Dirty European Pepsi Lover

September 3, 2014 Vancouver 9


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nastassia Machaj or Nastassia CM here. This dirty bitch came from Surrey worked at Baselines as a server until she met her Ex that made her who she is today.  He paid for everything for her only to cheat on him numerous times.  She’s a Pepsi loving scumbag that group hops because she’s a fake ass little whore with no actual friends.  She can’t stay in one spot for too long because she’s scared people will find out who she really is. She moved to Vancouver only to follow her “friends” at the time and become an escort that uses her legal job as a cover up she’s out every night drinking doing Pepsi and opening her legs for any guy that she thinks that will improve her game including trying to get back with her Ex. She needs to stop thinking she’s better than everyone because she ain’t sh*t but a flat chested fat slut with a big bird nose.

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Maxine Sobisch

September 3, 2014 Vancouver 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Maxine Sobisch, or “bridgette” on erslist, or whistlers “town bicycle” as the guys called her…. is officially a hooker!!! i find this too funny. we were friends/roomies a couple years ago for about a month, once we really got to know her. and know about her drd. we kicked her the f out and stayed the fck away from this tramp. weeks later we found out she robbed us of whatever she could and whored her self out in our home when we were at work. we had to throw out all our bras and undies because she like to borrow them. this chick is really messed up. she’s a disease ridden, lying, stealing, back stabbing, pepsi head, ice smoking, super sloooot!!! be careful guys if you are looking for a escort, she gonna leave you with a gift you can’t give back, and she’s gonna steal your shit the minute you look away. i mean this, stay the fck away, we found her prescription renewal forms after she left, she has the sickness you can’t get rid of. and a couple more on top of that. i heard she works at the blarney stone or cambie or something like that in the gastown area. you have been warned vancouver!

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Acting Trashy isnt Cool

September 3, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Skye Lynne Markotich Lives in PG she Gets wasted evry weekend, makes her freinds and mother babysit for her.Complains she has no life. Screams at her child over everything. sleeps with different men every week with her child in the same bed. She’s ungrateful and disrespectful to those around her. Acts like a spoilt brat when she doesnt get her way. She’s disgisting, n she has mental probs. She’s so bipolar. One day shes ok and the next she’s snapping at you for not texting her back right away. Maybe you should try parenting your child instead of worring what parties to hit up next. She thinks shes thee hottest thing on the planet. It’s pretty funny except when she dresses like a teen prostitute. Your suposed to be a good role model for your daghter. She’s been cauzing drama with evry one over the fbook but when seen in public she runs and hides. pathetic

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Saundra Harper Had Someone Stab Me Over Her Last Post

September 2, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 265

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sorry if I make any typos. I’m typing this on my cracked up iPhone screen while laying in a hospital bed. The last post of Saundra that went up on your site was submitted weeks ago when I had enough of her. I actually told her I posted her. She was in Toronto this week and she had wanted to sit down to talk about everything. Well, on Friday we agreed at a location that in downtown Toronto and a Starbucks. As soon as I got there she started playing games as to where she was. Then a white guy sucker punched me and said something about watch what’ll happen if I make another post. And told me he knew where I lived and my address. I walked home (his punch was a solid punch though, gotta give him that). When I got home I realised I was stabbed. Saundra, I was one of the few people who actually gave a f*ck about you and would listen to you. You’re mad because I proved to Rebecca you can’t be trusted and actually snapped pictures of her while tanning naked without her knowing? Everyone knew you were a whore, that’s not big, or news worthy. It’s the fact that you bi-polar (runs in your family) and not even your closest friends should trust you. Or maybe you’re mad you had to move to a loft because Rebecca was leaving you even though she wasn’t paying rent. Oh, and her two front teeth are fake… Ask her why… I’ll post again with a police report or another proof. Dave, you were a smart man. Blake, you even made a good call. She told me everything from what type of sex you like to how you had conference calls going to and talking to your lawyers trying to get your post down.

