Grandma Underwear Burglar

May 6, 2014 Victoria 61 8,549 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Was reading the paper today and they finally caught this guy. Apparently he broke into 47 houses stealing grandmas underwear. At his place he had 2 garbage bags full of underwear.

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I found outmy gf is on Craigslist

May 6, 2014 Victoria 57 12,018 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: My name is Ben Star and I want the world to know this girl broke my heart. Men watch out. She will get you to lay down and steal your wallet and run out when she says she has to use the bathroom

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May 2, 2014 Victoria 65 8,410 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: The picture of this thing explains it all.

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Fake Pregnancy Pig

May 1, 2014 Victoria 22 8,282 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Girl’s Name Is Candance Adams She is 40 years old and has 2 kids that were taken from her messy unsanitzed fithly hording home from the ministry she is located in Victoria BC she has cheated on so many guys and will li but is not a canadian citizan She has some portuges in her.. she will run around town telling everyone her tubes are tied and then a month or so later will run around again and say she is expecting either a baby, twins or triplets with multiple ex boyfriends who want absoultly nothing to do with this women and resfuse to have any contact with her whats so all so that she can get support from them for bb to feel bad for her she has neglected her pet cat so bad that she has had Animal Control called on her so many times and has piles and piles of garbage bags in her apartment she will steal off you and lie about it to cover her ass and say it was her’s to begin with she is very known at the court house in victoria and also with the ministry if you go to court with her she will lie to the judge or people in charge to get out of attending a meeting and when it comes to the big day will lie straight to the judge’s face she can’t even take care of herself and a cat with all her filth in her home how could a women like her afford a crib and a whole bunch of baby stuff and have room to set it up for multiple kids who will just get taken from the minstry anyway due to her being a bad abusive mother if any one knows her who is from the area i advise you stay away.

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J-linne and Frankie Hernandez

May 1, 2014 Victoria 34 10,308 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik meet J-linne and Frankie Hernandez. Where to even start with these two. First off these two definitely know how to keep it in the family. I was at a party awhile back and I walked in on the two of them going at it hard and animal style. Then that freak j-linne asks if my friend or I wanted to join. This chick was supposed to be my gf but that was the end. I decided she deserved for me to fck around on her. They must have drugged themselves with GHB to hard that night. Seams it the cool thing with these two fuks. When they not fcking eachother they are out selling all kinds of drugs to little boys and girls. Prob try take them home with them too. Heard they do this out of their car dealership as well. Good way to run a business. Haha just figured you would like this good kamloops dirt. They say incest is the best. Haha until you get busted.

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Thania Gaskill Navy Wife

May 1, 2014 Victoria 19 9,209 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nasty sloot slept with my PREGNANT best friends husband and gave him the drd that won’t go away. She also did 2 if his friends at one time. My best friend found out when she saw a video of her suckin his greg on her husbands phone. Shes old fat and nasty and shes married to

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Craigslist Creep

April 30, 2014 Victoria 79 9,945 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Alright ladies if your on Craigslist watch out for this guy. I don’t know his real name. He told me his name was Babar. He was such a creep. Sending pics of his dink. Asking if he could feed my bum pudding and pretend I was Beastly from Care Bears. And if he could stick his dink out and do the Care Bear countdown and shoot out his sperm on me.

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Jack Batley Will Rob You

April 23, 2014 Victoria 21 10,312 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jack Sherwin Batley is a thief. He will become your friend and then turn on you. He steals from his own family. He is the biggest low-life trash in Victoria. His mom smokes crack, his dad smokes crack. His mom sleeps with his “buddies” for bits of crck. Jack preys on little girls, rips off welfare, robs drug dealers (Wes Williams), and has drd. Hes passed drd to so many young girls its disgusting. Nik, if you need any evidence of this just Google “Sherwin Batley”. First thing that comes up is how Jack just stole a car, smashed in pedestrians and parked cars at a tim hortons. He almost killed a senior, then tried to escape. To all people in Victoria, Saanich, Langford, this guy will rob you, give you a disease, you stab you in the back. Leave B.C. Jack. Your not welcome here!

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