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So You Are Saying You Would Not Call Them At 4AM

February 9, 2012 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 23

4 am crew at it again

4 am crew at it again

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m one of the guys that hits the “4am” crew up all the time but I usually do it around 5 or 6 am when I’m on a rally.  I’ll admit it, when I’m not drunk and hang out with them, I never would dare.  But once you get wasted, what matters doesnt even matter.  On nights when its looking like I’m going to have to call them, I usually store on chick from the club in the spank bank and then at 5 when I’m doing work wasted… I’m thinking about the hottie at the club… that my friend is a WIN/WIN situation.  You have no idea how many chicks I’ve banged that I really haven’t but I sure as hell think I have.

Are you the dude with the blue shorts on? Also, the term is called “File Away” not spank bank (that is not classy).- nik

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Can You Really Blame Them For Their Confidence

January 24, 2012 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t blame these girls at all for thinking they are hot and the sh*t.  I blame all the desperate and drunk idiots that bang them.  I mean after 2am they are some of the most popular girls in Orlando and it is totally working out for them.  Its funny to see guys not want to talk to them at the bar, but soon as we leave, everyone is blowing them up lol.  Nik, can you really blame them?

Looks more like a 4AM crew to me.- nik

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You Have To Admire Her Confidence

January 16, 2012 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this girl all over Orlando from alligator alley out in kissimmee to downtown cowboys and even UCF.  First off shes fat and her thighs are bigger then most men I know… she always has a cigarette in her hand is talks a lot of sh*t hello its not a good look.  Her and her girls are all plus size and shouldn’t wear the clothes they do… tell us what you think of her… her real name is Shannon Timme but she goes by Shannon Elizabeth probably because she is embrassed by her high school reputation still haunting her.

Some people just need to be medicated.- nik

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Here Is A Hot Ginger For You Nik

January 9, 2012 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida, Would You? 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, haven’t submitted anyone before for a “Would you?” but after reading the latest post today about gingers I had to submit! We aren’t friends, but this girl went to my high school & is now a junior and KD at UCF. Meet Mary Mikkleson, probably the hottest ginger ever (& I’m a girl). Yes, her t*ts are real and she has a 5-head but I think she’s one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen, ginger or not! Would you?

Answer: No, who is her Blonde friend (the blonde is beat, but she still has a better shot if she applies makeup during penetration)?

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How Do I Start My Life Over

December 9, 2011 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 23

How do I start my life over?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know that this isn’t “dirt” or anything like that, but you give such amazing advice out I figured you could probably help me out.. I am 21 years old and have been dating a guy since I graduated high school. He is older than me. At the beginning it was great, he was helping me out financially while I went to school because I went away and didn’t have a job. We had a great time time together.  Well, after my first year of school, I decided to transfer to be closer to him and it would be cheaper in the long run. Anyways, I got a job when I moved back so I could buy a car and help contribute to our lives.. Well soon after I started working, I started paying absolutely all the bills, everything became in my name. When school started again, I cut down my hours a bit at work so I could focus on school and my education, since that is the most important thing to me right now, plus I take 16 credit hours a semester. He also stopped “going into work”; he convinced me he has a job and gets a pay check every 2 weeks or whatever, but I never see any of the money, even when we need it, such as my car getting reposed. He told me I needed to work more so that wouldn’t happen and that he wasn’t always going to bail me out in those situations. All he does is sit on his ass and play video games while I am at school or work, then gets mad at me if I am not making enough money to do everything that he wants to do. This has been going on for 2 and a half years.  We almost broke up a few weeks ago and I convinced him not to break up with me because I was basically too afraid of being alone and starting over. I have been thinking about it over the last weeks and have decided that this has to end, I can’t do it anymore. I should have someone who is helping me out in life, emotionally, financially, etc. right? Someone who doesn’t just sit on their ass while I bust mine with work and school, so I can have something better than this life. Or is that too much to ask? How do I start my life over? I have basically nothing right now and no one since I basically dropped everyone for this douche. I feel so stupid to even get myself in a situation like this.. Any advice is appreciated it. Thanks soooooo much.

You need to do what 80% of all females do… line up a new guy (cheat) for about 28 days until you can make the transfer. Find a new guy now to answer the loneliness. Don’t feel guilty, feel proud that you are creating a better situation for yourself.- nik

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I Want A Sugar Daddy

November 28, 2011 Orlando, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 35

I want a sugar daddy!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! Congrats on the gorgeous addition! Enjoy every second of her! Anyhow, I’ve been DA Strong for a while now. And it’s about time I solicit some advice. I’m 22 years old. I work almost 40 hours a week waiting tables, and I’m taking 5 classes at UCF (which are just about to end for this semester, thank god). I’m sick of how hard I have to work, when I really shouldn’t have to. I’m a solid 8.69798. I’ve got an awesome set of +2′s. But I’m really tired of seeing all of these girls going out and finding sugar daddies at the drop of a hat, and wasting their money on stupid things like over-priced purses and pepsi. I just want to find one to help me get through school so I don’t have to work. Unfortunately I rarely have the time to go out and give myself an opportunity to find one. So this is where you come in! Help me Nik! Where can I find him?! I want a sugar daddy so bad, I can almost taste it! Literally.

Easy. Email me your picture ([email protected]) and I will privately place you on the payroll you are looking for.- nik

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What Do You Think About Katy

November 28, 2011 Miami, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, this is Katy Lynn from UCF. I think she’s so cute, and has a great body, especially with those store bought +2′s. She was one of the girls that worked at Dash (Kardashian store), and she looks great on the “Kourtney and Khloe take Miami”. What do you think?

I think she needs a philtrum reduction.- nik

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Are You Serious

October 19, 2011 Orlando, University Of Central Florida 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brita, she is a local bartender that spends her weekends stripping in South Florida. She thinks she is the hottest bikini model in Orlando but look at this.  I wanted to see if you could help her out with some knowledge.

I can’t even look… those faces shouldn’t be taking pictures like this.- nik

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