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Local Man And Woman Attacked By BigFoot

July 4, 2009 NC State, Raleigh-Durham, The Citadel, The Dirty, University Of South Carolina 51

Local Man and Woman Attacked by BigFoot

Local Man and Woman Attacked by BigFoot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, tragedy struck raleigh several weeks ago when several people went into panic at a local benefit for cancer when the mysterious “big foot” showed up. Here we have a couple of pictures of two unlucky people who had to touch the beast. I guess big foot was showing the man how to check for cervical cancer…..

That land monster will haunt my dreams forever.- nik

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Kimberly From The Real World Hollywood Wasted

June 10, 2009 Hollywood, New Orleans, The Dirty, University Of South Carolina 42

Kimberly Alexander (goody goody two shoes) Real World Hollywood- undercover HOE

Kimberly Alexander (goody goody two shoes) Real World Hollywood- undercover HOE

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I had a very unfortunate run in with the very pretentious Kimberely Alexander, from Real World Hollywood (who lives in New Orleans now). I had no clue who this b*tch was. She was hanging out in our VIP room, drinking all of our booze, acting like she was some superstar. NO ONE knew who this b*tch was. I’m not a confrontational person, but I had never been around such a snobby, immature b*tch, ever. Well, several hours later, at another club, Kimberly made a total 180. I wish I had more pics of this sl*t. She ended up dry humping every guy in the club, even pulling her top off, exposing her saggy boobs, and straddling her girlfriend. This chick is nothing but a rude, hypocritical, celeb wannabe. If she only knew what a fool she made of herself.

Nice GUT Kimmy.- nik

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Braceface Kiki From Real Chance Of Love

May 20, 2009 Las Vegas, University Of South Carolina 4

braceface kiki

THE DIRTY ARMY: this girlll right here on the left is kiki on real chance of love, first off who would even do that show, however she matches chance space tooth+braceface=NASTYYY, this girl is the ugliest thing ive everrrrr seeeen on tv. ew like seriously LOUD mouth b*tch so gross so rude so sick. ew i cant even stand to look at her on charm school why are they even putting her on tv still im glad she went home EWW. uggg. btw the girl on the right (rabbit) yeah gross too, and sad that shed take a pic of krusty kiki.

Are they related to Black Barbie Shim? Their skin tones are almost to the shade of yellow just like BBS.- nik

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Please No More Pics

May 14, 2009 University Of South Carolina 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Momo she thinks everyone is checking her out and that she is beautiful.  This girl would look better as a guy, I thought I would spare you and not put up one of the 200 pics of her head-on, frontal pics in a swimsuit or some skimpy outfit.  This sk*nk has a nasty body and even nastier face, but you would be surprised with the number of guys she has slept with and are willings to stick it in her.

No possible way this thing doesn’t have a Greg.- nik


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Pole Dancer

May 14, 2009 University Of South Carolina 6


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Kurt..At first when he told me that he had a stripper pole in his room my hat was off too him cause I thought he was gay…Then I later found out it was his pole for himself, then I went back to thinking he was gay, well knowing he was gay now.  I don’t think any man should be swinging around on a pole like that, he was made for the gays and for the strip clubs.  He must make gay guys for going absolutely crazy.

Take note of the posters on his wall, definitely for the gays.- nik

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Projectile Vomit

May 13, 2009 University Of South Carolina 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I think this is an old photo but I thought it was perfect dirty material.  I wanna know how this pic turned out so perfectly.  Bet the dude was puking then his friends came in to mock him in the pic, then surprise surprise they just got puked on.  Bet the guy on the right didn’t finish his drink.

Looks like someone had dairy.- nik

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Chester Alert

May 13, 2009 Charlotte, NC State, UNC, University Of South Carolina, Wake Forest 16

Chester Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Listen up this guy is a total skeez! He jumps from girl to girl saying you mean so much to me blah blah blah even saying he loves them. Let me tell you i fell for it and im still paying for it. He recently has been bouncing from high school girl to high school girl. Let’s put this dirt bag creep on blast. It really isn’t as big as you think it is either babe!!!

His shirt says its all, and so does the date rape report that the SHIM with him filed.- nik

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Been Around The Block

May 12, 2009 Charlotte, UNC, University Of South Carolina, Wake Forest 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Lauren she is a tramp.  She traveled a lot so I guess she has learned the ways of being a sl*t.  She thinks it is ok to sleep with one guy one night their friend the next night and someone they know the night after.  She is the queen of f*cking up sh*t and one night stands.  I would be surprised if her drunk a** remembered the names of the last 5 guys shes slept with.

If I woke up next to that, I would hang myself with my shoelaces prison style.- nik

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