Radio Host Kid Carson Is A Cheater

October 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 390

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve gone back and forth for several months now wondering if I should even speak out about this or not, since the chance of anyone believing me is slim to none, but at this point it isn’t about whether or not anyone believes me – I just needed to get this off my chest. Kid Carson is a popular radio DJ here in Vancouver and he hosts the Kid Carson Show every weekday morning on SONiC 104.9. I have known Kid for almost 5 years now – we met at a bar and exchanged numbers. We wouldn’t communicate often, but when we did it would just be the odd “hello” here and there. Completely innocent. Fast forward to last year when we bumped into one another again. You know how it goes…one thing led to another and we wound up sleeping together. Now, I don’t listen to the radio (I’m not a fan of top 40 and my busy schedule doesn’t really give me any radio-listening time let alone time to catch up on the news on television) so I really know nothing about Kid’s personal life, but we continued our relationship up until last month, when we had a falling out. He turned into a completely different person with me which caused me to do some digging and I found out that not only was he engaged when we were hooking up, but he also has a child. I knew nothing of his finance (now wife) or kid and I am disgusted that I allowed myself to be so completely manipulated by this person who, according to others I’ve reached out to in recent days, is a master manipulator.

There is something about guys wearing nose rings that make me think they are ___________.- nik

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Fake Asses

October 16, 2014 Vancouver 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: ok nik both of them names are Tallis and Juan but juan for sure is one big downtown loser thinks he the man of all ladies down there and trys to play it like know one knows anything. lies about his age to lot of ppl. gets with alot of ladies as well. and ask them for money and stuff he cant get him and has no job at all. he one low life so watch out ladies he trys to play it off he just a ladies man but really he BI as well. and sleeps ever where he can because he as no place to stay at all. and he messing around with alot of girls who know each other. and dont care in the world what he gonna get from a lot of different girls. how sad is that Tallis wow!!! she like to move on sleeps around too and thinks it ok to mess around with her friends man or ex and plays it off like she did nothing but really she a big time hoe who gets around so easy and calls the cops on the guy later on say he beats her and takes her money how sad is that because she dont get what she wants from them. and now she sleeping with a guy who gets around downtown east side. how sad is this who life because this girl she dont know how to cook and stay on her own she stays in this place where they have to show her how to cook. lol and when she drinks she sure is easy to get with, what a clown of both of them.

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Haters Make Me Famous

October 16, 2014 Vancouver 71


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so tired of haters commenting anonymously on this site about me and your ignorant ass posting the childish post entries from my haters!  I’m hot! In my opinion and I’m sure many would agree with me I’m the hottest girl anyone has probably ever seen, I suck a good d*ck thanks to my big juicy lips. And to the people saying my boobs are fake or photo shopped, ya I get work done on pictures they photo shop a lot of stuff on a lot of models… I AM A MODEL so I get photo shop done BUT my boobs are as big as they look in pictures. Big enough to wrap around your d*ck twice Nik! And any other pencil d*ck f*ck that posts anonymously on this site! I have class! I’m a lady! All you haters are just mad because I’m doing better than you, I’m international bitch!!! I don’t care what people think about self posts but I needed someone to understand where I’m coming from… I am a model aspiring to do more I love to be infront of the camera with hardly any clothes on. What’s the shame of that? And people want to criticizes me and hate on me because I look amazing and people want to be me?

Haha hate all you want girls and boys I’m the classiest hottest chick in Vancouver no bitch is above me and all these girls know that. I AM THE SH*T my ass is on a T-shirt for God sakes I’m the f*cking sh*t!! And all you bitches are jealous because I could take your man and do him better and satisfy him more than any of you hoes could! I’m beautiful I’m sexy I’m classy. I’m going to be the next Kim Kardashian I’ll have my own clothing line and I will model and make money LOTS of it and marry a me a successful NBA star or football player mmm! And all of you bitches will still be hating while I’m laughing at you silly little bitches. Bow down to me I am the queen.  I’m classy but I’m single.  Oh and Nik, tell me… Would you?? Cause I would even though your an ignorant bastard.

