Roll Tide

November 4, 2011 Alabama, The Dirty 19 6,193 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Haley. She’s a freshman at the University of Alabama. She is gorgeous, I can’t find anything wrong with her. What do you think?

Not a fan of the rubber bands that connect to her cheekbones.- nik

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Why Do The Good Die Young

October 7, 2011 Alabama, The Dirty 71 7,485 Views

The Good Die Young

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sending this because I am so sick of such senseless crime committed by senseless people. This guy above shot and killed a fellow U of A student who was completing his masters in business with an undergrad degree in OM. You know, pretty much preparing to make productive contributions to society. Instead his life was cut short by the guy above, Ricky Crooks. Why? Because Ricky threw a tantrum because the victim accidentally blocked him in at a gas station but proceeded to promptly move his car without argument. Despite such Ricky decided to follow him to his destination and fire six shots one of which hitting the victim in the head. Ricky is now being held in jail with a capital murder charge. Did I mention he is only 20 years old? I only interacted with the victim a few times due to a mutual friend but he was a nice guy who never met a stranger and has literally left a quality lasting impression on myself and the numerous others he knew. I hope you post this just so people see how major and permanent one bad decision can be. Thank you.

What a sad story, hopefully this kid gets the death penalty (eye for an eye).- nik

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A New ‘Dirty’ Product To Promote

September 12, 2011 Alabama 0 7,738 Views

A New 'Dirty' Product To Promote

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we all know about how NOHO Drink screwed you over when it came to thanking you for your help in marketing their hangover prevention drink/shot. I think it’s time to find a new, more ‘Dirty’, product. These chips are very tasty and should be the official snack of FYI, I do not work for them.

They taste like sh*t.- nik

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Nothing Worse Than A Group Of Fat Ugly Girls Thinking They Are Hot Stuff

September 12, 2011 Alabama 1 6,571 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to BBInc 007. Ambre R., Andrea T., Amy P., Heather M., Amy Hannah B. and Victoria C.. They think they’re the most beautiful group of girls to have ever graduated from UA, and have even created their own Twitter page for themselves BBInc007. I’m not sure which one you put as the leader, but I’ve had several conversations with these girls, and they can’t stop talkin about how pretty they are. During one conversation I had with Amy Hannah, she actually flat out told me she was pretty and couldn’t understand why guys weren’t asking her out. Maybe they’re cute for Alabama, but IDK where else anyone would find them attractive. Nik, tell us the truth?

Isn’t this group of girls the new TV show on TLC?- nik

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Is This What We Should Expect From Alabama

August 18, 2011 Alabama, Dirty Greeks 3 8,861 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this video has received mostly dislikes because of future tiger woods play dolls rapping very very badly. This should be an embarrassment to the University of Alabama. Do any of these girls have a true future ahead of them?

I can’t even here these chicks… what a waste of time.- nik

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Why You Should Not Sell Drugs

July 25, 2011 Alabama, The Dirty 13 5,200 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is why you should never sell drugs out of someone’s barber shop.. Dude got his *ss kicked so fast, it was funny as hell, I’m sure homeboy ain’t gonna be selling no more dope.

This was good until the end where the kid asks his Mom to see his Dad fight.- nik

**Also, someone bet me in Vegas to do a drug test because everyone thinks since I party all the time I use. Well here is my test (click here) and yes, the person had to pay up!

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Sand Rock Sloot

June 29, 2011 Alabama 25 6,643 Views




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sk*anks name is Amy Jacoway. She runs around the tri-county area sucking and screwing everything that will let her. she brings man after man home and screws them while her children are there and then when she’s done lets them get in the bed with her and the guy. How nasty is that!? She thinks she is hott but she’s not. She’s a sk*nk monkey from the 9th circle of hell!! She lies about everything and lives to start trouble with whomever she can…What do you think Nik…lets let this sk*nk know where she really belongs!

Trim your hair, you look the like lion from the yellow brick road.- nik

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Auburn’s Finest

June 13, 2011 Alabama, Auburn 5 8,964 Views

Lauren Carpenter- Auburn's finest

Lauren Carpenter- Auburn's finest

Lauren Carpenter- Auburn's finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so we don’t have the highest quality girls here in Alabama, but I wanted to show you this girl from Auburn that everyone is saying is so hot.   What do you think of Lauren, what is she is California like a 6?

In California she is a 4.9982661, she is too fat for the west coast.- nik

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