Fariha Khan – the Plastic Butterface

October 15, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well we’ve all waiting a long time for her to be on here and shes dodged for a long, long time. But finally its time she got she deserves! Here she is – The infamous Fariha Khan. This plastic butterface is responsible for posting a few innocent people on here. Her reasons for putting them up are this: The men just didnt want to be with her! Yep. Thats all it took for princess plastic to post them up! If everyone did that then you would see half the population on blast here! LMAO Nik! My friend wouldnt put her up even though she took full responsibility for posting him up here. But fear not dirty family, sometimes you have to go above and beyond for your friends and justice! The reason she is known as the plastic butterface is because of all the money this insecure girl has spent getting surgeries done. Shes had 2 nose jobs and spent money on the worlds worse boob job Nik. As we all know, all fake boobs look the same in clothing. But as soon as you see them in the flesh you want her to put the top back on asap! SCARY! This girl works at a bra store in metrotown mall and will do retail all her life Nik. She is surrounded by boobs all day & she still got butchered on her implants LMAO! The worst part of all, this girl is so naive that all it takes is a few conversations on any online dating site to get some action off her! I had to put her on blast for a few good people Nik, she needs to taste her medicine. She has an accomplice that is next and she needs her day in the sun too.

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Lash Bunnie The Gold Digger

October 14, 2014 Toronto, Vancouver 182

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girls name is Maral. She lives in Vancouver and thinks she’s the next Kim Kardashian. She is an undercover gold digger. First she was dating that Spanish guy who paid for her boobs, bought her bags, shoes as much as his little drug dealing money couple buy. Then she cried her story he would cheat on me do coke and party all night and leave me.. to every guy in Vancouver to Toronto. Then she met big man Duke in Vancouver… who’s rich as f*ck!! She flashed her tits ass… sexually f*cked his mind till he bought her what she cries for… even THOUSANDS on make up… like RELAX.  Why pay for all your surgeries if you are going to load all that crap on your face. Now she’s with this new city boy drug dealer… who’s now once again paying for everything she owns. He even got her her own business selling China eye lashes for double the price. He got her this business and now she is posting half naked photos on the computer for other men to see… she’s Malibu lash bunny turn into Hoe bunny. These guys are insane spending money on her right?

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Marnie Swannell

October 13, 2014 Vancouver 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty, c*ke whore, boyfriend stealing bitch needs to fckin rot in hell! You couldn’t make it as an escort so you resorted to stealing boyfriends. Or is it so you could find some other loser to pay for all your face surgery which by the way you look like a tranny! You should be ashamed of yourself. You are so ugly!

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Shannon Flegar & Ryan Patrick

October 13, 2014 Vancouver 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is the second time they are on thedirty. These losers been telling everyone that they’re living the life out here when in fact they’re selling their asses. Ryan the loser got fired from his highly “lucrative” landscaping job for stealing while Shannon is still glued to her cr*ck pipe after all these years. They are too chicken to go anywhere without their dogs. They are def the dirtiest couple in town.

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Natalie Halcro Is Really Good At Photoshop

October 10, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 178

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natalie before photoshop (far left).  She is really good at making herself 20 to 30 pounds lighter in pictures.  She usually doesn’t take pictures with friends unless its taken by her phone, that way she can photoshop the pics and then text them… some girls are so delusional about real life its crazy.

NO WAY — she is that FAT!!- nik

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Pretty Sure Ms. Habibi Uses Photoshop Now

October 10, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 32


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here with another ‘Carmela’ Taravat ‘Habibi’ post. So first off, we already knew that she has eyeliner moles. She really has no moles except for the ones with gross hairs sticking out of them on her back. But besides that she now edits her eyes to green, remember how kids would edit their pictures on photofunia and sh*t, well I guess she’s still in grade 7 because she still does it (as you can see in the photo I’ve sent) Aswell as I’ve noticed ( only because I see her in real life and know she looks nothing like her pictures ) her ” modelling ” pictures look really photo shopped her “abs” that she works oh so hard to get don’t look real they look shinny like they have been fixed and in real life her stomach actually jiggles so?? I’m a little confused. Just wanted to get yours and others opinion because I think this girl is faker than barbie but not as in she looks like Barbie, I’m talking her personality in general… She’s just so fake.

I like how she covers her nose in selflies.- nik

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Dirty Doctor

October 10, 2014 Vancouver 187

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im surprised this guy hasn’t wound up on this site yet. This is Al Ghahari, a family physician who was recently stripped of his medical license for being intimately involved with a female patient in 2009

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Cheap Sloot

October 8, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 221

THE DIRTY ARMY: She has no dignity, respect or brains. Trashy and slutty. Dani Black is a good for nothing loser. She will do anything for attention, even letting strange men pour coca-cola on her backside and scrape gum out of her ass crack.

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