Victoria | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

Lee Andison

October 28, 2014 Victoria 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok so about a year n a half ago my girl freind called crying saying the subject lee andison was cheating on her loveing multiple live fcking over weight woman on Craig’s list he oils very well be useing a fake name claims disability to his work four n injured back lies constantly his very goood at hideing what hes doing has multiple email addresses fake names fifteenth numbers will be seeing more then two people at a time this is his consequences to his actions some one like this sea serves to be known to the public as a fraud he’s lazy a dry drunk pretend a to know and live a spirtitually life threw one of are local twelve step groups and is a cheater who prays on girls with low self worth his name is lee andison is in a relationship with a 19 year old girl named marika Armstrong a online x working girl on line blah and worst of all the guys got kids plays music gutar I repeat lee andison. Was married more then once and both times in different relationships with multiple girls carefull warning can be violent when under influence or when things don’t go his way is very controlling and will say anything to get laird comes across very innocent like he’s a goood man a good heart n soul but is a lier and cheater girls and emplyeers stay clear of this man

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Nanaimo coke skank

October 28, 2014 Victoria 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok nik so this girl right here name Sayde Strid She goes on pof and hangs with Multiple guys pretty much all the time diffearnt guy and she hits on them who know what she does with then but I know she party’s and is addicted to coke. Fcks guys for coke and wakes up and don’t remember who these guys are . Girl you need close your legs and go to rehab

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Melissa Storie

October 28, 2014 Victoria 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl loves her drinking almost as much as her men she lies about her age to shes 24 she will tell you shes a nurse but is not finished high school nor does she have a job. She has cheated with every guy shes ever been with including her new P2 boyfriend. She has 3 kids thats she doesn’t see at least all the same father who she cheated on. She has child support to pay so if you want to be with her enjoy paying it for her and everything for her including her phone that she uses to cheat with she calls the 50 plus guys on her phone friends watch out guys poor poor chuck

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Melissa Storie aka Navy Slore

October 27, 2014 Victoria 60



THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Melissa Storie the biggest dirtiest girl in Victoria BC o ya biggest liar to. She has cheated on every guy she has ever been with including her new P2 boyfriend ya another navy guy she slept with 13-15 guys in the past 6 months. This girl has a serious drinking problem and wets the bed because of it. She has 3 kids fortunatly all with the same guy poor poor chuck. She doesn’t see her kids because she hates them so she will be paying chil support. So if you guys wanna girl your gonna pay everything for including the phone she will cheat on you with and her child support fill your boots or if you like to have a disease this is the girl.

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Woman Beater Quebecoi — Danny Paradis

October 22, 2014 The Dirty, Victoria 45


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this scumbag is Danny Paradis. Biggest player wanna be ever!! The guy is a total sleaze ball and beats up on everyone (even women!!) cause he has a “black belt”. This guy is nothing but a coward and is easily recognizable with his stupid Quebecoi accent. Ladies be careful please.

Does Paradis fight with his nose?- nik

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Parksvilles Pig

October 21, 2014 Victoria 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: The world needs to be warned about this guy Ryan cooper. He manipulates little girls and lies about his age and having a girlfriend. He sleeps with anyone and everyone. You probably recognize him from pof or tinder because he has a serious online dating site problem and can’t stay off. He has a baby on the way in January and could have had two more this year but the women were smart enough to abort them. He lies about his current girlfriend jordan stotts and says their just friends but used to text me and Facebook message me to send him dirty pics and that he wanted to fck. He will have all the lies in the book but let me warn you ladies he is so good at lying it comes naturally to him. He’s 25 and tells girls he’s 20 just so he can sleep with younger girls. He lives at home and drives a shitty jacked up gmc that he thinks everybody loves. He can’t keep a job to save his life, probably why he doesn’t have anything. He will get his girlfriend to pay for everything and insists he pays them back but never does. He plays the sympathetic poor me card and gets his little girl friends to defend him. he is the most pathetic excuse of a human and always has an excuse that it wasn’t him doing anytbing wrong. He’s given multiple girls stds and ends up blocking and deleting them because he’s not man enough to admit to anything. He tells all his girlfriends he loves them right away and that he wants to marry them but that’s his messed up tactic to keep them around. He has nothing to offer other then his little chub uncircumcised dick. Enjoy him jordan stotts glad it’s you not me you have not a clue what Ryan is all about. Those puppy dog eyes will get you every time. His best excuses are that his Facebook was hacked and someone had his phone and it wasn’t him. Bullcrap and if he wants to lie I have never ending proof to show what a scumbag he really is. I bet your mom and dad are so proud you found such a winner at 20 Jord. Time will tell and we will all just say I told you so.

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October 20, 2014 Victoria 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, this is Johnny! Also known on the streets at one point as “Zeus”. He’s a lying, scamming, drug addict who’s only goal in life is to get high and use people. He owes people money (including myself) and can’t seem to afford to pay them back, but has enough money for his next fix. He scammed my girlfriend out $600 for “rent” but then used it on his cocaine addiction. He’s always seen with this trailer trash chick who I’m sure is his junky girlfriend. This guy is bad news, he has huge anger problem. Don’t piss him off unless you want to get hurt! When he’s drunk he will hit on anything female that moves. He’s manipulative and knows how to work you if he wants something from you, don’t give him anything. He dated one of my closest friends a few years ago, and had apparently beat her when he lost his temper, high. If your a women stay away from him, he’s nothing but bad news!

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Whore from maple ridge to parksville

October 20, 2014 Victoria 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: This woman is as caniving as they come! She steals men, she creates new aliases on facebook all the time. When she doesn’t get her way she will charge the man with “sexual assult” . She’s awaiting custody charges, she does drugs(coke) and also she sleeps with any man who has a penis between their legs! Not to mention she uses people daily, pawns her kids off onto others…and she has abandoned her two cats who she claimed to have loved dearly. People need to be aware of this skank, her name? Jessica Lynn Russell. She is currently in parksville, BC and occasionally visits her two timing friends aaron McNeil and cassidy renowlds. Be on the look out ladies! She’s that much of a whore!!!

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