloosa Bar

July 17, 2012 Alabama, The Dirty 1

(Click on image to view Police released video via Facebook)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, at least 17 people were injured in an early morning shooting at a bar in downtown Tuscaloosa. A man entered Copper Top in Temerson Square near Fourth Street and 23rd Avenue around 1 a.m. and fired into the bar. Police are still looking for information and 2 people are in critical condition.

Doesn’t this stuff happen in Alabama on a daily basis (race wars)? The guy looks pretty calm in the video.- nik

**If you know his identity please call crime stoppers at 205-752-STOP.**

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