She Is So Rude

December 6, 2013 Washington DC 0 7,564 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is wrong with this girl? She craves unwanted attention as an alcoholic, plus I have heard that she has had DRD since anyone can remember. She is white trash but surprisingly comes from a decent family. I don’t understand why someone that looks like her could be such a bully. Who does she think she is? Queen Chubby Bitch?

Definitely no Queen.- nik

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Beware of Jared

December 6, 2013 Washington DC 9 7,373 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for Jared Van Boening! He is from Warrensburg, MO and is a pathological liar. I met him when I was at a club with a bunch of friends in DC. He comes off as very charming, caring, and a generous person, but don’t be fooled by him! He is a TRUE player and will say whatever to get down a woman’s pants. We hit it off that night and went home together. We were going to keep in touch and he was going to come and visit as much as possible. Well come to find out Jared Van Boening had a daughter and a fiancé he lived with for years. I had NO CLUE he was in a relationship or even had a child! You ask how did I find out… well I spoke with his fiancé. He told her he was going to DC for a “business” trip, which was a complete lie. All he did was party and pretend to have a shit ton of money, and was “pretty much retired at age 32″. He proclaimed he “hit the jackpot already with his career” so he didn’t need to work. Come to find out that was also a lie! The truth be told he got injured when he was working for a private security company and is living on his disability checks and credit cards. But if you check out his Facebook pics he doesn’t look like he has much of a neck injury to me. He post pics of him traveling around the world, partying, and acting like a drunken mess. This guy is a professional scammer. He even has the government convinced, so he can get money from them! I’ve met some jerks and players in my life time, but this guy tops them ALL! I just hope his fiancé is smart enough to leave his ass for good, cause apparently this isn’t the first time he has cheated on her. I truly feel bad for her and her daughter. I could tell she was completely heart broken, and if I had any clue that he had a family back home… I would of NEVER spoke to him.

He’s pushing the limits swimming with those LG’s.- nik

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Skates Rampant

December 5, 2013 Ohio, Washington DC 12 8,165 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is more of a public service announcement than a specific incident. I have been subjected to the puck slut below who has been with half of Ohio Universities hockey team and is now spreading syphilis throughout the team. Not only has Amy Rubin slept with players (that she has passed the drd to) but she has also slept with the current head coach. Amy has no problem subjecting herself to the entire hockey team and more, I just thought it would be a good idea to give guys a heads up seeing as what she has done to the hockey team. PS the nipples attached to those warlocks are the size of a small frisbee.

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Am I Wrong For Staying

November 27, 2013 The Dirty, Washington DC 151 136,081 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m an avid dirty fan and I have a serious yet sad post.  Sorry, no great boobs or tiny penis for this submit. I have been dating a guy for over two years, after 6 months of dating, he decided to tell me he had brain cancer.  This was a month before I left for grad school in DC, so we decided to see where it went.  We have worked hard to stay together but I realize recently he isn’t the man I want to marry.  Also recently he started talking about marriage and how his family has pressure him to “lock me down”.  Unfortunately, I’m in the medical field and the more I know the more I realize he is getting worse and I am getting deeper into not leaving. The cancer he has is progressive aka non curable he will die from it, suddenly. I find myself stuck because I care too much for him/his family and I want his last years to be “normal” and “happy” as I feel everyone deserves. I’m worried that I’m only here to keep a dying man company.  Am I wrong for staying?

You need to bounce before the pain in your heart cock blocks you from loving a real husband. The situation sucks, but you have to be realistic with your intentions. Once his life ends, its only your life that will need saving.- nik

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Afghan Pimp, Beware Virginia

November 26, 2013 Washington DC 12 8,667 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This punk ass is idress nawaz he the biggest ASSHOLE in Virginia He slept with millions of Afghan Girls In Virginia Even his brother are ASSHOLE There SO FAKE , he such a FAKE ASS WANNABE Singer he goes out with FAT GIRLS and sleep with them at random hotels and casinos .. He could be a charming Guy but he a Fake ASS … WATCH OUT VIRGINIA

I wonder how much mousse he keeps on hand.- nik

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Divorced Girl

November 22, 2013 Washington DC 7 7,915 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, introducing Oriana Parker. This molly/coke-addicted divorced hooker has slept with every married man in DC. She will do anything to sleep her way to the top. I’m pretty sure she was a man in a former life. This tranny wears more makeup and extensions that anyone I know.  She has slept with her married bosses, professors, friend’s boyfriends.

She needs eyebrow help.- nik

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November 20, 2013 Washington DC 0 8,566 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ok ladies this guy is a scam artist he will tell you all the nice things at first and then he will con you into giving him money.please be aware of him .He also says he is in the army in Afghanistan serving for his country which I know he\’s not.He is nasty and loves to lie and when he gets caught up in his lies he will start harassing you and then delete you and make up new profiles so ladies please be aware of this person.

You have been warned.- nik

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Capital Hill “Model”

November 20, 2013 Washington DC 27 6,969 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kristin Rider, proud mother of two, that appeared when I was invited to my friend Erica’s housewarming party last week I attended and couldn’t get enough attention from the annoyed guests. DC has no hot girls, right Nik? Well this woman thinks she’s a gift to the modeling industry of Capital Hill, if there is such a thing here. The best part is she wouldn’t drink cause she was sober ‘by the grace of God’ but puffed all night on the pipe. I feel sorry for her kids Nik, what do you think of her modeling career Nik?

One day at a time.- nik

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