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Johnathan Naswell

December 12, 2014 Victoria 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Let me reintroduce you to Johnathan Naswell from Comox Valley BC. His last post was kinda meh. So let me tell you about him. This asshole is a good for nothing prick. Likes to take advantage of women when they are drunk. He was telling my ex about women that he’d bang and she’d be thinking “yah okay then.” He talks about girls behind their back like they are not good enough for him. Look John I told you I had your pictures fcktard and you have none of me lol. Anyways this dead beat blames his mother for not having his son, saying he signed his rights away. If it’s true then it’s probably a good thing since well he likes to have guns around kids (see his previous post), likes to drink and use women. Really what kind of life style is that to bring a kid up in? Also he talked non stop to my ex about fucking killing himself!! More than likely just attention getting thing. What was failed to mention was how he laughed at my friends, and kept asking them for pictures lmao!!!! When a chick says no you ‘tard just go with it, and quit bugging them. Or there was the time that he was drunk and my ex had to lock herself in the bathroom to get away from him because he was drunk. Yah real smooth there…should learn that no means no. Hahaha I’m just going to end here because I don’t want to take up anymore space with this low life fcktard.

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Victorias Firetruck

December 9, 2014 Victoria 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is the loudest most ratchet bitch you will ever meet. She will claim she is quitting drinking and then pull a 360 within 24 hours she’ll be rolling on her back drunk as hell downtown victoria begging to suck your boyfriends dick. She recently dyed her hair bright red… as if she wasn’t easy enough to spot. Did I mention this girl just turned 18 and has been an alcoholic since she was 14. This girl is the nastiest fakest girl in Victoria and she only just turned into an adult and she’s a year behind in school. This bitch is going no where but behind bars in the drunk tank and into your boyfriends bed. She gets close to girls just to sleep with their boyfriends and its not a joke, she succeeded more then once. She’s like 5’10″ and 300 lbs and is definitely worthy of being on the Dirty.. Nik, warn everyone of this mess. Oh, here’s her best friends on the left ( both on the dirty ) Kat May and Jocelyn Plunkett… These girls all need to be watched out for

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Jocelynn Plunkmastaflex

December 8, 2014 Victoria 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this dirty grimy thot is nothin but a nasty club goer. she looks like a man with that strong facebone and fat body, loose some weight or instead of going to the clubs every week hit the gym. cuz of what shes been through she thinks everyone owes her a favor to be nice to her meanwhile shes nothin but a bitch to everyone else. shes not the only one that has been through shit. when i was friends with her she would always flirt with every guy she could, now she tries to pick them up from the club. no one wants a bed full of cellulite. this is ur 2nd time on the dirty, take a hint hun. no one likes u and no guy wants u fat slob. shes jobless and prefers to mooch off of her friends and parents for whatever she can. she fcked both of the simpson brothers, she has an sti now. enjoy ppl Hey Nik, would u take this penny for a ride?

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Victoria’s Biggest Kept Secret

December 1, 2014 Victoria 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this squid is a thief! He is a junky and he will lie and steal and rip you off. Ladies, do not leave an open drink around him because he will slip something in it. He lives with his mommy and is a woman beater, beating every woman he’s with and ripping them all off. Last but not least…. he is a full out RAT!!! Ratted out his best friend and put him in jail for a year, paperwork to prove it. Skinhound.

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Jay White

December 1, 2014 Victoria 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: Joseph Jansen White (Jay White)! Jay! You listen to this really carefully. If you EVER come NEAR me again, I personally will see to it that you get the same treatment. I will pull the trigger though like you were too cowardly to do. And your lucky I still walk you motherfuker! I won’t stop swinging! 41 year old dead beat dad living with his 19 year old “fiance” smoking crystal meth and beating on her is what he gets off on. He beats animals and will be going to court for that soon, poor pit bull was viciously beat with a baseball bat! He enjoys the company of hired female hookers just as much as he likes popping cialis to cheat on women and get him up for his porn addiction. This guy is a total piece of SHIT and should be put down. While this secret life of a romance gone bad goes on, his ex fiance is jumping in and out of bed with him as well… Jay has 3 or more women on the go right now that have fallen in love with him! Hes got 2 kids he isnt allowed to see and continues to live his life of drugs, porn, prostitutes, and talking shit. Hes a real piece of work! He reels you in and then !BAM! love changes from happiness and head over heels to Broken bones, bruises, and heart ache. This guy will actually beat you up and then call the cops on YOU!!??? He is MENTAL! No Joke. Calls himself triple OG when he was in the looney bin while in prison…Take it from me, This guy is a goof and should be locked up in a institution FOR LIFE! Jay White is a Woman hitting, Porn/Meth/Steroid Addicted, Animal Abusing Pathological LIAR! STAY AWAY!!!

(click here for animal abuse article)

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Cara Austin

November 27, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well mss fcking cara austin you should get a life and quit trying to ruin other peoples lives with yur jelous cbildish bull shit you post on here about here and my bab y moma saying were drug addics and we dont take care of outlr daughter well wheres your kids you dope simple crayon eating clown shoe wearing goof whore youd fuck anyone for a toot on a glass dick like havin fu ezcorting anyone looking for a fck phone cara () heads up thats if you want a dead fuck and all this bcs she cheated on me and broke up with me and now shes a crazy jelous bitch because i wont talk to her and im moving on and want my babby moma back kinda fucked dont u think fuck cara what is wrong with you well if your into saggy tits and a gunt and a controlling needy whiny disceitful goof bitch caras your girl have a goof life you fucking nutjob you think your always right too bad your fuckimg dumb as a door kmob have fun being alone for the rest of your pathetic life shure yull be living in a card boarwd box doing the hastings shuffle ……..

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John Naswell – Redneck Scum

November 25, 2014 Victoria 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik here we have John Naswell from The Comox Valley. All this asshole likes to do is sit around talk to girls on POF and spend his welfare check on fixing trucks. Oh yea he uses girls like they are toys and then tells all his redneck pals about them or he will get them to talk to the girl while he sits back and drinks his cheap beer or smokes his weed. He has sent pictures through facebook to his friends of half naked girls who look underage. After the girls are all nice with him and he doesn’t get laid or whatever he goes off behind their backs and calls them all sorts of names. Nik please post this redneck asshole.

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The boy next door

November 25, 2014 Kelowna, Victoria 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy might come across as sweet and genuine, but the quietest one in the room is the one to watch. He passes off any involvement, in anything as a coincidence.. too convenient. Disappearances, Drugs, etc. he always seems to have an excuse, and a fake last name. His real last name leads to connections in Kelowna, international drug convictions.. great family. There is always a nice outfit, or car overshadowing the truth behind this lying piece of shit, normal people dont have guns and gloves hidden in their car seats. Keith you are outed, and lucky jail time has evaded you this long. it all catches up with you buddy..

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