Cisco Executive Surya Panditi Caught Up In Sexual Affair And Money Kickbacks

August 28, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Vancouver 655


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am shocked and surprised no one posted this salacious story on The Dirty, especially since this gossip has been making the news rounds around Silicon Valley lately.  Cisco Executive Surya Panditi not only had a sexual affair with his former staff Katja Gagen but he is also said to have slept with many young teenage girls (one of the girls he fornicated with was his teen daughter’s best friend) while taking kickback money from venture capitalists and investment bankers. You can read more about his naughty ways and kinky affairs.  This guy Surya Panditi is complete scum. Young girls need to be aware of his predatory ways. This horn-dog sexual freak needs to be put on a leash! Here is a photo of this sex monster and his mistress that lead to his divorce.

Make sure Cisco is not part of your investment portfolio.- nik

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Skeena Sloot

August 28, 2014 Vancouver 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl right here is a dirty slum prostitute that fcks her landlord for grocery money and cash for her oxy’s, plus she is on disability (wefare) when she is more then capable of working; disowns her own son to her family because she wants no responsibility. Has had many abortions clearly doesn’t want to use any condoms I am positive she has something because you stand 5 feet away from her you can smell fish, Message for you hunny GO TO THE DOCTORS. She goes on every internet site talking smack about everyone but wont say shit to their face only hangs out with guys because they will only listen to her shit since she giving out her p*ssy for free. Goes and pays for people to take pictures of her and claims she is a model. Acts like she is 100% sober but is never she pops pills and drinks all the time. Listen you have a problem go get help, grow up and take responsibility for you child and please stop having sex; getting pregnant then having abortions by the way she claims she is against abortions. Ha Get well sweetie

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How Can Someone Post This Online

August 26, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 168

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, how can Rose be proud of an image like this?  Its like some bootleg location and as you can see how fit her booty is.

This is art.- nik

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You Can’t Be All Eyes

August 25, 2014 Vancouver 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kelly, a fat stuck up bitch from VanCity. She uses men and throws them out like a used tampon but when she looks at you with those amazing eyes that doesn’t seem to matter. She doesn’t take body pictures cause she carries an extra 40 pounds.  You can’t be all eyes girl!!!!

Why does her nose bend like that?- nik

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Just Ugly And Fake

August 24, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 198


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is Cynianne Karilenko, she has a few other last names she’s been using like Yu and Leung and blah blah. It’s not her first time on TheDirty too! She’s know for stealing stuff from her friends and houses she’s been to.  This wanna be import model is just plain nasty!  She is a fake fugly whore who sucks up to anyone she meets but talks sh*t about them after like she knows them personally. She claims her bestfriend are MaiiJun and Adrianna Ly but she has told many people and especially guys, how low and slutty her “bestfriends” are just so she can climb ahead with any guy. What a b*tch! She’s known to creep behind her friends back with their boyfriends. Do you ever see a natural picture of her on the internet?!?

He really looks like a man without makeup.- nik

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Flying With Air Douchebag Joe Prokopanko Will Cause Turbulence

August 24, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 195

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Joe Prokopanko: an Air Canada pilot who is not good looking enough to carry the ego he has, does not make enough money to warrant his “bitches be after my money” attitude, and definitely not smart enough to be even remotely good as a player. We will call him Air Douchebag from now on. Air Douchebag thinks it’s a sport to lead women on, get them infatuated with him (god knows why), and then turn around with all the other women he’s cavorting with, laughing about them all behind their backs. The married bitch with 2 kids he’s having an affair with is especially insidious. She whines that they’ve only made love twice in the year and a half they’ve been together. She’s the same kind of basic bitch who’s all love and kisses to your face and whines about how jealous her husband is. Of course, joke’s on her too…there’s another woman that Air Douchebag declared his love to. Her messages riddled with hearts and Air Douchebag saying that she is the love of his life is only made even more depressing by her FB wall, covered in heart warming memes of love. Married bitch is definitely getting what’s coming to her in her own way, but Air Douchebag does not deserve to get off the hook. His job is a great tool for getting dim and easily impressed women to sleep with him no matter where he is, and who knows what he’s carrying. Ladies, there are better looking men out there willing to treat you better. Gold diggers, don’t settle for a f*cking airline pilot.

His teeth look like Delta.- nik

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Don’t Date Erica Jane Alberts

August 23, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 136

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this a lady if you want to call her that I use to date. This tramp spent the night at my friends cabin with me and when I woke up my watch was gone and so was she. I lent her $1500 the month before. We had been dating for a few months and she gave me a sob story how she was going to get evicted because she couldn’t pay her rent due to her sons high medical bills. I never saw her again. she wont answer my calls nothing. Changed her number now too. Come to find out she is a make up artist like she said she was studying for. I had a friend over the other day and he had met her on another site. She is an escort that posts on CL. Guess Ive been taken..Post this out there will you Nik. Im a lot younger than her and dumber I Guess don’t let this bitch get away with it. YES, Erica Carl remember you and your meat flaps.

She seems really heavy and really lesbian.- nik

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Dirty Girl Sarah Whiting-Lingham

August 22, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sarah Whiting-Lingham likes to present herself as a type of fitness model. But as you can see that isn’t the case. Horrible pig faced woman.  She owns a horrible “beauty” store that is doing so bad that she has taken to asking for donations. The store is called “sas beauty” and it is so overpriced and horrible. She basically sells dollar brand makeup for outrageous prices. Her fat gross husband was on the dirty also because he cheated on her with one of his window clients. But that okay because she also like to cheat. She did in Mexico, with her sister in law, Leigh. Also featured on the dirty. She is fame Hungary and always posts photoshopped pictures of herself DAILY! Narcissistic to the core. She forces her young daughter to diet and pretend she is a model. She is a horrible mother. Not many people know, only her family but she had a son when she was in high school and gave him up for adoption. She likes to throw things away when they seem to bother. If you see her stay away and consider yourself lucky.

Sarah Whiting-Lingham’s arms got soft real fast.- nik

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