Da Diddler Holenchuck

July 24, 2014 Victoria 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: That goof is named Steven Holenchuck. came into Esquimalt gym all the time, no doubt just a player and uses women for sex. Bought steroids off the local pushers in the gym too, screws dirty trashy strippers, loves the clubs n bar scene, for obvious reasons – MEAT MARKETS…in Alberta currently. I know he does dope not sure what kind tho. Just another stereotypical roided out douchebag LOSER. Conceited creep just immature party boy n all the dope n slutting around that comes with that lifestyle…see what I mean?

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CL Super Creep -Mr Terry P

July 24, 2014 Victoria 160

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why is it everytime I post a CL ad,this guy replies? His name is Terry-hes a deadbeat,who plays Magic:the gathering and does nothing else. He’s a superlech too. HE IS ALSO A CL TROLL-BOLD TY. Terry thinks he some kind of for everyone-kind-of-man…..but as you can see….he doesn’t look like he can carry a bottle of pop,let alone pleasure a woman. Hes got a few kids somehow-guessing she had really tough self respect issue to couple with this piece of work. He lives in the richest hood’ in Vic-still has to anwer every single casual encounters listing. I noticed him over and over-same message again and again. This guy has no game and should be put on blast for his bullshit,lies and drama-he actually got a his friend named melissa to attack me in email and he cant fight his own battles. CREEPER,COWARD,LECH,HIDEOUS TOO. Rip him a new one,Nik!! I posted a warning on cl-now I get mail from randoms about this guy and his neverending games. Hes a safety issue-hes probably going to catch testicle rot. Look out for your health and safety!!!

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Jaesen Biddell

July 23, 2014 Victoria 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: ***NIK PLEASE UPLOAD THIS TO VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA*** Does anyone know anything at all about this guy, jaesen biddell??

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Nanaimo Hoe

July 23, 2014 Victoria 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well this down right dirty little bitch is on the high road to hell not only does she have no friends because she’s such a shitty down right dirty skank with horrible daddy issues she had to children with this goof pictured above in witch one of the children she names LUCKY because there that trailer trash the kids are both obese because of her feeding them nothing but junk food because she would rather sit back and hit the crck pipe instead of caring for her children’s health she’s had many run ins with the law because she tends to think it’s cool to threaten people that she’s not scared to stab people yeah okay then you crazy but case she needs to be looked up and confined in the nut house with her momma who also thinks she tough and hot shit for being in a amature porn magazine back in the day this girls been run out of nanaimo for her dirty deeds now les run her outta our town know body needs this down right dirty cum guzzling skank in this town she will steal from you lie to you act like your best friend but the second your back is turned BAM the bitch is gone with your shit don’t trust the hoe

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Social Worker/Social Climber

July 21, 2014 Victoria 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ladies and Gentlemen. Let me introduce to you the woman or should I say LITTLE GIRL who is about to ruin you life. Fck your fiance and take your kids because she wants your mans stick! This little punk is Ma**son McC***. She is a ‘social worker’ and I use that very loosely. Almost as loose as her pussy. She may be gorgeous and charming but its ALL an act to make you let your guard down. She did this to me and 5 other people I know personally. She is fake and has the sweetest voice youve ever heard it sounds like angels in your ears until you hear that sweet little voice screaming the father of your child’s name and walk into your bedroom and see her ankles at her ears! She will ruin your life when your dude tells her it was a mistake and he doesn’t want her she will LIE her ass off and say he is unfit to be around your children and you resent and neglect your child. She did this to me 6 months ago…. Now my friend is dealing with the exact same thing only this time Madison is knocked up by my friends HUSBAND and father of her son and 2nd on the way. This girl is gonna be a mother….. LORD HELP THAT CHILD! She has no soul. She is a social climbing cunt who will fuck whoever, whenever and wherever she has to get ahead in her sad life.How do you think someone her age got to be top dog in a year? She slept her way to the top. She even ate out Stephanie Brown and April Surry. Yep she does that too! My brother JUST plowed her said he couldn’t feel her but he sure smelt her!

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Istvan Luppino is a Con-Artist

July 21, 2014 Victoria 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is a scam/thief/ manipulator /con artist operating out of Victoria BC and Vancouver BC. He claims he work’s in the movie industry ( claims to be a producer, has his own company, a director and script writer but has little or nothing to show for it pay cheque wise. He is a crook and a very intelligent and normal appearing until he takes you for a ride. He is originally from Calgary Alberta. Also goes by various names ie Steve Luppino/ Steven Luppino/ Stephen Vulcano/ Steven Vulcano/ Istvan Lupino. He has been charged in 2007 in Banff Alberta for fraud and passing bad cheques. Likes all the fine thing’s in life as long as you are the one paying for it.. Ladies and men you have been for warned..

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Torie Courneyea

July 18, 2014 Victoria 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Torie is a nasty whore who cheated on the father of her child all the time! She loves to party and by party I mean invite a bunch of people over and get drunk and high on coke while her baby sleeps in the next room! When she starts to get low on dope she makes sure to come on to what ever dealer she is using at the time. She often changes because she rips them all Off. No mom of the year awards for this Courtenay slut!

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Brooke Mills

July 18, 2014 Victoria 62

THE DIRTY ARMY: Brook mills is a disgusting junkie! She is a crazy psychopath who claims she is is psychic but is definitely 100% not. (I wonder if she saw this coming?) She is a thief and a her**ne addict she has gone to rehab like 8 times and always quits and as soon as she is out goes right back to the drugs. She always cheats on her BF Kyle, who is also a junkie! The two of them are a match made in hell. It doesn’t matter what drug you put in front of her she will do it! And if u don’t put it in front of her she will steal it. AVOID HER AT ALL COST!

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