Woman Beating Father

October 3, 2014 Vancouver 194

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce Mr. Christopher scumbag Gibson. Im actually shocked hes not already on here. This sad excuse of a boy, and waste of air, takes pride in the fact that he beats women, and talks shit to any guy. He acts tough, but hes only ever had the balls to hit everyone of his girlfriends. Hes got a kid, of which he never sees or supports. He blames the mother, but Ive never ever seen him make an effort, Ive been with him when his baby momma calls, and he just screams at her. He spends all his money on pot and claims to have a “multi-billion dollar business” selling makeshift crack pipes. He still lives in his mommys basement at 24 years old. And he blames every single one of his problems on everyone else. This kid, and i use that tentatively because I know 6 year olds with more common sense than him, didnt graduate, but claims hes the smartest person he knows. His girlfriend is a coke head with major daddy issues who sucked off his best friend, yet he begged for her to come back. And when they were broken up he was banging his ex, who then ran off and fcked his buddy 10 minutes later. Hes had every drd out there, the c*ap, gon**hea. and is PROUD to admit that. He spend hundreds of dollars on tattoos that look like shit, make no sense and look like stickers placed verywhere. This guy is seriously the shit you wouldnt wanna scrap off your shoe with a 10 foot stick.

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Taylor Hughes Has The Perfect Body

October 2, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet Taylor Hughs. Her body is on point! Nothing wrong with this girl I think she is the one, needed to see what you think.

She has an Asian bridge (nose) which makes her eye sockets look flat. I hate that.- nik

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A Surprise For You All

October 2, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 315


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Richie is the biggest piece of sh*t to ever defy the beauty of this Earth. You’re a pretty ginormous asshole, Nik. Hope you feel good knowing that you compensate for your tiny d*ck by tearing the rights of everyone down with the excuse, “it’s america, free speech right.” Lol, well I’m in a country with free speech as well, and I’ll educate you and anyone who is curious, that you, Nik Richie, are a d*ckhead, and will forever be a d*ckhead. Every fiber of your being is laced with the true essence of asshole. You’re a piece of sh*t, and sad, lonely c*ck smoking bitch.  I hope you die and all your family as well.  Canada is the superior country, not bullish*t America.  F*ck you Nik Richie and all you American f*ckd*cks your free speech.  Who takes an iPhone into the ocean for a selfie?  Only broke losers like you.

I call it Greg. How about cleaning up your act so you don’t have to worry about me.- nik

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Anyone Know this girls Boyfriend

October 2, 2014 Vancouver 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please put this girl on blast so whoever knows her boyfriend can let him know that she has been going behind his back trying to talk to other girls boyfriends, DREW BURBINE. You ugly mutt, you’ll get what’s comming for you. Stop talking to other girls men you filthy gutter whore !! Who ever knows this girl and her man please direct him to this page just so he’s informed his girlfriend has been laughing to other guys about him saying how he was just a little virgin before he met her, and has been trying to get with guys behind his back. Shady little ugly slut .

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Can Zach Boss Be Anymore In Love With Himself

October 1, 2014 Las Vegas, The Dirty, Vancouver 91


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy Zach Boss really believes he is Arnold. I went to dinner with him once and he started taking pictures of himself in the restaurant bathroom. Not only that he immediately showed me the pictures of his abs that he took in the bathroom and said “do you want to touch them later?” I was so creeped out and no I’m not a woman either. Zach laughed it off once I said no. I’ve never felt that uncomfortable before and I’ve never hung out with Zach since. Who takes pictures of their own ass like this Nik?

The bigger question… why are you sending me pictures of his ass?- nik

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She’s An Evil Witch In Disguise

September 30, 2014 Dirty Business, Vancouver 56


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, can you please put this disgusting witch on a blast, her name is Shantelle Koonar.  Her company called the International Laser Clinics was a clinic that promised people with laser hair therapy that they can grow their hair back.  Well I suffer from hair loss and I put my trust in them and gave them 6,000 dollars in hope of getting my hair back but no such luck… They use people like me knowing full well that they will never see a single hair grow back cause the product was a fraud.  So now she’s running a different company Laser hair removal telling peoplel if you go to her clinic that you will never have to wax or shave again, I call this bullsh*t.  This woman uses her breasts to seduce men you will always see her come to work with her breasts about to pop out cause she wants be like Kim Kardashian.  Well Nik, I could go on about this trash but I just wanted to warn people about what a fraud she is.

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East Van Hoodrat

September 29, 2014 Vancouver 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik i know this hood rat has been on here many times but it is time to blast her ass once again. since been back out in poco this nasty chug has been caught with my friends man. she gave him a serious dose of some form of drd. just want to warn the gents or should i say dogs that want to get down her pants, think twice guys there is a price to pay. she best keep that flat ass in poco and stay away from EastVan. this thing is so in love with herself it is pathetic. if you take a good look she sticks her lips out so she can cover that nose of hers ha ha. Sandra you are a joke and seriously no one is jealous over you. you have no class you act like a puta. and really you want that kid of yours to grow up like you? i feel for that kid. pity her because she looks like that fat rat father of hers. you are a dirty dirty biatch that gives it away freely. time for you to grow up puta and start acting like a lady ha h ya right. you cant turn a whore into a house wife or a mother. poor kid will be embarrassed of you when she is older. hey cover up your saggy boobs and hide that droppy as ha ha it is gross. and one more thing PUTA stay away from men that are taken. stupid whore

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Turn Down For What

September 29, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 59

I posted this video on my Facebook last week, but it’s so good I had to share it with the DA. The best Lil Jon music video ever!- nik

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