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East Hastings Addict

October 16, 2014 Vancouver 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here we have Karla Mindel a meth junkie wannabe acting like she is on the same level as girls living the good life. This girl does the east hasting shuffle high on crack looking for her msg fix, can’t go longer then three months being sober, mean while her daughter sits at home wondering when mommy is coming home. Karla talks a lot of shit she can’t back up thinks she is hard for taking her junkie boyfriends charges and not ratting him out! Good for you Karla your ex ran faster then you and left you to take his charges it must be love lol! You will never get a real job experience real love. Good guys want girls that don’t steal vehicles, don’t smoke meth and don’t leave their children. This girl actually thinks she is attractive, just cause junkies like you cause you will hide their dope and take their charges doesn’t make you hot sweetheart it makes you dumb and ugly. Don’t relate yourself to anyone that has an education, money in the bank and 4 gs on there feet you’re not even close to the same class. Nik tell this ugly troll what she really is a bad mom with a drug problem with no future!

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Stamped Out

October 15, 2014 Langley, Vancouver 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha stamper… One of langley/Vancouvers finest dirtiest hookers/drug addict . I don’t understand how this girl turned out to be such a dirt bag she used to be a good girl Snorting lines but then she was dating mr pauly cracker ( Paul) who is another one of langleys most nastiest guys out there ( h*rion junkie,PC,rat ) who got her hooked on heri*n. Witch then she started selling herself to afford all the hoots that she needed. I find it nasty how she can post pictures of herself with all the scabs on herself I guess she got to high and started to pick at her skin eek. So much more to say but I’m pretty sure everyone knows how nasty this bitch is

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Open Hearts

October 15, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 209

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m a single mom. I do open heart cardiac surgery. I struggle to make ends meet. I’m hot and I don’t need to feel bad about anyone doing anything nice for me. I am reading this site and it seems like total hypocrites that need to look in the mirror. It’s like angry people that support the women or men they talk about! Why? I always think about how to do things better…. I cannot help but feel this site makes people want to kill themselves. You feel okay with that?

Thank you for submitting yourself.- nik

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Fariha Khan – the Plastic Butterface

October 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well we’ve all waiting a long time for her to be on here and shes dodged for a long, long time. But finally its time she got she deserves! Here she is – The infamous Fariha Khan. This plastic butterface is responsible for posting a few innocent people on here. Her reasons for putting them up are this: The men just didnt want to be with her! Yep. Thats all it took for princess plastic to post them up! If everyone did that then you would see half the population on blast here! LMAO Nik! My friend wouldnt put her up even though she took full responsibility for posting him up here. But fear not dirty family, sometimes you have to go above and beyond for your friends and justice! The reason she is known as the plastic butterface is because of all the money this insecure girl has spent getting surgeries done. Shes had 2 nose jobs and spent money on the worlds worse boob job Nik. As we all know, all fake boobs look the same in clothing. But as soon as you see them in the flesh you want her to put the top back on asap! SCARY! This girl works at a bra store in metrotown mall and will do retail all her life Nik. She is surrounded by boobs all day & she still got butchered on her implants LMAO! The worst part of all, this girl is so naive that all it takes is a few conversations on any online dating site to get some action off her! I had to put her on blast for a few good people Nik, she needs to taste her medicine. She has an accomplice that is next and she needs her day in the sun too.

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Lash Bunnie The Gold Digger

October 14, 2014 Toronto, Vancouver 182

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Maral. She lives in Vancouver and thinks she’s the next Kim Kardashian. She is an undercover gold digger. First she was dating that Spanish guy who paid for her boobs, bought her bags, shoes as much as his little drug dealing money couple buy. Then she cried her story he would cheat on me do coke and party all night and leave me.. to every guy in Vancouver to Toronto. Then she met big man Duke in Vancouver… who’s rich as f*ck!! She flashed her tits ass… sexually f*cked his mind till he bought her what she cries for… even THOUSANDS on make up… like RELAX.  Why pay for all your surgeries if you are going to load all that crap on your face. Now she’s with this new city boy drug dealer… who’s now once again paying for everything she owns. He even got her her own business selling China eye lashes for double the price. He got her this business and now she is posting half naked photos on the computer for other men to see… she’s Malibu lash bunny turn into Hoe bunny. These guys are insane spending money on her right?

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