Washington DC | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Lindsey Langley, Yay or Nay

March 27, 2014 Langley, Washington DC 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lindsey Langley she wants to be a model. What do you think? Is she hot or not? And what don’t you like about her?

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Pregnant Paddock

March 26, 2014 Washington DC 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Alyssa paddock is a sleezy whore who got knocked up by god knows who. I as well as many of my fellow teammates have fuked this girl multiple times. She even lets us run a train on her. Her poor boyfriend who goes to some school in connecticut doesn’t even know. And she told him the baby is his. Fck, she probably doesn’t even know. Good luck to him.

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Mahnoor Biggest Sloot

March 21, 2014 Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch Out for this loose chic in the DMV area!! shes got tires and rolls for day!!!! Would you ..?

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DC’s Rising Star

March 15, 2014 Washington DC 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Amy Singh, or more commonly known as gamey singh if u ever catch her without makeup. You can often find her at ur nearest hookah lounge or wondering in the dorms of george mason..most likely u will spot her with a different random dude everytime cause she can’t keep her legs closed for more than a day. Shes known for hiding the secret of being one of va’s biggest underground slutbags from her sister who still has no clue of her long history she has since high school. About 1 out of every 4 brown guys in northern va has her phone number and she also has no girl friends since no one wants to be friend with a slut. If u roam around the bars of fairfax (her favorite spot is baladna), ull most likely get her to give u some within a few days if u are unlucky, its that easy. If u get too close to hear ull realize shes hairier than the average guy she bangs and holds the world record for nastiest sideburn. Shes also a CHEAP hoe like ever so dont plan to ever see her carrying a purse or her self esteem since she doesnt have either..most likely she had already uploaded a picture of her face zoomin down on her tits to attempt to lure more arab/brown guys to her phone book by the time u read this…she loves all the attention she gets on social media but in reality u are looked down if u are ever caught with her nasty ass..she loves to be exposed.

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Regina Clements of Poolesville MD

March 14, 2014 Baltimore, Dirty DUI, Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this worthless, acne covered junkie is Regina “Gina” Clements. She is a mother of an adorable lil girl who continues to drink and do drugs. She gets high around her kid, was using while she was pregnant, and its a miracle she was born considering the fact that the father was a user also. She had NO idea who fathered her child, the got pregnant with someone she barely knew and decided to keep the baby to trap him, although she wasnt even sure it was his. She comes from a horrible classless redneck family, who are all junkies and ex felons. Her record is a mile long with drugs, theft, credit card fraud, prostitution, drug posession, etc. List goes on and on. No one likes her, shes an embarrassment to herself, her friends and child. She nods out while at dinners with people, its so sad. When she was young she was a huge slore then as well as now. Gina its time to get ur life back on track mama, everyone knows what a pathetic excuse of a human u are. U get high n drunk and put ur child at risk. Not cool. The father needs to get custody because from what ive been told he actually got himself together. stop running around montgomery county banging and sucking off anyone u can for some dope. Time to grow up, get help and be a good mom.

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Loose Haley Jo

March 10, 2014 Washington DC 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik, this dirty bitch is Haley-Jo Batson. she’s a dirty hoe who had a baby at 15 with a dead beat who was 18 they both PLANNED there baby. She wears bras that are 2x to big for her! She doesnt go to school doesnt even have her grade 9 credits she’s suppose to be in grade 11 but doesn’t go because she’d rather go around and fuck men that are 20 to 24 years old. She had fcked over 19 guys sends naked pictures to every guy she meets fucks them within the first few days right in front of her baby! Or she gets one of her friends to watch her baby so she can go out and party and fck. Shes now pregnant AGAIN with her second baby and doesn’t even know who the baby daddy is shes what you’d call a walking drd. She’s as stupid as they come and doesnt know how to read or spell shes at the level of a grade 5. She claims she was rapped by her ex bf but they were dating she just didnt feel like having sex!! And the guy shes dating now Jake mclay talked shit about her and her daughter claims to know either the bloods or crips smokes and does bad shit around the baby they broke up but she took him back because he said “sorry”. Haley batson is a nasty sloot who needs to close HER LEGS get the FCK on birth control get an EDUCATION and stop fucking guys older then her. Her room is ALWAYS a mess she lets her daughter sit in it has dipers all over her room. Her moms house is a mess they let there dogs shit on the floors and it’ll stay there for 3-4 days while the babby is sitting and walking around on the floor! Someone needs to call CAS on this bitch next thing you know her daughters going to be out fcking guys at 12 just like this bitch. Nik please pray for this std infested hairy nippled bitch.

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Christy Waskey

February 25, 2014 Washington DC 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: christy waskey she works at dominos and is a giant slut I just want the world to know about her hpv. she is also a drug addict.

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Farhad DC PLayer

February 18, 2014 Washington DC 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dude farhad!!!!!, the hot shot in DC, He get a lot of girl and Travel a lot, in 2013 he invite me to Miami for almost 4-5 times, i accept one of his invitation and he cancel on me (FUKING DUTCHE), and then he post picture in Miami next day. He got a lot of connection (PERSIANSSSS IN DC!!) He claim to own his own business….but god knows what he really do, i don’t think web and graphic designer can’t effort this much traveling and spending in DC. He trick girl by telling them his looking for serious relationship and he haven’t had sex for long time, PLAYER ALERT DEFIANTLY, then after while he don’t respond to any of your text or calls.

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