Alabama | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Beat Box Andy

June 16, 2012 Alabama, The Dirty 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this geeks ultimate beets – I think he is worthy of some DA recognition.  He has skills for sure, can you imagine if Krispy Kreme and this guy got on the same track?

Decent, I have seen better in much younger age groups.- nik

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Major Daddy Issues

June 5, 2012 Alabama, Miami, The Dirty 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Madeleine and poor girl doesn’t even know how pathetic she is.  She messes with other girls to boost her ego and when she thinks people are on her side… they really are just talking sh*t and are counting the minutes til they can leave her grimey ass(even her so called “best friends”). She has had sex with with more than 22 guys and her “best friend” even tells people she has has got DRD before but she doesn’t want to tell people which ones cause shes “such a good friend”. This girl has slept with other girls boyfriends and has done it to 4 of her friends…ex friends now.  She is gross and is going to Alabama this year as a freshman. By the look of the pictures..she really thinks shes cool for sporting a nice beer in her hand. SUCH A BADASS. Karmas a b*tch girl.. you deserve it.

You can’t get laid drinking Corona.- nik

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Girl On The Toilet

May 25, 2012 Alabama, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, well this video scared me to death for all the wrong reasons. Who the f*ck is this chick!? I need to now her name!

First thing you need to do is get braces you Gothic Hick.- nik

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Would You With Devin Grissom

May 22, 2012 Alabama, Would You? 4

Would you with Devin Grissom?

Would you with Devin Grissom?

Would you with Devin Grissom?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Devin Grissom, from the TV show Sweet Home Alabama. She’s one fine blonde model, so I have to ask you: Would you?

Answer: No, is she a Vampire? Devin, you really gotta fix that hook in your nose.

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Some Racist Idiot On The Internet

May 17, 2012 Alabama, The Dirty 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy posted a pic of a black man and him in his room on an internet forum, claiming that he only befriended the dude to mess with him, and he’s even asking for “tips”. Normally I really don’t get this site and the whole “Dirty Army” thing, but I think this should be made public so the poor man knows what’s happening to him.

America is going backwards. I hope this black guy beats the sh*t out of Led Zeppelin.- nik

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Nik Richie Radio – Episode 30 “Red And Redder”

March 8, 2012 Alabama, Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 22

Here is the replay of the worst episode in Nik Richie Radio history.  Red heads suck.  I decided.

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Who Will Win The National Championship Tonight

January 9, 2012 Alabama, LSU, The Dirty 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I believed in Tim Tebow and bet the money line and had an AMAZING pay day.  I only bet the Broncos because of you Nik and I want to do the same tonight.  Tonight’s National Championship between LSU and Bama is going to be a game that goes down in the books.  Who do you have winning tonight?  I’m going to try and double up.

I won on the Denver ML too, I am rolling it over on LSU ML +115.- nik

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She Got What She Long Deserved For Those She Hurt In The Past

November 18, 2011 Alabama, Dirty Greeks, The Dirty 27

The College Fourty

The College Fourty

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since I have known this girl, Kallie B, she’s gone from hot to not so much hot. I understand the Freshman 15, but seriously!? How do you let yourself go like this? I saw her, recently, and had to look twice. I couldn’t believe it. The proof is in the pictures. Kallie, Karma’s a b*tch and it’s your time to get what you have long deserved from those who you have hurt in the past. Enjoy!

Kallie B click the link below and fix this fast before you become a complete whale.- nik

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