Horse Face Moores

July 3, 2014 Victoria 113

THE DIRTY ARMY: This ugly cross-eyed slut is Mackenzie Moores, aka Mackie. She meets random guys off Plenty of Fish and then ors and fucks them. Her latest hook-up is with a guy named Richard a he**oin and m*th addict from vancouver who she fucked the same night she met him and now thinks she has herpes (wouldn’t be suprised). She opens her legs to any guy that gives her attention probably due to the fact she has major daddy issues. She and her anorexic twin sister Maddie Moores live and mooch off their mother, they’ve both never had a job in their life and smoke weed,snort coke and drink all day while their mother supports their laziness and drug habits. She also hasn’t been to school since the 8th grade and is almost 19 years old talk about next welfare bum…Do us all a favour and move to fort mac with your sister where your drug habits and slutiness isn’t looked badly upon no one wants your saggy flapping meat curtains in victoria anymore you dirty slut

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Wannabe Rapper

July 1, 2014 Victoria 434

THE DIRTY ARMY: This goof is such a joke his name is AARON PEREZ and he thinks he’s gods gift to the world, writing terrible rap songs dating and blonde bimbos with fake tits. he has the worst home made tattoos and loose untoned wiggly white arms. i even heard he punched a 18 year old girl in the face and knocked her teeth out! he has a kid who he never sees because he has no money to pay child support and his babys mama smartened up and stopped letting him around the kid because he was doing drug deals with him IN THE VEHICLE. this guy will never do anything with his life EVER because he has no skills except beating women and slanging crack rocks on pandora but really nothing to be proud of. he hangs out with other OLD esquimalt wanna be gangsters in victoria BC sitting around talking about how awesome they think they are and getting drunk and taking stupid group photos to post on Facebook. aaron, kill yourself- you\’re worthless.

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Eilidh Jane’s long lost twin

June 25, 2014 Victoria 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: Uncanny resemblance to hilarious house of Frankenstein’s Griselda the witch

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Cody Carlson

June 24, 2014 Victoria 255

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pos is the dirtiest scumbag on the island. He has multiple diseases and gets any troll waisted to have sex with them. He has the ugliest tattoos I’ve ever seen! Some losers have called this guy a hero for being such a creep but this guy is the dirtiest of all dirties and should be victimized by any guy that sees him like he victimizes underage girls. He is a disgusting leach try hard wanna be that needs a beating. He is so gross I’m not sure how he gets any but ladies and girls of victoria cut this loser off and guys treat him like the little bitch he truly is

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Pyscho Nurse

June 23, 2014 Victoria 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pyscho Nurse from hell. Shop lifter, Thief, Alcoholic, Crack Head . Always in the Pysche Unit and then goes to work and takes the patients medications . Frames her ex boyfriend for rape and ruins his life. This lieing two faced skank is pathetic and friggib looney nuts !! Complete stalker to everyone and thrives on harassing people all the time. Was in Court News back in October for leaving screen of a accident and charged for that… Some nutty nurse she is !! Loves beating up on her drunk parents and spreads drd to everyone around her. She is the ugliest skank in Nanaimo, karma will come your way Carly Hinksman

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Valeria Rytova American Apparel Sloot

June 23, 2014 Melbourne, Victoria 79


THE DIRTY ARMY: WATCH OUT This American Apparel Model… Is a Goldigging Whore! She’s a pretencious COCKSUCKING wannabe vegan who is strung out on LSD MUSHROOMS DMT. This Russian CNT will bleed & rape you dry if you let her… Currently doing her PHD in Nueroscience at Melbourne University doesn’t mean she’s smart… She’s as stupid as a Campbell\’s kid with Down Syndrome. Spawn by a CUNT of a mother Stinky TWAT Lena… Shs learned to swindle and steal like a clepto on CRACK!!! Stealing high end bikes to pay the rent. She’s has known to have done gangbangs with Dov Charney and his side kick David Shama. This SLUT is no stranger to DICK not to say she’s good in the sack… Her cooter smells like a day old opened can of sardines!!! & her asshole is hairier than DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTERS GOATIE! Her Tits what Tits sh’s flatter than a kiteboard without bindings… She’s a crack addict when it comes to surfboards or swag… she’ll suck the chrome off a tail pipe to get what she wants… Lying doesn’t even come close to what comes out of her stank ass filthy crook ass teethed mouth. This wannabe poser AIRUSH TEAM liar wishes she could go PRO. Known from Vancouver to Quebec she’s a dwindling model that no one wants to hire because her looks have faded like a black American Apparel t-shirt in the sun. When she runs out of money yo’ll usually see her living out of her green Subaru at some random beach trying to score free drugs…

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Drug Dealing POS

June 19, 2014 Victoria 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: This piece of sh*t is Brian Roodenburg. He lives in Esq in Victoria bc. First off he is a drug dealer, weed, pills, shine, blow. He is fakeing a disability to scam welfare and the medical marijuana license to sell it for money to go to Thailand once a year on taxpayers dollar to have sex with children, he also used his scammed $ to get a tummy staple done in Mexico so the medical record could not be traced to him. at home and when delivering drugs around the city he keeps a harem of young boys around him (he claims he is trying to be a roll model) yah by showing them how to deal drugs and try and touch them inappropriately. he used to be a “friend” until he got all gay on me and emotionally attached getting all mad at me cuz i wasn’t paying enough attention to his needs?? whatever the fuck that means. he is a rat and will go out of his way to slander someone when he doesn’t get his way, LOOK OUT FOR THIS POS he will touch you or your kids and push drugs/alcohol on them. Someone really should report this danger to the authority’s or at least kick his molesting ass every time you see him

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Thief, Rat, Squids

June 17, 2014 Victoria 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This is Chey & Nick. Chey thinks she is the best drug dealer & claims the cops tell her she has been keeping the crime down in duncan. haha yeah right RAT. her bf nick ratted out one of his old best friends. to be a good dealer you have to sell more then you consume & not be homeless having to steal from everyone who takes you in. your a pathetic dealer, ripping people off isnt how you keep customers…. maybe you should stick to your day job haha oh right you got fired for setting the place up to be robbed. when situations dont go your way you threaten to call the cops like the rat goof you are. no real parent would swear on there kids life for drugs or let people smoke meth and whatever else in the same room as the kid. she accuses everyone of stealing from her because shes the one stealing from everyone. its kinda sad how you accuse all your friends of sleeping with your heroine addict bf. REALITY check no one wants him…. hes got whatever you do grease ball. keep smoking me*h your not getting any smaller you FAT goof hahaha.

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