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Your New Orlando Dirty Celeb… Nicole Hampton

October 13, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 131

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this chick/”published model”… um no… Nicole Hampton of Orlando FL.  She thinks she is cute because she constantly posts pictures of her ugly BF and her HORRABLE +2′s and her little boy physic.  She constantly pushes her boobs out and ass back, I don’t know who told her its ok to walk around with oranges pasted to her chest, I can only help but get a good laugh when she posts pics, do you agree with me when I say this girl is a true mess?

The DIRTY ARMY really wants new Dirty Celebs… I get it.- nik

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Mr. House Still Going Strong

October 3, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: welp looks like Clint House, the bottomless job, club promoter/casey anthony friend whore/music producer/DJ is still going strong in his attention whoring, thinks he’s a big deal ways. still works for mommy and daddy, makes shitty 3 hour long techno music mixes. and constantly facebook post about how he’s soon to become the most awesome DJ in florida (insert sarcastic eye roll here). he seems to think live band music is dead and shitty, constantly tells people how he hits up the gym, like we give a damn. you still cant fix that ugly face clint, sorry. someone needs to give this guy a physical [] reality check. GET OVER YOURSELF. your music sucks, your an egotistical douche, and according to pictures cant snag a decent looking chick (photo inserted for your hotness rating, nik) i cant wait to here what sudden job you come up with next in your long resume. just stop.

The news tag says it all.- nik

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Zullieso Notso Gorgeouz

September 25, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik i just would love to give everyone a good laugh at this ‘girl’ zullie shes about 21, had like 4kids by the age of 17 but condoms pop right ? Anywho this chicks a stripper at a local hoezrus joint here in the orlando area ,,, she recently posted pics of her child and tiny spanish bf baby daddy makemoneyformecauseicant boy.  after work she sucks off n goes home to her bf and 12 kids with makeup on notice “da” pagent princess omg haha poor little girl. BTW whats up with chicks with the fag hand in pics is it hidding the side fat?

Seriously what happened to her hand…- nik

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The Girl Everyones ‘Trying’ to Know

July 23, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida, Would You? 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey NIK!!! so ive bin in the O for awile now seeing people become popular and what not but this girl has been seen around once in a blue in Downtown Orlando, and it seems everytime shes out EVERYONE is around her trying to talk to her ive bin following her on instagram and face book for a long time … she has a perfect face a little much make up but i think she is very attractive but WOULD YOU?

Answer: No, her teeth look like they’d hurt.

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UCF Scam Artist

July 16, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: EVER SEEN THIS SMOOTH LOOKING GUY? KNIGHTS– BEWARE! Denzel is a UCF student who does nothing but lie, cheat, and pretend to be a successful business man… but works at WAL MART. All he does is scam his friends out of money and then ignore their phone calls and texts. He lures people in with all this “big business guy” talk, telling them about his investments, stocks, and trading and economics, and relentless MONEY talk. He acts sophisticated and humble until you really get to know him. He will give you this story about how he’s a boy from Plant City who’s starting from humble beginnings. THERE IS NOTHING HUMBLE ABOUT THIS GUY. He uses girls for money and sex and then treats them badly, sleeps with their friends, and cuts them off cold turkey when they don’t have anything else he wants. He talks down on women, calling them all sorts of degrading names such as “bitch and Whore” when he cant get what he wants. He acts busy like he’s studying to all the girls.. and sends them all the same picture of him in the library acting studious. But, really he’s probably at the next girl’s house. Denzel talks trash about everyone.. guys and girls alike– even degrading his closest room mates who have been there for him when he didn’t have anything. HE WILL SMILE IN YOUR FACE AND STAB YOU IN THE BACK… DO NOT i repeat… DO NOT under any circumstance give this guy money to “invest” and expect to get it back… he told me if i give him $500 he would invest it and make more money.. i have YET to see any of that money back. it’s been over a year. He said it would take like 2 weeks. Sounds to me like a drug deal gone bad or something.. i dunno. Luckily I’m no broke chick. I’m not worried about that money… but college girls out there who work hard for minimum wages should beware… He keeps a low profile. You won’t find him at too many parties, or bars around campus. That’s because he is a guilty person and doesn’t want to be seen… BUT IM PUTTING HIM OUT THERE TODAY. GET A GOOD LOOK AT THAT FACE AND STAY FAR AWAY FROM HIM. (DRAKE if you’re out there… this guy swears ALL of your songs apply to him even though he has no money. i don’t know if this guy wants to BE you or BE WITH you.. probably the latter because he has admitted to wearing make up to cover his bad skin.) Im sure Denzel is pretty much living a lie and won\’t just come out and tell everyone he’s GAY. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay… Don’t be surprised if you just never see this guy again because he always talks about just UP AND DISAPPEARING TO AN ISLAND– WHY? Because all his scams will eventually catch up to him. He’s nowhere NEAR being a millionaire despite what he may lead you to believe. This guy is just an American Greed case in the making with a little twist in his walk… Oh yeah- the picture of him is from his twitter i found where he follows only 3 people: Drake, TheWeeknd, and OVOXO… can you say– GAY???

