Richel Bergen

August 18, 2014 Vancouver 223

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Richel who has been posted on here several times over the past few years. She’s a user, and frankly she deserves to be put on blast. I thought Richel and I had gotten past our BS and we were being cordial with one another in text messages, but apparently I thought wrong. Either that or her friendly demeanour was all an act, because when I ran into her at the mall the other day and I asked how she was, she looked at me, turned her nose like she’d just smelled a pile of dog shit, and kept walking. Considering the amount of meals I’ve paid for Richel while out and the amount of concerts I have taken her to on my own dime, I am appalled that she is suddenly treating me this way. And for no good reason, at that. Do I agree with the fact that she has involved yourself with a married man? No. Do I agree with the fact that she did something else to her body that she has told very few people about? No. Should I have handled my reaction to that news differently? Sure. But ultimately it’s her life, and if she wants to fck up her own life then so be it, it’s her choice and nothing I say/do/think is going to change that. That being said, the way in which this girl has been treating me then turning around and acting like everything is okay a few days later (and constantly going back and forth) is not only confusing, but unnecessarily crue. However, I can sleep at night knowing karma will get her back one day.

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Punjab Wannabe

August 18, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 204

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason Lal lives with his mom has a wife and kid goes on kingsway in his cars that his mom bought him looking for dirty hookers beacuse his wife is an ugly ogar and doesnt want her no more.all he does is go to wings with his fat fuck freind shalen who is a nobody spends no money buys one beer talks shit to people makes up storys and when you ask him to come meet up face to face he says he calling somone and that thier looking for them.this guy isnt a man at all cant protect his family he sounds like hes gay dresses like hes gay and has a squecky rat style voice.he drives around in his 4.6l mustang and wen he gets drunk says its a 5liter. no one listen to this guy he lies through his teeth drops peoples names that he doesnt no and cant fight me one on one. these goofs think they run burnaby fuckin clowns hes a wannabe surrey jack lol from vancouver.last of all who is 30 yrs old and makes lotion jus to jerk off. i heard he has a small dick so his besfreind shalen fcked his wife. wake up YOU F*G UR NOT A PUNJAB. and dont try to call people fight me like a man one one one fist to fist. u little bitch.

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Stop With The Fake Lips

August 16, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 100


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, girls need to stop this awful trend of pumping their lips to gross and disgusting proportions. Denai Johnson this looks horrible.  Check out the before and after… even though she had small lips, I find her way better before.

Her new lips actually make her nose look smaller.- nik

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Arissa Lynn Does Have A Nice Butt

August 15, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 125



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl pays for photoshoots… and no one really has any clue what she does with the pics besides post them on her IG… she is super delusional, but she does have one sexy booty so its not too bad to see her almost naked all over IG.

The nautical stars have to go… it’s very misleading. When guys see stars on chicks, they know they are easy lays.- nik

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This Needs To Stop

August 15, 2014 Scottsdale, The Dirty, Vancouver 91


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the Gym Selfie needs to stop.  Like this gem over here.  This tool thinks he is so buff and so cool.. he spends more time taking selfies at the gym than he does actually working out.  I don’t know one girl that finds this attractive.  We laugh at this.

P-Nazi invented the Gym Selfie.- nik

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Sandra Hanuse

August 15, 2014 Vancouver 174

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik i want to put this bitch on the blast. she got pregnant by one of my friends and she aborted the baby. she is nasty and biggest freeloader around she claims to have all these certificates but do you think she will use them? no she is lazy and so stuck on herself its pathetic. the best thing my bro DM did was leave this bitch. she claims to be a good mother she is a bad mother. look at her look at the way she carries herself a proud SLUT. she spends more time taking pics of herself and showing off her saggy boobs. she acts tough but i know this my lil sister would knock her out.only thing that is tough on her her is her stink rotten crotch. some needs to teach that thing how to be classy not trashy. my bro don’t even want his baby girl around her said he would never want to see his baby ever dress the way she dresses. and the way she carries her self is very pathetic. sandra hanuse stay the f in surrey that is where hood rats belong. would you do her Nik?

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Cheating Deadbeat Dad

August 15, 2014 Vancouver 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Adrian Trejo Caballero. He’s a real prize. For starters he’s got 4 abandoned kids. He’s the ultimate deadbeat dad. His youngest is only a year old and he has just recently left his fiancé. My girlfriend (ex fiancé) stayed with this trash bag while he beat her, and was charged with assault 2 times, only to be left. He has completely abandoned them and doesn’t pay a cent for his child. Infact The guys a freak, he is the typical spanish possessive psycho. The guy walks around pretending like he only has one child and he is a devoted good dad. Truth is his child was taken away from him by the ministry because he abused his fiancé so many times. This is not the only thing that makes him trash, he drinks everyday and is a sloppy drunk that pees his pants, can’t walk and falls over. He’s been a major Pepsi head for years, swears he gave that up, but is a secret drug addict. He has disgusting foot fungus, and you can smell those nasty things a mile away. The guy also has herpes! And to make it even worse, he is a whore. He’s slept with well over 500 little girls from California to Mexico. He loves the ones under 15. So ladies of Vancouver, especially the young ones be wear this broke ass Mexican is on the prowl! He works as a cook at Black and Blue restaurant and pretends to all his co workers like he’s a nice family man, when the truth was he cheated on his wife practically every night. He also steals. He’s so broke ass that he takes toilet paper, garbage bags and food from his work! So Nik put this women beater deadbeat alcoholic pedifile on blast!

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Big Joke T

August 14, 2014 Vancouver 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Anthony engellend monster ego a fasad? This white rock smoking tech smacking disgrace closet cased douche bag is a “mans man “!! He beats his gf to obedience then makes her feel shity so she waits in lobby while he “works” forces threeways an runs when he doesn’t get his way oh he so cool bleeding on hotels sheets cause he missed a whack an vein started pouring bloods He so delusional expecting to be some hard up bi bottom Boi this dude is so tough he couldn’t fight some dude had to use some weapon ( a wine glass lol) got a warrant an snivels bout his charges lil pussy cheaps out on his fights an runs crying to AB ! Tony u just A CHEAP ONE TRICK INFECTED DICK WOMAN BEATING PIECE OF SHIT!! Wake up your times done you joke wake up!! Punk!! Peace

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