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Francesca Is Such A Joke

May 4, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why does this Francesca think that she is something hot just because she started going to the gym and got her first tattoo? I don’t know how sticking your ass out in pictures to a point where your stomach is out makes you ‘fit’, but this girl swears that she is god’s gift to the world. She is a low life who works for Abercrombie and doesn’t have anything else going for her. This attention wh*re is only 22, has slept with half of the guys I know and needs to be put on blast because she is one of the fakest girls in the area. She claims that she has been ‘sober’ for a year, but she still goes and gets drunk enough to sleep with any guy that she meets out. Word of advice Franny, try to get rid of your back rolls.

Franny, I say you still need to lose about 17 pounds before you can start taking real selfies.- nik

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Lying Dirtbag

February 25, 2013 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this complete asshole is EJ Santiago. He is a total whore and will tell girls anything to get with them. He thinks he’s a baller, but he works at a damn taco spot. I’m an idiot and fell for it last year, but came to my senses when I found out he had a girlfriend. When I confronted him on it, he laughed and I kid you not says this “yeah, but baby, my girl is so dumb and gullible, she’ll never find out” He actually expected me to be like “oh awesome, we’re good then” Anyways, I saw him with this girl a few weeks later, and I felt horrible. She seemed nice and was very pretty, but she appeared clueless. Think her name is Chelsea or Kelsey. Two nights later I saw him with a different girl, and sure as shit a completely different one the next week. Fast forward a month, and I see him with the girlfriend again. I have no idea if his girlfriend has/had any idea, or is cool with this, or what. I know I would’t be, hence the post. Regardless Nik, Id just like to let Orlando know about this slime, and that he will tell you what you want to hear to sleep with you, and he has no problem mocking and cheating on his girlfriend. Since I know how fond you are of Orlando’s ladies Nik, I thought you might want to help keep this asshole away from some of them. And oh yeah, he has a 2 yr old daughter he never sees at all. He just parties and he’s like 32 yrs old. Stay classy, EJ. (on the right in pics)

Why’s he facing the people he’s taking pictures with, that just don’t make no sense.- nik

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BatSh*t Crazy

February 13, 2013 Jacksonville, University Of Central Florida, Winnipeg 167

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is totally insane. She dated this guy David for like, a month. He quickly discovered she was insane and left. She proceeded to harass his family, to the point where the family applied for protection orders. She called their house over 200 times in one week and just hung up, would stand outside their home and scream or just stare at their window waiting for David to leave for work. She threatened to k**l David’s sisters children, and proceeded to break into their home. Police were called and arrived immediately as there was a pregnant girl and one month old baby in the home. She put this David in jail 8 times in one year, tried getting his sisters kids taken away because hers was, tried getting his youngest sister arrested, and has claimed to be pregnant by David numerous times and they all ended, shockingly, in miscarriage. She says people are obsessed with her meanwhile a year later she’s still harassing that poor family. Davids false charges were recently dropped, and Cylina is now trying to regain contact with him and tattooed his name on her arm. This chick is completely Bat Sh*t crazy, and has done this same thing to another family.

Good thing she didn’t carry out with the original sized lettering for that tat.- nik

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The Next Paris Hilton

January 29, 2013 Miami, University Of Central Florida 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Morgan Welton may come across as a polite, smart, innocent girl but that wh*re is nothing special. Men look at her like she\’s a goddess because she \”models\”. Guess what boys? She\’s had sex with over 20 men in the South Florida area and parties hard like there\’s no tomorrow. She thinks she\’s hot sh*t because her family is rich. However, she has hardly any friends due to the fact she has emotional problems and bitches at her friends and their mothers when something doesn\’t go her way. I am a personal victim of that. Just because you have money and know the right people doesn\’t mean you can always get what you want honey. You\’re a sl*t and that\’s why you\’re relationships haven\’t lasted more than a mere few weeks.

No way.- nik

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Remember Duda Castro

January 29, 2013 Dirty News, Orlando, University Of Central Florida 114

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik Remember the Duda Castro? You posted about her back in 2011.  I heard she finally signed a big contract in Los Angeles, so she returned from Brazil and brought her new boyfriend.  From my research his name is Victor Olivatti, and very famous singer in Brazil, you should look for it in Google .. We finally have someone new in the Orlando area. Like to see more about Duda Castro on the site. Did you see her new Rockstar photoshoot? FREAKING AMAZING. Way different then the “models” around. From what I heard she is launching her own site about her life in the United States, her own brand called DICI XX and now has fan clubs around the internet dedicated to her…. 49,184 followers on her twitter …I’m totally becoming a fan. She’s way too hot and we def want to see more about her here. The only bad thing that I read on the internet is that she is suffering from BULIMIA because of pressure of work. What do you think? We wanna know more! We love you Nik.

This chick has weird feet.- nik

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Big Ole Babies

January 8, 2013 Kansas City, University Of Central Florida 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: dear nik, this is justin downing and well lets just say he is man whore who only likes fat girls and girls who are way younger than him i know of a girl he tried to hook up with and 16 years old and he in 27! and the girl he married was a huge ass and would pick him up like a little baby.and than a couple months after she left him. so i think people out their in the world need to lock there doors when they kids are around because he wants them!!!

Whose is the man in that relationship??- nik

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What Skyler Haze Use To Look Like

January 3, 2013 Cougars, Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Skyler Haze crying she has a clean healthy lifestyle. But look, wait till you see a young wannabe porn star. EEEWWW before the teeth were fixed and boobs modified. Check out the moles on face and boobs, they all match up.

Skyler back in the day looks like DeadMau5 (click here).- nik

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Spring Break Barbie Whitney

December 6, 2012 Panama City, University Of Central Florida 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is another for you from the spring break central Panama City beach! This chick is Whitney…she spends all her time posts millions of pictures of her either getting wasted, trying to model, or using push ups bras to make it seem like she has +2′s.  Wanted to get your opinion on this one.

She has Hope Solo body.- nik

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