Natalie Halcro Is Really Good At Photoshop

October 10, 2014 Hollywood, The Dirty, Vancouver 179

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Natalie before photoshop (far left).  She is really good at making herself 20 to 30 pounds lighter in pictures.  She usually doesn’t take pictures with friends unless its taken by her phone, that way she can photoshop the pics and then text them… some girls are so delusional about real life its crazy.

NO WAY — she is that FAT!!- nik

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Pretty Sure Ms. Habibi Uses Photoshop Now

October 10, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 33


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here with another ‘Carmela’ Taravat ‘Habibi’ post. So first off, we already knew that she has eyeliner moles. She really has no moles except for the ones with gross hairs sticking out of them on her back. But besides that she now edits her eyes to green, remember how kids would edit their pictures on photofunia and sh*t, well I guess she’s still in grade 7 because she still does it (as you can see in the photo I’ve sent) Aswell as I’ve noticed ( only because I see her in real life and know she looks nothing like her pictures ) her ” modelling ” pictures look really photo shopped her “abs” that she works oh so hard to get don’t look real they look shinny like they have been fixed and in real life her stomach actually jiggles so?? I’m a little confused. Just wanted to get yours and others opinion because I think this girl is faker than barbie but not as in she looks like Barbie, I’m talking her personality in general… She’s just so fake.

I like how she covers her nose in selflies.- nik

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Dirty Doctor

October 10, 2014 Vancouver 189

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im surprised this guy hasn’t wound up on this site yet. This is Al Ghahari, a family physician who was recently stripped of his medical license for being intimately involved with a female patient in 2009

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Cheap Sloot

October 8, 2014 Surrey, Vancouver 228

THE DIRTY ARMY: She has no dignity, respect or brains. Trashy and slutty. Dani Black is a good for nothing loser. She will do anything for attention, even letting strange men pour coca-cola on her backside and scrape gum out of her ass crack.

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First burgar Making Sloot

October 8, 2014 burnaby, Surrey, Vancouver 61

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this the one and only Amanda Wilkie. I just thought i’d warn everyone of surrey and the surrounding areas (vancouver, burnaby, langly, delta ect) of how much of looser scum bag h*e this b*tch here is. she is the most rank creature to roam the streets of surrey. she sells her *ss to put food in her kids mouth (advice GET OFF WELFARE AND GET A JOB ) , either sleeping with men for money or drugs to get high to keep her mind off her disaster of a life she has. she dumps her child off with anyone and anything to get out there and sell that body of hers ( mind you , she has a body of a 7 year old boy) her kid is 6 years old and still sh*ts its pants. her boyfriend if we can remember which one she is dating this week, Shane, Cory back to Shane then back to Cory then back to Shane, have a baby with Shane…loses her baby cause she rolled on her while she was sleeping and high, then a few other guys to Justin boulier the new one she was trying to trap before he realized was a skid she is and left, SURREY WHAT?!?! She’s the most rank rotten surrey scum there ever is.

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I Have To Warn Other VanDirty Girls About Mike

October 7, 2014 The Dirty, Vancouver 271

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have to warn all other woman in Vancouver about Mike. I was dating him until I found out he has a girlfriend and has also been messaging 2 other girls I know on pof trying to hookup with them. If that wasn’t bad enough, he stole $350 out of my purse, he denied it at first but then when I found my debit card in his pocket, he finally admitted it. Mike is the biggest narcissist I have ever met, self centered and egotistical, he stares at himself in the mirror more than any girl I know, even to the point were when we had sex he would be watching himself in the mirror instead of us.I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a closet twink too, he has a fetish for having sex with a butt plug in himself or having me finger his asshole.

Please tell me your name is on his chest with the other girls…that would make my day.- nik

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Egg on my Face

October 7, 2014 Toronto, Vancouver 180

THE DIRTY ARMY: CON ARTIST ALERT looking for help to identify this girl and her blond friend. Sunday I bought tickets from these two off a craigslist for the Toronto Raptors game. Was given hardcopy and receipt to find out at the door they were counterfeit. Apparently they got a lot of ppl as i met a few that day that all got taken by these two ( well over a couple K ) . One was a grandma that paid 900$ for tickets for her grandkids to only find out the hard way as we did. Help me identify these two, they have done this before a few times apparently. These two heartless con artist need to be exposed for they’re true colours. karma always goes full circle

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Ashley Selina Needs Serious Help

October 6, 2014 Vancouver 307

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this trashbag tuff texter is one of the nastiest hoes I’ve ever came across, she talks like she has this lavish lifestyle, but really she sits at home with a straw stuck up her nose photoshopping pics to make ppl think she travels! Shes so stuck on finding info out on girls and posts them on the dirty cause she doesn’t have any real friends…the stunned c*nt is as trashy and as ghetto as they come.. Oh yea and she’s very open minded, guys beware this bitch will rip you off for all your cash… no wonder Johnny left her he was tired of pickin up her pieces and dealing with all the men she rips off, wow I’d go crazy too if I was him… she throws out the name of certain gangs and their members sayin that they have her back, come on get real hunny no one wants you on your back let alone have your back, your track record is longer than any of the girls you’ve posted on the dirty!! Very open minded!

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