David Milne Needs to Grow Up

April 2, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 28 8,564 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: David Milne use to live here in Vancouver BC. He has since moved to Victoria BC and opened up a shoe store under the name of Peninsula Runners. I use to work for him and he is honestly one of the most perverted people I know. I heard from a friend of mine who worked for him in town that he has these bra nights where he is meant to have left for the day while women try on different bras, but instead he watches the camera footage later… He has a young daughter and he needs to move on from his creepin days. Grow up Dave.

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Is Jessica Valveen one of the Fox’s

April 2, 2014 Vancouver 15 6,782 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl, Jessica Valveen, is up to something. Trashing it up with well known escorts, parting at dirty escort, metal bars. Who is she and is she the curly haired Fox? Shes hot so let’s hope not.

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Hayley Tupman Is Bonkers

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 96 6,759 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hayley Tupman is the sister of Rayanne Tupman, the Vancouver woman who bitched about having to pay a $2,000 TransLink fine. She is now going around harassing people who commented on The Province’s story, bullying them, telling them they “belong in planet of the apes” and even making death threats. Both of these sisters are bonkers!

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What in the Gods Name Happened to Terra

April 1, 2014 Langley, Vancouver 14 10,421 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wow nik, this girls name is terra deroshe from langhole, this girl use to look pretty but now she is a gib head with her gangster wanna be boyfriend ben i find it sad that she has no friends and no life just a nasty looking skeleton girl just digging herself into a grave… How do you have custody of your child ? You take pictures with a gak pipe in the picture ( one of the pictures posted on the bottem right side ) Someone please should considering calling a social worker its sad! Terra you are a discusting whore who looks like a cancer patient grow some meat back your ugly as fck.. Men like booty not a skeleton.

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Nevada Marie Foster

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 53 6,893 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nevada Marie Foster thinks she’s so fcking hot now that she’s lost a little bit of weight. The only reason why she’s lost so much is because she recently got diagnosed with H** and now has wasting syndrome because her count is very low for not having it checked for so long. I figured I wouldn’t post a picture.. Not yet anyways. It’s about time she get a taste of her own medicine. She lies steals brags and fcks anyone and anything that moves she tries to be a model but she isn’t that hot and will never make it big anywhere.. Not now anyways because of these posts .anyways I’ll let this digest a bit.. Before I post again with more of her scandalous ways . not to mention she’s cheated on her current boyfriend thousands of times.. Poor guy..

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The Real Carmen Fox of the Fox Den

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 61 9,183 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where the person errored last time was they didn’t post who this rat faces oompa loompa is. This is the real CArman Fox. Yes, the one who’m is so ugly herself that she can’t even show her face on her own ads. Carman the coke fien that hires her own little foxes to have sex with her and do cocaine. She is a steroid junkie with roid boils all over her ugly ass face and back it’s disgustng. Huge adams apple and hairy chest. The one who puts hidden pinhole cameras in her rooms so she can “live feed” your action and sell it off a website offshore through people’s credit cards that she then steals the info for fraudulent purposes. The Carman Fox who will black mail you with your face photos and threaten to OUT you should you tell anyone about the hidden mics and cameras that she has in her rooms that she will tell you are for your own safety but only admit to you if you find them. The Carman Fox that will blackmail you if you are married or a judge. The Carman that loves all of her girls to be pepsi slores so that they will be so fcked up that they will do everything unprotected. The Carman that pretends to be all nice and act like she cares so that you will brown nose her and she can make money off your ass, Be careful all clients that go to The Fox Den. There are hidden cameras and mics and your session very well could be being sold live stream to a neighboring country on an internet website. BE CAREFUL!!

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Nicola Lynn Hamilton

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 25 5,942 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl is TOXIC! She is a liar and a THEIF! Do not trust this mentally unstable broad. Not to mention shes fat and dumb as the pole she swings around trying to make a few bucks. I wont get too much into the details, I’m sure many other Vancouverites have a piece or two to say about this psycho.

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Addict Alissa

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 246 8,648 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alissa. This collagen injected junkie needs to be put on blast! You can catch this bitch passed out in public washrooms with a needle sticking out her arm. She’s such a junkie she had her daughter taken away and only sees her for court ordered supervised visits! And when those visits do happen, she makes sure to take lots of pictures! “I don’t always see my kid, but when I do, I take pictures to prove it”. This deadbeat mom is a real piece of shit. She flunked out of school because she would rather get high and drunk. Now, the bitch is dating a gay drug dealer wannabe. This ex-prostitute should go back to the streets, at least when she was working she was making her own cash instead of living off any guy who will have her! Her relationship is a joke, she’s with him for the drug money and he’s with her so people dont guess he’s gay, although you’d have to be a full blown retard to not know he’s a flamer! She tries to act like she’s a great mom but the reality is she couldn’t stop getting high long enough to be a mom… All she knows in life is downing out and getting messed up on whatever pills or booze she can get her hands on. This bitch needs a reality check! Get your shit together, for the sake of your daughter before she follows in your footsteps! And for the love of baby Jesus, stop getting plastic surgery you look hideous!!! You look ridiculous. Lay off the Botox, bitch. Check her out in this picture of her in her natural habitat, under a bridge. Her**ne is a hell of a drug!

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