This guy needs help

October 20, 2014 Vancouver 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik please do everyone a favour and put this fat ass whose on welfare pretending to be bipolar so he can take our tax money and spend it on alcohol and drugs. This guy does nothing but talks shit about people cause his lonely ass has nobody he\’s just a loner who walks around Guildford mall stalking girls that’s all he does all day is eat ,sleep,jack off cus no girl would let this gross ogre come two feet close to him with out running .He shouldn’t even be allowed to walk the streets cus he’s mentally unstable he will either end up raping or killing someone before he gets locked up!

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Porta Potty Krista Boseley Caught With 50,000 Mollies

October 20, 2014 Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty, Vancouver 166


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Krista Boseley a Playboy wannabe Canadian model who always claimed that she is making money as a successful realtor, which been known to everyone it was just a cover up for her being an escort. She was caught flying into California on a private jet with another Canadian porta potty Gilles Lapointe. Authorities found over 50,000 MDMA pills during the search, along with 90lbs of the drug. They also found $13k on Lapointe and $7.5k on Boseley in cash, both of whom claimed the money was won at Las Vegas’s Bellagio hotel casino… They probably got used for their naivety by one of their clients or sugar daddies as there is no such a thing as a free lunch, you want to travel on a private jet and show off on your instgram that you roll in style you need to offer more than licking balls and spreading legs for cash.

Does this mean Krista Boseley will lose her real estate license?- nik


Krista Porta Potty Strikes Again

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If You Are Sexy, Why Aren’t You Posting Your Whole Body

October 20, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 46


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I finally decided to delete “Kayy Doll” off of Facebook. I’m so disgusted at how this girl is just an attention seeking hoe bag. Yes you have boobs, no not EVERYONE needs to see them. Why are girls like this such attention seeking whores how can they disrespect their own bodies by flaunting them without even being paid to do so!? Hunny hit reality no one is hating… I just hope one day you grow up and pray that your child never exposed herself like you do on social media. Whores will be whores I guess.

The most popular social media websites/apps wouldn’t be successful without women like Kayy Doll.- nik

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Aryanna De Marin Was Sleeping With My Boyfriend

October 17, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 127

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so here is Aryanna De Marin of Vancouver who I recently just found out was the conniving undercover whore who spread her legs and her DRD for my boyfriend, only for me to find out an entire year later.  I sorted through his cell phone over the weekend and although this scum bag has temporarily moved to California apparently, she is texting him nude disgusting images of herself to further lure men to her filthy diseases. Nik, I am reaching out to you to please put Aryanna De Marin on blast so all women out there know to regularly check their man’s phone to ensure they are Aryanna (aka rat face) free! This will help all of us have fewer filth and DRDs spreading across both Vancouver and California. Oh and also, I say her face looks like a rat, or what do you think? Thanks Nik!

Why didn’t you submit the nude images? Don’t hold out on us.- nik

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Loves Underage Ravers

October 17, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik! This is Rachel (Alice Dee) she is kelownas worst promoter. She is the dirtiest whore in the rave scene in Kelowna. While setting up for one of her events she cheated on her fiance. Her life consists of drugs, alcohol and partying with underage kids. Most of the events here are 19+ but because they host the worst parties ever all they can attract are underage kids. Their event has a fan page over 2030 “fans” and becausee of that they think they are the best promoters in kelowna. Her and her fiance are so stupid because out of those 2030 “fans” they cant even get 5% to show up at their events. This summer their event was so horrible that they faked being robbed so that they wouldn’t have to pay any of their artists. They also hacked into my facebook account and posted that I robbed them so that others would believe their story. She is so clueless as to where her reputation lies. Until then enjoy your underage friends.

