Victoria’s Worst

August 6, 2014 Surrey, Victoria 45

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lets interduce ppl to shaesta Rajabali from victoria . Slut would be a nice thing to say about this drd infest chic. she trolls websites trying to meet ppl and then shows up in her 1990 toyota corolla and opens her door cause the windows dont roll down ( i guess anyone who claims they make as much money as her could afford more then $500 dollars for a car) this chic talks shit about everyone she sees only to cover the fact that she is a big time pepsi and drd whore. Nik put this girl on blast she needs to understand that she is what we call a PRACTICE GIRL . and will never be a wife Shaesta stop calling ppl pepsi heads when ur on pepsi and the palms of ur feet are pointed to the sky taking whoever was willing to pay the $40 blast this hoochie Nik

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Another nanaimo Sloot

August 5, 2014 Victoria 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this post is connected to sarah wade in a way, this is her “best friend” Jaymee Harrop, this girl is straight up crazy. she has fucked over so many of my friends. Shes been a junkie since she was 13, stealing serious meds from her pill poppin mom, she fuked some 19 yr old and said she was 16 just to make her bff at the time jealous to prove “shes better than her” she then got my friend into pills after she went through a serious breakup and manipulated the hell out of her bc she needed somewhere to get fcked up and fuk her greasy bfs. all her money goes to booze and weed and smokes and cheap shit tattoos. she got knocked up and drank while pregnant then once the kid was out she decided to go back to pills. the baby dad left her because shes so pyscho. she’ll threaten to **ll herself to get her way & cut herself in public to get attention then tell you ur a shity person when u wanna help. she does coke & mdma while taking care of her kid & smokes poppers inside her shitty youth apartment paid for by our tax dollars. she drinks & handles her kid violently, and claims shes better than everyone else and a great mother. shell manipulate you and use you and then leave you hanging. shes also hungery for dick twice her age too. this person is not who she will try & claim to be at first. stay away from her. shes stalking/threatening her ex & claims she does none of these things but pictures & her tumblr tells another story b

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Generation Y Slore

August 5, 2014 Victoria 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, i’m a huge fan. But I’m surprised this bitch didn’t make it on here yet. I present to you Sarah “cathrine” wade. Generation Y garbage. She is a pathological liar, and goes through friends like she goes through canestan (which she always had in her purse, she’s told people)she will pretend to be your friend, tell you her bullshit sob story about her ‘hard’ life, when really she had a very normal life with her mom, but she decided that stealing, sucking dick and running away was a better choice. Shes a known thief and drug addict. And that was when this hoe was 14. She would also constantly whine about wanting a child at that age and kept trying to knock herself up by fuking guys and letting them jizz inside her nasty snizz, and eventually it worked. At 15 she was knocked up by some 31 year old coke head. She did drugs throughout her whole pregnancy, drank, and lied about it. She brags about all the dick she gets and how she apparently canèt go five minutes without a cock in her. she sucked some dudes dick for a smoke, and has done that god knows how many times. She gave birth to this kid and now he looks mentally retarded from her utter lack of respect for life and she doesn’t even have custody of him (yet claims to be a ‘stay at home mom’), nor does she care, she’d rather run around fucking men twice her age to get drunk and fcked on drugs since she lives in the youthies for free because shes a fck up, shes 18 now but her mentality is of a fourth grader.

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Uvic’s Failing Grade

August 4, 2014 Victoria 168

THE DIRTY ARMY: Roxy Jones graduated Child and Youth Care but then went and molested a young child when she was an employee of Uvic. Roxy Jones is a scandalous slut that sucks or fcks her way up the ladder. She cannot contribute because she is just a lazy whore looking for favoritism. She’s collecting two incomes,,one is welfare, working, and scholarships while living in subsidized housing (she rips off Makola housing). She should be turned in to the housing and run out of town or off the island because she is a nasty PEDOPHILE!! Master’s in Child and Youth Care…now why would you be doing that Roxy? She isn’t liked on her own reserve and was probably run off her reserve so she came to Victoria for her new start. Roxy was a support worker at the ypsn for one year..wonder how many victims there? Police should not have let someone who does this to work in Child and Youth Care!

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Sarah the Sloot

August 1, 2014 Victoria 71

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sarah hrycyshyn is the biggest slut to ever hit nanaimo. Not only her first week living in this town and she fucked her best friends boyfriend AND let him take vines of her showing her tits in Tim hortans where she works! All of her friend turned on her cause she fucked all of their boyfriends, even though she has a poor sucker for a boyfriend.. Or maybe they’re broken up again.. Who knows they’re always breaking up and getting back together because she cheats on him aallllll the time. She has a POF account and multiple VIDEOS of people fcking her and even one of someone sucking her toe… Oh yah did I mention she turned 16 like a month ago??!?! Yah…. Another thing that I also think is funny is that she acts like she works out all the time But she’s so lazy though!! Look at those little chicken legs eeewww look at how nasty her face is LMAO oh and that last pic is of a video she made of her shaking her tits

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Insecure Pervert

July 30, 2014 Victoria 177

THE DIRTY ARMY: This guy will tell you what every woman wants to hear from a man just to get you into bed. He is just a guy that is insecure about his weight and will do anything just to feel good about himself. He will send you pics of his dick when he is fully hard but he will never be as hard as he is in his photos, guy is all talk but no game. He will add random women on facebook in hopes he can get inside them. Do not believe anything he says, he is a wanna be player but has no game. He will ask you to come to his house to do something but really he just has intentions to fck you. The only thing he cares about is getting laid, he doesnt actually care about the women he talks to. He will put up an act of being a nice guy but really the guy is a really big pervert. Do not fall for his act.

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Computer parts for Sexual favours

July 29, 2014 Victoria 55

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is a creeper, sick f@ck, twisted person… He stalks and prays on woman online with Craigslist adds and Facebook Accounts. This guy only wants one thing Sex! He will do and say anything to get it from you. Just look at his Craigslist adds or take a look at these links to the other post on this web page about him : Victorias biggest loser (2011), Beware of his ads (May 2014), *warning* sperm donor who is offering his services had a vasactomy 5 years age (March 2014). This guy has been having his “15 mins of fame” on this web site for the last 4 years. It’s time for people to start wising up on his shit! when you respond to a Craigslist add for “Rape”, (Yes it’s called roll play) but when you f@ck a guy for a new Mac Book it’s called PROSTITUTION! To his regular “service clint” (in pic above) You can do better! just because your a single mom does not mean you have to sell your self for a Mac Book. Or is he your Baby’s father? Maybe you responded to one of his Craigslist adds 7+ years ago that stats he had a vasectomy. If so, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to f@ck strangers?” Well guess what, “BJ for Mac Book” this creep is able to keep on doing what he does best because of dumb ass cunts like you! Think about that the next time you need a new mouse for you computer and your at Beacon Hill Park or Downtown with this sick f@ck! All you Craigslist bitches have been warned! Look Out! (unless you have no self worth and need a new Mac Book)

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Don’t trust Taylor Rand

July 29, 2014 Victoria 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Taylor Rand, she is the biggest ho around, first off she sleeps with every guy she works with, even the taken ones and then laughs in the face of their girlfriends, she also causes major drama for everyone she knows, she is obnoxious, loud, and acts like she is better than everyone else, she tries to act like she knows more than you on every subject, ladies, watch out, she is a man stealer, and a cry baby bitch who needs to grow up.

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