Scammer Scott Urquhart

October 30, 2014 Vancouver 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fat lazy guy called Scott Urquhart is a sleazy lawyer who works for Lindsay LLP. My wife hired this guy – unfortunately – and he was the worst agent imaginable. He overcharges his clients and fails to respond to communications. Scott Urquhart ias a heartless thief who must understand that my family has rights too. My wife has cried her eyes out, and this guy did not properly represent her rights as a client. His incompetence caused the opposing party to win, and this guy continued to charge money to overcharge, no less. Bottom line: I recommend that anyone in Vancouver needing legal representation in Vancouver shop around first and not just hire some worthless associate at a crooked law firm.

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Gracelle Rivera

October 30, 2014 Vancouver 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gracelle, who likes to portrait this innocent girl image…is a backpage whore. I mean i guess its what you have to do when youre damn near 30 years old, live with your family and have a 3 year old. Not! get a job bitch. i cant believe this girl, after all these years. Sad part is, i heard shes working for some black guy. And he has a girlfriend! HAHA PATHETIC!

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Pepsi Head Cousin

October 29, 2014 Vancouver 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please post my cokehead cousin.He is so dirty he needs to be on here so girls don’t fall victim to his shameless scams. I`m so disgusted with this slime ball.A night of partying doing blow and drinking and him fuking a 14 yr old,getting her to do shit she`s never done before,left her on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere,comes back to brag about it.Him laughing because he busted up her virgin pssy with his supposedly “big c*ck”. He is a sad case,he is on dating sites being a complete asshole to girls that don’t even deserves it.POF name is “TalkingAboutDishes”.He tries to get girls to give him money for his habit and when they turn him down he is the biggest loser asshole ever.His side kick is no better. TO ALL THE WOMAN OUT THERE,STAY AWAY FROM THIS DRUG ADDICT.HE IS BAD NEWS. BAD NEWS,BAD NEWS.Dont drive with him because chances are its just another stolen vehicle,cant hold a job more than 2 months the loser.

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Asian Creeper or Scam ESL Teacher

October 29, 2014 Vancouver 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: pardon my english. i am from korea. i want to ask your help on this caucasian man. his name is michael Kuehn. he organize ESL and Teach English meetings for many years in vancouver downtown. he is old old man but invite many international students from asia. my sister is in vancouver and she goes to his social every week for 1 year. i did not know that. she told me in august she is regular at those meets. i am worried for that and google the meetings. i cannot find anything on michael. there are boys and girls but my sister say she see many beautiful young girls in his meeting place. this made me concern. is he trying to find international girls to date by pretending to be ESL host? i don’t want anything bad to happen to my little sister. is she lying to me this is real ESL meeting? i am concern for her and want to find out what is true happening to her and those meeting. i am asking for truth from local vancouver people. thank you nik and vancouver dirtyarmy friends.

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Small Town Big Slore

October 29, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tawnya faith Stewart “foxy” from Prince Rupert bc… This nasty ass lil whore spreads like fucking butter for any married or committed man… She’ll take advantage of a drunken situation cause most have to have the beer goggles on to be with her… She’s a nasty lil thing that, once got into a cab and we had to have the fcking windows down because of the stench coming from her crotch… She doesn’t even know the dad for her fcking kid… Pretty fcking obvious it’s one of 10 guys from that one week!!! Nasty ass lil whore doesn’t fall far from the tree… Her mom didn’t set a great example fcking everything in sight when her dad was off at school in Vancouver… She attempted to fuck a soon to be daddy till her friend had to pry her off of him… At least someone there had a conscience… She screwed over her best friend by trying to sleep with the groom! Nasty ass jealous lil bitch that nobody wants so she tries to have everything that those are her have… She fucked with the last person… Her ugly lil baby will have a better life without her alive… Dumb cnt…

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Mandy Mel

October 28, 2014 Calgary, Vancouver 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to Coquitlam’s Amanda Melnick aka Mandy Mel. A Calgary native and a former exotic dancer. On the other hand, she provides escort services to other men around Vancouver (besides her boyfriend) under several aliases including AALIYAH CUMMINGS and KHANDI KISSES.

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Spreads like PB

October 28, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: The headline says it all..the crazy thing here is That you look up her ex (who is also here on the dirty) she admits she is on welfare…claims to have a protection order from baby daddy but will fck him in the park..fucked a guy the same day she met him cuz he asked her to pet His snake…with her daughter in the bed! Yea she is such a good parent her kid is unweight and looks like a gremlin..she has never had a job but brags about being on welfare and having everything…the only thing she has to brag about is that she spreads like crunchy peanut butter..the only good thing about her “parenting” is that her kid is to young to know her mom is a bike that lives for meeting ppl to smoke pot and pop pills Some one report her to welfare and have her kid taken…seriously..I guess in her case tessa You are a better parent then your crck smoking/meth doing/coke snorting parents..other then that you are a prime example of why I dont fck surrey rachets unless im really desperately needing to get offand got five dollars to spare

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Robert Jesse Barker

October 28, 2014 Vancouver 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: So ladies, this is Robert Jesse Barker. He will introduce himself as Jesse. This guy is a piece of shit preying on women, especially ones with children. He uses his own 10 year old daughter to make women believe he is a good guy and father. Truth is he has a 6 page long criminal history, and a lof of it is theft under $5000. He moves quickly by making you believe he wants to spend his life with you and your children. But what he is really doing is planning on stealing your possessions for his IV drug habit. He has to work quickly before you realize what is really up. He is 31 and still getting into trouble. He even had a court date this past October 16, 2014 for theft under $5000. The same day he stole off some unsuspecting girl who he called his girlfriend. If you are unfortunate enough to come across this loser, call the RCMP. He probably has a warrant out for more recent theft. He needs to go back to jail where he can have someone take advantage of him for once. This is his criminal record…. (clcik here)

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