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Don’t let him in your house

December 16, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beware this guy is a thief and he will set you up. Today skid gak head wana be rapper that will set you up and rip you off. Just watch the comments roll in. Be warned.

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Jesse Sailor Ugly Roid Monkey

December 16, 2014 Vancouver 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jesse sailor!!! This guy think he’s so cool and makes posts all over facebook bashing on girls and bragging about how he can get girls. He also is really insecure and hung up about his like 14 year old ex girlfriend leaving him so thinks it’s necessary to bash her 24/7 all the time. He likes to bully girls to make himself not seem as ugly as he is. He talks about working out all the time and that he’s “jacked” but he wouldn’t be shit with out all he roids he’s a fcking monkey. He acts like he’s the shit when hes ugly as fck, greasy and looks like he’s balding. OH and the worst part is he acts like such a stud but is actually a 20 year old virgin. That’s why he posts so much about girls he is so insecure he hasn’t gotten any.

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Pamela Kooner

December 15, 2014 Vancouver 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Pamela kooner. I see her at kpu all the time she is the dirtest girl I’ve seen in my life. And when I say dirty I mean she leads so many boys on.. She had a thing with gurjot and poor kid got lead on by her without knowing she was seeing someone else too. But thank god he has a gf now. Because he should beware of girls like her. She is so dirty but acts classy when really she’s nothing but a Wh*re to every guy she meets. She’s nothing but a fake b*tch. She gets picked up by so many guys and f*cks them in the back of a truck. I used to go to enver creek with her and let me tell you she used to be so fat and ugly. And she hasn’t changed a bit. Seriously put this girl on blast because she deserves it.

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Shanna and the Gang

December 15, 2014 Vancouver 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I was seein this girl Shanna, she told me she used to be a party girl, hadn’t slept with anyone in months. That shes just been hustlin and makin money, she was charming I believed her. Until my bro told me she had been messing around with one of my friends, doin pepsi staying up for days. She has some rock hard titties and a refund gap, pretty curvy, not in a good way. Was cathin sum feelings for this chick but now I wanna warn other guys from this hoe she’s not innocent like she say she is… Nik put this girl on blast!

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Thirsty Ginger

December 14, 2014 Vancouver 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Bianca Pica. She used to be my bestfriend/hair stylist that is until she one day blocked me on facebook and and went into a relationship with my troubled drug addict ex boyfriend. The best part of this post is I don’t have to make a single thing up! We used to get in fight about things like her having unprotected sex with randoms sometimes a few in one night. She had chlymidea for 5 months because she was too busy getting drunk and high to get her bc healthcard, and walked around infecting others until her mom made her go to Dr. Maybe she got it from the time she invited 2 randoms back to her apt and fcked them both in the showet with no protection. Or maybe from the time she went to Calvin Harris and fuked a random in the bathroom unprotected. She just couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t get a boyfriend???!! Hmm. She’s so thirsty when I took her to basscoast she hooked up with 4 different guys.she was so delusional on drugs she actually made plans to move in with one of them. This is one desperate girl. If you see her out and want your dick sucked, she is a sure bet. I\’ve never seen her say no. She is cheaper then a 2 dollar hooker.

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Inappropriate Or No

December 14, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 248

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these girls from VanDirty aren’t being the best role models for the little girl. These girls are hoe’s/strippers etc. but I feel bad for the little girl. You have a daughter Nik, you know what I’m talking about?

Very sad.- nik

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Annee Ngo Still Sucks

December 12, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 207


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Annee Ngo. Her most recent scandal is stealing GHN’s company credit card and putting it towards the fillers in her face (notice how her face is so pudgy???). She got caught by one of the investors and is forced to pay monthly payments to pay off the work that she was done on her face. Let’s be real, Annee.. you’re still ugly and you still look older than your bf (that is… if you guys are still together…) — and your nose is still ugly. You might wanna take the nostrils in a bit more — If that isn’t embarrassing enough, she had DRD before and blamed it on her first boyfriend. Yuck. She put the blame on him and said, “I only had sex with one person. He gave me this DRD” when she went to Whistler and f*cked Eddie there. She’s quite the comedienne. She just got +2′s (typical Vancouver) and now she’s flaunting it. She probably made payments under the company credit card too! You’re disgusting, Annee.

Nothing wrong with some fresh side boob for the holidays.- nik

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Something Doesn’t Seem Right

December 12, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 69


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think of these girls? They are pretty hot, but something is not quite right bout them!???  I just can’t put my finger on it.

The chest is Red looks authentic…everything else does seem off.- nik

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