Rocky Ripoff

February 7, 2014 Victoria 93 8,998 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I just want to give the heads up to anybody who gets involved with Rocky Primavera who lives in Port Alberni, BC. I went out with Rocky for 5 or 6 months, he was the perfect gentleman, treated me so well & I was so happy. I really believed that things were getting serious between us. Then I received an insurance settlement, it wasn’t even that much really, only $4000. When I told Rocky that I was getting this money, he told me he was on the verge of losing his house and he wished he was as lucky as I was with money. Well, being a good girlfriend, of course I asked him how much he was behind on his mortgage. He told me he needed $2000. I had plans to buy myself a used car and to finally rent my own place and have my teenage son move back in with me, as I have been staying at a family members’ house and my son was staying at his Grandparents house for several months due to financial difficulties. It was a poor decision on my part, but, he pushed all the right buttons & the thought of somebody I loved losing his home while I had the ability to help him did not sit well with me. I told him I couldn’t afford to lend him $2000, but, I would lend him $1000. On the day my settlement cheque arrived,(December 10th/13) I went and cashed it, bought my car and then drove to Rocky’s house, cash in hand. I sat down with him & had a late lunch, making small talk. When I was done eating, I got my purse out & counted out ten one hundred dollar bills. No sooner did I put them in his hands did he shoo me out of his house. I mean within minutes he scooted me out the door telling me he had to go. I didn’t hear from him for days and days until I finally texted him telling him that I felt as if he took my money and cut out on me. That’s when he told me that we were just friends and I should have known that and refused to see me because it was “just better that way”. When I told him I would not have lent him that kind of money had I known I had no future with him, he turned nasty and called me every name in the book, said I was selfish and crazy and that I was just mad because he dumped me. Um. Yes. I was. He pretended to have feelings for me right up until I put a thousand of my dollars in his hands and then dumped me. This so-called man, Rocky Primavera, duped a single homeless Mother out of her money. He has been seen in Chances RimRock Casino nearly every single day since but claims he no money to pay me. He has made almost zero effort to pay me back, he did give me $100 over a month ago when he saw me at the Casino, but nothing since and has avoided me and wont answer my texts any longer.
For some reason, I decided to google him and discovered that that is what he does. He steals from people. He puts on a nice front. Is clean cut, very good looking, well spoken, owns his own home has a truck, car and boat, own business (Coastal Cleaning is one of the many business names he uses), but, what he really does for a living is steal from people. Check him out on I should have wondered why he knew so much about this site when he told me about, he mentioned it to me in regards to getting back at somebody who screwed him over. Seriously. I emailed one of his other victims, a family man, Father of 4 from Salmon Arm, who had the pleasure of giving Rocky $2500 for bullshit stories and glitter & shiny shit, not the gold he tries to portray himself as. I don’t know if I can put a lien on his house or not, the only proof I have of the loan is our texts, otherwise, there isn’t much I can do about it, he’s not a small man by any means. Hes six foot five and none of my guy friends will confront him or talk to him on my behalf – they’re all scared of him. I don’t know why, in my opinion, he isn’t a man at all, just a greedy little boy.

Whats with the colorful chin…use ur napkin.- nik

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The Women Beater

February 6, 2014 Victoria 9 7,449 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jay Rich crazy bipolar drunk, he is a loser and liar and hits girls cuz he’s pssy. he thinks he’s all hood but he’s just a fake wannabe gangster think it’s all right to hit girls we’ll listen buddy you need man up and stop being a little bitch you deserve to be in jail for long time. stupid haggard women beater

Shouldn’t a hit a lady.- nik

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Not Goods Gift

February 5, 2014 Victoria 11 7,077 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Jeff Ross….this man thinks he is God’s gift to WOMAN LMFAO no. more like God’s gift to for doctors….he gives out herpes like its fucking candy…..he is crazy in the head and a addict……lives at home with his mommy my friend dated him now she has herpes…he tried to sleep with me while dating her like OMFG EW! she told me his dick wasn’t equipt for the job anyways and he was loader than her like really?!..he is discusting! he does’nt wear condoms and if u make him he secretly takes them off…..he has tons of kids he don’t take care of…sad…..he controlled he like she was a puppet spied on her and then stalked her WATCH OUT GIRLS OF CR WEAR A CONDOM HE IS DIRTY AS F*CK!!!!

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Mike Higgins

February 4, 2014 Calgary, Victoria 109 6,876 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik put this dirty ass*ole on blast!! This is Mike Higgins he is from Victoria, B.C but currently moved to Calgary. BEWARE all ladies from Canada, BC this “man” has genital drd and has transmitted it to many woman!!

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Vic Manslore

February 4, 2014 Victoria 44 9,552 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ladies and gents meet brian aka b-loc thinks hes a crip when really hes a closet case crack head that lives in esquimalt, he loves little girls preferabley under the age of 16 or likes to go to the carlton club to pick up big native 50 year old chicks with no teeth LOL he is an obsessive loser who wants a wifey so bad that he will settle for the ratchiest hoes out there which by the way used to beat up his ex girlfriends he is a manipulitive liar who thinks hes hot sh*t. He f*cks a lot of men and women without disclosing his DRD (or his other diseases) and just walks away. He tried using me for drug money as well. this whore needs to be put on blast like the peice of shit he is or sent to compton so he can realize hes not a G hes just a low life looser who works 2 days a week and spends all his money on crack and beer which would explain why he walks around looking like a scrub!!!

