How Can You Not Find This Hot

September 9, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 236


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all you skinny gays keep talking sh*t about us strong and fit girls.  It seems like if you aren’t fat like Kate Upton these days, you aren’t considered hot.  Well look at my girl, tell me you couldn’t see yourself behind her?  So sexy, those arms are just chiseled to perfection.

I think I’m going to throw up.- nik

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Anthony Perez

September 9, 2014 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 64

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is Anthony Perez, Ive about had it with this kid hurting my best friend, He needs to be stopped now! He was in a relationship with my friend for 4 years, and hes done nothing but cheat hit and lie to her, Did I mention shes wayyy way wayyy out of his lead, he has no idea what he had. Shes the most beautiful amzing young women Ive ever met. He flirts and hits on girls over the internet and trys to pick up randoms using google and facebook! Like hello have u seen your girlfriend!!!hes a fuckin loser, Ive never been so mad and disgusted in my life, Kiana u need to leave this guy and move on! hes gonna do nothing but drag you down and hurt you, and honestly hes nothing special look at him. Watch out ladies stay away from this one. Not like youd hit it anyways hes ugly as fuck.

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Clubrat Hayden

September 8, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: #ClubLevel #Kids #DRAMA #LMFAO #LadiesOfLevel #HSkids # Haters #Jealousy #HorribleFigures #KeepHatin (you won’t bother me  Your bc left you and your dad don’t want to deal w ur BS drama. Cnt needs a good ass beatin to shrink that head bc she is a nobody and has a horrible figure to be walkin around in bra and boy shorts.. REALITY CHECK you DON’T look as good as you think you do plus being a bitch won’t get you anywhere. Level turning into OTR bc of the teenagers.. They lost all the good old school crew it’s not the same anymore.

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Ghetto DJ ‘Lady Remix’

September 5, 2014 Vancouver 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: HI NIK! So we have someone in Vancouver that needs a little bit of attention ) this gorgeous trailer park dime DJs at a bar in a strip mall out in Orchards. She also works quarter time at Wendy’s. I guess her DJing career doesn’t fully support the life of glamour she lives- staying in her parents house and sleeping till 2 pm everyday and neglecting the fact that she has a son. She is nasty. She sleeps around with so many guys, it scares me to think of how many drds are piling up inside of her loose vagina. She thinks she is hot shit and the next famous DJ-honey, you’re almost thirty and you have made it no where. She has jacked up teeth, a 10-finger forehead and some Casper white ass skin. She always smells like BO (if you know her, you know what I’m talking about!). It’s so bad someone once bought her a 3-pack of deodorant as a gag Christmas gift hoping she would get the hint. I can tell you, she did not get the message!! Still stankin up every ghetto bar in the ‘couve. I know some of the guys she has messed with in her life and I feel sorry for them. She uses men until they have no more to give and moves on to the next victim. Sad thing is, she has a son she could give two shits about. It’s only about her and her partying. She loves drinking and doing drugs. Maybe she should try some harder drugs so she would lose some of that extra baggage I have seen on her lately. If you meet this bitch, steer clear. She is a nasty slutt who will steal all of your money and leave you with a few lingering surprises! Hopefully no A**S yet… But better to be safe than sorry! Rock on Lady Remix!

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Leave Saundra Harper Alone

September 4, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 261

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, all you weirdo scumbags need to leave Saundra alone. It’s not her fault being promiscuous, riddled with DRDs, unfaithful, and a whore is hereditary in her family. She’s one of the most honest people I know; it’s not her fault her brain is filled with so much c*m and coke and she can’t remember to keep her stories straight. Just because she talks sh*t about certain people behind their backs and then hops on their gregs, I’m looking at you Amer, the minute she sees them doesn’t make her a bad person. She’s one of the most loyal people I know; she let Rebecca live with her, rent free, and only bitched and complained about wanting her out once. She even pimped her out in Australia, as you can see in the picture. She’s had a rough year. It’s not easy being dumped by your sugar daddy during the same time you tell everyone he’s going to tell you he loves you and ask you to move in with him. Saundra is not the type of person who wants or is looking for love and meaningful relationships. She’s the type of woman who is suppose to be enjoyed. Just be glad I didn’t post screenshots of texts you sent me. You know, like saying the ones where you said you’d let guys sh*t on you or how Blake made you play with his nipples while he called you his little bitch in a baby voice or about your past. And I think it’s sweet she commemorated her abortion with a bellybutton ring. If you’re wondering why I’m posting this… well, because f*ck you… And because I’m drunk… Love you, babe. LoL.

I want the text messages for my porta-potty research.- nik

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Carmela Taravat “Habibi” Is A Phony

September 3, 2014 Vancouver 39


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Carmela Taravat  or’ Habibi or whichever name she chooses to use today. We have all seen this ho. We all know she has a smelly cat box . We all know she has used sexual favours to get shoots and features, in this so called modelling career that is non exsistant and everyone knows there are no real models in Vancouver just hookers looking for some money and a few photos. And The Lord knows this girl is a big time HOE! nasty coquitlam trash. But what’s really wrong with Ms.  Taravat ? No one will ever no. All I know is she better lose some weight, get a nose job. And dead lord please do something about those eye brows !! And girl . Please. You are not fooling any one with those eyeliner moles you draw on. One day you have them one day you don’t. One day you have one above your lip, one day on your cheek by your eye. Trying to be the next Kim Kardashian! Bish you half way there keep giving photographers sex for a shoot and you will have your self in an armature red room porn! You look the part and your deffinatly playing it! Good game Taravat! Now stop acting like a silly sl*t. Go to school and make something of your life you filthy gutter whore.

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Dirty European Pepsi Lover

September 3, 2014 Vancouver 12


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Nastassia Machaj or Nastassia CM here. This dirty bitch came from Surrey worked at Baselines as a server until she met her Ex that made her who she is today.  He paid for everything for her only to cheat on him numerous times.  She’s a Pepsi loving scumbag that group hops because she’s a fake ass little whore with no actual friends.  She can’t stay in one spot for too long because she’s scared people will find out who she really is. She moved to Vancouver only to follow her “friends” at the time and become an escort that uses her legal job as a cover up she’s out every night drinking doing Pepsi and opening her legs for any guy that she thinks that will improve her game including trying to get back with her Ex. She needs to stop thinking she’s better than everyone because she ain’t sh*t but a flat chested fat slut with a big bird nose.

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Acting Trashy isnt Cool

September 3, 2014 Prince George, Vancouver 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Skye Lynne Markotich Lives in PG she Gets wasted evry weekend, makes her freinds and mother babysit for her.Complains she has no life. Screams at her child over everything. sleeps with different men every week with her child in the same bed. She’s ungrateful and disrespectful to those around her. Acts like a spoilt brat when she doesnt get her way. She’s disgisting, n she has mental probs. She’s so bipolar. One day shes ok and the next she’s snapping at you for not texting her back right away. Maybe you should try parenting your child instead of worring what parties to hit up next. She thinks shes thee hottest thing on the planet. It’s pretty funny except when she dresses like a teen prostitute. Your suposed to be a good role model for your daghter. She’s been cauzing drama with evry one over the fbook but when seen in public she runs and hides. pathetic

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