Cody Basso

September 4, 2014 Victoria 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cody Anthony Basso has been accused of molesting an 8 year old girl in Burnaby BC. He fled up north to Prince Rupert where his family originates from shortly after. He is now dating a woman with a small daughter. Not only is he disgusting for abusing an 8 year old girl, but he sinks further into perversion by actually seeking out women with children for the sole purpose of abusing them. Put this sick fuck on blast, and all you women with children need to beware!!!

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#RichKids of Victoria

September 4, 2014 Victoria 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Victoria, this is Will. He’s new to the city from the mainland. I met this guy in college a few years ago and we became pretty good friends. He’s a fairly decent guy – so I feel kind of bad posting this… but whatever. You’ve heard of 30k millionaires right? Well… this guy is a ZERO-K millionaire. Seriously. Will is one of the friendliest guys I’ve ever met – but he is SO out of touch with reality. His whole life has been handed to him on a silver platter… mommy and daddy payed for his degree. They payed for him to study abroad. They just bought him a new Jeep. To top things off, he just moved into a brand new condo in a pretty exclusive neighborhood. This dude doesn’t make much money at all, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his parents are subsidizing the condo too.

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Campbell Rivers Dirtiest

September 3, 2014 Victoria 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is shyann duncan she just turned 19 and already has a kid and another apparently on the way. The first she doesn’t even know who the dad is or have custody of she lost her kid right after it was born because sh’d rather party and do drugs and fck guys which is what has caused her unfortunate second pregnancy with a guy who just got out of jail and lives with his mom with no job. She was hookin and living on Hastings shortly before she got prego. Shes pregnant in all the photos do you think that’s how a prego mom acts?

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The Amazing Tessa

September 3, 2014 Victoria 50


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This is lovely Tessa. This fine species of a crck whore will steal anything from anyone to score her next bump. Have I even mentioned that she almost killed her little kitty numerous times by not feeding it and leaving it outside for days on end while she goes on her high journeys.

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Troy Divis

September 2, 2014 Victoria 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Momma chasing insecure bitch made twat.

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Keely Delainey

August 27, 2014 Victoria 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: She deserves to be on the dirty she slept with my boyfriend and now I want revenge

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Sooke Sloot

August 25, 2014 Victoria 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chick is a caved in face, slut, who doesn’t care who she fcks she lives in sooke cause no one in Vic likes her! She slept with her best friends boyfriend and has drd!!! Gross!!! She think she’s cool but look at her Discusting sexual pics what a slut

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D-Roc of the Trailor Park

August 25, 2014 Victoria 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a loser!!!! all he does is smoke pot and mooch off of his disabled father and ruins his father’s life and marriage. Nobody around him even his own mother cant stand him, she kicks him out like clockwork because he is useless. He lives with his daddy who is older than grandfather time.They live in the senior section of Seabreeze trailer park and he threatens the seniors who live around him and he beats his girlfriends. He stabbed a friend of mine with a small pocket knife and he also likes to have unprotected sex and has drd. He makes babies and then runs away crying like a little girl because he doesn’t want his mama to find out about his poor choices. He will take everything you have, smokes, weed, food and booze, then leave you high and dry. He likes to run away when confronted because he is nothing but a pssy ass wigga. If you have seen him, call him out on it, all he will do is run for the trailer park hills… Also, his dick is like a pencil, skinny and short and covered in drd outbreak… smells like a rotting bin of blue cheese from 30 years ago. he deserves to be put on this site because he thinks his shit don’t stink! Guess what Dakota, your time Has come! Little pssy ass bitch!

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