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Should I Be This Unhappy

December 8, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 232

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I really enjoy your site, it’s great to have a platform where everyone can be honest…here’s hoping I can be too. I’m 24 years old, I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and I have been working in my current position for two years now. I enjoy working out, spending time with friends and I have a very strong and supportive family…all seems to be the way it should, but I’m really unhappy. I can’t help but think that I’m doing something wrong in my life. I work extremely hard, I help around my home, I do everything, anyone ever asks of me and at the end of each day, I often think to myself: “is it always going to be like this…will I always feel this empty?”. I think about how hard I work and how I have nothing to show for it, well, nothing in comparison to others. I look at your website and see all of these beautiful girls who didn’t go to school, or don’t need to help support their families and they’re all living it up large: they have rich boyfriends that take them shopping, they go on trips, they have all these cool things…I can’t help think how I will never have any of that. I was always taught that the harder you work in life, the better your life will be…but that’s really not the case. Some people have never lifted a finger in their lives and they have everything I never will. I know life could always be a lot worse, but I guess I’m just scared that I will always be this unhappy and dissatisfied. I want to be happy but don’t know how.

Happiness is not a real thing. It’s a word to make you feel constantly lost. The worst part is we all try to find a partner and put all the pressure of this so called word on them. And banging rich is not the answer, that will only give you a minimal rush. You need to stop searching, life is not Google. Everything you feel right now is all fabrication in your mind. You are looking for something that doesn’t exist.- nik

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When Girls Think They Are Hot

December 8, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 54


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tiffany Haigh, aka reject, washed up looking stripper… makes all the ratchet girls of VanDirty are look like Maxim models. Her eyebrows, manly face, poorly done +2′s, and horribly cheap looking and unoriginal tattoos. Not to mention how she still buys Guess tops from outlet stores lmfao. What ya’ll think of this thing?

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Annee Ngo has no shame

December 8, 2014 Vancouver 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: Annee Ngo is the ugliest, fakest person Vancouver (left). She got fillers on her face: forehead, nose, chin. She took Good Health Nutrition’s (GHN) company credit card to pay for her fillers and then got BUSTED. She had to make payments every single month to pay off her fakeass face. HOW EMBARRASSING!! With all that money you stole from GHN to do work on your face, you’re still ugly Annee. She used to work at a shoe store called GIA as third key holder and then got fired for stealing their shoes. She used to work at ** Bank, got fired for making fraudulent transactions. She moved to Toronto for a while, and when she and her current bf went on break, she called her ex boyfriend to borrow $2000. lol. YOU\’RE SO SAD, ANNEE NGO. YOU TRY TOO HARD!! GET A LIFE!!

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Aj Steeves Owner of Jiffy Software

December 5, 2014 Vancouver 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Put this guy on blast. He meets young underage boyz and then takes them on trips to disney land. None of us even like him and think he is grozz…oh ya he owns Jiffy Software to.

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Big Time Sloot

December 5, 2014 Vancouver 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Kim Diane Tran she was a full time escort back in Winnipeg and moved up to Vancouver to pursue more of her escorting career, then she met this guy who resembles a bit of a monkey, must of been all the steroids he took throughout his life to look like a tough guy so he thinks*… meanwhile this guy at the time was seeing 5 ladies at one time def is a man who loves to cheat and pretend hes a loyal, faithful kinda guy, they both are totally good together because of the people they are, although they are both Mormons just to cover up there nastiness. The guy your with is not who you think he is don\’t know what he has told you but don’t get fooled by his mind games his family is just as worse, they say they are blessed to have people in there lives but once you step out the door they just talk bad all they want about everyone. Religion will not save anyone with personalities that are corrupted. This Kim Diane Tran girl well as I said before she was an escort, all the people in Vancouver need to know and if you slept with her please get yourselves checked because I heard she has H**. She has a kid who gotten taken away by social services up in Winnipeg by how irresponsible she was, Bitch just because you moved away and cleared up your life so they think does not mean your past wont come up to the surface. Nice try Kim. You may have changed your escorting ways but I know when your sitting at home your popping pills like a mad woman just to keep you sane. You big time sloot.

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If You are a Painter Paint

December 3, 2014 Saskatoon, Vancouver 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik then shut your mouth and take off ur clothes. No one is stuffing bills in your panties to hear your stupid illiterate rants. For example, her latest fb rant: I have to admit for once N fer all, I never listened to western music .. Or watched tv Cept cartoons on the tele-( vision ) … Thats what you be missing!ya feel? … Or Can ya evenstill have the ability to feel ??.. Like it’s real. the special k n mdna is a good thAng….. every 7 years .. Don’t lie . U tryiedits canada …like a third word country left behind ..’u projectionists …. Only comparing yourself to those negative attitudes . not those who u besting u. cause you like the mud !! now dont you crab trying to get out of the box u put ur mind into . Thoughts shape the world if u try to … evolution won’t wait for u .. my conclusion , is that u face yor ego fuelled illusion .. nobody cares bout what u did I in 200 n 2 .take it or not I cannot change u . But why not challenge you, to a duel then Now what u be saying. When you can’t keep a job stripping, have blown through your inheritance and have taken up scamming stupid, desperate boys for money, you should question your life’s decisions.

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Pill Poppin Preet

December 3, 2014 Vancouver 115

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Harpreet, aka Preet Pop Tarts the “raving queen.” She will do anything for a dime bag and does molly on a regular basis. She raves ever single week. She’s in her 20′s and she hasn’t grown up yet. She claims to be all about “PLUR” however she is the most two faced person you will ever meet. She constantly talks shit about her “friends”. Practice what you preach Harpreet !

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Couldn’t Stop being a Sloot

December 3, 2014 Toronto, Vancouver 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Bridget Perry aka Becca Banks aka stripper/hooker/drug addict/webcam porn actress. This two faced bipolar retarded bitch was on TV telling everyone how Jesus saved her from drugs and her horrible awful life but then decided to become a Bhuddist and open a Vegan restaurant called Buddha’s Garden and start a new life in a new town after she first burned her bridges in Toronto running to Vancouver to start over then running to a third world country. She realized she loved being a ho s much that she is now back in Vancouver stripping at the #5 Orange and we all think this bitch is a joke!! Hey Bridget why don’t you go back on The Harpreet Singh Show and tell them you are back at the #5 and that you are now a porn star on webcam. I guess Jesus and Buddha couldn’t even save you. This girl is a ratched coke head that burns her bridges with everyone she comes in contact with. Even all the addicts at AA meetings think you are pathetic when you tell your pitty stories Smh! Get a real job loser! You can’t even dance.

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