50 Year Old Drug Dealing Loser And His 23 Year Old Girlfriend

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Trashley has kept on the DL since she cancelled her social Media. She may think no one knows her game but we all do. Used to work at Cactus with Ashley Bolton aka Trashley. She acts all sweet to your face but will pretty much sleep with your brother, husband or anyone who is over 50 and appears to have money.  She’s moved into a upscale hotel with her over the hill bf (Sun Mackenzie) former husband of Reiko Mackenzie. Oh and btw Trashley .. Sun still f$$ks Reiko from time to time.. It makes him feel better about giving the loot up to R. Sun is apparently beyond the law… Besides being a FT thug this guy clearly has some skeletons as he was aquitted of murder. Put these scandalous train wrecks on the blast.

Ashley’s eyebrows almost distract me from her teeth. Almost.- nik

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Little Man Syndrome

April 8, 2014 Vancouver 51 6,061 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is a major scum bag ya’ll this is Cory Caulder from Whistler he is an abusive son of a bitch hes not much to look at hes at least a 2 what do ya’ll think? before he says it’s not him same tattoo ya’ll

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Danielle Ware

April 8, 2014 Vancouver 33 8,615 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Its been a long time coming for this VanDirty hooker to be outed on here. Danielle calls herself a dental assistant but she really is a hooker and a dirty slut. I dated this idiot for a few months and ended up with a DRD. Go figure. Am I surprised? Nah. If you think she’s pretty join the club but in truth under all of her shotgun applied makeup and plastic surgery she’s a 30-something acne faced pig who thinks more of herself than she should. She’s evil on the inside and will use any man she can. Recent gossip says she’s after her new boss some old guy who has lots of money. shocker!

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Giadino Pizzeria Money Stealers

April 8, 2014 Vancouver 157 9,383 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing the $37 dollar sandwich from Giardino Pizzeria on 115 15th st. W. Lonsdale North Vancouver. So I walk into this place hungry at 10pm. Order the pulled beef sandwich ($7.42 with tax) hand him a $50 he hands me back $12.60…. I tell him, he refuses to give me my change saying it is my fault. I said no you need to make sure you are giving proper change to the public that is part of your job, he tells me to call the cops… call the non-emergency line, cause let’s face it its $30 bucks the woman on dispatch tells me its a civil dispute and they do not get involved … Ok is there anything I can do ? No it is a civil dispute between you and the manager… Manager is his girlfriend standing right beside him laughing. No joke they were laughing the whole time . OK hang up. Talk to the guy again calmly he tells me angrily to get off the property “I am calling the police!!!” I say “Great please do”, I leave the restaurant and wait on the sidewalk because that is his right to ask me to leave his property. 3 police cars show up, I tell one of the officers the situation and I say I know the dispatch just told me there is nothing i can do about the $30 between me and the manager, I am sorry if you’re wasting your time but I wasn’t going to leave the sidewalk while this guy phones the police after stealing $30 from me( in the meantime I’m glancing inside and they are both still laughing away) I said to the officers, I’m glad they can have a sense of humour about this.

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Sarah Houle

April 7, 2014 Vancouver 20 6,516 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: SO ITS OFFICIAL!!!! This whore has finally lost her kid *thank god* she used to post photos all the time and now her last photo with her kid was 7w again. Can you thank karma enough for this!? She used to always make fun of girls for not having custody of their kids when they actually did, now look at you Sarah!! AHAHAHAHA. I guess this is what happens when all you do is drink, snort coke and spread your legs lmao. All she ever posts about now all week is getting drunk or going “skiing” as she calls it. People in the real world know what that really means honey. I feel sorry for her daughter for having to deal with this woman while hungover and high on coke for over a year… Now her kid is people who actually love and care about her. Sarah, Stacy and Darla try to deny this every second of everyday but we all know the truth now!! I heard CFSA came into Sarah’s house while she was high on coke, had coke on the bedside table and her kid was running around. The door wasn’t even closed, Sarah was sitting there half naked with arcel Soto sucking his dick andCFSA walked in on her. Her daughter had bruises on her legs and back from Sarah beating her while drunk. She couldn’t handle the baby always wanting attention(that’s how children are) Wow great mother hey!? Please stop denying it Sarah and own up to the fact that you never were a good mom. Thank you CFSA for fnally taking action!! Put this gross pig on blast nik!

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Caveman Mitch Downing

April 7, 2014 Vancouver 14 9,720 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy is your classic example of a braindead caveman loser. I swear I’ve seen him consume live chickens. He’s so juiced up and high on protein powder he has no control over his anger. He was dating a beautiful charming bubbly girl but he threw her away. He lied to her about being on steroids even though it’s clear by the mountain range of acne on his shoulders. He continued to lie to and insult his girlfriend so badly HER BODY began to shut down. I could forgive all this if he didn’t think that he could make her happy by simply throwing money at her. He says he works but he probably just crushes rocks and writes on cave walls. But he is so goddamn ugly he has a fave even a mother couldn’t love, he’s so ugly he could be a modern art master piece. He goes off about how manly he is but he lied and fcked around his ex so much he a hypocrite. I swear his diet consists of live chickens and he probably drowns puppies in his spare time. He’s also so stupid that when he’s in the rain someone has to stop him from drowning. Mitch Downing steer clear of this juiced up stupid motherfuker.

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Daniella the Escort

April 7, 2014 Vancouver 192 12,069 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty girl Has sex for money She blackmails her clients And rats to cops about drug dealers Stay clear away from her Nik you like her tits?

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Cake Face Kaycee Tabora

April 7, 2014 Vancouver 124 9,963 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this sluts name is Kaycee Tabora. Im sure half of you guys on here recognized her. She wears 10 pounds of makeup and has nasty craters on her face. She is the one of the dirtiest girls in thek lowermainland, this girl has been passed around pretty much every week x1024252531532. She lives in a crack shack house on Main Street and drives a 500$ Ghetto Hondo. She loves persian dick but no persians would ever bring this midget troll home to meet the family.

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