Callie Ducharme

January 10, 2014 Victoria 15 9,761 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this here is Callie Ducharme, if you knew her personally like me and my girls do youd know she is SCUM!! This loser girl is a mom and she cant even take care of her she takes advantage of her dad and woman shelters so she has a place to sleep. She has at least two boyfriends a month if not more!! this girl is so pathetic she thinks shes sexy because she has a slim body, has the nerve to call me and my girls ugly and post us on here too yeah right lmao. Sorry callie but youre nothing to us we hope you get your kid taken away since you cant even watch her you care too much about sucking dick. toodles :*

Their not boyfriends if they’re lending their couch.- nik

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Langfords Manslore

January 7, 2014 Victoria, Winnipeg 195 12,863 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Nick Banks. This guy is a real class act. While his wife is at home taking care of the baby Nicks out fcking anything that walks and says yes. Not only that, Nick likes the party hard, and party hard with pepsi. Apparently he like to send his naked pictures to lure the ladies in. Last I heard he was humping one of the girls he works with. This guy is the definition of low, Ladies, watch yourself because he will say and do anything to make you his next victim.

I can’t see him being very successful at that.- nik

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Beware of the Toothless Wonder

January 3, 2014 Victoria 157 7,007 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this sociopath mental case snap show aka Jesse Tyner. He will try and befriend you and come off as a sweet talker but watch out it’s just all part of his game to get closer to you just to fuk you over. He’s stolen from all his past roommates including money, tv’s, game systems, credit cards, you name it! What ever he can get his dirty little hands on. It doesn’t stop and once you help him out a little bit he doesn’t go away. If you put an end to it he will fuck you over big time and make you out to be the bad one. He cannot be trusted. Don’t let this psychotic thief into your life or you will be his next victim. I heard he fucked over an old friend for $4000.00 totally fcking up her life and credit. He ruins peoples lives and has no morals. Complete sociopath and who knows what he is capable of. Watch out and don’t give this piece of shit anything. Leave victoria and stop ruining peoples lives already you pathetic waste of skin! Or get a job and start paying back all the people you have stolen from and make right. If it isn’t too late!

Anyone missing teeth can’t be trusted.- nik

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Craziest in Nanaimo

January 2, 2014 Victoria 232 12,256 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This sloot is as crazy as it comes! She sleeps with anything that will give her attention, then she stalks and harassed them!!! If that’s not bad enough she steals, lies and even harasses friends and family of victims. This bitch is the nuttier than peanut butter Nik, and crazy cop encounters are part of the package. She is abusive to her family and men and she is a care aid in a hospital!! Scary ain’t it! This is a warning to all men!! This women is a psycho stalker abuser and run for the hills bro!! She is guaranteed to give you an drd and already admits to having drd.

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Thea Mercedes got ratted out

December 30, 2013 Victoria 31 11,430 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I was just looking through your site and came across a post and totally know who this chick Thea Mercedes is! For some reason it says in saskatchewan or something but she is actually living in Victoria B.C. !! Just want to put this bitch on blast because she really is a skanky dirty whore and everyone in Victoria should know! everything I read on it is true from as far as I know and I think I remember the guy who went through all her shit. Dirty slut she definitely cheats on all the guys she meets and always is meeting guys off Plenty Of Fish just to fck and make them think she is really faithful when she isn’t. Had to know it was only a matter of time before she was up on The Dirty. Didn’t know she had an  but makes total sense considering how much she sleeps around from what I hear. Hahaha here is the link to the original post I found enjoy everyone!

Ratted out or pecked out…- nik

Also See: Thea Mercedes

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Ungrateful Nanaimo Slore

December 30, 2013 Victoria 16 9,848 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone this is Sarah Skafel! She has been on here before and well now here she is again. Hasn’t changed a bit! Her fiancé is up in camp in Alberta and little does he know who his girl is hanging out with or sleeping with. She’s been cheating on him basically the whole time he’s in camp. She steals and pawns her own stuff for her drug money and blames it on her fiancés friends. He buys her everything she wants when he’s home and she just walks all over him and cheats on him behind his back. Nik, blast this hoe and let everyone know what she’s doing behind her fiancés back!

Freeloaders are all one n the same.- nik

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Crystal Burris

December 19, 2013 Victoria 50 7,554 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this hoe bag is crystal dawn burris she is a single mom of two boys who are in and out of care she is a pill and coke and booze junkie she raised her kids real good the oldest smokes weeds steals and supports her moms habits she is a walking drd I found pics of her ugly ass in my mans phone with her ugly beef curtains my boyfriend is 21 shes like old as fuck she has more boyfriends than panties alone shes like a mosquito she sucks on a lot of people and no one knows what diseases shes carrying lol shes not a slut more of a volunteer prostitute hahaha shes never going to make in life fucking people over and etc woman up bitch keep your legs closed and be a mom not a whore

Is that a pull-out?- nik

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Alisha Shea & Alicia Artel

December 17, 2013 Victoria 50 9,406 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: 2 Dirty Ass, Nasty Ass, Gossiping, 2 Faced, Think their better then everyone else, Pug faced Lookin, Down syndrome Ugly Duckling face Slooors!!! These girls should deff be put on blast for not only being that Fake ass Smile in your presence Ruin your image behind your back dirty bitches…..they should be up here for just looking as ugly as they do!!! Anyone who has either of these pigs as friends are fukin dummys and probly just as nasty!!!

Not a good representation of the flag, that middle pic could offend some people.- nik

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