Addict Alissa

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 268 8,703 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Alissa. This collagen injected junkie needs to be put on blast! You can catch this bitch passed out in public washrooms with a needle sticking out her arm. She’s such a junkie she had her daughter taken away and only sees her for court ordered supervised visits! And when those visits do happen, she makes sure to take lots of pictures! “I don’t always see my kid, but when I do, I take pictures to prove it”. This deadbeat mom is a real piece of shit. She flunked out of school because she would rather get high and drunk. Now, the bitch is dating a gay drug dealer wannabe. This ex-prostitute should go back to the streets, at least when she was working she was making her own cash instead of living off any guy who will have her! Her relationship is a joke, she’s with him for the drug money and he’s with her so people dont guess he’s gay, although you’d have to be a full blown retard to not know he’s a flamer! She tries to act like she’s a great mom but the reality is she couldn’t stop getting high long enough to be a mom… All she knows in life is downing out and getting messed up on whatever pills or booze she can get her hands on. This bitch needs a reality check! Get your shit together, for the sake of your daughter before she follows in your footsteps! And for the love of baby Jesus, stop getting plastic surgery you look hideous!!! You look ridiculous. Lay off the Botox, bitch. Check her out in this picture of her in her natural habitat, under a bridge. Her**ne is a hell of a drug!

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Cheating Husband Darren Hayes

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 12 9,826 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik you have to out this creep Darren Hayes from North Vancouver! I met him on Plenty of Fish about 8 months ago and saw him on and off for about 4 months. He claimed to be divorced and had given me a different name. He was always making excuses about why he couldn’t have me to his place, and would always dart off and take private calls that he referred to as ‘business.’ Well, only after running into a mutual friend at dinner one night did I discover his real name, and the fact that he is MARRIED!! He even has kids – what a slime ball! He begged, pleaded, and eventually threatened me to just walk away and I did that, but it’s really being weighing on me. His wife deserves to know what a lying bastard he is. I don’t expect a lot with online dating, but meeting such low class guys like this in Vancouver was not what I was expecting.

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Little Jib Sloot

April 1, 2014 Vancouver 33 9,903 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik lets just go with this to start off This young teenage girl Brooklyn Golar has slept with the whole east Vancouver. You name someone and this little hoe slept with them She will try to hide It and act like she’s a innocent girl. Truth be told she smoked Jib for 3 years . And went crazy at one point and stab a guy with a pizza box to try to Rob him for her jib habit. And did a year in jail for that. Also had sex with A guy for a cigarette. This trick thinks she’s so tuff going to youth dentention center for stabbing people. A true fact in here is that she had sex with her long time boyfriend Joseph and dint know he had a**s and gave it to her poor baby. Warming guys stay far away from stay this girl people she’s dirty and she’s bad news.

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Saundra Harper Is Arwen

April 1, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 128 101,840 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, since Saundra has been posted on here, she has been secretly devastated according to her friends, and she mentions you on her instagram non stop. She’s decided to act like she doesn’t care to the point that her photos are getting more and more tasteless. I guess she figures that we are all jealous of her amazing life where she sucks Greg for trips and has nothing to her name. She posted photos of herself drunk and high tonight with her nipples hanging out of her dress that is 14 sizes too small. One photo is an accident, but two is intentional.  Do you have any advice for this train wreck?  Nik, Saundra has a striking resemblance to Arwen from Lord of the Rings. What should we call her?

Saundra I don’t even know you. You keep getting submitted by your peers, maybe this awareness of how fake your life is might be a wake-up call to shift your direction. Maybe you are a good person? Show us.- nik

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Jasmin Kate Mccallum Is The Girl Owen Wilson Turned Down

March 31, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 250 101,667 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this disgusting escort sugar baby receptions is the girl Owen Wilson turned down for Saundra Harper. She is part of Saundra Harper’s sugar baby crew with Taylor and Emiley and Rebecca Tomicki and a few others. I worked with her when she was at Seaside Dental and she was useless at her job. Only reason Tyler kept her around was because she slept with him. I kept seeing her and Emiley and there friend in Florida and they were either drunk or high off molly with Emileys sugar daddy. Thanks to Arizona at least I wont run into her in Vancouver. And with the few grand you made on this trip at least do yourself a favor and get a nose job!!!

Owen obviously isn’t a fan of REFUND Gaps.- nik

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Jonathan Fay

March 31, 2014 Richmond-BC, Vancouver 25 9,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this womanizing scumbags name is Jonathan Fay. He sleeps with multiple women at the same time. If you have slept with this man GET TESTED!!! He has unprotected sex, and tells all the women he is with that he wants to be exclusive. He is a liar, a disgusting PIG and should never be trusted! His current live in girlfriend Diem is in total denial and he is living with her in Surrey. Get tested, girl!! He emotionally fucks women and gets off on that. The last count was 19 girls at once. Disgusting! Many women have come forward to discussed this assholes behavior. Just google “Jonathan Fay Vancouver”, and many websites pop up!! This narcissistic pig needs to be called out on his shit. He works at the Richmond Sandman Hotel… Which explains the hundreds of white towels in his apartment. Loser. Nik, please school this fool and slap his pathetic ass back to reality.

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City Candiie

March 31, 2014 Vancouver 122 10,487 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: shocked this is the first time this pigs candi perry been on blast. she is a drug addict that cares more bout trying to be a hooker than having a family,she will f*ck anyone for money or for fun,she also thinks shes hardcore beacause she sells her ass and her dad is president of some gay wanna be biker club. maybe try to get help before you become a street walker…. if you boys are looking for a free bj or a drd look sydney up on erlist

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Michelle Powell

March 31, 2014 Kelowna, Vancouver 24 5,713 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick’s name is Michelle Powell. For YEARS she’s been going strong attempting to be a home wrecker, drug abuser, and compulsive liar. First off, look at the kind of pictures she posts of herself on the internet. She now has a kid no one knows who the father is. Michelle claims 4-5 different guys to be the father of her child. Michelle purposely tried taking all these men away from their girlfriends by showing up saying that the baby was his guys or that guys. She wouldnt agree to take a DNA test either. Kind of suspicious if you ask me. About a year ago she had her kid taken away because she was caught doing too much coke at parties. Not only that she drank heavily the first 3-4 months of her pregnancy. This girl lies A LOT, not just about who the father of her child is. Doesn’t seem to want to get her act together for her kid either. Michelle has lived in Kelowna BC and Revelstoke BC.

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