Dave Eves

April 17, 2014 Victoria 25 6,796 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Dave Eves of Good Time Daves fishing charters in Victoria British Columbia . My friend and I met him as he was the capt of the boat on our fishing charter. We made the colossal mistake of staying in touch with him after the trip and he has harassed me non stop.A very insecure person who cant seem to handle rejection.I wish I knew before we went on the ocean with him what he was like.Its creepy to know he was perving on us the whole trip and we were alone in the boat far from land.Its only a matter of time before this creep pulls a willy picton on some poor unsuspecting female on that boat.He is constantly getting high and drives his boat and customers around while under the influence. He acts like he is some important entity that the world cant live without,”come on buddy your a drug dealer and drive a charter fishing boat”. All women be warned of this insecure psycho,he will be perving on you and he cant be trusted to be alone on his boat with.It can only be a matter of time before he sinks and hurts someone as he is High behind the wheel . He sent me nude pics of his fishing pole ,what man his age does this ? nobody want to buy your drugs , see your private part pics or come to your house for a seafood dinner Dave ,GROWN UP. Please warn the unsuspecting people and tourists of this man.

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Stop Drawing On Your Eyebrows

April 15, 2014 Houston, Victoria 15 6,458 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: soooooo nik im cruising down my timeline after a long ass day at work , and i always see the memes about girls with stupid looking eyebrows because they dont know how to draw them on ! and then i see this shit ! lmfao . like wtf ? is this real life right now ? so my question is , how do you feel about girls drawing on fake eyebrows ? BTW the thot in this pic is Pricilla Alaziz on the book , lol . ewwww .

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Juggalette Fakes Pregnancies With a Full Beer Belly

April 11, 2014 Langley, Victoria 73 7,748 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this fug juggalette trainwreck known as Erin Stirling or Erin Groundwater hails from Victoria BC and lives in LAngley now. She has been posting all over Facebook about her pregnancy saying shes 24 weeks… up until a few days ago when she posted a ultrasound pic that was dated and said she was only 5 weeks. Turns out that baby belly was just a giant ass FUPA full of beer and shame. Her last post on March 20th said she was 24 weeks and she was talking about the baby kicking and moving, gave it a name and was tellin people it was a boy… then all the sudden April 8th shes 5 weeks pregnant. After getting called on her bullshit she tried to say she lost the first one… WITHOUT having to go to a hospital or doctor… and then got pregnant with the other one. I know this piece of dirty porked up trailor trash doesnt know how to count or add… but march 20th to april 8th is not even 3 weeks so how in the fck did this nasty guttermutt manage to have a miscarriage, heal, and get 5 weeks pregnant IN ONLY 3 WEEKS?!?! The best part is this is NOT the first pregnancy she has faked and she has her poor boyfriend belivein that she really was pregnant even tho she been drinkin and getting high the whole time. She also has been crying on facebook to ppl who have ACTUALYY had real miscarriages which is just SICK!!!! the whole world needs to know the truth about this crazy lard beast before she drags more ppl into another fake pregnancy! she is a fugly slut. do not trust her!

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Naniamo Boyfriend Stealer

April 9, 2014 Victoria 32 7,916 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch was living with my bestfriend and her faince and my best friend woke up not once but 10 times to them fcking on her bed then when she tryed to sort shit out they trou her out on the street and she had to get her family she never meet to help her get back home then her faince found her at the depo getting ready to leave and he told her this was him giving up them but that she needed help before they could be togther and then not only 2 days shes gone he told her to drop dead and now these to r togther not only is she broken hearted she pg with his kid and he dont even care now shes forsed to live at a homless while this fucking ugly bitch is fcking him and like 30 other ppl she goes arnoud saing shs a lesbain when freally shell fck anything ths a heart beat she even once asked if my bestfriend liked fcking dogs like wtf nasty

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Watch Out for this One Night Stand

April 8, 2014 Victoria 11 6,587 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik. This is a public service announcement to ALL SINGLE MEN IN VICRORIA!!! This woman’s name is Tina. I can’t remember her last name because she left me high and dry after using me for everything she could. I took her out for meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, bought her clothes, spoiled her fat ass rotten. Got not a single thanks in return. I was really busy with work, and she got jealous that I was spending more time at work than with her (sorry, some people have to work for a living, and not mooch off of others). I gave her a $200 cash gift because I felt pity from her, and she didn’t even bat an eye before snatching it out of my hand. She’s constantly looking for hand-outs and plays the poor single woman card to try and get whatever she wants. She’s constantly using men on POF (I have several friends she’s tried to use). She asked my friend, without even knowing him, if he would bring his truck over to help her move. No gas money offered, no thanks, no nothing. Fortunately I warned him about her and he no showed on her and left her stranded! HA! Karma’s a bitch. Just be careful guys, she’s got drd and is willing to give it away for a nominal fee. She acts like she likes to take things slow, but she was totally willing to f*ck on the first date, and her crotch smells of rotting compost. STAY AWAY FROM HER GUYS!

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Pepsi Boy Josh S

April 4, 2014 Victoria 17 7,383 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this guy borrows money from people and blows it on Pepsi and booze. He thinks he is tough guy but runs like a little girl when you call him to pay you back. He has stolen from his family so don’t think he won’t steal from you.

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Dirty Daycare

April 2, 2014 Victoria 211 10,217 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My kids were in this woman’s daycare called rink tots daycare. She was abusing the children and had her licence removed and is no longer allowed to work with children. Sheis married to a pssy of a man. Mr Heath Rogers. He stays at home with her overweight daughter and son while she sleeps with any man she can. Pathetic. I hope u never have a chance to take care of kids again. You are abusive to all around you I saw her working at target. If youwantto fuk her just show her one ounce of attention and she will be all over you.

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David Milne Needs to Grow Up

April 2, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 29 8,588 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: David Milne use to live here in Vancouver BC. He has since moved to Victoria BC and opened up a shoe store under the name of Peninsula Runners. I use to work for him and he is honestly one of the most perverted people I know. I heard from a friend of mine who worked for him in town that he has these bra nights where he is meant to have left for the day while women try on different bras, but instead he watches the camera footage later… He has a young daughter and he needs to move on from his creepin days. Grow up Dave.

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