Cocky Lyle

April 7, 2014 Edmonton, Vancouver 21 8,401 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is Lyle and he is good for nothing except for a good party buddy then a good fck. When you’ve had enough of the life he’ll drop you calling you names and on to the next one. He’s a self proclaimed ladies man and thinks he’s all that. He’ll tell you what you want to hear to get you into bed then he’ll drop you. He always has drama following him and he’s always high on something. The party never stops. Enough is enough already. He left Edmonton cuz he owed people money and wanted to beat the shit out of him but blamed leaving on family problems. If that’s the way you’re gonna be Edmonton doesn’t want you. It’s my town and I have more backing here than you so be gone!

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Native Bucket, Samantha Weaver

April 3, 2014 Vancouver 7 5,719 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Weaver, 19 years old, cheats on every guy she’s “with” or “seeing” . Her ex boyfriend got his current girlfriend pregnant and now they are having a child and this ugly ass native cunt is playing him and her other ex boyfriend at the same time to try and fck up their lives. Never known someone as sleazy and grimy as this one . A manipulative tranny looking motherfcker. She doesn’t pay for anything, she gets mommy or the government to pay for everything. Abuses the system to get whatever she wants. Lives off of every guy she’s with and takes advantage of everyone. Never let this stupid bitch around your children. She’ll do anything to get whatever she wants.

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Gold Digger Lands Herself A Conman

April 3, 2014 Vancouver 75 10,089 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tara Sweder has been on TheDirty before.  Now she has finally got pregnant taking fertility medication. As for Phillip Oldridge. He is a 53 year old piece if sh*t lying scum that doesn’t deserve the skin he has. He is a thief and con artist that will steal from anyone. He is still married to his wife of over 20 years that he lies to as well. Now they are having a baby. Well I think they just might be a perfect match!!!

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Please Help find Donny Pawliuk

April 3, 2014 Vancouver 198 9,214 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Donny is presumed dead and somebody must know something. He was a father. If anyone knows who was behind this please post anonomouysly  He used to be Jay Hariss partner. Jay is in jail and Donny is nowhere to be found. Someone out there must know something of where he was seen last. He was a good guy and greatly missed.

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Moto Jessy

April 3, 2014 Vancouver 36 8,981 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: He rapes many girls. He always hava a girlfriend at the same thing.

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Sean Haggart

April 3, 2014 Quesnel, Vancouver 18 8,558 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Deadbeat Dad Alert. This is Sean Haggart, women beware he will use you for your money. He quit his 6 figure a year job just so he wouldnt have to pay child support. Then he sucked another innocent woman in to let him live with her as she works and supports him. Rumor around quesnel is he picked up a nasty std in the last month and has passed it on freely and later laughed about it. The poor woman he lives with must realize this by now and soon he will be on the street again looking for another victim. This deadbeat never once watched his kids play soccer or skating last year, also refused to pay for the lessons. Please help me shame this guy into straightening his life around. His kids will thank you for it. Please message him on facebook and let him know what a douche he is. Once again his name is SEAN HAGGART

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Who Knows Her? I Want To Press Charges

April 2, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 93 10,133 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl said she did deep tissue massage. After 15mins she ran out of the room with my money I was in a towel and couldn’t chase her. I have texted her 1000′s of times telling her I want my money back. She said she went to the police showed all my text messages and I’m going to get charged with harassment( she must of deleted the messages saying I want the money back you stole). I think she forgot to tell the police she stole money from my room and ran out. She said she was from Kelowna , I want to put a name to her face so Police can track her down and charge her. Anyone that comes across this mumbling ugly junkie, do not get fooled she is obviously a hooker and does not do massage.( I found her on ERS LIST She will say anything and do anything to get an opportunity to steal money. Please put this disgusting thing on the blast Nik and hopefully your site will be able to figure out her name so justice can be done

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Stephen Lan Professional con man and Thief

April 2, 2014 Calgary, Vancouver 132 8,956 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Stephen Lam. He is a cumpulsive liar and con man. He stole my wedding ring from me when he was supposed to get it appraised for me. He lies and cheats on everyone and every thing. He shaggs a minimum of 3 girls at a time telling each of them they are the only one. He has stollen LARGE amounts of money from good trusting people with promises of investments. He says he is a millionaire when really he is just a thief and a loser. He is on every dating website trying to find weak broken down girls to take advantage of. He sent me a photo of my ring and said that he wont give it back and that he will pawn it or throw it in the garbage. DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN!! Every thing he says is a lie! I trusted him and thought he was a friend. He name drops and thinks he is a gangster when he is NOTHING and a NOBODY. Stephen LAM is a thief and a con man!! I SMITE YOU STEPHEN!! !

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