Beauty Beyond Compare

August 21, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 6



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natalie is the most beautiful girl I have seen in a longtime. My only complaint is the bigness of her hair. Other than that, she is perfect. Now I know you don’t typically like brunettes but who the f*ck cares when you’re stunning like that. Oh and shes an aesthetician on the rise, she seems to make lots of money with all her posts of handbags and nighlife. What do you think? Nik and Natalie babies???

They only like Black guys… don’t waste your time.- nik

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Megan Elizabeth Loves To Flex

August 21, 2014 Kamloops, Vancouver 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh Megan-there’s so much to say about this girl, but 1st things 1st…she ain’t the realeast (Fake tits, for one). (Oh, this isn’t Keatons ex, I’m a friend who’s sick of you)The “money” you work hard to make…you flossing like you made it but you got a hefty inheritance from dad so stop acting like all the cars n shit are bought on ur own. You couldn’t cut it in Van, so back to the ‘loops for you. Meg “owned” melon salon, then POOF you’re gone. I’m sure you’ll find a reason to fck up this new job, blame it on all ALL of us jealous girls. Jealous of your tacky tattoos, fake boobs, over inflated new boyfriend Keaton and all his shitty tattoos,(who you jumped on REAL quick after Mo.). 2 weeks in the gym has made you quite the expert on health and fitness too,lol! insecure about HIS fb, harassing him to stop changing his status…let the man breathe( already changing it back and forth is a sign of a VERY healthy relationship haha)before he realizes how crazy you are. Keep up the Monroe “inspirational” quotes, keep on talking like a thug and raise your daughter. Your biggest fan is YOU, bitch.

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Nikki Schmauder

August 20, 2014 Vancouver 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi guys my name is Nikki scmauder I sell my body for money I love dick so why not get paid to do it I am a drug addict my parents are dead beat drug addicts I slept with dwayne. Gabriel my youngest son might be his I been lying to my boyfriend for months and he does not have a clue that he might not be his I lie cheat and steal until I get what I want

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Child Bearing Child

August 19, 2014 Vancouver 7


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this two faced princess is a full on narcissist. She has never been faithful to a man other then two drug dealers she was a slave for. She stole food from food banks. Having plenty of money of her own. Money that was given to her of coarse. she’s run away from home four times judging everyone behind her. Tallied up an overwhelming self debt. Snorted every drug out there for three months straight. her best friend, grandpa and sister have bailed her self destructive ass out several times.
The only confidence she has is when you tie her up and watch her eyes light up when you stick it in her a$$ She has had an IUD her whole life and has managed to now get pregnant with a man she has been with for less then a year. 100% shameless. Another dependent child is about to have a child and it makes me sick. When the walls come down. And they will. I hope this message will help. This girl is a disgrace to love, a disgrace to society, a disgrace to all the hard working strong women out there who act as an example. I have never know someone who has taken so much and given so little. I’ve seen her lie to the police, steal from the homeless, judge everyone including family and friends. She post about her loving compassionate self. Taking picture after picture of herself. God help the poor father. I hope he is strong enough to raise two children.

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Paige Smith

August 19, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, Meet Paige Smith. She is about 5″0, and 185 lbs. She recently just bought a dirt bike off of a 65 year old man, who she sucked off for it. She goes to raves and sells drugs as a living, little dime bags. She dresses in nasty rave gear and in fish nets with her fat poking out of every hole. She always posts stupid shit on facebook pointing out how bad her life really is. Well paige, stop doing drugs your little mexican whore and stop sucking dick for a living; We all know your a hungry hoe that always talks about how hungry she is.. Oh right, and her mother is a little mexican who actaully tried to trade my friend DILDOS for free piercings… Clearly she has had a lack of role models in her life. Paige, do us all a favor and go cut your wrists, and do it properly..Stop wearing slutty rave gear with your fat pockets hanging out.. go continue sucking dick with your fat mexican mother for a living. Your pussy REAKS, oh and btw…its funny how you date stick men who are 85 lbs, clearly your the bottom because if you were top buddys ribs would be broken in half. GO GET UR TEETH WHITENED TOO !!

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Rachet Escort

August 18, 2014 Vancouver 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Paige Mullen is a fat ratchet cnt. She degrades her body just so she can feel special , she posts Nasty ass videos of her shaking her selulite ass , she sleeps with peoples boyfriends , sleeps with guys for money weed booze , she’ll get so drunk pass out at ur house and piss the bed . This chicks nasty time she goes on blast .

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Number One Scumbag

August 18, 2014 Vancouver 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: CHANCE ORMISTON AKA EVERYLONG BIGDONG more like not so nice but nasty dong. So this lovely piece of shit CHANCE, is nothing more then a loser who feels the need literally to stick his dirty penis in anything and everything that is a vagina. He is gross fat and lazy as hell, lives like a slob and that is putting it nicely. He is rude ignorant and thinks his shit doesn’t stink, let me tell you it smells real bad. He has no education or manners, was not taught anything positive and doesn’t know how to treat a woman let a lone anyone. He is a horrible father to his two daughters and rather meet random woman off the internet and creep POF then be a father. He cheats and is a compulsive liar every second of every day, I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word truth. He has been caught not once but TWISE jerking off to porn in front of children his ex has admitted to and his excuse…he did not see them there it was dark. I think that is nasty and very very wrong. Who the hell does that. He gave his ex chlamydia the first time she slept with him, and willingly admits to that and still sleeps with him….Christ some people its like they have nothing but air inside their heads. disgusting!!!. I have never met anyone as selfish as this pig. He is not a 10 id say more like a 2.0 and that is being kind, cause lord knows I am. Girls do not sleep with this freak, you will catch something. He doesn’t give a shit about you, he doesn’t even care about him self. BEWARE OF HIM!!

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Dolla D

August 18, 2014 Vancouver 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is nikki ramsay dolla d’s sister. shes cheated on every boyfriend shes had and beats up girls and a alcoholic dirty chug. she loves to talk shit all the time. when instead she needs to clean up her act cuz she has about 5 kids livin on welare of course. shes a violent drunk and dirty as fckkk

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