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Alex Michelle Has Thumb Holders

November 13, 2014 The Dirty, USC 41


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found the hottest chick ever. I think she is friends with JV too. A Trojan who lives in MDR, best ass in the game.

Face looks suspect to me. Tell me more.- nik

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USC Lifer

September 22, 2014 ASU, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, USC 130


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanted to give a shout out to my Trojan’s. Blondes rule and we dominate. Only rejects who can’t afford life become Sun Devils. ASU is a joke and so are their woman. I rather bang a UCI Asian before I would let a Sl*t Devil touch my greg. Right Nik?

I remember when ASU use to look like this… now it’s just a Community College (the girl in black needs to suck in better).- nik

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Cheating Ex Track Star

March 28, 2014 San Antonio, USC 19

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THE DIRTY ARMY: I was a douche bag and treated this girl wrong… She decided to give me another chance and now she cheats on me. So for her slapping me when she found out I was talking to others Im doing this because I wont hit a girl.

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Becky Is USC’s Hottest “Friendly” Girl

January 28, 2014 Santa Monica, The Dirty, USC 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Becky Moine. She is known to be a huge dirty sl*t on the row. Lots of info of her spread around in our frat house. She is known to be crazy kinky. Some guys who have been with her knows she likes to get her starfish licked and rimmed. Probably why she has it bleached. She is fake bake tanned from head to toe.

She looks like Orange Chicken to me. We should name her Panda Express.- nik

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This Girl Needs Help

November 22, 2013 Hollywood, USC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok I’m SO sick of this girl Aamber ! She thinks she is the baddest thing to walk on earth because her family has money. She is RUDE first of all and struts around USC like she own the place. She is on her phone 24-7 with some guy who sits and puts up with her egotistical annoying a** ! She changes weaves almost every other week and is such a cry baby. Oh yeah did I forget to mention she is a hoe who had multiple abortions because she didn’t know who the baby daddy was. She has depression problems, and anger problems ! This girl needs some serious help! I want you to post this and hopefully she or one of her minions see this and she will get a wake up call NOBODY like !

She needs to step out from the corner of the frame and be honest with herself.- nik

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Wine Has Ruined My Life

November 19, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, USC 232

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I love to follow the drama on here…. entertaining! But now, I have my own drama…. I’ve been convicted of 3 DUI’s, lost my wife, been staying in hotels for 4 months, have lost many good friends.  I was one of those guys that got every chick I dreamed of or wanted, now can’t even score a date….why, have no intrest at all! If a girl shows any intrest in me, she is automatically an enemy…. I don’t leave my room for days, but, when you run into me and never met me before, you would never know I’m this screwed!  Why?  Wine…. for seven years straight, can’t go to bed without drinking a whole bottle of wine…..when I don’t, I will never sleep! Was wearing ankle brace as part of my DUI deal, for a work, could not poop… and on the 8th day, I violated my probation… spent couple days in jail! Needed help Nik but, can’t afford it! AAA meetings are a joke… is there a cheap alternative I can try? Please dirty army help me out.  Any serious advice would be helpful, and I need to know why I can’t poop when I don’t drink.

Sounds like a serious problem. Anybody out there in the DA have any suggestions for this Wino? You need to go on a cleanse my man. A mental cleanse so you can wake up one day hating Charles Shaw.- nik

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I Don’t Understand What This Is

October 17, 2013 Hollywood, The Dirty, USC 89

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been coming to your site for years and have really enjoyed it. First time poster but I’m a big fan. “Sex, Lies & The Dirty” was also a great read especially in the midst of wild life in college and as a insightful precaution to me of what’s to come in the real world. Thanks for a job very well done! Hoping to get more from you.

I am currently a student-athlete at a University residing out of my hometown of Los Angeles, California. During a conversation catching up with one of my high school buddies she brought Nicole Muddaris to my attention who was one of our local high school acquaintances whom I haven’t heard about in years. I only knew Nicole for 2 years or so during her time at Beverly Hills High School and then she disappeared from my knowledge. As far as I remember she was such a sweet girl, funny, uneffected and completely harmless. She was not promiscuous and I honestly couldn’t say nothing bad about her. She wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t stand out pretty either. I wouldn’t have hit it but she was cool lol.

However, my buddies told me to check out her Instagram page without telling me about her newfound appearance. Nik.. what the f*ck is this. Maybe she’s still sweet and maybe she’s not, but this girl used to be pale, natural, modest and reserved. The only thing I can recall about her that is still intact is that she was always down for the purple crayon, which obviously hasn’t changed and has most definitely influenced the areas where she’s gotten extensive work botox etc whatever done to herself. Oh & her hair has always been super long so maybe its not a weave lol.. The girl is completely unrecognizable and beyond that has turned into a IG celeb predominantly among athletes and celebrities possessing purple crayons. All of her posts are accentuating her fake ass and tits. The poses and outfits. It’s just disgusting. I know us men love a well put together woman even if it sometimes takes a little bit of extra work and that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But damn where are her friends and family to tell she is f*cking trippin. She only follows college & professional athletes, other attention wh*res & wealthy purple crayons, which reveals her and her associates intentions. A few notable rappers like Meek Mill, Ace Hood and legit athletes Colin Kaepernick & Steven Ridley are among the list of celebs that follow her and like her pictures, which is probably more than self fulfilling for her. Nik what’s your take on this dump? Put her on blast!

Nicole is just a leech. In ten years I fear for our country. There’s going to be an epidemic… females living off the government because their age and looks don’t appreciate. Girls like this are a five year investment and then a 20 year old new toy hits the market… it’s like leasing an Audi.- nik

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Amber is Not so Innocent

September 19, 2013 Long Beach, USC 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this girls name is Aamber ( yes spelled with to A’s ) and I’m here to let EVERYONE know she is not so sweet and innocent. She is from Long Beach, California. She has 6 brothers who are involved in all types of illegal activity ( gangs, selling drugs, multiple baby mamas ) and she is not very far behind them. Let me start off saying she’s had an abortion before because she was talking to one of the New Boyz ( creator of the jerking movement ) and was just soooo in ” love ” with him and after four months got pregnate and had an abbortion . She is so SPOILED with her dads money and most likely with all the drug money her brothers have. This girl goes through so much therapy and takes so many pills it’s ridicilous. Right now she going to school to be a nurse to help others but why when she needs the most help out of all. LOL SMH don’t let them pretty eyes and curly hair fool you guys !

Their crib sounds like a halfway house.- nik

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