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Easy Lay Day Care

February 3, 2014 Victoria 44 9,066 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Christina Poulton, this little rag bag came from Sooke and is now playing her little games right in Victoria. She runs a day care out of her home where she doesn’t mind getting railed while up to 9 kids are upstairs unattended… have a little quiet time between 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon, and she takes this time do have dudes over to fill her up. I can say first hand this is true. one bonus when you pop by it doesn’t matter which door you come in . This little rat bag even had a boyfriend while she was playing with me and 6 other confirmed guys….. I was unaware at the time. She has recently decided to be a facebook model, and doesn’t mind her teenage sons friends see her in next to nothing. I wouldn’t want my child as this day care while she is getting balled in her basement while my kid is upstairs  unattended.  I popped by one day around this afternoon down time and she had another dude there, and turns out he was the bf. He was a little shocked to see me show up to say the least. I know 3 of the other dudes she is banging and we have all had a chance to talk. So I figure its time to put this dirtbag on blast and also give those who don’t know her a chance to have a turn. Add her on facebook and youre in…..she loves the attention and is a sure shot. Shes cute, not a bad lay, her bee stings are pretty ruined,she could use a bit better hygene, but overall its not bad. She will even take you out for dinner with her two sons, and some how keep that quiet from her bf. Ive never come across someone who lies and cheats as much as this little trash bag. She rides a gsxr 600 so if you want to enjoy a little ride with some ass here is your girl. I hope this little rat bag gets a good blast and some of what she has coming to her, and if it was my kid going to her day care Id be staying home until I found a new one. Truly one of the biggest whores Ive met in a long long time if not ever. Congratulations Chirstina you’ve made the big time!!!

Easy and cheesy…I wouldn’t show off that ass.- nik

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Super Sloot

January 31, 2014 Victoria 135 7,127 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dirty tramp is Colette Parlee. She has a 15 month old baby of which the father she doesn’t even know ( could be Nick Maude.. or Becca Johnson’s brother). She goes around spending her child tax money on coke and booze and sluttin it up with any guy that will give her attention.. currently on the go she has Jeff Mil (dirty esq boy) and Mike Sherm (wannabe rapper) while still claiming to be with her current boyfriend Nick. Meanwhile, while all this is happening her boyfriends sister is on diaper duty all the time taking care of her 3 children plus Colette’s baby. NEWSFLASH Colette going out all the time with your baby’s money doesn’t make you a good mother at alll..especially when your baby is living in its own filth. Not to mention how she smokes in the house with her baby…Just because you didn’t have parents growing up sweet heart doesn’t mean you need to ruin your childs life you nasty stank bitchhh.

That room looks inhospitable.- nik

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Nanaimos Most Hated

January 28, 2014 Victoria 35 10,564 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this crazy physco b*tches name is Karlee Dickenson and shes the most hated girl in town.. all of her friends have disowned her because shes a pathological liar!!! all she does is lie to everyone and make everyone feel bad for her because she grew up with junkie parents, got knocked up at 16 and dropped outta high school.. She plays head games and manipulates you and tells men what they want to hear and once they meet her they run because shes such a crazy c*nt.. She blames everyone, even her own daughter for her mistakes and for the way her life is.. theres even a facebook page trash talking her with over 15,000 members.. She won’t even leave her house because everyone makes fun of her and shit talks her for the way she has been to everyone, she acts like shes never done anything wrong to anybody but she backstabbed all her bestfriends and they all spoke the truth and told everyone what was really going on, shes the craziest b*tch i’ve ever met, and she DESERVES to be on here!!! Shes never worked a day in her life and says shes to good to work anywhere.. Even her own family doesn’t want anything to do with her and tells her shes a nobody.. she says her daughter is her world yet she won’t get off her FAT lazy ass and take care of her and her own 4 year old daughter tells her that she hates her and doesnt want to live with her.. all she cares about is men, her ugly piercings, her pathetic tattoos, her tacky fake nails and her own wants.. They live in a disgusting shack with no internet or cable and she has to use her moms cell phone because she racked hers up so high looking for a men to f*ck She freaks out like a child and trash talks you if she doesn’t get her own way and right now she has a boyfriend whom shes cheating on with guys she meets online.. All shes looking for is a man to pay her way through life.. every single guy she has been with has even told me that they regretted f*cking her fat nasty lose sloppy p*ssy.. She wears clothes that dont even fit her and that show every roll on her body and she thinks shes the hottest shit in town.. ALL MEN WATCH OUT!!! THIS SLOPPY FAT SLUT WIll SUCK YOUR WALLET DRY IN A HEARTBEAT IF YOU EVEN GET CLOSE TO HER!!!!!

Her neck looks like a waffle.- nik

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