It Makes Sense Why Sofia Gee Can Afford Everything

July 2, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 316


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Sofia Gee. Her Instagram account name is “Sofiastxr”. She openly posts pictures of her shopping sprees, designer clothing, shangri-la living, extravagant vacations… Yet she has been a university student? It never made any sense to me until I heard she is an escort!!! Makes perfect sense now. You’re not hiding anything, sweetie, it’s so obvious. Even looking at her friends… All I see is fake! Oh!!! She even hangs out with that freak Mia Claman from RHOV.

Aligator eyes and mole on the neck… it’s a pass from me. Next.- nik

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Warning: Bone Table Is A Woman Beater

June 30, 2014 Vancouver 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, over the passed few days I’ve been getting messaged by multiple friends sending out warnings about this guy Nathan,aka Bone Table, and how he likes to get physically abusive to women that he dates. This makes me sick as I\’m sure it will too for a lot of your readers. We all know that the amazing women of Vancouver and the World deserve better, and that they all need to be warned to watch out for this guy and others like him. So readers, inform those you care about and prevent them from becoming another victim of violence at the hands/fists this guy “Bone Table”. I was told he took down his facebook page, but can still be messaged on his band’s Facebook: Sex Loader,or, if you see this scum bag in person tell him you know what he is, what he does, and that domestic violence will not be tolerated. Together everyone we can end the violence against our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our friends. Please Nik, help put violence against women on blast, and let Nathan know that even slapping the bass isn’t cool.

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Olesha Ferrari Is So Hungry For Attention It’s Disgusting

June 30, 2014 Chicago, Dallas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 222



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so this girl announced on her instagram months ago that she was prego and all the creeps stopped liking her pictures and writing all these comments about how hot and sexy she is.  Well, she couldn’t take it and decided to start posting near naked pictures and her huge prego stomach.  Like lady, that is cool to share with family, but to let every weirdo on the net see it is very disturbing.

Are we positive she is pregnant? The side fat rolls are throwing me off.- nik

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Meet Sarah Hall aka Sarah Saphirra

June 27, 2014 Vancouver 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I would like you to meet Sarah Hall, also known as Sarah Saphirra. Where should I start? Let’s see.. This sorry excuse for a human being is a psychotic, multiple personality, condescending, whore that walks around Vancouver like she\’s Kanye West trying to steal microphones from people at bus stops. I have never met such a disgusting, trashy, disease infested slut in my life!! It looks as though it runs in the family too. She gets it from her mom, and her sister is following in her footsteps! Way to raise trashy children mom! Anyways, This fire dumpster double bagger is so funny she bought her own domain name as her alter ego name Sarah Saphirra… really?? That’s the name you came up with? What does it mean? Is it even a word? I do’t recommend losing 2 minutes of your life that you will never get back googling it, but if you want a good laugh, watch her “HOT GIRLS GUIDE” tutorials on youtube! HAHAHA What a total loser! Now let’s talk about Sarah Saphirra’s new single she released “hot and heavy” Ummm… you must be really hot because you are a fat, ugly, c**t. I thought I would slip the “see you next tuesday” phrase in there since it is one of Sarah’s favourite words to use. Remember Sarah? Just a word of advice to Sarah Hall AKA Sarah Saphirra, Fu*k with the power, and the lights go out!

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Kirsty Ferrari Vancouvers Newest Stripper

June 26, 2014 Vancouver 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik,this is Kirsty Ferrari, her real name is Kirsten Ferrier. Notr sure where this one is working but I just found out from one of her exes that her modeling career was going down the drain so she took up stripping! so she could keep up her druggy lifestyle.

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Wanda Probe Cyber stalker Troll

June 26, 2014 Vancouver 93

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think it is about time to meet this Cyber Stalker Wanda Probe Not only is she a Cyber Stalker But she is a troll herself She is a pathological liar with serious mental illness, and a huge need for attention, and she is a bully with a grandiose sense of self importance who is prone to delusions of being some kind of Internet law enforcer, where she stalks what she calls “trolls”, and then she starts to find out anything she can on them, being the TROLL herself, as she makes up lots of lies, interferes in many stranger’s lives, and posts it on her websites, which MAKES them have to engage with her to call her out for the stalker she is which then brings the game full circle, where-by SHE starts to say THEY are stalking and harassing her. She totally violates people, posts personal information about people, contacts friends and relatives, and starts a shit storm everywhere she goes, and acts as if she is above everyone, knows what everyone is doing wrong, what they need to do, and how to do it, and she will write essays on that person’s life, daily, for long periods of time, and not let them go. She finds out anything she can on them, then accuses people and bullies them and makes them answer to her lies and accusations, It’s literally her M.O., and she does it to many. Welcome to the Dirty Wanda Probe you belong here. Payback is a Bitch . We are tired of being trolled by the biggest Troll on the internet. YOU WANDA PROBE ! She has so many profiles it isn’t funny .

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Thirstay Rose

June 24, 2014 Vancouver 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch goes by Tina Rose cause her last name is longer than bullshit. It’s actually Tina  olmohammadzadeh. She thinks it’s alright to my man, but even though that shit is not enough, broke up with his cheating ass. Posted about him already! she sleeps around with every black guy she meets. She’s in the club making out with every random piece of shit, I also heard her pussy fuking stinks, probably has some drd or something! The Dirty I would like to advice everyone in Vancouver to stay away from this bitch before they get an drd. My ex said said her tattoo looks Ghettoo as fck.

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Good Ol ” Jessika Soup Bean ”

June 24, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 152


THE DIRTY ARMY: hey i saw some post of a Native looking lady and some person was asking for some “Jessika Soup Bean” well here she is, trash queen she is, other then that she a drug headed person always on something. she is messed up and I’m sorry to say that but its true. she’s always out partying, i dont think she even has a job so she’s always mooching off people and being a bum living under the bridge or peoples houses.hmmm what else about her? ohhh she’s one hell of a slut thats why you got that one pic of her, got to love those big old and i mean big cookie ringed boobs or should i say donut, yes the big round ones. she lies all the time. ohh i know she’s going to whats the rave place called hmmm Shambhala or something. I’m also glad i dont have a horse jaw,she’s prob good at sucking dicks haha hint hint dentist or even grinding of the teeth created that jaw i dont know. all i got to say is long live the trash. alert on drd too with her gang bangs she rolls, she’s slotting up the city add her on Facebook i bet you’ll get her in bed in time.

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