No one cares Rob

July 30, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 63

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is famous for his annoying facebook status rants! Rob word of advice, NO ONE FCKING CARES! You started the year off with your gym status updates…He needed everyone to know how awesome he was for going to the gym at 5am before work… lol.. bench press heavier weights bro.. Now that it’s summer he always tries to plans these lame ass BBQ’s in the most ghetto parks in Surrey…I’ve been once and I’ll never go again. Just a bunch of old losers getting drunk and high at the park… He’s still heart broken about his polish ex gf. Rob get over her already!!! Move the fck on bro! He likes to think he’s a DJ too. Always posting sample tracks online that he probably stole from someone else. I dunno how his friends even like him, he always talks shit about them. Made fun of Adam’s new home, something about a guy named homer being a junkie and some Nick guy being a shitty DJ. Word of advice Rob!!! You do drugs, you don’t even have a home and you aren’t a DJ either!!! Don’t rant about shit when u can’t even back urself up bro!

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Warren Cant

July 30, 2014 Vancouver 137

THE DIRTY ARMY: Vancouver’s biggest tool was at it again this weekend. When he’s not mooching off someone at a penthouse party, or getting his knob sucked while his girlfriend is at home studying, he can be found taking up skirt photos of chicks with no panties when they aren’t looking. I’ll admit that’s a great shot, but what an ignorant douche for posting it. Harmony – wake the @#$#@$ up and ditch this looser before your whole life is ruined. If you only knew what he does behind your back (consider what he does in front of you is bad enough, then multiply that by 50x). Oh…and Warren please remove ‘Sauder School of Business’ from your eduction on FB. You pour cement and a cement truck would have more chance of getting into university than yourself.

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Photoshopped To Hell

July 29, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 47

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sarah W. Loves to post photos of herself to Facebook in order to get attention because she a former fat girl. But it doesn’t count because their photoshopped. Is she really as hot a she believes?

Why do you call her Sarah W.? What is her full last name? There are Dirty Army soldiers who want to Google her to find better pictures to rub it out to.- nik

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Stuck in the Past

July 29, 2014 Vancouver 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is One of the biggest creeps that I probably know of. A while back he tried hitting on a good friend of mine on pof (yeah stupid I know) and she rejected him. He then kept messaging her thinking she deep down really wanted him and all these crazy assumptions.. She’s 18 and he put his profile age as 28 when he’s really 35 now. He also brags constantly on his Facebook statuses on how he’s getting another big movie roll which never ends up happening. Caz we all know you’re never going to be a big movie star, nobody wants a creepy washed up delusional peevert playing in their movies. I also was pointed out by a few people that know him showing he creates a bunch of fake girl profiles and hits on himself with these fake accounts on his pictures and then leads on to having a full out conversation with himself. Now that I actually saw some of them I’m even more convinced he has taken way too many drugs back in the day and thinks this will make real girls want him or that h’s legitimately insane. Some of those fake accounts include Lydia roemer, and aurora Kelly that were both made by himself. Almost all his pictures are from over at least 6 years old, I really thinks it’s time to grow up. I have a bunch of piercings, I have dyed hair and NO Caz I am not into you in any way so stop thinking we all are. You are a huge creep and there’s nothing impressive about you. I really thought Id finally warn others about this psycho.

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Brittany Mckenzie

July 29, 2014 Vancouver 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Brittany Mckenzie aka Vancity’s ugliest and dirtiest whore. This disgusting trailer trash is a con-artist she scammed her folks, close friends and all her ex bfs. She can’t even get a job at Mc’donalds cuz she is so fugly and can’t stop hitting the slopes. For those with a fetish for drd and junkies, look her up on ers. She goes by Barbie Starr. Mention her name for a discount.

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Kevin Queau

July 29, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: For all you girls and guys who know this evil person, stay clear. He played me for a fool to the tune of $9,000. He will pretend to like you, care about you, etc just to get what he wants. He is a LIAR and manipulator through and through. Do NOT be fooled and believe his lies. You will end up hurt, alone and BROKE!!!! His charming personality and smile is all a front. He will tell you he makes all this money, owns all these cars, etc. Meanwhile he does not have a pot to piss in, he is an alcoholic and cares about NO ONE but himself. He is a snake in sheeps clothing. I want to warn all you women(and men as I think he is bi)that this guy is NO GOOD and to stay FAR FAR away!!! As you can see from these pics, he thinks he is Mr.Hot stuff. The last pic, he looks like a 60 yr old fat man..GROSS!!

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Saundra Harper Is Going Insane

July 28, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 229

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Saundra Harper is acting like she doesn’t care about these posts and this week a “good friend” of hers told me how it’s driving her crazy. Wake up call Saundra. These posts didn’t ruin your life. Going out every night and always being high and banging any guy who’ll pay you and your escort friends ruined your life. Even the people who work at Noir Lash Lounge laugh behind your back. She says she doesn’t care about these posts but on June 25 she went and commented on almost all of them and said something different in each one. There is a post of hers that is my favorite, where she pretends me be a regular client of the Donnelly Group. How would a regular at the Donnelly Group know that Saundra and Blake were in a relationship?  Saundra told everyone she was playing Blake and then as soon as these posts came out she switched her story and said they were in a relationship. Even your close friends talk behind your back and are using you. Most of your so called friends already broke ties because they don’t want to be associated with you. Who can blame them when men know your deal and the first thing they ask you is how much it will cost to sh*t on you like the German guy from the Stampede or that a guy like Vern is ashamed to tell everyone about you being in a relationship with him? And whats up with your poor clothing IG account and pretending you lived in NYC?

I don’t like the breast implant scar in Saundra Harper’s armpit.- nik

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Tyler Clark

July 28, 2014 Vancouver 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tyler Clark and man is he a piece of work. Married a woman, got her pregnant, child came along and he realized he much preferred his side of d*ck up the butt as his entree instead. Walked out on and moved away from his new family and now is a notorious face on the Vancouver Grindr scene. This guy will sleep with anything – especially fat old men, for money, gifts and things of benefit to him. He tells everyone he runs successful businesses (ie. Social Innovations Firm), but all his income is from his multiple sugar daddies. He goes to the extreme to find boyfriends and repeatedly cheats on them with online hook up apps (without using protection! Gross!). Watch out gays of Vancouver, if you’ve met Tyler Clark and haven’t been tested yet, he’s a pathological liar, so GO DO IT NOW.

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