Is This Guy Special

July 22, 2014 Edmonton, Vancouver 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik.. this rapper tyger le.. is he for real or he special? He is from Vancouver BC and now in Edmonton Alberta

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Self Obsessed Nora Shilo Wants All Palestinians Dead

July 22, 2014 Vancouver 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this self obsessed bitch is Nora Shilo. She is one of the many Canadian brainwashed Jewish who are posting propaganda all over facebook and twitter.. my friend (who is also Jewish) told me how she has no empathy for the people who are dying for nothing and how she actually wants the IDF to wipe them out. Expose her please… I’ve come to release to many of these racist pretty faces are hiding in our society. I find it disgusting how anyone Jewish person can behave like this seeing as what happened to them so recently.

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Guess who Dun’goofed Now

July 22, 2014 Vancouver 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, Remember “Aquaa Slaughter” ? Well news is (as it has been for a while now) SHE IS KNOCKED UP! I am sitting here looking at the instagram photos and just thinking “You Dun’goofed” Pretty much it. And no this isn’t her usual “post someone else’s preg pictures on fb and act like i am, then deny it later” This girl is the true definition of Ratchet. She married an immigrant to help him get his green card into canada and is STILL LEGALLY MARRIED TO HIM! (no update yet on the divorce) this poor child will probably be taken by the ministry within a year because this whore cant hold a job, pierces out of her home (who knows how many better business bureau reports have been made since this “Her Busines””. Not to mention the ministry of health Vancouver reports. long story short, Some guy with a couple of screws loose just made the biggest mistake of his life sleeping with british columbia’s nastiest person.

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Travis Curry

July 22, 2014 Vancouver 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: You can usually find Travis Curry in your living room (which you didn’t invite him to) sniffing lines and creeping on everything with a vagina. This scumbag loser has his head so far up his ass and lies so much about being a “big time drug dealer” like it’s something to be proud of? He will scam anyone who is around him for any money he can get. He claims he has an amazing girlfriend to some but then you see him at 2am leaving the club with his best friends girlfriend or his girlfriends friends. This guy is a true definition of dirty Nik and deserves to be on here more than anyone.

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Joy Hocking

July 21, 2014 Vancouver 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: joy hocking is a dirty slut who sleeps with guys twice her age, & she has more notches than she can count with her fingers and doesn’t know how to stay away from other girls boyfriends..not only does she hook up with guys but girls too, she’s been with almost every guy/girl in vancouver. the fact that shes also addicted to coke and molly doesn’t help either. and on top of all that she fakes having depression and makes up sob stories so people will feel bad for her. she thinks she’s hot because she has “big tits”, but her face doesn’t make up for it. she needs to fix her chin asap what do you think Nik?

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Pretty Little Liar

July 21, 2014 Kamloops, Vancouver 33


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Tara Gardner, she is a liar and cheater. She sent me the naked pictures while with a guy and I am her sons uncle. They broke up and she was in bed with another 2 in a matter of 2 weeks. She gets high with her 17 year old son, lets her 15 year old daughter smoke, drink and have guys over for the night and they are both in foster care. She ignores her 3 year old son and gets high when no one is around. I am surprised the 3 year old hasn\’t been taken away yet! This is one girl you want to avoid as she uses guys for money, drugs, booze whatever she can. The guy she was dating gave her everything in her home and she didn’t care he found out about sending me pictures.

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David Lemley Is A Cheater

July 20, 2014 Calgary, The Dirty, Vancouver 137


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is David Lemley AKA Dave Lemley AKA David W Lemley and let me tell you, he is SCUM. He is notorious for cheating on his girlfriends and recently cheated on his live-in girlfriend Megan while he was living in Vancouver. He upped and moved to Calgary a few months later and is now dating a girl named Abby. Not only does he mock the fact that she takes anti-depressants, but he’s trying to hook up with girls while he’s with her! I would not be surprised if this guy is riddled with DRDs.

They have cowboys in Canada?- nik

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Jasmine Appaw

July 20, 2014 Vancouver 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jasmine Appaw is a drunken drugged up whore. She cheats on her boyfriend that she claims to love. Yes people, your taxes pay for this low life. Instead of getting a job and being a normal functioning adult, she sits around all day getting fcuked up on your hard earned dollars. Just because you are native does not mean that you should fail at life, be the bigger person. This drama queen keeps saying how she will change, but a few hours will go by and she is her drugged up drunken self. Every post on her facebook is another drama and another way to make people feel sorry for her. It’s time to grow up Jasmine Appaw. We are getting tired of your crap!!!!!

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