Capital Hill “Model”

November 20, 2013 Washington DC 27 6,968 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kristin Rider, proud mother of two, that appeared when I was invited to my friend Erica’s housewarming party last week I attended and couldn’t get enough attention from the annoyed guests. DC has no hot girls, right Nik? Well this woman thinks she’s a gift to the modeling industry of Capital Hill, if there is such a thing here. The best part is she wouldn’t drink cause she was sober ‘by the grace of God’ but puffed all night on the pipe. I feel sorry for her kids Nik, what do you think of her modeling career Nik?

One day at a time.- nik

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Another Perverted, Sick In The Head NFL Cheerleader

November 19, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Dirty Cheerleaders, The Dirty, Washington DC 208 102,350 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first of all, as a female follower I have to say I really appreciate what you do. I think people get the wrong message, but this really is a forum to encourage people to quit acting like children and take responsibility for their appearance, lives, whatever. So thanks for that.

Anyway, this former Titans cheerleader followed her friend’s 12 year old son into a bathroom during a party, fondled him, tried to pull his pants down, and offered him a blow job. The boy told ran out and told his mom, who called the cops on the woman. She’s claiming that she was drunk and mistook him for another MAN at the party. Funny though, she asked the kid if he’d ever been with a woman… now why would you ask a grown man that question????

She did NOT get jail time, but was put on 18 months of probation along with drug testing and mandatory AA meetings. Maybe it’s just my opinion, but there seems to be such a double standard when it comes to female sex offenders and child predators. If a man had followed a child into the bathroom, fondled him/her, and then tried to perform oral sex on the child he most likely would’ve been sent to prison. I’m a mom myself, and I can honestly say that it would not matter AT ALL to me whether a man or woman tried to molest my child, I’d be looking for harsh justice. Probation doesn’t cut it. She should be someone’s prison bitch for a while… just my thoughts.

NFL Cheerleaders could get away with murder in this country.- nik

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Long Live JFK

November 18, 2013 The Dirty, Washington DC 23 93,756 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it being the 50 year anniversary of JFK and all and people have their own theories on who did it but who do you think really assassinated him in 1963.

Who cares… his death made him legendary. All the great ones get shot.- nik

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Kathleen Reid aka Kat Reid

November 15, 2013 Cougars, The Dirty, Washington DC 10 92,332 Views

(Click on the image to see her naked)

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Cougar needs to be put on blast for how many lovers she has and what she does to them.  Enjoy DC.

I like her faucets.- nik

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Kat Reid Update

November 14, 2013 Washington DC 1 6,753 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: More photos she sends out to “randoms” over her cell phone.

Did she really think covering her face would help…at least she cropped out her bottom half.- nik

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Who is Alexander Kane

November 12, 2013 Washington DC 4 5,658 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik I need help from you and the dirty team to get more information on Alexander Kane. He has been ripping off people one by one claiming he makes movies and will pay money back to them as time goes on for movie investments. He just takes people money and disappears. I want to know how many more people there are like me that he is taking from. My wife got divorced from me and took the kids because of my involvement with Alexander Kane and this movie investment where I lost a substantial amount. I have two addresses and a few phones numbers that I can’t get a hold of him at. Nik please help find this crook and help me find out who else lost money

Its called the Dirty Army, and I believe they will come through.- nik

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Hometown Homewrecker

November 11, 2013 Maryland, Washington DC 3 9,602 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the biggest whore in this city. She has been with so many guys, and she has a kid that she doesn’t care about. All she cares about is messing with guys and smoking weed. She doesn’t care if they are taken or not. She has gotten with married guys, guys with GF’s, and guys that are engaged. She is a stalker physco girl, that gets obsessed with the guy she “thinks” she’s in relationship with. Her Instagram page is full of skanky selfies of herself. She is a 35 year old hazbeen. She is a walking disease and she needs to be put on blast. Many of my friends know her and she has ruined their marriages and relationships. She even had sex with my friends husband behind her back. Everyone should know about this girl. She is nasty.

I thought only guys went with the ‘messy’ look.- nik

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DC Porta Potty Sharmin Mahmoodi

November 9, 2013 Washington DC 72 11,488 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Sharmin Mahmoodi. She runs around and acts like she’s rich and classy but in fact she’s a porta-potty. Last year she came back from Iraq where her and her sister Narmin, were wh*ring themselves for money.  She does not work and posts photos of herself with Louis Vuitton bags and shopping trips. The girl is a thief and a convicted felon. She has an embezzlement felony on her record. She is jealous of all her friends and by friends I mean 2 people. Funny thing is with all that plastic surgery you would think she would actually be cute but she’s still ugly as hell.

She could use another nose job.- nik

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