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Jessica Rodriguez

November 22, 2013 Fresno, Visalia 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jessica the fat nasty slob od rialto think tha she is the shit and everyone want her …hehehe funny bitch no one want ur nastry ass this girl or shoud i say slob wushes that she could get with her bestie named donald and got made when another girl made out with her she wishes she would have that furst kisss well no one want to kiss you bitch and u will never get a kiss from no one.. she is known for making up fake boyfrined and is in love with her brother that wants nothing to do with her becuase he know she is nasty and haas his own life.. she wishes she has her own life but the truth is no one will go out with her and she wishes she could get dick.. she says she is a virgin by choice yea thats true but its not her choice

You’re friends are just being nice…- nik

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Shameless Slum

November 14, 2013 Fresno, Visalia 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Megan Lynn Miller aka Babylynnn. She has to be Visalia’s most shameless trash that walks the streets. She parties every single night doing cocaine and sleeping with every random dude that will give her the time of day, especially in the ass. She has a daughter but you would never know that. Her selfish life style has resulted in neglect towards her child, ***’s, DUI’s, and steeling. She even prostitutes herself to get favors from men, may it be drugs, money, a ride she doesn’t care she is shameless. She runs around all over town in the skimpiest clothes when she is well pushing 200 lb. Her hair is just as fried as her brain. She is on welfare but uses the money to go out and party. She doesn’t give two shits about her daughter; she beats her and starves her. When she can’t find a babysitter she drags her daughter around with her while she is drinking and puts her in cars without a car seat. She’s known for calling the cops when things backfire on her… but then she won’t even think twice to key a car up. Megan is downright disgusting and anyone who is her friend is usually the same kind of slum.

Strings on her body are a bad choice.- nik

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Late Bloomer

July 5, 2011 Visalia 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this chick used to be beat as hell.  I woulda never touched her in high school and there was not a chance in hell I woulda risked cooties for this ugly duckling.  Her names Autym Warford and I swear to god this will be a future super model she just has the look.  I wish I was nice to her back in highschool cause I would definitely stick it in now.

Does she has neck problems? Why is she always holding her head up?- nik

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Welcome To

June 23, 2011 Bellevue, Carrollton, Concord, Coral Springs, Lafayette, Miramar, Roseville, Simi Valley, Thorton, Visalia 3

Welcome to, now it is time for you to help save the world. Be the first person to submit a post in your city. I am guessing there are no hot chicks where you live. I decided.- nik

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