People in VanDirty are crazy. Saundra this is just a website…chill out.- nik

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Powder Snorting Jack

September 2, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik you won’t believe how disgusting this so called gentlemen is. His name is dilsher Cheema. This has got to be the biggest excuse for a man of all time. For starters all this chump does is ride around in his escalade that his mom bought. He never even let’s her drive her own car an demands that she give him the keys no matter what. The size of his nose has reached an astronomical level because of all the cocaine he snorts. He sells weed all day but always says that weed is a poor mans drug and cocaine is for rich men like me. Aside from buying cocaine, he also buys pills in which he slips in girls drinks every single party he goes to. I once walked in on him fingering a girl who was passed out in the washroom at a house party. Talk about desperate and unforgiving. Rumor has it that he also has a kid in India from when he had sex with a poor village girl. This chump doesn’t even bother to pay child support and just laughs whenever someone brings up how his child is doing. He got so drunk one night that he admitted that he can’t get enough of drugging girls and getting them pregnant. He actually said that his goal was to drug another girl and get her pregnant. Don’t know If it was the liqour talking or not but I would stay away. Nik put this monster on blast to warn all of the young girls.

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Saundra Harper Is Just A Big Windmill

August 29, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 161


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Saundra might not admit it, but she’s just a big windmill; she’s a huge fan of this site. I don’t want to talk about how Saundra is just a walking paradox and how she’s not as loyal as she claims, or how she talks about her close friends, like Rebecca who she said lived rent-free and shared a bed with and how she wanted her to leave, or how she can never keep up with all her lies like one day she’s OB’s, I mean Blake’s, sugar baby and then saying how she can’t wait until he tells her he loves her and asks her to move to Florida. And she definitely can be trusted. I mean, who wouldn’t trust someone who snaps pics of their sponsor and talks sh*t about him or sends naked pics of her best friend Rebecca while telling me about the last sponsor she had? I’ll just let these texts speak for themselves and finally clear Saundra’s name. And she knows exactly who this is and has plenty of texts and emails she can post about me. Can’t wait to read them while I sit back with a Budweiser and a cigarette and laugh. Just curious, are you still sleeping with that one guy that would leave Kinder Surprises all over your house for you to find? That was adorable. Deep down she knows I still love her and I hope things work out with this new guy. Give your mom and Moosey a kiss for me, babe. Oh, and here is a tip, just because I love you so much: stop using the word “class”, use elegance instead; we don’t need anymore confused whores telling us they finished high school.

Please submit the texts and naked Rebecca pics for DIRTY ARMY review. Thank you.- nik

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Cisco Executive Surya Panditi Caught Up In Sexual Affair And Money Kickbacks

August 28, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Vancouver 510


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am shocked and surprised no one posted this salacious story on The Dirty, especially since this gossip has been making the news rounds around Silicon Valley lately.  Cisco Executive Surya Panditi not only had a sexual affair with his former staff Katja Gagen but he is also said to have slept with many young teenage girls (one of the girls he fornicated with was his teen daughter’s best friend) while taking kickback money from venture capitalists and investment bankers. You can read more about his naughty ways and kinky affairs.  This guy Surya Panditi is complete scum. Young girls need to be aware of his predatory ways. This horn-dog sexual freak needs to be put on a leash! Here is a photo of this sex monster and his mistress that lead to his divorce.

Make sure Cisco is not part of your investment portfolio.- nik

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Skeena Sloot

August 28, 2014 Vancouver 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is a dirty slum prostitute that fcks her landlord for grocery money and cash for her oxy’s, plus she is on disability (wefare) when she is more then capable of working; disowns her own son to her family because she wants no responsibility. Has had many abortions clearly doesn’t want to use any condoms I am positive she has something because you stand 5 feet away from her you can smell fish, Message for you hunny GO TO THE DOCTORS. She goes on every internet site talking smack about everyone but wont say shit to their face only hangs out with guys because they will only listen to her shit since she giving out her p*ssy for free. Goes and pays for people to take pictures of her and claims she is a model. Acts like she is 100% sober but is never she pops pills and drinks all the time. Listen you have a problem go get help, grow up and take responsibility for you child and please stop having sex; getting pregnant then having abortions by the way she claims she is against abortions. Ha Get well sweetie

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