Ashley Morrison

July 18, 2014 Victoria 86

THE DIRTY ARMY: Stay away from this insane disgusting dirty slut! She just turned 19 a few months ago and sleeps around with anyone she can, (or more like whoever has the stomach or is desperate enough to want to f*ck her) and then will pretend to get pregnant so she can lay around on her fat lazy ass (just like her 50 year old dad who couldnt even keep a job at mcdonalds the same time she worked with him) and do nothing while you work away to pay for all of the makeup she uses to try and make her gross face look better. Here’s a tip honey, stop wasting your money on makeup and piercings which clearly don’t make you look any better. Nik please help get the word around about this whore so no one else has to go through any of her bullshit. Her family is also way to screwed up to deal with, including her disturbed attention seeking sister with the blue hair, and her mom who used to prostitute while her dad (ashleys grandpa) was her pimp, like no wonder these girls are so f*cked up! If you want to save yourself from some serious depression stay away from Ashley and her sister Megan. Go F*ck yourself Ashley, p.s. the stupid dagger and lion king tattoo make you look like a 12 year old child.

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Valeria Rye Mentally Disturbed Model

July 17, 2014 Melbourne, Victoria 15


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik WATCH OUT This SNEAKY RUSSIAN SHLYUKHA!a.k.a an adventurer Neuroscience meets kitesurfing American Apparel Pretentious CUNNING wannabe RAW VEGAN burntout model is a fcking JOKE! known to use & abuse men jumping from one mark to the next like the plague. Leaving her underwear on the beach like the WHORE she is marked by a stinky tat flower on her back & an inner blotch near her rotten cheese curd PSSY!. Manipulating lies does not even describe what come out of her stank ass filthy mouth! Fcking people over Lying FUGLY CNT known to have serious mental disorders has made a name for herself from YVR to MTL. Big reason running to AUS. BACK STABBING LOSER DRUNK scamming her way through life. serious drug abuser hallucinogenic JUNKIE going through school like a unqualified FCKUP at Melbourne University dropout in 2016. At her ends burning bridges because of her massive bipolar mood swings. Wishes she can go PRO LYING that she’s on the AIRUSH TEAM. This CANCER LUMP Gypsy. Spewed by a cunt of a unloved mother LANA where she learned all of her devious SCAMMING traits. This girl has serious foster child DADDY issues. Abusing drugs to escape her pathetic life has diminished looks no longer a model but a klepto seen riding her stolen bike or green piece of shit SUBARU aimlessly on LSD SHROOMS or any drug under the moon on[removed]. Fking about in St. Kilda. Loathing her life waiting for her next victim. KEEP AN EYE OUT PEEPS! stank ass HOE.

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Tiagh Mackay

July 16, 2014 Victoria 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tia is a bipolar cm guzzling dumpster queen. She used to be a escort in Victoria bc and has since moved to hinton Alberta. Where she continues to whore it up. She is 23 and was dating an 18 year old boy. While she was dating him she was constantly getting dick pic sent to her and trying to hook up with the 45 year old man she was living with if she isant being a pediphile she’s being a unattractive Anna Nicole smith!

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Suzy Danskin

July 15, 2014 Victoria 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is the promised court order reply from Suzy Danskin and her Lawyer.She fully admits to having Herpes type 2 ( genetial herpes) and also has shingles on the roof of her mouth and thats another type of Herpes.She is a filthy diseased liar who does not inform men she sleeps with. She claims her ex Blair got them from his ex wife and gave them to her 7 yrs ago.One can only imagine how many men shes infected since then as all she does is sleep around for free drugs. BE WARNED she is diseased.Wrapping it up wont even help this as all you need to do is get some of the ooze puss on a finger then touch your skin and your possibly infected . Half of Tofino’s drd problem comes from this girl.

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Victoria’s Sarita Hutton

July 15, 2014 Victoria 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Sarita SluttHutton…A Dirty, dirty Victoria girl. You could probably tell this from her dirty, hooker outfit. Not only will she ONLY talk to you if you have money, but she will treat you like complete crap if she thinks you don’t have money to spend on her. You can find this dirty girl around Victoria where she will get dirty with you if you hint to the fact that you have money to spend on her. She spends SOME of her time at the Victoria General Hospital pretending to care about the patients but in reality she’s hunting for rich doctors or really anyone who will support her dirty habits. On top of all that, she tries to manipulate all her friends to become as dirty and gold-digging as she is. Her main hobbies include clubbing around Victoria, sitting her lazy ass home, and lying about being more intelligent than she actually is (apparent again from her picture). AAAh Sarita…. keeping the Dirty Alive!!!

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Alex Richardson

July 15, 2014 Victoria 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: please stop spreading disease, that is all.  Thanks

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Suzy Danskin- The Face of Lies

July 9, 2014 Victoria 73


THE DIRTY ARMY: WARN THE WORLD OF THIS PSYCHO.Suzy Danskin today your lies ruined lifes.You told so much crap about our brother Joe and will have him locked up in august .Its shameful that you are half native ,i remove from you the right to be associated to out nation.Funny why you could not remember if your shirt was on in court today but you could remember your computers details.You and Scot Flemming should be ashamed.your lies to the court are all part of your mental sickness.Our laywer showed us today all about you. Borderline personality disorder with drug abuse issues,you have been getting a welfare cheque from pension canada,$912 for 10 yrs everymonth because the system wrote you off. 21 visits for mental health problems in your life,9 overdoses,8stays in the mental hosp and detox with the longest being 7 months,2 abortions in the past year ,you filled out a marriage license with a man in his 60′s when you are 29,justto empty his bank to pay for your drugs,our band opened our arm to you after you ran to us from a bad abusive relationship how craze do you need to be for them to keep you locked up for 7 months ?You know you ran out of joes bedroom that night to get more crack with scot and he did nothing to you.Now we will lose an elder of importance because you are mentally messed up and tell lies,B.P.D are the biggest manipulators out there and you are no exception. The laywer told us there is a civil claim against youfor giving herpes in victoria,ill look it up.Liar!!!!

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Jessika Dawn

July 9, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Right here is jessika dawn she enjoys long night so riding dick and posting other people on the dirty. since she is such a fan she may as well be on here with all the other so called “friends” this girl is discusting shes banged so many different guys she doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is… and she has another on along the way… guess what no baby daddy because she has no idea who it is. This girl can’t keep a relationship for the life of her because all she does is cheat on the poor guys. she’s an okanagan confessions slim ball competing on all the nasty posts giving her dirt bag opinon. I heard rumors that this girl drank with her second child because she was just going to abort then then she couldn’t go through with the sacrifice of hurting her baby even know she already gave it alcohol poisoning. you are a SHADY bitch and need to grow up and get out of high school this is a piece of your Own medicine you fucking dumb bitch. why don’t you hit up some more raves and come home to your kids on ketamine, coke, acid all that shit. Some mother you are.

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