Model Or Just Plain White Trash

October 23, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kayde Dawn also known as Kayla Phipps. She’s been taking her clothes off for anyone who owns a camera. Now that she has her +2′s she thinks she’s world famous when she’s still doing the same thing just being trash and being a skank to every guy in town. What do you think Nik, Playboy? Or K Mart Catalog?

Kayla you should have gone bigger.- nik

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Don’t Date This Loser

October 23, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 166


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Janos, Jayson, or his real name James are some of the names he goes by. He has been in jail multiple times for beating his GF’s up. And I say GF’s because he usually has many on the go at the same time. He will try to turn that around on you and acuse you of cheating because he thinks everyone is a dirtbag like him. Not only will he cheat and beat on you he will drain your bank account dry and force you into debt. He thinks he’s a reformed gangster who had a tough life on the street mean time he grew up playing rep hockey. The only jail time hes done is for beating his GF’s up…. oh and he has a charge for picking up a dirty hooker. Oh and who can forget the tattoo in his stomach that says “Hot Boy”… code for being a bitch in prison. He’s currently living in Lethbridge Alberta on dating websites claimibg to be 29 whrn hes 34 trying to pick up 18-22 yr old girls.

I recommend some pectoral implants and LaserAway that ‘lil heats’ tattoo hiding your rock hard abs bro.- nik

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Mary June

October 23, 2014 Vancouver 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is mary june also known as mary june hopkins. i went on a date with this one awhile back. turns out she’s a major cheater with boys in ottawa and vancouver. to my surprise she left me with an itch and some cash missing from wallet. hope this can be a warning to other guys out on p.o.f. watchout for this one.

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Amber Stahlbrand

October 22, 2014 Vancouver 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this woman decided to charge me with assault saying that I had hit her numerous times, we were in a relationship for 2 years. during that time I have endured many times of her being drunk and hitting me repeatedly. I asked her to stop but there was no stopping it. finally I left and 40 days after I left, after her not giving me my stuff back, I took my stuff back, at least what I could get without her being able to stop me. she then decided to call the police and tell them that I had assaulted her. this was a total lie and because of the bank statements and other information, like her very own texts, I was able to get the charges thrown out. she is an evil and deceptive sociopathic liar and I want to warn all of you out there that you need to be very aware of the fact that there are evil people who will do this kind of thing. I was charged with theft under 5000 as well as charged with her assault. I thought that being in Canada there would be some sort of investigation but there wasn’t any, I was promptly thrown in jail and treated like garbage until the point where I proved with substantial evidence that exonerated me from any wrongdoing with the police and the courts, they then proceeded to shake my hand and treat me like a human again. Amber is terrifying, someone who will stop at nothing to attempt to inflict pain. even now she will not even give me back pictures from my children and my dogs ashes even though they have nothing in the form of value to her. be warned!

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Joanne Greenwood Has Everyone Fooled

October 21, 2014 Vancouver 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vancouver resident Joanne Greenwood took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to re-tweet a tweet that was all about mocking Monica Lewinsky which referenced the former White House intern’s newly verified Twitter account. This wouldn’t be newsworthy save for one problem: Joanne Greenwood is a self-purported anti-bullying activist with ties to the Amanda Todd Legacy. This also isn’t the first time that Greenwood has posted questionable content on social media. Case in point: A blog (which has since been deleted) posted by Joanne back in 2013. Personally, Joanne Greenwood is not a woman I would want to have in my corner as an “activist” of any kind what-so-ever if this is the type of behaviour she exudes, and I would even go as far to suggest that Carol Todd should reconsider allowing this woman to be involved in her daughter’s legacy as it seems there may be some ulterior motives on Greenwood’s part.

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Posting the Poster

October 21, 2014 Vancouver 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: hello Nik my name is Amie deblois and this girl whom I used to be friends with submitted a post to your site, mispelling my name under the name amie deboils. she mentioned me stealing from my work, which is not true I love my job. but to get to the point I am asking if you could take it down because my work has a strict social media policy and I don’t want this to make me lose this job I’ve been working there for a year now. however not to be mean or anything if you don’t take it down for whatever reason. I’m going to contact a lawyer and sue until you do. I’d love it if you would email or phone me so we can fix this issue. help a girl out if you would. here’s a photo of me so you know exactly which one to delete. though I’m pretty sure no one’s named amie debolis because that kind of sounds like that bad flu. anyways thanks for reading this and removing that (when you do) it’s super appreciated.

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Sloot Of The Year

October 20, 2014 Vancouver 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Danielle Pecinka she is the biggest slut I know. She sleeps with multiply men. She leaves her child to go party and to meet men. That is all that matters to her. She thinks she is the hottest bitch alive when she is ugly as f*ck. She is one of the fakest people I have met. She lies non stop. And boys I warn you she has stuff do not sleep with her you will catch it! Nik please post this so everyone can know this so no one else catches anything!

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Fat Manster

October 20, 2014 Vancouver 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Rosa Hoang. This chick slept with me and stole money from me. She told me she does not wear underwear ever, so she can show her hairy saggy vag for all of Vancouver to see and smell.

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