Victoria | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

Ashley Claire Marie

November 5, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 264

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this 28yr old b*tch is the dirtiest wh*re in the city. She loves to f*ck guys just for fun. She come from dirt. She’s ESCORT and work on ERLiST and in reality this is how she meets guys to take their money. She is all about money and who she can screw. Men be aware of this woman! not only she is a wh*re she will take every penny you have like an angel. She has been known in the city to do this.

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Uncle Chucker

November 4, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe is the ultamile m*th junky whore. She loves to make a boi fall for her and then drop him like a hot potato wen she spots a new victum.. both justin phillipe and stephan sherman are her most recent sad recent victums. I call her whore.. some know her as brit. Her names britney contois! Nasty bitch

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Duncan Donut

November 3, 2014 Victoria 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet Tara reed Duncan this fat gunt just posted me and basically made no sense at all . so Tara you think u know me huh ? Well guess again hey dirty readers miss fat Tara here once let a 13 year old kid finger bang her actually she forced him to . while she was babysitting fat pig u are Tara lol you keep running your fat trap about me and all the nonsense u posted wasn’t even actual facts bitch your fcking ugly your way fatter then me . and yes I am pregnant with Jason Callaghans child so what jelous ? Or just obsessed with my personal life . you and the rest of robs dirty two faced low life friends can kiss my ass . Tara your just another jigga boo loving fat cunt only niggers want obese cows . so here u go nik miss Duncan donut here torontos jelly whale and child molester

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Block Happy Terry Clairmount

November 3, 2014 Victoria 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Cloudkicker ex Navy Terry Clairmount who is block happy on pof. He’s been on pof for well over seven years! Every time I send him a nice message he blocks me. This guy has no proper social skills or game when it comes to women. Nik, put this pos on blast!

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Abusively Rude

November 3, 2014 Victoria 94

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this ugly fat faced prick was extremely rude to me on pof. I sent him a cute message, didn’t get a response then sent him another one. He wrote back being extremely abusive and vile. This guy has violent tendencies towards women. He is age 38 and is a heavy equipment operator up in Fort Mac but lives on the Island here. Ladies be advised that this fool is abusive ! PS. Anyone know this goofs’ full name?

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Another Craigs Creeper

November 3, 2014 Victoria 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Shane Greenside from Westshore, another CL Creeper that answers missed connections posts that are NOT meant for him. He is a permament bachelor who needs to grow the feck up. He acts like he is casual and only wanting a coffee date or to chill watching a movie at his place but in reality he wants unprotected creampie sex with any girl, any age, body size and race. Nik, put this filthy pig on blast for me!

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My Wife the Sloot

October 29, 2014 Victoria 73

THE DIRTY ARMY: So long story short I got married. Had swapped phones with my wife and some guy started texting her to hang out so I answered back sure but u know ‘m married now. So I didn’t lure him in but was texting this guy back in a respectful way a wife should. Low and behold what I find out , we’ll we had a little break inbetween us befor we got married, well we still had a marriage licence together she was having sex with him for money! The story is even more horrible than just that but to sum it up. If u loved someone u wouldn’t sleep around well u had a marriage licence still together even if your in a break. Than I get married to find this all out if she would have told me I wouldn’t have fryer to turn a hoe into a house wife it just don’t work. She is a pathological lier and she is worth 100 bucks appernently that’s what buddy told me he had paid her. Her name Amanda Bray goes by Mandi stay away from her you will regret you ever met her.

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Small Town Big Slore

October 29, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tawnya faith Stewart “foxy” from Prince Rupert bc… This nasty ass lil whore spreads like fucking butter for any married or committed man… She’ll take advantage of a drunken situation cause most have to have the beer goggles on to be with her… She’s a nasty lil thing that, once got into a cab and we had to have the fcking windows down because of the stench coming from her crotch… She doesn’t even know the dad for her fcking kid… Pretty fcking obvious it’s one of 10 guys from that one week!!! Nasty ass lil whore doesn’t fall far from the tree… Her mom didn’t set a great example fcking everything in sight when her dad was off at school in Vancouver… She attempted to fuck a soon to be daddy till her friend had to pry her off of him… At least someone there had a conscience… She screwed over her best friend by trying to sleep with the groom! Nasty ass jealous lil bitch that nobody wants so she tries to have everything that those are her have… She fucked with the last person… Her ugly lil baby will have a better life without her alive… Dumb cnt…

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