Danny Boy

May 28, 2014 Victoria 95

THE DIRTY ARMY: Who or what the fck is this? This lug headed scumbag seems to spend all his time sitting around trying to look tough. In his mid 20′s and still trying to act like a hardcore thug. No job, no life, just crappy tattoos and wearing sunglasses indoors for “danny boy”

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Ashley Kraneveldt Bird

May 27, 2014 Victoria 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley Kraneveldt Bird where do i start with this tool straight out the cracka jack box. This chick thinks she is the hottest sh*t around and brags about her having such a “nice ass” when in fact she has no ass lol I dont know where she gets it from but its almost as flat as her chest which matches her tiny paper cut lips, she will literally suck any guys Greg for a joint or booze and doesn’t even care if its a nasty old man she prefers it that way guess it boosts her ego some more.

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Natasha Lynne Marie Is Not Nice

May 27, 2014 Victoria 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl runs her mouth like a little bitch. She likes to think she’s a tough girl and tries to knock guys in the mouth. She’s really just a little tramp. Be warned if you see her flagging.

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Victoria’s Biggest Sore

May 26, 2014 Victoria 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please put Ali Porter up!! I am so sick of seeing this girl downtown with just her underwear on, blowing guys in the bathroom for pepsi. She has been with most of Victoria spreading the drd. Watch out anyone friends with this bitch she’ll f ur boyfriend. She’s known to love rogue while she’s on her weekly bender. And if you have pills, h or Pepsi ull get her for sure. Put this chick on blast!

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Norman Seaweed: Nightmare On Gorge Road

May 26, 2014 Victoria 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, neither this be man or women, sleeps with men for money and passes out in the gorge park under the bridge with dirty blankets & with a bottle of 74 sherry. The big truth is at one point in this things life .. it went down on its own brothers wiener and actually enjoyed every moment. He has been known to pick pocket its victims at random and at several occasions been seen crappin in the park while his pants are down. Shame on all you Indians for allowing such a vile creature to exist and stagger on the streets of Victoria B.C. Look at where all your tax dollars are going too, seems a good razor blade or rope will put this thing outta action !!!!!

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Port Alberni Slootbag

May 22, 2014 Victoria 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Compulsive liar CHANTELLE MARSHALL uses her body for alcohol and blow .. Going home with any guy willing to tap that bannock bottom. this girl does everything from messaging other bitches boyfriends to showing off her tiny tits, muffin top and what little saggy ass she does have for a ghetto ass modelling company in cheap lingerie. You\’ll find this girl in the ghetto with make up like a clown tying to get a quick fix of dick and drugs. Her snach smells like jarred salmon. This girl is not worth your time and money wearing make up trying to pass for looking half decent.. Don\’t go there boys you\’ll wake up with pure regret. Sure learned from my mistakes. I swear to got this hoe is setting herself up for an std

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Randy Sulyma

May 20, 2014 Victoria 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Randy Sulyma. He is the biggest perv in Victoria. He is 4’3″ and an amateur midget wrestler. He was in the navy, up until the day he was found nude with another fellow, he said he was doing a search, lol. Randy was dishonorly discharged soon after. if he’s not snorting pepsi, he’s boozing heavily. He told me he is a fan of yours, and would love to be your midget slave. He’s unemployed. so how about it Nik? hire him? you could put your beer on his head and use him as an end table. He currently is on probation for drowning his dog after it pee’d on his carpet. He deserves a second chance, don’t you think?

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Rheanne the Ginger Slore

May 16, 2014 Victoria 80

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik, this girl right here is a TRUE red head, she came into my life, fcked with my heart, played with guys all through the relationship, sexted them, I am pretty sure fucked 3/5 guys she played with, because I know for a FACT she fucked 2 of them, and still is fucking one of them, she is a POF whore and if anyone wants a chance at this whore, give me a shout!

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