Dani Gartner Has A New Girl In Training

April 2, 2014 The Dirty, Washington DC 62


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, TheDirty.com regular Dani Gartner has a newcomer in training. Pepsi/molly head social climber that holds up with club promoters and owners to get to the top of the industry. Shacking up with random guys in DC every chance she gets. Nobody really knows where she came from but she’s quickly making a name for herself in the DC club scene being dirty on and off work at dirty bar with the likes of Michael Romeo and other dirty army regulars.  I had a brief encounter with her last month asking if I wanna party until her recent EX walked in and she played it off. Not worth the coke I wasted on her after she got off work. Lame, no personality and wanted a boyfriend desperately so she can mooch off like the princess that she is. Bad Boob job and has the nerve to ask me to take her out after we hooked up!!!

I thought bottle ratting was illegal in Washington DC?- nik

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From Fatty To Sugar Daddy

March 31, 2014 Washington DC 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Greg Hale was a chubby loser in collage who couldn’t get laid to save his life. With hard work and determination he has become one of the best secret sugar daddies for many girls online like Jessica Vaugn and Jen Wilke both thedirty.com alumni. Greg gets off on feeling like he is helping these girls with their careers buy spoiling them with special trips to LA. It’s sad this is the only way he can get girls to hang out with him. Greg they like the size of your wallet that is all. Inside sources reported to us that on this last trip to LA he just handed the girls his credit card and said have fun while he was at another meeting. I was also told Jessica knows how to spend money. You are being played. Jessica is known in the Hollywood scene for her lifestyle and Jen Wilke has a local boyfriend named David Harris. Hey Greggie Instead of spending money on these skanks invest in some testosterone so you can grow a full beard someday. What are you like 46 and still your face hair grows like patchwork? Nik when will these loser dudes learn apparently never because he is flying Jess and Jen out to Washington in May. SMH

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RG3 Is Your Typical Famous Athlete

March 30, 2014 Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, Washington DC 108



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I have always been suspicious of the way Robert Griffin the 3rd handles himself.  He seems so perfect and not to be racist, acts just like an Uncle Tom… but I have always been weary of him because his image is too clean… well this past weekend, he hooked up with a girl I know.  Her name in Robyn Ashley.  She started texting everyone saying she was with RG3 but none of us believed her because there is no way he would cheat on his wife with a girl that was not super hot.  She got really mad because we said its some other guy claiming to be him, so in her drunk moment, she posted on her Twitter… she since has deleted her twitter, but we have enough proof to know what happened.  So RG3 is just like any other athlete… a CHEATER!!!

I always knew this guy was a fake. One season wonder.- nik

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Lindsey Langley, Yay or Nay

March 27, 2014 Langley, Washington DC 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lindsey Langley she wants to be a model. What do you think? Is she hot or not? And what don’t you like about her?

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Pregnant Paddock

March 26, 2014 Washington DC 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alyssa paddock is a sleezy whore who got knocked up by god knows who. I as well as many of my fellow teammates have fuked this girl multiple times. She even lets us run a train on her. Her poor boyfriend who goes to some school in connecticut doesn’t even know. And she told him the baby is his. Fck, she probably doesn’t even know. Good luck to him.

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Mahnoor Biggest Sloot

March 21, 2014 Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch Out for this loose chic in the DMV area!! shes got tires and rolls for day!!!! Would you ..?

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DC’s Rising Star

March 15, 2014 Washington DC 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Amy Singh, or more commonly known as gamey singh if u ever catch her without makeup. You can often find her at ur nearest hookah lounge or wondering in the dorms of george mason..most likely u will spot her with a different random dude everytime cause she can’t keep her legs closed for more than a day. Shes known for hiding the secret of being one of va’s biggest underground slutbags from her sister who still has no clue of her long history she has since high school. About 1 out of every 4 brown guys in northern va has her phone number and she also has no girl friends since no one wants to be friend with a slut. If u roam around the bars of fairfax (her favorite spot is baladna), ull most likely get her to give u some within a few days if u are unlucky, its that easy. If u get too close to hear ull realize shes hairier than the average guy she bangs and holds the world record for nastiest sideburn. Shes also a CHEAP hoe like ever so dont plan to ever see her carrying a purse or her self esteem since she doesnt have either..most likely she had already uploaded a picture of her face zoomin down on her tits to attempt to lure more arab/brown guys to her phone book by the time u read this…she loves all the attention she gets on social media but in reality u are looked down if u are ever caught with her nasty ass..she loves to be exposed.

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Regina Clements of Poolesville MD

March 14, 2014 Baltimore, Dirty DUI, Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this worthless, acne covered junkie is Regina “Gina” Clements. She is a mother of an adorable lil girl who continues to drink and do drugs. She gets high around her kid, was using while she was pregnant, and its a miracle she was born considering the fact that the father was a user also. She had NO idea who fathered her child, the got pregnant with someone she barely knew and decided to keep the baby to trap him, although she wasnt even sure it was his. She comes from a horrible classless redneck family, who are all junkies and ex felons. Her record is a mile long with drugs, theft, credit card fraud, prostitution, drug posession, etc. List goes on and on. No one likes her, shes an embarrassment to herself, her friends and child. She nods out while at dinners with people, its so sad. When she was young she was a huge slore then as well as now. Gina its time to get ur life back on track mama, everyone knows what a pathetic excuse of a human u are. U get high n drunk and put ur child at risk. Not cool. The father needs to get custody because from what ive been told he actually got himself together. stop running around montgomery county banging and sucking off anyone u can for some dope. Time to grow up, get help and be a good mom.

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