Lying Jessica Mccaw

March 17, 2014 Victoria 39 7,945 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jessica mccaw , was just in a 4 year relationship . Cheating the whole time on the nicest guy . She’s a liar, greasy and the most manipulative bitch you’ll ever meet . She’ll do whatever it takes to get on everyones good side then talk trash behind your back . Sees up to 4 different men at the same time that are over 15 years older then her and plenty rich ! She’s a gold digging fucking bitch . Plus let’s add can’t even do her eyebrows right !!!

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Slore Island

March 11, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 112 8,563 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melanie Skutnik is a whore who is dating a loser Ben Star. Who has a dead end job who dresses like a dork. The only reason she is dating him cause she ended up getting drds and found out he has them. They met on tinder how romantic. I hear she likes to pour orange juice down her butt. Thats weird

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She aint pretty she just looks that way

March 3, 2014 Victoria 45 7,994 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Kayleigh Phaedra Dawnya Hardman, aka “Mya”, aka Fable Quinn, aka YPOS (porn name), aka Dj Applecat. Liar, violent, abusive, volatile, and manilpulative “polyamorist” (slut). This notorious social climber has zero issue using anyone and anything to get ahead in her career. She is a self proclaimed Dj with no skill and hasnt worked a day in her life. No problem flaunting her anorexic naked body to anyone with a wallet and taking advantage of anyone she can, this woman has a left a trail of destruction everywhere she goes. You can find her sucking any dick that will get her another performance slot and thinks hard core kink and porn is just fine for her 6 year old daughter to be exposed to. From getting spit roasted while her daughter sleeps in the same room to driving a friend to attempt su** this woman is pure evil spawn from a pre-biblical era. Having lived off her internet porn income since 14 and targeting disabled men to keep the coffers full “Mya” or what ever name she is going by this week, has no morals. Nik, please stop this woman from sending more men to seek the end of their own lives from this manipulative prostitute.

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The Dirtiest

February 28, 2014 Victoria 8 10,144 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I feel it necessary to warn females (from 70years old to 14) about this class A douche bag. Mr Allan Vandebogart. Nik this twatt spends his days hanging out with Napanee dirt-bags that he plays in a band with Fancy s himself quite the rock star. I watched him get booed of the stage in belleville on night.When he sings he sounds like my cat when shes in heat. Smoking bongs and selling weed out of a phoney store front he pretends is a business is Allans favourite pass time. I date his ex-wife and have really got to know what a waste of skin Allan is. Allan has one daughter with my gf who he has never paid a cent of support for. Last summer Allan was taken to court for support ,out of fear he would be forced to pay (and to be entitled to a free lawyer) he closed down his store front and went on welfare. Never-mind the fact his ex (my gf) has been sick with cancer for the past 2 years and is unable to support herself financially. So Nik after all this we still have not hit the best part. Allan can not figure out why his teenage daughter wants nothing to do with him. Well it may have something to do with the last time she saw him at his so called “Hockey Card Store” the poor kid grabbed a can of pringle chips off the shelf in the back room only to find it was packed full of weed. (who hides their dope in basically a candy jar so appealing to a child?) I am also told Allan has a nasty porn addiction. To the point that when he was married if he could not find privacy because of company being around, Allan would use his daughters room to stare at his magazines. So when I helped the gf move from the house they shared while married. I personally found old lady porn, and teen porn that Allan had stuck in-between his Own Daughters mattress ! Yes OLD LADY”S IN THEIR 70′S!(pages all stuck together) I was disgusted! Now Nik this guy has more bad habits aside from being a perv and a terrible father. Allan can not seem to pay his own way in life. Since I have been around he has jumped from one women to the next,always moving in with them as quick as they will let him.Borrowing money for extravagant trips that he never pays back. So this squatter thinks its ok to introduce his daughter to these women while he is working them into his scam.( The last women Allan was with was verbally abusive to the kid but Allan continues to involve his poor daughter in his patheticness) I notice the women catch on fast as he now only averages 6 women per year,it use to be 4.(maybe they found his library in their mattress?) How this squatter is able to pick up women is beyond me. Like a true bum he never showers. His hair looks like he rolls in grease. Word is Allan has the worst V.D out there. Apparently he likes to brag about the size of his junk. I am told it looks like a sausage missing the meat. Blah! (I told you he was a waste of skin Nik. Please lets “out” this stage 1 clinger! Lets force this guy to pay his own way for a change so he can not prey on his next victim. I would love to see him have to give money to support his seed. The gf has enough on her shoulders being sick all the time. Allan is the Dirtiest Dirt To Ever Make The Dirt Nik!