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Radio Host Kid Carson Is A Cheater

October 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 395

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve gone back and forth for several months now wondering if I should even speak out about this or not, since the chance of anyone believing me is slim to none, but at this point it isn’t about whether or not anyone believes me – I just needed to get this off my chest. Kid Carson is a popular radio DJ here in Vancouver and he hosts the Kid Carson Show every weekday morning on SONiC 104.9. I have known Kid for almost 5 years now – we met at a bar and exchanged numbers. We wouldn’t communicate often, but when we did it would just be the odd “hello” here and there. Completely innocent. Fast forward to last year when we bumped into one another again. You know how it goes…one thing led to another and we wound up sleeping together. Now, I don’t listen to the radio (I’m not a fan of top 40 and my busy schedule doesn’t really give me any radio-listening time let alone time to catch up on the news on television) so I really know nothing about Kid’s personal life, but we continued our relationship up until last month, when we had a falling out. He turned into a completely different person with me which caused me to do some digging and I found out that not only was he engaged when we were hooking up, but he also has a child. I knew nothing of his finance (now wife) or kid and I am disgusted that I allowed myself to be so completely manipulated by this person who, according to others I’ve reached out to in recent days, is a master manipulator.

There is something about guys wearing nose rings that make me think they are ___________.- nik

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Fake Asses

October 16, 2014 Vancouver 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok nik both of them names are Tallis and Juan but juan for sure is one big downtown loser thinks he the man of all ladies down there and trys to play it like know one knows anything. lies about his age to lot of ppl. gets with alot of ladies as well. and ask them for money and stuff he cant get him and has no job at all. he one low life so watch out ladies he trys to play it off he just a ladies man but really he BI as well. and sleeps ever where he can because he as no place to stay at all. and he messing around with alot of girls who know each other. and dont care in the world what he gonna get from a lot of different girls. how sad is that Tallis wow!!! she like to move on sleeps around too and thinks it ok to mess around with her friends man or ex and plays it off like she did nothing but really she a big time hoe who gets around so easy and calls the cops on the guy later on say he beats her and takes her money how sad is that because she dont get what she wants from them. and now she sleeping with a guy who gets around downtown east side. how sad is this who life because this girl she dont know how to cook and stay on her own she stays in this place where they have to show her how to cook. lol and when she drinks she sure is easy to get with, what a clown of both of them.

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Haters Make Me Famous

October 16, 2014 Vancouver 80


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so tired of haters commenting anonymously on this site about me and your ignorant ass posting the childish post entries from my haters!  I’m hot! In my opinion and I’m sure many would agree with me I’m the hottest girl anyone has probably ever seen, I suck a good d*ck thanks to my big juicy lips. And to the people saying my boobs are fake or photo shopped, ya I get work done on pictures they photo shop a lot of stuff on a lot of models… I AM A MODEL so I get photo shop done BUT my boobs are as big as they look in pictures. Big enough to wrap around your d*ck twice Nik! And any other pencil d*ck f*ck that posts anonymously on this site! I have class! I’m a lady! All you haters are just mad because I’m doing better than you, I’m international bitch!!! I don’t care what people think about self posts but I needed someone to understand where I’m coming from… I am a model aspiring to do more I love to be infront of the camera with hardly any clothes on. What’s the shame of that? And people want to criticizes me and hate on me because I look amazing and people want to be me?

Haha hate all you want girls and boys I’m the classiest hottest chick in Vancouver no bitch is above me and all these girls know that. I AM THE SH*T my ass is on a T-shirt for God sakes I’m the f*cking sh*t!! And all you bitches are jealous because I could take your man and do him better and satisfy him more than any of you hoes could! I’m beautiful I’m sexy I’m classy. I’m going to be the next Kim Kardashian I’ll have my own clothing line and I will model and make money LOTS of it and marry a me a successful NBA star or football player mmm! And all of you bitches will still be hating while I’m laughing at you silly little bitches. Bow down to me I am the queen.  I’m classy but I’m single.  Oh and Nik, tell me… Would you?? Cause I would even though your an ignorant bastard.

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