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Why Do Sugar Babies Hide Their Sugar Daddies

November 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 835

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, wanted to post this gem… here is a very popular girl who claims she doesn’t date men for money… well check out her man, I’m sure she is with him for his looks… LOL!!!

Finally a GoPro in the shot.- nik

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Sabrina Mani’s Time Has Finally Come

November 16, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 74

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I got the latest dirt on this fake tit gorilla looking rocking blonde hair skinny ass h*e(the one in the middle). She is the most hated from Hollywood. Her new man is a dip and a half he don’t no what he got himself into. She will do anything to get money, she is a gold digging no good easy h*e. Please Nik, every guy needs to be aware of this gold digger, she needs to be put on BLAST! Sabrina Mani your time finally came!!!

I’m not a fan of blonde hair on Mexicans.- nik

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Cougar Vicky

November 14, 2014 Vancouver 234

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty whore known as Vicky (last name is unavailable) her facebook name is Basiliki Apbaviti. I don’t know where to start, this woman is 36 years old dating a 20 year old player (whom is already up here) she is the most disgusting woman I’ve ever seen in my life. For one, she got into a car accident and “only got $66,000″. She is threatening a 17 year old, and anyone who speaks to her “boyfriend”. She is so fat she wears a night gown when she has sex, to cover her fat, although I believe a sheet would work better. She also didn’t lose her virginity until she was 24, but since then has slept with over 200 men, and has albums upon albums of them in her home. (information coming from her “boyfriend”) She lives in North Vancouver, in mommy and daddy’s house, whom she doesn’t speak to, but lives off of them. She is old enough to be Robert’s mother, (Robert Levesque, EastVan Wannabe, 20) This woman thinks she can sue everyone and everything. She wants to sue Robert’s ex girlfriend, 17 for harassment because she still messages him. This woman has messaged the 17 year old’s mother, and best friend, under a fake account on Facebook. This bitch seriously needs to be taught a lesson, she is the most disgusting excuse for a woman. I also believe she has a gunt (such a fat stomach, it covers her vagina.) I mean, how gross can you get? She can’t find anyone her age, so she preys on the younger men, and shes giving him whatever the hell he wants. NIK GET THIS SKANK ON BLAAAST!!!

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Loose Lipped Liar

November 13, 2014 Vancouver 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Candi durocher harbridge from goofsville. She definitely likes to hear her own pathetic voice, cause I’m pretty sure no one else does. About a year ago I met a man at a friends house. We were into each other and started seeing one another. Candi is his ex. She’s a fuking slalker and the queen of harassment. So, the loose lipped looser starts posting shit on Facebook calling me a goof and treating me. So scared, not. She constantly calls my my house, like 50 times in a row. Clearly this wierdo needs to grab a fuckin life. Can you say obsessed, Candi. Anyone can call names you fugley skunt. Your so good looking and smart more like refuckintarded and fugley.

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Beware of Pedrum Mahlooji

November 11, 2014 Vancouver 84

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Pedrum Mahlooji, the thief and biggest loser ugly reject of Vancouver. Me and my best friend were at a house party the other weekend and this rapist tried unsuccessfully to get into her pants. When she said no, he kept trying to force himself on her and she thankfully was able to get away and make a plea for help. However, in the midst of the conflict, Pedrum had the audacity to steal her new iPhone. On top of that, he lies to girls about the old and ugly brown SUV he drives, claiming it’s his, when it is his dad’s car. Nik, we are asking you to expose this piece of shit lying rapist Pedrum Mahlooji for what he really is, a worthless loser thief coward rapist that should be recognized and known across Vancouver. Watch out girls, he will strike again!

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Beau Ezra Sametz

November 11, 2014 Vancouver 562

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This drunk, high, criminal of East Vancouver BC is “the last of the gentleman in the world” …or so he says to girls that he’s trolling on Facebook, Instagram and even Pinterest! He lies out of his yellow teeth about being a sweetheart and wanting to give girls the world when he doesn’t even have a home to call his own and sleeps on friends couches while he’s gambling aways all of his very ill-begotten cash. The pictures say it all. Many girls were sent the same photos over and over of how he USED to look, as he begs for meetings and “dates” with them. (ps, that stolen MK watch IS NOT on a wrist!!) ugh! This fat, washed up, used up man has a baby on the way with his ex girlfriend and is now in treatment for heroin addiction…but, hey, two months clean is okay to bring a child into this world, no? No!! That’s beyond selfish to give a child a lifetime hindrance over your own personal choices. He sleeps with hookers bareback so I strongly suggest that any woman wanting to ride this helluva joke protects herself. Make him wrap it twice, or do yourself a HUUUGE favour and just DON’T. As if friending and messaging ransdms wasn’t creepy enough, he still strings along his pregnant ex and sends her the same shots he’s sending llllllllllllllll of the others. And I’m not even kidding, there’s more than three large scrolls of screen captures I have of him doing so within a very small three week period. Ladies of VanCity (and maybe even men, there’s one questionable IG direct message) do yourselves all a huge favor and stay away from this guy if he’s messaging you…..but continue to do a public service and screen capture said messages posted with the hashtag #ShitShowBeau on any social media. Let’s put this guy on blast, he’s already been busted by girls who have heard this story and received a random msg who say “hey, isn’t THAT the guy we’ve heard about?!” Lol. This should be fun!

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Another Tinder Fail: Gurminder Bhandal

November 11, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 135


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Gurminder Bhandal from Michigan who works for Subaru of America. This Tinder creep is desperate to meet anyone but then gets psychotic when he gets turned down. Clearly there is a loose screw in his head.

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Canada’s Hottest Woman

November 11, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 277


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you are always criticizing Canada for not having beautiful successful models. Well I have to disagree, meet Leyla Milani. Not only is she smoking hot, natural, thin, well educated, and super classy but she is also a self made hottie. She has the number one hair extension and hair product company in California. Young girls should find role models like her. Canada has hot women!

I’m not into Iranian chicks. They have really bad neck and shoulder hair.- nik

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