Ladies Man Gone Wrong

August 25, 2014 Victoria 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this phsycotic man whore is a dirty scumbag also who everyone should stay away from. He goes out clubbing every single night so he can to get some easy ass. From his memorable discusting face you should keep your red flag zone alert when near him!! This guy seems like a humerous nice sweet genuine guy at first, even though he always embarasses himself and acts like a goof, he actually is dangerous and will seriously fck up your life. When he gets attached to someone you’re done!! he threats, blackmails, and stalks and it will never end. he’ll use any dirt on you against you if it gets him attention, even if you’re his best friend, and will use it any chance he gets. do not trust him.. and girls dont get drunk around him.. hes usually sober and is waiting for you to get in his car to take advantage of you. He is a cheater too and cannot be trusted. Beware victoria, this bar star is on red alert with already half of victoria.. so keep this in mind everytime you’re out. he treats people like shit and if you’re dumb enough to get into his life you’ll never get out without a cost. dont be one off the fooled ones!! what goes around comes around fuker!!

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Club Dakota Dickhead

August 21, 2014 Melbourne, Sydney, Victoria 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: the so called owner of club dakota (gabe jakobson) is a dickhead.   he picks up girls tabs and leaves the doors open for them after hours…only them…what happened to bros before hoes mate?  if only they knew how small his percentage was, or his paycheck, rumour has it his place is going under. (pun intended)

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Blind Leading the Blind

August 20, 2014 Victoria 125

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here we have Kelly Olson from courtenay bc! Kelly enables her son do drugs and terroize females. Sends her son money for crack and meth. Kelly is Jonny olsons mom, Jonny is a convicted rapist and is in PC for being a low life scum bag. Kelly harasses innocent girls that has fallen victim to her son, she will send them texts messages, putting them down and chasing after any girl that goes near him trying to ruin their lives. Jonny has 5 children but the mother and him won’t take responsibility for four of them because they are females. This woman is completely delusional and her son should be locked away for life, instead she enables him and blames everyone for his drug using ways. Kelly is a complete psycho and her family have one of the worst reputations in the comox valley. Kelly is an extreme alchohlic and probably is the contributing factor to why her son is such a mess. Please Nik tell Kelly to go to some counselling for the sake of her son! Instead of enabling him to drugs and run the street raping woman, doing drugs and violently assaulting others!

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Tofino Wannabe Surfer

August 19, 2014 Victoria 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This kid here is Jonny Norris, he is from victoria but works up I’m tofino for the summers. He is one of the biggest players around. He will sweet talk you and make you feel so special to get what he wants. Pulls the whole I went to shawnigan lake boarding school, I play rugby, and shows off his what try’s to be muscles. The kid is nothing but a liar and trash talks every girl behind there back and uses them for sex or whatever he wants and then blocks them. Girls don’t get excited over his looks he has drd’s from banging girls in tofino… Dirty ! Anyways nick this guy has fcked over someone so badly he deserves to be in this site for girls to know not to fall for his tricks!

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Punk Escort

August 11, 2014 Victoria 197

THE DIRTY ARMY: Introducing Meghan Hinton aka Meghan Hammerfist (FB) aka Original Cindy. I am submitting this body odor reeking punk rock skank because she deserves it friends and I work with her at class choice escorts in victoria,yes we are all hookers WOOT WOOT. One day we got a new hire with this bad excuse for a Dominatrix,she gives the real Dom’s a bad name cause real dom’s dont bang their customers.Its her cover story,OH i dont sleep with them I just spank them.LOLzzzz gimme a break.She works as Mistree Aurora and her pics are polished and air brushed to hide her shitty tattoo’s,shes covered in bad ink.we often ask whos worse,Meghan or her Tatty artists lolzz.I swear she comes into work and her clothing smells sooooo bad it stinks the house up for day’s,she uses the shower at work so she dont run up her own hydro bill at home lol. Anyway she is posting on Fb about the CADDY girls at work giving her a hard time. Well Meghan if you dont like it at our service go hide behind your Shitty Dom act elsewhere we wont miss your B/O smelling up the place one bit.She thinks shes a supermodel and a talented musician,gimme a f’en break.She is nothing but a loser who gives all sex trade workers a bad name,FROM YOUR CADDY BEEEATCH FRIENDS.

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The Mark

August 11, 2014 Victoria 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I thought you might wanna here about this loser……Gary Smith of Victoria, former race car “legend” son of Roy Smith, a true legend in the racing world. He sucks in single women with children…playing on their mothering instinct as he is good at playing the injured child. He uses these women for shelter, food, security and oh yaeh the odd dip in her purse when she isn\’t looking or what about the new tv from telus?! still in pawn shop btw! He manipulates and sucks in the children and only to turn around and climb on the first classless crack ho he finds from Shawnigan Lake.Honestly ladies he not even 1/4 of how good he says he is at anything!!! Please run the other way……learn from my serious error in judgement

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Victoria’s Worst

August 6, 2014 Surrey, Victoria 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets interduce ppl to shaesta Rajabali from victoria . Slut would be a nice thing to say about this drd infest chic. she trolls websites trying to meet ppl and then shows up in her 1990 toyota corolla and opens her door cause the windows dont roll down ( i guess anyone who claims they make as much money as her could afford more then $500 dollars for a car) this chic talks shit about everyone she sees only to cover the fact that she is a big time pepsi and drd whore. Nik put this girl on blast she needs to understand that she is what we call a PRACTICE GIRL . and will never be a wife Shaesta stop calling ppl pepsi heads when ur on pepsi and the palms of ur feet are pointed to the sky taking whoever was willing to pay the $40 blast this hoochie Nik

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Another nanaimo Sloot

August 5, 2014 Victoria 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this post is connected to sarah wade in a way, this is her “best friend” Jaymee Harrop, this girl is straight up crazy. she has fucked over so many of my friends. Shes been a junkie since she was 13, stealing serious meds from her pill poppin mom, she fuked some 19 yr old and said she was 16 just to make her bff at the time jealous to prove “shes better than her” she then got my friend into pills after she went through a serious breakup and manipulated the hell out of her bc she needed somewhere to get fcked up and fuk her greasy bfs. all her money goes to booze and weed and smokes and cheap shit tattoos. she got knocked up and drank while pregnant then once the kid was out she decided to go back to pills. the baby dad left her because shes so pyscho. she’ll threaten to **ll herself to get her way & cut herself in public to get attention then tell you ur a shity person when u wanna help. she does coke & mdma while taking care of her kid & smokes poppers inside her shitty youth apartment paid for by our tax dollars. she drinks & handles her kid violently, and claims shes better than everyone else and a great mother. shell manipulate you and use you and then leave you hanging. shes also hungery for dick twice her age too. this person is not who she will try & claim to be at first. stay away from her. shes stalking/threatening her ex & claims she does none of these things but pictures & her tumblr tells another story b

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