Knights beware…must be a gamer.- nik

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Victoria Juanita

June 24, 2013 Dirty Mugshots, Orlando, University Of Central Florida 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is victoria juanita akers this is the biggest sloot that has a mutted out vagina if you dont know what tht means tht is a person that has had so much sex that they cant feel the walls of there vagina anymore. she has a son that she doesnt take care of or even care about. she sends him away to a diff state to have “mommy me time” and just fcks guys and does drugs the whole time hes gone. and she has a strange addiction to molly fck yeah hell yeah. she oddly bleeds out of her vagina as she takes a piss but that might just be the mutted vagina. she has a full posse of little dick children that she lets fck her in any whole tht is available. beware of this nasty drd whore  [click here for her jail experience]

Why does she have a mustache in her mugshot?- nik

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Deadbeat Beaner Dad

May 7, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just wanted to remind you of how powerful your influence is. It will cause losers to hide. This deadbeat father was submitted last month and he went into damage control. He responded to comments on the post, even hilariously typing “this is defamation of character and will be removed” Hahaha, well it’s still up douche, so now what? He is EJ Santiago, and he went so far as to change his profile names on social media to EJ Anthony because he was getting clowned from the post. First off, lets get real here. This little boy is from Puerto Rico, and his real name is Enrique Jose Antonio Santiago. He wants to hide from himself so badly, he tries to Americanize it with EJ Anthony now? Hahahaha, wow. He works part time making tacos, does not take care of his daughter, is a cheating whore, just parties, and has a literal man crush on Lebron James. He is 32 yrs old and the epitome of a loser. And nice baby gap shirt you douche.

You can’t run away from the truth, except it, change and move on.- nik

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Manhoe in Orlando

May 7, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: hey nik, just wanted you to show the people the biggest MANSLUT ever. His name is Rodney Sumter and he thinks he’s such hot shit because he has abs and use to play some football and models for some unknown agency. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a carrier of some  drd.  He’s 23 and has 2 babies with 2 different chicks. You can find him working at the Bahama Breeze on I Drive, and he is always with some diff chicks in downtown. He claims to be in a monogamous relationship with some girl who is also his baby mama, but what everyone doesn’t know is how he is a raging alcoholic who likes to beat up his woman. Apparently he’s beaten up his baby mama twice and then got her arrested by putting the blame on her cuz he had a scratch on his face, whereas u look at hers and its busted.. nuts right?!? and the saddest part about this is that this chick is still with him. SMH… how can you feel sorry for a dumb bimbo who likes a beating?

Looks like he’s thinking of going tranny, he must be jealous of these chicks (which explains the unexplained rage).- nik

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