The Attention Seeker

September 25, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 76


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Chelsea Ditamaso, BIGGEST ATTENTION WHORE I know. This girl goes around flirting with every guy out their expecting nothing to happen. She has the face of a man, and a body of a drug addict. She spends most of her time in the tanning salon, when shes not telling guys to come bang her all over Instagram or posting half naked photos.  As you can see in her bright underwear trying to prove how “natural tanned” she is LOL. She seriously needs to be taught a lesson. Shes a joke, not only is she a slut but she tries every way possible to be a home wrecker. Put some clothes on girl, your giving yourself a bad name.

Rusty armpits.- nik

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Deanna Potter

September 25, 2014 Vancouver 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: so Nik what’s your opinion on this sad excuse for a hooker? her boyfriend pimps her out, shes underage, hates porn because apparently she was molested when she was young, but yet for the right price she let you do anything to her! get a job get a life you waste of space. hope you wake up! and to all the johns be careful the cops have been informed and are investigating her, dont get caught with your pants down.

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Valerie Claxton Doesn’t Allow Her Boyfriends To Have Friends

September 25, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 311

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Valerie Claxton. She’s the most insecure hag I’ve ever met in my life. She won’t let any of her boyfriends have any girl friends.. And with a face like that, I would be worried too. Put this bitch on blast Nik. And P.S. Valerie, it ain’t cute doing duck lips in all your pictures.

That belt screams Forever 21 to me. Do they have that chain in Canada?- nik

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Cpictureperfect is an Overstatement

September 23, 2014 Vancouver 31



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this is Malcolm, as a lot of girls would know him as cpictureperfect. That’s how he can be found on pof and Instagram. See this guy plays everything around him. He always has his “main chick” and side chick. He lies through his teeth or as he would say #whiteteeth he’s so addicted to social networking, It’s come down to him following girls and getting them to dm him for pussy pics while he has a girl laying up beside him. His ego is huge, but I mean I guess that’s what people have to do when they need to compensate for something. He used to do roids and now his balls are so small. I guess he needs the the reassurence from other girls. He’s got mama issues and can’t even pay child support for his own kid that he probably doesn’t even know the name of. Girls this guy ain’t loyal. Don’t be fooled.

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Tara and Tyler Cowie

September 23, 2014 Vancouver 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tara and Tyler Cowie are this modern day’s version of Bonnie and Clyde. They’re scammers and keep popping out kids to get $$$$$$ from the government. They’re both shady liars and will take you for whatever you’re worth. They also both cheat on each other.

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Eddie Wong

September 23, 2014 Vancouver 57

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this homo right here is Eddie Wong. He is a chef who likes to mack on all the ladies wherever he works. The only problem is he is so fcking annoying and ugly that nobody would even consider. He grabbed my ass and tried to get my number working at Chop, I told him to go fck himself lol. Just look at his fat worthless ass and his ugly sluts to. He’s worked at Chop and Moxies as far as I know, and everyone has the same opinion on him.

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Shotgun On The Counter

September 22, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 108

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is wrong with Facebook that they openly allow photos of shotguns like that? Judging by the looks of these people I highly doubt it’s a legal carry. Surrey is getting very bad these days. Isn’t his couple a little old to be taking selfies in the bathroom with a shot gun?

I blame Sons of Anarchy.- nik

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Help Find my Love

September 19, 2014 burnaby, Vancouver 206

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik i met this super pretty girl at mall..and fell in love with her then i finally found her on intagram.. can please antbody help me finding who is she .. just knw her name ?

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