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Suck Secutioner

February 24, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 80 6,437 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Sebastian Kayne. This is one of thee most despicable and disgusting womanizing man-whores you will ever meet. Girls BEWARE! He will not only fuck anything that walks, but he will screw your grandmothers dusty vagina after she’s been buried. He is the most untrustworthy ass-wipe that has ever walked this earth. He is a two faced sleazebag beyond, beyond belief, to sleazy to be a member of the lust boys, which goes to show how pathetic he really is. He will use everyone for his pepsi addiction. He thinks he is the best front man this city has to offer, when really he can’t sing. no talent. All of his clothes smell like cat piss, Yet he still tries to win with the ladies. He had a promotion company that fell through the floor because all of the money went to his pepsi addiction. He has a girlfriend, but always tries to sleep around behind her back. Can you say DOUCHEBAG?! A warning to all ladies in Victoria and surrounding areas including the mainland. DONT TOUCH HIM!!

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Kevin Walker Wannabe Thug

February 24, 2014 Victoria 25 8,798 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This f*cktard loser needs to be thrown back in jail, nothing but a meth junky dealer who lives off his parents (Oh, did I mention they are his number one customers?) Anyway…. On with my story. This sack of shit beats women, has spread numerous drds with his tiny little inverted dick. (If you can call that a dick?) And he’s got the mental aptitude of a 7 yr old. Here is one of his deep quotes, and wonderful grammar….”Man believes In possible i believe in impossible”. Snort another line off your momma’s saggy tits, Kevin!

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How is She Not Exposed Yet

February 20, 2014 Toronto, Victoria 61 10,897 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this loud mouthed clown should’ve been up here a long time ago. she thinks she’s gonna make it big with her voice, and moved to toronto in hopes that that would happen… girl, lets face reality. you’re terrible. your video uploads annoy the shit out of everyone and you need to just stick with your day job. maybe go to school while you’re at it. i barely know you, but from what i’ve heard you’re a total piece of work. terrorizing people growing up, flaunting your ever growing body (hit the gym and put down the bottle) to get some recognition……you’re a joke. no one likes you, no one likes working with you, and its time to face reality. you still have time to change. you still have time to put on some clothes, put down the camera and get a few applications for jobs that don’t involve lipstick and selfless.

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Jason Nickle

February 12, 2014 Victoria 9 6,236 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, This is Jason Nickle, he presently lives in Victoria BC with his girlfriend ( who apparently has no clue what her boyfriend is really like ). This guy used to live in Nanaimo BC, where he rented a room in a boarding house. He has stolen, not only from every tenant in the house, but from at least two of his bosses and the neighboor’s. He lies about absolutely everything and cons people into thinking that he’s a poor victim who’s had it rough . . .when he’s done taking people for everything they’ve got, he moves on to his next victim. He’s a smooth talker and a professional con artist who will tell and convince people, that his victims are the ones who did him wrong, thus not only getting sympathy from people, but destroying the reputation of the ones he’s stolen from, lied too and used. People need to be aware that this guy is not only a pathological liar, thief, con artist and hypocrite, but also a slob who borrows money he never gives back and gives every excuse in the book not to pay for his rent. He got evicted from the boarding house where he was living because he didn’t pay his rent ( for just about a year ) and destroyed the room he was renting, to the point where his landlord had to throw out all the furniture ( including the mattress that was completely soiled with god knows what ), clean a re paint the walls, and replace the carpet that was stained and reeked of all the garbage that he stored under his bed and closet. When the landlord cleaned out the pig sty he left behind, he found property that belonged to the other tenants and receipts, proving that he had sold things he had stolen from some of the tenants and his old bosses. This guy is scum and rotten to the core, so if any one should ” meet ” him or has been befriended by him recently, I strongly advise that they run the other way, or at the very least ask for proof for all the lies he’s been feeding them. Ps: the picture of ” garbage” is actually part of the half full containers of rotten food and packages that where found under his bed after the landlord went to investigate the foul smell that was coming from his room and stinking up the whole house, and the picture of the desk, gives you an idea of what state he left the room in after he was evicted.


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