Lexi Alexander Is A Self Proclaimed “Bimbo”

April 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 21 98,843 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this raunchy, cake faced, self proclaimed “Bimbo” was bound to end up on here sometime. She is the PROUD  ”Queen” of a group of homeless, drug dealing, “rappers” who claim to make money while adding videos of themselves picking up welfare cheques, and taking hits from the bong. Search #lexilife or #queenbee on Instagram and you’ll find endless selfies of this ratchet, the latest of which show her and her boyfriends pupils high on down. Her mullet which she attempts to hide with hair extensions is obvious to all. She’s 21 and all of her friends are between the ages of 15-18. This needs to stop. Worst part is, she used to be really good looking. A warning to all who read this, DON’T DO DRUGS.

I don’t like her wig.- nik

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Raman Toor Thinks she’s Beyoncé

April 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 106 10,358 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Raman Toor… She is Vancouver’s scandolous, dirty sloot. She thinks she’s literally Beyoncé with her ugly, tacky blonde hair. When really she’s just a wannabe white chic. She thinks she’s hardcore and ruthless. But let’s face it Raman, just because ur born with a man’s figure doesn’t mean ur tough sh*t. Nik, u can find this b*tch downtown with her look alike boyfriend. Sometimes you can’t even tell if it’s her boyfriend or brother. This is a case of incest. To make herself feel better she bashes on every other chic. You never know if she’s being fake or real. We all know that ur a fat wh*re, so just stop posting photoshopped pictures of urself to make urself look skinny.. Nik, take this dirty fat chunk of lard off the streets by putting her up on blast.

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Rachet Dead Beat Mom

April 14, 2014 Vancouver 46 6,379 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear nik, this girl first of all is the most skankiest h*e bag I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting. She always seems like sex, probably because that’s ever she does, plus she never showers. I feel bad for her kid because during her pregnancy she was doing her**ne and other things I’m assuming. Her choices, her life, it all wouldn’t matter if her personality wasn’t so annoying and stupid. Stay away from this girl, seriously if you stand next to her you’ll puke because she reeks of nasty dirty fishy smell. Anybody who knows her would say the same thing. This b*tch has no class, her rates are low as f*ck. She’ll have sex with you if you pick her up on Hastings. Instead of paying $100 for class, pay only $10 for trash. This nappy-headed h*oe doesn’t know how to take of herself, let alone her poor child whos in foster care.

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Honey Is Such A Hottie

April 12, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 201 96,549 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this sexy young lady at my gym a few times. Talk about gorgeous! I’m not quite sure what her actual name is, but a guy friend told me that she is an adult webcam model on MyFreeCams under the name melanieroselee (she now goes by Honeysukl). She’s beautiful, fit, and earlier this year she got an amazing set of +2′s. She might be the only woman I’d consider turning lesbian for. The only fault I see with her is that she’s friends with that she-hulk juice head, Azaria Glaim. Anyway, I just wanted to hear what you think Nik?

I think Webcam models have no souls just like Pornstars. They are the same thing. Worthless.- nik

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Who’s Funding Rebecca Tomicki

April 11, 2014 Vancouver 46 9,108 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: It’s not a surprise that Becky has gotten the boot from the CCC. It was only a matter of time until RJ cleaned up the trash around that place, she could only fool Ben and Ryan for so long. Wonder if they were on the client list? What I wonder is, who is funding her now? Saundra Harper brags about being “retired” looks like Rebecca is following as usual. She’s been posting pictures of herself all over Asia and in New York. So who’s funding this new lifestyle? What’s up Rebecca? Did your gangster boyfriend pay you to disappear so he can spend some time with wifey and the new baby? I’m sure she’s happy to hear you’re out of the country. Or did you get so sick of second place you found a new sugar daddy to pay the bills? Stop playing the innocent card everyone knows you’re game.

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Welcome the make belief world of Linzee Faith

April 11, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 83 7,748 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: well nik this poor excuse for a “midget model” and “succesful” singer/song writer is such a joke being around her make belief stories she shares on her FACEBOOK and SOUNDCLOUD…REVERBNATION/BANDCAMP is all a huge joke being a respectful lady like the most of us people can easy call her out on these fucking stupid lies about “having fans” her latest bullshit story is sad even for a fake model she claims to be “represented” by the infamous BOSS TALENT AGENTCY lol who dont “SEEK OUT” their clients lol as she plays the role in her current status’s anyone can hire them lol GOOGLE FOR YOURSELVES PEOPLE she isnt on their “official” roster lol of three people after a conversation with them they will explain this too you too lol sorry sweetie your not famous or rich or glamorous at all quit telling people!!!! even in school she was in my classes and lied then her REAL ALIAS IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE BEATLE JUICE THATS IT SOSRRY MISS MIDGET FAITH BUT YOU AND YOUR SAD LIFE OF WANNABE “CELEBERTY STATUS” IS A JOKE TO ALL THE GIRLS WHO KNOW YOU OMG PLEASE THIS GIRL HAS TO BE STOPPED!!!!! lies catch up with you stop the drugs asap you and mike the looser beck have alway been jokes her soundcloud name hahahahaha LINZEE FAITH your bio is sooo funny your trying to hard at nothing thats going nowhere hahahaha claiming to be so succesful and have a glamorous please stop someone fax this info to her “talent agency” what a joke of a creature and now your doing porn omg and sex toy buisness like give up!!

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Shady Laser Place

April 10, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 51 7,472 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vanish Laser and Beauty is SHADY! They JUST shut down after they took everyone’s money. They offered one year unlimited laser hair removal packages, took your money upfront and now they shut down. Just a week ago they had new packages and deals up on their site and now you can’t even get hold of their office. Their voicemails are full and DANA HLAVACH the owner is scamming people. They didn’t even have the decency to call their customers to tell them they are closing down. I feel sorry for all the people who paid and don’t get a service. FCK YOU VANISH LASER!

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Deadbeat Louisa Krystal

April 9, 2014 Vancouver 46 8,378 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Louisa krystal she is a 30 year old escort and mother to two children . She leaves her kids with friends and family members so she can take off to alberta to go on escort calls . This bitch is thirsty af . This bitch is all about the dark meat obviously because shes loose . Its called kegals bitch . She is a home wrecking whore that is content with stealing other womens men . She is known to be on escort websites as that is her occupation . She likes to think she is top notch when shes fat has saggy tits with stretch marks everywhere . She walks around in bootyshort and tiny lace tops trying to pick up any guy that will stick his dick in her nasty pussy . She thinks every man wants her . What man in their right mind wouldwant her ? put this bitch on blast nik Would any of you touch this thing ?

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