Victoria | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4


October 20, 2014 Victoria 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Johnny! Also known on the streets at one point as “Zeus”. He’s a lying, scamming, drug addict who’s only goal in life is to get high and use people. He owes people money (including myself) and can’t seem to afford to pay them back, but has enough money for his next fix. He scammed my girlfriend out $600 for “rent” but then used it on his cocaine addiction. He’s always seen with this trailer trash chick who I’m sure is his junky girlfriend. This guy is bad news, he has huge anger problem. Don’t piss him off unless you want to get hurt! When he’s drunk he will hit on anything female that moves. He’s manipulative and knows how to work you if he wants something from you, don’t give him anything. He dated one of my closest friends a few years ago, and had apparently beat her when he lost his temper, high. If your a women stay away from him, he’s nothing but bad news!

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Whore from maple ridge to parksville

October 20, 2014 Victoria 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman is as caniving as they come! She steals men, she creates new aliases on facebook all the time. When she doesn’t get her way she will charge the man with “sexual assult” . She’s awaiting custody charges, she does drugs(coke) and also she sleeps with any man who has a penis between their legs! Not to mention she uses people daily, pawns her kids off onto others…and she has abandoned her two cats who she claimed to have loved dearly. People need to be aware of this skank, her name? Jessica Lynn Russell. She is currently in parksville, BC and occasionally visits her two timing friends aaron McNeil and cassidy renowlds. Be on the look out ladies! She’s that much of a whore!!!

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Wannabe Chilean

October 15, 2014 Victoria 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This piece of sh*t is Renato Capone. Not to be confused with Al Capone….this P*ssy is far from that. This kid has played so many girls and has hooked up with younger ones in there teens…. He is sick,and has been known to hook up with other males to join his perverted sex acts. He is a disgrace to the Latin population. Beware of this c*unt

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Country Girl Leanne Girbav

October 13, 2014 Prince George, Victoria 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Leanne Girbav from a nasty little town called Prince Rupert filled with drunks, drug addicts and people just living off their welfare cheques because they’re just too lazy to work. She’s a nasty slut but only online because she can’t get any in person. She lives off the internet because she has no life! If she ever sees this on here she’ll probably be happy for the attention! She likes to act like she’s a country girl but really she’s far from it! She has never even been anywhere close to the country. Her daily life includes posting “sexy” pictures in online chat pages trying to find men that don’t know any better to chat with, racking up her phone bill (that her parents pay) calling her boys long distance, and hanging out & taking pics with her friends who think they are hot shit! She also loves voicing her obnoxious opinions and no matter how many people argue with her she will not accept that she is wrong. No one will defend her. She makes herself look like an idiot! HA!! Do I really need to go on? I think her pictures do enough explaining of how nasty she is.

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Adam Vining

October 10, 2014 Edmonton, Victoria 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: when i first met adam..if that is his real name. he told me that his friends put his profile up on the dirty as a joke. So i stupidly believed him. we met on pof, and talked casually for a while…then we met in person which went fine, other than his clothes were dirty and he was worried looking at his phone (as i was to find out!) but i was dumb so we hooked up after much convincing that i was not alright with it.we continued speaking and i noticed his facebook main photo kept changing from him as a single to him with a female….alright..and just as obviously, he ignored my phone messages everytime his photo was of him and a female. (so yes my mistake). what can i say im not from here and i was wishful. turns out, he was dating a girl all along, lied about a child in the photos being his cousin, and infected me with H*V. i dont want any women to go through what i went through. dont fall for this game, his words are easy and hes even easier. everyone wants to sell you the american(canadian) (if thats where your from) dream. this male, is infected, and has a girlfriend from what i can see….i googled his name as my father told me to and found him on this site in victoria BC. same guy. make better choices than me girls

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Predatory Nature

October 10, 2014 Victoria 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Christopher ( aka Chris or christoff) Falconberg of port hardy, BC though he travels BC for the help logging company he works for. He has a predatory profile and could be a risk to young girls. He is a sex addict and his viewing of choice is daddy daughter, incest and little girl next door porn with girls who look under 15. His favorite reading was about the little girl Audrey next door ( this girl was 10 in the story!). He admitted he has a problem but continued his behavior. He will also stay on several dating even if he’s in a relationship. This guy is bad news, he’s a danger to young girls. And god forbid you say anything he will threaten that nasty bullshit will happen. Even his own mother agrees he has traits of a pedophile and shouldn\’t be left alone with young girls. Beware of this one.

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Constant Liar

October 6, 2014 Victoria 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Dustin Stuifbergen . He’s quite the constant lier . He tried helping me raise my son over his own pain for not being able to see his daughter , on different occasions would lie about where he was, stole my tablet for his crack and mdma drug addictions and used me for my money cuz the guy worked temp jobs and tries to tell people he has lots of money in the bank . He has a serious drug addiction that causes him to be 2 different people . Or maybe he does drugs to supplement for his split personality disorder . Even his high school friends can vouche that hes a constant lier and biggest loser in delta. Still to this day he plays head games with me when i know he’s got a fat bitch …..whats her name (STACEY ALEXANDRA) on his arm suplementing himself for his own pain ewwww . Can i say shed be lucky to call any guy her bf cuz shes so ugly. Anyway, watch out for this guy ladies…hes a really horrible person . He’ll make any girl feel as worthless as he does .

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Gold Diggin Stormy

October 1, 2014 Victoria 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this chicks name is stormy vanderee, 22 years old hasn’t graduated and has been bumming off guys for years. She’s a gol digger that like to pretend to be a good girl, used men and leads them on to make them think she likes them. Shes just using you for your money.. She’s banged the greasiest men in the dirty. Her best friends are also all dumb cke head bitchez Chelsea mcleish, Miranda stormhoe, etc I feel bad for the next dude she makes think she cares and is a good girl. Don’t fuckin believe her dishiest shit that comes out of her disgusting dick suckin mouth. She think she’s hot meanwhile her boobs aren’t actually big as they look and she’s fat and gross. Her vagina has beef curtains and its gross I had the experience of fxking her an paid for her shit fck great lying hoes

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