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Cara Austin

November 27, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well mss fcking cara austin you should get a life and quit trying to ruin other peoples lives with yur jelous cbildish bull shit you post on here about here and my bab y moma saying were drug addics and we dont take care of outlr daughter well wheres your kids you dope simple crayon eating clown shoe wearing goof whore youd fuck anyone for a toot on a glass dick like havin fu ezcorting anyone looking for a fck phone cara () heads up thats if you want a dead fuck and all this bcs she cheated on me and broke up with me and now shes a crazy jelous bitch because i wont talk to her and im moving on and want my babby moma back kinda fucked dont u think fuck cara what is wrong with you well if your into saggy tits and a gunt and a controlling needy whiny disceitful goof bitch caras your girl have a goof life you fucking nutjob you think your always right too bad your fuckimg dumb as a door kmob have fun being alone for the rest of your pathetic life shure yull be living in a card boarwd box doing the hastings shuffle ……..

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John Naswell – Redneck Scum

November 25, 2014 Victoria 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik here we have John Naswell from The Comox Valley. All this asshole likes to do is sit around talk to girls on POF and spend his welfare check on fixing trucks. Oh yea he uses girls like they are toys and then tells all his redneck pals about them or he will get them to talk to the girl while he sits back and drinks his cheap beer or smokes his weed. He has sent pictures through facebook to his friends of half naked girls who look underage. After the girls are all nice with him and he doesn’t get laid or whatever he goes off behind their backs and calls them all sorts of names. Nik please post this redneck asshole.

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The boy next door

November 25, 2014 Kelowna, Victoria 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy might come across as sweet and genuine, but the quietest one in the room is the one to watch. He passes off any involvement, in anything as a coincidence.. too convenient. Disappearances, Drugs, etc. he always seems to have an excuse, and a fake last name. His real last name leads to connections in Kelowna, international drug convictions.. great family. There is always a nice outfit, or car overshadowing the truth behind this lying piece of shit, normal people dont have guns and gloves hidden in their car seats. Keith you are outed, and lucky jail time has evaded you this long. it all catches up with you buddy..

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Useless Alexa

November 24, 2014 Kamloops, Victoria 14


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is a tale about the biggest whore slut, me*h addicted thief in the world, she gives bareback every service, loves anal even tho whole butt is ripped and destroyed and smells like rotten flesh. her pussy stinks worse then month old fish, unbearable to have sex with, has stretch marks all over body and needle marks all on arms, her face has cold sores and bruises, has every sexual disease you can name, steals money from people and uses them. don’t call this disgusting poor excuse for a human not worth it,

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Tamara Stephens

November 17, 2014 Victoria 26


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl really thinks she so smart but little does she no everyone in victoria sooke no all about you its no secret you were a escort then coffer girl now junky correction bin a junky whore for sometime now ..beside having no friends because you lie steal and keep information that should be said and known before you date anyone .H*p C you gave it to me and problem every guy you ever druged to stay with you ..your wrong to not tell people before you fuck and share your needle with .just because you can’t see your self ever changing it\’s not right to take other down with you ..When you say I love you does it make you feel at all …no guilt not even for a could be a good person you weren’t born a cunt ..stop lieing stop secret stop with false advertising that your something your not your a junky with no gain or pain need to get out in the open more so you can have your ass handed back to you by more then enough people that turn red when your name is said ..stop killing people you say you care about H*p C is not something you can wash away H*p c100% infected Tamara Stephen eat shit and keep all those clothes you stole from me …Chelsea does this ring any bells change your ways now !

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Mike the Abuser

November 17, 2014 Victoria 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mike is nothing but a gross nasty pig. He has no respect for ladies, he’s an idiot, and he needs to grow up and leave little girls alone. He’s a total juice head creep. I’m no better, no worst, but this guy should kneel down and kiss the worlds ass. He needs to grow a pair and realize he has a life and he’s not the ruler of the whole fuking world. I also hear through the grapevines he’s got drds and their untreatable! D yuck!!! Ew. He’s gross.

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Skid Hounds R Us

November 14, 2014 Edmonton, Victoria 242

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hound is a new local to Edmonton , so caution to all the local ladies and true crime figures . This guy has drugged and rapped so many UNDER AGE woman its retarded , not to mention ,he is a paid informant from Victoria B.C. So be cautious to all who come across is path . And FYI there are many people waiting for him to get locked up . He left Victoria because of all of this

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Vancouver Island Deadbeat

November 13, 2014 Victoria 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is liz or Lizzie Ogilvie, she is the WORST mothering on vancouver island. She pretends she is an amazing mother by posting pictures of her kid when actually every two minutes she is asking someone to watch her kid. The kid is neglected like no other. Doesn’t have a routine, doesn’t eat anything and is treated so poorly. I feel so bad for her kid. Also she uses her baby daddy like a cheap whore she is. Ever two days he sends her atleast 100$ that she claims is for her son but it’s not she uses it to go shopping for her fat self or to take her boyfriend Lukas simpson out. This girl is honestly disgusting and I hope she gets her kid taken away. She gives moms a bad image. She deserves to be on this site for everyone to know so they don’t get fuked over by her

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