Computer parts for Sexual favours

July 29, 2014 Victoria 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a creeper, sick f@ck, twisted person… He stalks and prays on woman online with Craigslist adds and Facebook Accounts. This guy only wants one thing Sex! He will do and say anything to get it from you. Just look at his Craigslist adds or take a look at these links to the other post on this web page about him : Victorias biggest loser (2011), Beware of his ads (May 2014), *warning* sperm donor who is offering his services had a vasactomy 5 years age (March 2014). This guy has been having his “15 mins of fame” on this web site for the last 4 years. It’s time for people to start wising up on his shit! when you respond to a Craigslist add for “Rape”, (Yes it’s called roll play) but when you f@ck a guy for a new Mac Book it’s called PROSTITUTION! To his regular “service clint” (in pic above) You can do better! just because your a single mom does not mean you have to sell your self for a Mac Book. Or is he your Baby’s father? Maybe you responded to one of his Craigslist adds 7+ years ago that stats he had a vasectomy. If so, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to f@ck strangers?” Well guess what, “BJ for Mac Book” this creep is able to keep on doing what he does best because of dumb ass cunts like you! Think about that the next time you need a new mouse for you computer and your at Beacon Hill Park or Downtown with this sick f@ck! All you Craigslist bitches have been warned! Look Out! (unless you have no self worth and need a new Mac Book)

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Don’t trust Taylor Rand

July 29, 2014 Victoria 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Rand, she is the biggest ho around, first off she sleeps with every guy she works with, even the taken ones and then laughs in the face of their girlfriends, she also causes major drama for everyone she knows, she is obnoxious, loud, and acts like she is better than everyone else, she tries to act like she knows more than you on every subject, ladies, watch out, she is a man stealer, and a cry baby bitch who needs to grow up.

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Kevin Queau

July 29, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: For all you girls and guys who know this evil person, stay clear. He played me for a fool to the tune of $9,000. He will pretend to like you, care about you, etc just to get what he wants. He is a LIAR and manipulator through and through. Do NOT be fooled and believe his lies. You will end up hurt, alone and BROKE!!!! His charming personality and smile is all a front. He will tell you he makes all this money, owns all these cars, etc. Meanwhile he does not have a pot to piss in, he is an alcoholic and cares about NO ONE but himself. He is a snake in sheeps clothing. I want to warn all you women(and men as I think he is bi)that this guy is NO GOOD and to stay FAR FAR away!!! As you can see from these pics, he thinks he is Mr.Hot stuff. The last pic, he looks like a 60 yr old fat man..GROSS!!

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Chelsea Jeune

July 29, 2014 Victoria 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skanky bitch Chelsea Jeune! Only a matter of time until your face ended up on here. You need to grow up and stop sleeping around, using guys and your so called friends for money. Acting like you have this lavish life when you actually have nothing! You are a disgrace and a full liar! You will do anything to get what you want. It’s too bad you got you son taken away for being such a dirty skank. He’s better off without you anyways, considering you always acted like he was your sisters kid. The poor kid deserves better than a loser like ou in his life.

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July 28, 2014 Victoria 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Ryan Cooper, where do I begin? This lame excuse of a man is the definition of a liar and a cheater. He preys on young women to support him financially and to provide transportation for him because he doesn’t have a license. He will manipulate your mind to believe whatever he wants you to believe, he will lie until he’s blue in the face to avoid confrontation with the truth. He has impregnated 2 women in the past 6 months, the first was 18 and had a miscarriage, the second was 22 and is keeping the child. It’s due January 2015. He can’t stay off online dating sites if his life depended on it, if you do get into a relationship with him he will just hide his profile and keep about 100 women on the backburner until you become boring to him. This is my warning to all women in the Nanaimo/Parksville area to steer very clear of this idiot.

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Ally Barfkin

July 24, 2014 Victoria 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Ally Parkin, Victoria BC’s most annoying little sloot. She’s banged more guys than I can count on my hands and feet, x 2 she had a really loyal boyfriend who she kept telling that she loved, than would nail a bunch of other guys behind his back. That vagina has had more than half the dicks in our city in it. She likes to drink, party and do drugs, she is a nineteen year old in the mind of a fifteen year old, she still claws after her ex and when another girl befriends him she tries to ruin their life, ally is a scum bag, sloot. Boys don’t be fooled by her. She has the most annoying voice and she’s dumber than a post, but hey, I guess she’s good in bed all considering!

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Mike Toner AKA Teddy LG

July 24, 2014 Victoria 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: MIKE TONER AKA “TEDDY”, from Calgary, now living in Sooke cuz people wana bash his skull for being such a goof, loves to HAVE SEX WITH UNDERAGE GIRLS, in fact he was CHARGED BY THE POLICE FOR IT TWICE (LOOK IT UP AT COURT HOUSE THE ONLINE RECORDS HAVE BEEN BANNED) once with a girl named Catilyn Wright, the other was an ELEVEN YEAR OLD he was screwing in Langford. He sells weed and who knows what else,& shares generously to make friends with other losers who will back/defend him for a free supply (bribes)& sells to young boys (14/15 year olds in Esquimalt) so they bring their friends who are young GIRLS over for Mike to prey on. Pure SEX PREDATOR GOOF ALL THE WAY. He screwed my friend when she was 13 n messed up! 2 big ugly pit bulls guard his place of stolen stuff & drugs & because everyone hates him so much he cant walk a block downtown without getting beat. His Dad runs UNIVERSAL TATTOO on Broad st the whole family r in denial RETARDS n criminals as well, apparently involved with H A they “protect” Mike. Also Mike is a huge bully he’s 6″4 n 280lbs & violent and intimidates people, a selfish arrogant loser who thinks he can walk over everyone just cuz he’s big & threatening. His jail bait LG looking joke of a “wife” named Brittany, gets beat on, yelled at and insulted by him, Mike gets her pregnant when she finally grows a brain & thinks of leaving, they had 2 kids taken by the Ministry. The family is in denial & stand up for these idiots.

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Da Diddler Holenchuck

July 24, 2014 Victoria 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: That goof is named Steven Holenchuck. came into Esquimalt gym all the time, no doubt just a player and uses women for sex. Bought steroids off the local pushers in the gym too, screws dirty trashy strippers, loves the clubs n bar scene, for obvious reasons – MEAT MARKETS…in Alberta currently. I know he does dope not sure what kind tho. Just another stereotypical roided out douchebag LOSER. Conceited creep just immature party boy n all the dope n slutting around that comes with that lifestyle…see what I mean?

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