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Norwood Man Child

March 4, 2014 Cincinnati, University Of South Carolina 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: The cheapest Norwood piece of shit mooch there is ! 4 years of living in my house and asking to me to marry me with my own grandmothers ring and calling off and pushing back our wedding does he decide get off the pot over shitting – he’s a mess ; waste ; horrible person . He’ll tell you what you want to hear to make his life feasible and then when it comes down to acting on his words he’ll back out. Like the cowardly Douche he is ! Chris mills you owe my mother 10K for our supposed to be wedding that your cheap ass family couldn’t put a penny into but had time to remodel their kitchen and bath . The mills family is nothing but selfish people acting immature or like their head is up their own ass ! You can find james christopher mills living at his parent house not lashing for your diinner and scoiding showed at his parent basement in goshen * Ohio … Did I mention he smokes black and mills like the classy gentleman he is ?!? He stinks like dirty balls .. Mostly bc his balls are dirty bc he’s a child and needs someone to remind him to showder !!!

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Not All Men/Women Cheat

November 11, 2013 Charlotte, Columbia-SC, University Of South Carolina 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies, wake up, it takes about 10 min to determine whether you have a good or bad man! After many years’ experience dealing with the opposite and same sex it doesn’t take a neuro-psychologist to figure out his/her intentions! Men want sex, whether married or single; women want love and devotion! If you love and are devoted to your mate and they do not love you and are not devoted to you, dump their ass! If you want to have sex, have it but don’t imagine it will turn to love, especially when dealing with the male of the species. The best you can hope for is a really good friend to marry and spend years with – if you do marry someone keep separate bedrooms and behave like a mate not a parent. If you treat a man like he’s the child and you’re the mother, the relationship is doomed from the second you meet. If you can’t accept someone entirely, faults and gifts included, don’t count on changing anything about another individual. If you want to sleep around, do it, life is short don’t ever pass up sex but remember when you marry you have sex with just one person and if that’s not your type of relationship: don’t get married! Here is a picture of a faithful husband, mate, provider and friend. We’ve been together from our first meeting, 24 years ago. Second picture is of a faithful wife who has had multiple opportunities to be unfaithful but realized the risk of getting caught was never, ever worth it!

Not ones who look like that.- nik

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Tia Coleman

October 22, 2013 Columbia-SC, University Of South Carolina 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tia Coleman is a employee of a strip club in columbia off greystone blvd. She frequents a bar on Broad river and st andrews rd. She is a nasty slut hang hangs from any mans cock she gets her hands on (married or not. Women BEWARE!). She was a lousy lay and her crotch smells like anal sex. I thought i had it in the wrong hole from the foul smell coming from her snatch and had to check to see if i had it in her dookie chute. i should have realized after the horrible excuse of sex and a trip to the doctor i would need meds for the clap. Thank you Tia Coleman for everything now i puke when i see pics of her. ***Enter at your own Risk!!!**

Her dreams of making her way to the poles never gunna happen, not she gets gifted a nose job and works out the foreskin around her knees.- nik

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Lauren Shuler Hollier

June 3, 2013 Charlotte, Columbia, University Of South Carolina 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lauren Hollier intentionally got pregnant and then wanted to have an abortion with her husbands little girl. She also slept with 3 guys on the same softball team during the same season. She was molested by her father and claims it never happen even with state paperwork saying it happen. She uses men for money, she sat on an old mans face and urinated in his mouth for $200 and then played with his penis for another $100. Her mother has had several abortions and Lauren learned from her, her dad is a junkie child molester and her entire family is screwed up. She cheated on her former fiancé with his friend and got kicked outta high school for sleeping with the school resource officer when she was 15. Having sex with her without a condom is like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun..beware men of Columbia…this is the perfect example of a slore…so hey nik, how about screw this chic for taking all my money and wanting to have an abortion with my amazing little girl!

Is it possible to rip panties? I think she’s testing their limits.- nik

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Natalia Dommers Comes From Old Money

November 7, 2012 Miami, University Of South Carolina 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Natalia Dommers and she grew up in South Carolina and went to University of Miami only to return 2 years later after living in Miami, France and Spain. I know this girl comes from old money but what does she do besides flaunt around in her amazing vacation homes. She rented the R.M Elegant in Cannes, France this summer and was not even with her family!!!! Also she dated a professional french rugby player, Charles Gimenez who also is a model. WTF!!!! Anyways I want to write this to see if there’s any dirt I can get more about this spoiled rich girl and Nik, do you think she’s as beautiful as everyone else thinks? I mean I’ll give her she’s the only rich hispanic woman in South Carolina and only rich non-southern girl. Do you think she’s hot?

She is kind of thick, especially in the hip area.- nik

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I Remember When She Was A Young, Sweet and Innocent Girl

July 14, 2011 Charlotte, The Dirty, University Of South Carolina 35

Once again there was a sweet Girl

Once again there was a sweet Girl

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, can you believe that Fish Lipped Andi Rogers was once a beautiful, sweet, innocent Girl?  That Picture is her at the Age of 16. Now she’s almost 20, a f*cking Monster and a Adderal Addict.  Of course she lives now with her Parents because she dumped her Drug-Addict Psycho Boyfriend and quit her Job at Hooters. She thinks her Parents will pay for everything (including her Surgery) and she can wh*ring and partying around. Did you think she will survive her 25′s?

First of all she looks mid 30′s and second you have to blame her parents for giving up on her once she graduated high school.- nik

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Queen Of The Queefs

April 3, 2011 The Dirty, University Of South Carolina 25

Queen of the Queefs

Queen of the Queefs

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the the queen of the queefs LM. She thinks she is hot sh*t. she used to queef on people and could do it on command and loud. chick would would queef on dudes faces when she was wasted and then go around when she was sober acting like she was a model and told people she was. she even got on stage at a nappy roots concert (which i didnt attend due to overwhelming amounts of horses and refund gaps ) and stole the mic to announce that she was the hottest girl there.

So she can fart on command out of her roast? If that is true she is truly gifted.- nik

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The Next Big Thing

November 19, 2010 Dallas, The Dirty, University Of South Carolina 91

the next best thing.

the next best thing.

the next best thing.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Meredith. You cannot deny how gorgeous she is and the resemblance to Megan Fox. What do you think?

I think she is better looking than Megan Fox. She needs to go easier on the lips… the less attention to them the better.- nik

**I want to know more.

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