What Will They Think Of Next

August 5, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 76

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, thought you might find this new nail trend in Vancouver interesting… what the hell are they going to think of next?

I wonder if she used the CL nail polish?- nik

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How Hot Was She Before

August 2, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, would you with the before OR after of porn star turned fitness pro (don’t worry still does porn) 20 year oldt AZARIA GLAIM? I would have maybe hit it in highschool, if she was sure to STFU the whole time. Girl sure is annoying not to mention dumb as rocks. Probably why the only thing she is successful at is getting naked and lifting and picking heavy sh*t up… BTW her face got manly and old looking… Steroids and drugs kids! Don’t do it!!!

The pre-buff picture is so youthful and pure… ladies don’t lift weights or get haircuts.- nik

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Ross Dauk

July 31, 2014 Vancouver 187

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ross Dauk thinks hes a comedian. But rly were just laughing at how pathetic he is. He always has props becuz his stuff is so weak. Maybe hes trying to be the next DemetriMartin or sumthin but its not working. His jokes fall flat as he pretends the ladies are in luv with him. No self respecting woman would bother with this loser. Ive never seen him with a girl so maybe no self respecting man would either. I dont care if hes gay thats totally fine and all but who would be interested in this goon? Hes not bad looking just an idiot all round. I kno he asked the friend of a friend for this amazing (beautiful sexy smart everything) girls number and I just thought hows he gonna explain it when he calls her. And he fucked it up for any of us normal dudes who might wanna legit ask her out becuz now were gonna be those dopes who know this tard.i never heard or seen them go out so obvs she turned down his creepy ass. Its hilarious for others in the biz when he says he wants to do more, like act. Act? U cant even tell ur own material well… how u gonna work with someone else? Thats just my opinion tho. Maybe u guys see sumthin else when hes at it. Sprry images kinda suck but thats all the stuff he has publicly available online that actually looks like him and isnt photoshopped tons.

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Jessica Amber-Lynn Nelson

July 30, 2014 Vancouver 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica is a mommy and also an escorting slut. The time I saw her she was so fcked up on something she just sort of fell asleep. Her pics look okay but her tits are so stretch marked and saggy. Her pssy is a disaster area and I don’t understand how she can be so short but her pussy so loose.

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No one cares Rob

July 30, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is famous for his annoying facebook status rants! Rob word of advice, NO ONE FCKING CARES! You started the year off with your gym status updates…He needed everyone to know how awesome he was for going to the gym at 5am before work… lol.. bench press heavier weights bro.. Now that it’s summer he always tries to plans these lame ass BBQ’s in the most ghetto parks in Surrey…I’ve been once and I’ll never go again. Just a bunch of old losers getting drunk and high at the park… He’s still heart broken about his polish ex gf. Rob get over her already!!! Move the fck on bro! He likes to think he’s a DJ too. Always posting sample tracks online that he probably stole from someone else. I dunno how his friends even like him, he always talks shit about them. Made fun of Adam’s new home, something about a guy named homer being a junkie and some Nick guy being a shitty DJ. Word of advice Rob!!! You do drugs, you don’t even have a home and you aren’t a DJ either!!! Don’t rant about shit when u can’t even back urself up bro!

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Warren Cant

July 30, 2014 Vancouver 138

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vancouver’s biggest tool was at it again this weekend. When he’s not mooching off someone at a penthouse party, or getting his knob sucked while his girlfriend is at home studying, he can be found taking up skirt photos of chicks with no panties when they aren’t looking. I’ll admit that’s a great shot, but what an ignorant douche for posting it. Harmony – wake the @#$#@$ up and ditch this looser before your whole life is ruined. If you only knew what he does behind your back (consider what he does in front of you is bad enough, then multiply that by 50x). Oh…and Warren please remove ‘Sauder School of Business’ from your eduction on FB. You pour cement and a cement truck would have more chance of getting into university than yourself.

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Photoshopped To Hell

July 29, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sarah W. Loves to post photos of herself to Facebook in order to get attention because she a former fat girl. But it doesn’t count because their photoshopped. Is she really as hot a she believes?

Why do you call her Sarah W.? What is her full last name? There are Dirty Army soldiers who want to Google her to find better pictures to rub it out to.- nik

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Stuck in the Past

July 29, 2014 Vancouver 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is One of the biggest creeps that I probably know of. A while back he tried hitting on a good friend of mine on pof (yeah stupid I know) and she rejected him. He then kept messaging her thinking she deep down really wanted him and all these crazy assumptions.. She’s 18 and he put his profile age as 28 when he’s really 35 now. He also brags constantly on his Facebook statuses on how he’s getting another big movie roll which never ends up happening. Caz we all know you’re never going to be a big movie star, nobody wants a creepy washed up delusional peevert playing in their movies. I also was pointed out by a few people that know him showing he creates a bunch of fake girl profiles and hits on himself with these fake accounts on his pictures and then leads on to having a full out conversation with himself. Now that I actually saw some of them I’m even more convinced he has taken way too many drugs back in the day and thinks this will make real girls want him or that h’s legitimately insane. Some of those fake accounts include Lydia roemer, and aurora Kelly that were both made by himself. Almost all his pictures are from over at least 6 years old, I really thinks it’s time to grow up. I have a bunch of piercings, I have dyed hair and NO Caz I am not into you in any way so stop thinking we all are. You are a huge creep and there’s nothing impressive about you. I really thought Id finally warn others about this psycho.

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