Suzy Danskin- The Face of Lies

July 9, 2014 Victoria 74


THE DIRTY ARMY: WARN THE WORLD OF THIS PSYCHO.Suzy Danskin today your lies ruined lifes.You told so much crap about our brother Joe and will have him locked up in august .Its shameful that you are half native ,i remove from you the right to be associated to out nation.Funny why you could not remember if your shirt was on in court today but you could remember your computers details.You and Scot Flemming should be ashamed.your lies to the court are all part of your mental sickness.Our laywer showed us today all about you. Borderline personality disorder with drug abuse issues,you have been getting a welfare cheque from pension canada,$912 for 10 yrs everymonth because the system wrote you off. 21 visits for mental health problems in your life,9 overdoses,8stays in the mental hosp and detox with the longest being 7 months,2 abortions in the past year ,you filled out a marriage license with a man in his 60′s when you are 29,justto empty his bank to pay for your drugs,our band opened our arm to you after you ran to us from a bad abusive relationship how craze do you need to be for them to keep you locked up for 7 months ?You know you ran out of joes bedroom that night to get more crack with scot and he did nothing to you.Now we will lose an elder of importance because you are mentally messed up and tell lies,B.P.D are the biggest manipulators out there and you are no exception. The laywer told us there is a civil claim against youfor giving herpes in victoria,ill look it up.Liar!!!!

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Jessika Dawn

July 9, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 67

THE DIRTY ARMY: Right here is jessika dawn she enjoys long night so riding dick and posting other people on the dirty. since she is such a fan she may as well be on here with all the other so called “friends” this girl is discusting shes banged so many different guys she doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is… and she has another on along the way… guess what no baby daddy because she has no idea who it is. This girl can’t keep a relationship for the life of her because all she does is cheat on the poor guys. she’s an okanagan confessions slim ball competing on all the nasty posts giving her dirt bag opinon. I heard rumors that this girl drank with her second child because she was just going to abort then then she couldn’t go through with the sacrifice of hurting her baby even know she already gave it alcohol poisoning. you are a SHADY bitch and need to grow up and get out of high school this is a piece of your Own medicine you fucking dumb bitch. why don’t you hit up some more raves and come home to your kids on ketamine, coke, acid all that shit. Some mother you are.

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Steven Phare

July 7, 2014 Vancouver, Victoria 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: so this sick f*ck goes by the name of Steven Phare. Who just recently moved out of his mothers basement, hes now 22? 23? 24? who knows? I SURE DONT. i dont think anyone except his fcking mom knows his real age. He looks way older then he is, but he prays on young girls. Lures them with drugs, booze, & when there not paying attention he’ll put the date rape in there drink. foolishly giving him a second chance after raping my homegirl , he picked me up we went driving & drinking next thing i know i wake up im in bed, naked next to him.. i was so horrified & disgusted i didnt know what to do. Theres more i could say but that gives you all a pretty good understanding what this sick bastard is. My dad & Uncle Are Gunna Find This Fcker & give Him What He Deserves. dont worry were gunna Talk To The Popo Aswell* …

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Jenny Larson & Andrew Murphy – Dyson

July 7, 2014 Victoria 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is a perfect example of why young women should not be sending out pics of themselves to creeps with drd. Andrew Murphy-Dyson of victoria who has herpes type 2 is sending these pics of Jenny Larson around to people,shes got a great butt too bad its infested with andys herpes. I was at a party next to his place on Canada Day and while out on the balcony there was andrew with his dumb red/white hat on backwards looking like a thumb tack with a young bimbo who has no clue about his herps.He sent the pics to one of the guys on the balcony and then everyone had them.Jenny Larson works at milk and honey brow bar on victoria,I hope she confronts andrew about sending her pics over the internet. ENJOY VICTORIA

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Horse Face Moores

July 3, 2014 Victoria 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly cross-eyed slut is Mackenzie Moores, aka Mackie. She meets random guys off Plenty of Fish and then ors and fucks them. Her latest hook-up is with a guy named Richard a he**oin and m*th addict from vancouver who she fucked the same night she met him and now thinks she has herpes (wouldn’t be suprised). She opens her legs to any guy that gives her attention probably due to the fact she has major daddy issues. She and her anorexic twin sister Maddie Moores live and mooch off their mother, they’ve both never had a job in their life and smoke weed,snort coke and drink all day while their mother supports their laziness and drug habits. She also hasn’t been to school since the 8th grade and is almost 19 years old talk about next welfare bum…Do us all a favour and move to fort mac with your sister where your drug habits and slutiness isn’t looked badly upon no one wants your saggy flapping meat curtains in victoria anymore you dirty slut

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Wannabe Rapper

July 1, 2014 Victoria 430

THE DIRTY ARMY: This goof is such a joke his name is AARON PEREZ and he thinks he’s gods gift to the world, writing terrible rap songs dating and blonde bimbos with fake tits. he has the worst home made tattoos and loose untoned wiggly white arms. i even heard he punched a 18 year old girl in the face and knocked her teeth out! he has a kid who he never sees because he has no money to pay child support and his babys mama smartened up and stopped letting him around the kid because he was doing drug deals with him IN THE VEHICLE. this guy will never do anything with his life EVER because he has no skills except beating women and slanging crack rocks on pandora but really nothing to be proud of. he hangs out with other OLD esquimalt wanna be gangsters in victoria BC sitting around talking about how awesome they think they are and getting drunk and taking stupid group photos to post on Facebook. aaron, kill yourself- you\’re worthless.

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Eilidh Jane’s long lost twin

June 25, 2014 Victoria 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Uncanny resemblance to hilarious house of Frankenstein’s Griselda the witch

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Cody Carlson

June 24, 2014 Victoria 255

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pos is the dirtiest scumbag on the island. He has multiple diseases and gets any troll waisted to have sex with them. He has the ugliest tattoos I’ve ever seen! Some losers have called this guy a hero for being such a creep but this guy is the dirtiest of all dirties and should be victimized by any guy that sees him like he victimizes underage girls. He is a disgusting leach try hard wanna be that needs a beating. He is so gross I’m not sure how he gets any but ladies and girls of victoria cut this loser off and guys treat him like the little bitch he truly is

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