The Most Disgusting Fake Butt Ever

July 11, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 283

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, check out this is a gutter chick with a fake ass. She hangs out with Randi Lee so I bet she is one of her escort friends. I see her pic on Instagram so I wonder who she is. That ass is so insanely disgusting out of proportion with the rest of her body. I bet if she was walking down the hoe stroll of Kingsway with that ass and the cops would pull her over. This fake ass epidemic is out of control. Hey Nik, what do you think?

Are you sure that ass is fake?- nik

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Kaitlyn Davies

July 11, 2014 Vancouver 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my bud just told me about this site an I gotta admit it’s fckin badass, good way to warn the world about nasty ass sloots like kaitlyn Davies. I met this “woman” a few months ago, we partied, banged, did a shit load of Pepsi, she sucked my cock like a fckin champ too after she snorted a fat one off my dick, when i woke up in the hotel she was gone with my wallet. I\’ve got enough cash it don’t bother me much. Butt a Few days ago I found out I got the drd, she’s the only bitch I’ve slept with in the last few months since I\’m away workin on a rig. My bro told me he heard about her Gettin all high on drugs and trying to bite some dudes cock off too. The bitch is fuckin nuts. Dumb cunt ripped off the condom and now Im fuckd for life. She’s so good at taking your money an drugs, she should prob think about makin a career outta it. Stay away from this infected puss kelowna an Vancouver! It’s called VANDIRTY For a reason after alll.

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Website Scams

July 11, 2014 Vancouver 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Earl Kaminsky owns a web design company fraud scams (parallaxwebdesigners).You find a designer with good pricing and a nice portfolio. You email a few times, get a quote for the work, and decide to hire the person. Once they receive your deposit in, you never hear from them again. OR the work is NOT ever finished, then you never receive the completed site design. Then he try to sue you for harassment !! Public Warning !!Please see attach photo scumbag !! You find a designer with good pricing and a nice portfolio. You email a few times, get a quote for the work, and decide to hire the person. Once they receive your deposit in, you never hear from them again. OR the work is NOT ever finished, then you never receive the completed site design. Then he try to sue you for harassment !! Public Warning !!Please see attach photo scumbag !!

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What Is Going On In VanDirty

July 11, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 323

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! What’s going on with Vancouver? So many shootings lately. Mia was shot while hanging out with a gangster at a gas station in east Hastings not long ago. Mary was right about this girl hanging with bad apples. Maybe Mia can be more humble and modest after a life changing experience? Poor girl! Lucky to be alive. I’m really glad I moved out of my over priced condo in Yale town. Please Vancouver, we are better than this!

I feel like this is not a life changing experience for Mia… more like bragging rights.- nik

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Pregnancy Scammer

July 11, 2014 Vancouver 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl’s name is Nikki Raelynn AKA Nicole brandvold we are trying to find out if this troll really has a daughter she has been trying to scam me for cash and I want to know if she really has a kid by me so I can do a DNA test and take the child away might I add this girl has warrants and is not fit to have a kid!

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The Real Karmel Franklin

July 10, 2014 Miami, The Dirty, Vancouver 191

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Karmel Paris, I mean Franklin has always been a fake person who’ll only be friends with someone if she thinks they can offer her something. I’ve known her since before high school when she got dealers to front her drugs and instead of paying said she’d snitch on them. Karmel remember when you slept with guys no one else would even tough like Eric Caralson or Shamire? I still remember when she talk to her friends for hours about how she would steal from her place of work Mantique and brag about it. She stepped up her game though and her and Ali Layton became fulltime escort and would travel every other month to vegas to hang out with Tony. Then they hooked up with Tyesha, Shannon and Nicole Chartrand and really stepped up their hooker game. Shannon or Shaz and her became like sisters because they both had no soul. Shannon actually scammed her deceased grandfather for his car even though her grandparents paid for her rent and everything else including her acting classes at VADA. Remember when you’d leave the bar and walk to your studio apartment just to come back in a different outfit. Think any buyers will really offer you anything when you are never sober and out every night until 4 in the morning? Everyone who works at Smooch is a known escort/sugarbaby/golddigger/druggie. The only person who hasn’t been posted on here who works for you is Ela and I hear she’s gonna get posted real soon. Might as well hire Emiley and Saundra and make it an all start escort company.

Why is nobody a Miami Heat fan anymore? Talk about fake fans.- nik

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Page Kennedy Is Trying To Sleep With Every Girl In VanDirty Through Tinder

July 10, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 110


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’m on Tinder and I had talked to this celebrity Page Kennedy a few months ago when he was here shooting a show or something. he’s that guy from BMS and Weeds. and I see him on Tinder again and he hits me up again like he never talked to me before. He had given me his email and cell before and I sent him boob pics he begged for. He is so pushy. so you know I’m for real it’s pagefan*** Right away he asked would I come to the Sutton Place hotel where he is staying to have sex and let him make me explode. after the last time I looked him up on vine and instagram and I thought he has a family. I asked aren’t you in relationship and he said does it matter? He is in Van right now. When I said I couldn’t come he pretty much stopped the convo. I’m sure so he could find someone else who would go. So I called a couple of friends who are on Tinder too to see if he would talk to them too and they both got on and got a swipe almost right away. so funny he doesnt try to hide his identity. he uses his actor info on there to catch more girls I think. anyway he hit up my friends and right away told them to come to his hotel so he can make them explode. he gave one his phone number 323-559-****, it’s not a local number. he was pushy with them too. so sleezy. I feel stupid for sending him titt pics and he didnt remember who i was. he must do this all the time. you should try it. I feel bad for his lady. I guess I dodged a bullet.

Why did you block out Page Kennedy’s number?- nik

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Pro Bodybuilder Darren Toma

July 10, 2014 Vancouver 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is pro bodybuilder Darren Toma and his wife Lara. She caught him once cheating with hookers and took him back because he promised he’s never do it again and he is at it again. Nik, I feel so bad for this girl because they own a Reflex store together and have a child and the very escorts that he is screwing behind her back go into the store and buy products from her and check her out. She truly is sweet and kind and I hope he stops before he loses this sweet woman for good. So sad.

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