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Drake vs. Lil Wayne Concert Tour

September 11, 2014 Aurora, Bellevue, Boulder, BYU, Colorado, Colorado Springs, Colorado State, Denver, Oregon, Oregon State, Portland, Provo, Seattle, Tacoma, The Dirty, Vancouver, Washington, Washington State 17


The joint headlining tour marks the first time the two artists have toured together. Get your ticket now!

Click here to get your TICKETS for tonight’s show at USANA Amphitheatre in Salt Lake City!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for September 13th show at Sleep Country Amphitheater in Portland!!

Click here to get your TICKETS for September 14th show at White River Amphitheatre in Seattle!!

Click here to get your TICKETS upcoming shows!!

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Savanna Guyette Thacker Waldrop

April 30, 2014 Portland, Seattle, Washington State 55



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Savanna Guyette Thacker Waldrop. She is a prostitute that travels from Vancouver, WA to Portland, OR to Las Vegas and Atlanta, GA leaving a trail of mugshots and diseases behind her. Not only does she sell her disease ridden body for money..she is a pathological liar. She is always “pregnant” with someone’s baby, says she toured with young money, is a playboy model, went to Washington state university (no way this idiot can’t even spell), and many more lies… Bullshit savanna. You’ve always been a liar and everyone knows it. Unfortunately for her she looks like her mom who is pictured above…in not too many years she will be her mother’s twin. Eww. Watch out for this hooker…

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Desperate Wazzu Rower

September 10, 2013 Dirty Athletes, Washington State 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was on the app Tinder. It’s been a big hit here at my school WSU, especially since we’re a smaller than usual campus. It’s been a great way to meet new friends that already know your friends. But while on the app, I came across this crazy photo, which at first made me feel uncomfortable, but then made me laugh because it was so upfront, yet so pathetic. So instead of saying “next”, I clicked like, just so I could ask if it actually was working for him. Apparently he’s not having too much luck with hookups, so I figured I’d help him out. Ladies and Gents, I give you WSU Rower Zach.

Just gents…- nik

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Dirty Scumbag

April 10, 2013 Washington State 194

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m tired of seeing this one mega douche lord around town. This sad depressed fat *ss is called Dave LeClair. He dresses up like a queen and makes up fairy tale events for his World of Warcraft goons. He is only 5ft tall and makes up for his “shortcomings” by bossing people around, spreading rumors, and trying to screw totally drunk girls. Once he was caught in the act of putting a ruffy in a girls drink at one of his parties. He was kicked out of our camp at Burning Man for sneaking into a girls tent and trying to have sex with her while she was passed out. I dont know how this sick predator hasn’t been thrown in jail yet! Help warn everyone. Hide yo wife! Hide yo kids! The bunny troll is coming!

This guy has a foam weapon collection.  I decided.- nik

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Shireen Bonin Sure Likes Bones-in

January 31, 2013 Seattle, Washington State 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this whore bag from Washington State not only looks dirty………..Oh she is. Her name is Shireen Bonin and she used to work with my friends at Hot Topic at the mall. Then she went to the wonderful world of Mc Donalds and is now saying “how can I help you?” to customers who still can’t stand to hear the shrillness of her voice. She has gotten repremanded so many times at other jobs for showing too much of her unwanted clevage and one time, she got a write up for coming to work with stinky body odor. The funny thing was, it wasn’t technically body odor. Our boss said she smelled like old, musty vagina sweat. EWWW!!! not kidding!!! I felt bad for the chubbs, for I bet it’s hard to reach down in her private part area. You know, so many folds and stuff. She’s rude to customers, yells at them, is a bi&cth to every other coworker, she is basically your worst nightmare. If it wassn’t for the fact that she was good friends with the now assitant manager at MC Donalds, she wouldn’t even have a job. When I say good friends, I mean……..”good friends”…you know what I mean? How else can you look at green hair while it’s going down on you unless your eyes are closed? Oh and P.S Darlin….. The only reason your spine is “crushing you” and causing back problems and you have to go the chiropracter, is because of the simple fact that you are an obese monster who needs to stop drinking the sweet tea like it’s tap water. LOL!!! You aint in the south no more, honey. get that right, now ,ya hear?

Quite the barbie collection she has there…- nik

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Bekah Not-so-Nice

January 8, 2013 Seattle, Washington State 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is a dirty little skank that dropped out of COMMUNITY COLLEGE because her mother pulled her funds. Why? Caught her fcking five other dudes, aside from the two girls in her “polyamorous” relationship. More like polyI’mgonnapuke. She still seems to think that she’s the hottest thing in the world, though, and she’s known for starting brawls. Also a cheat—she’s cheated on every person she’s ever dated. Pulled the rape card once, though when they tested her there wasn’t any evidence. She sent an innocent man to jail because he flat out told her she was a slut and she didn’t want him near her. She also got fired from being a nanny because she was using DRUGS around the little kids she was supposed to be taking care of. As someone from Moscow, I have one thing to say: People of Pullman, watch your step, you might get slunt on your shoe if you stand too close to her.

Her next phase will be thug.  I decided.- nik

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Do You Have Any College Advice For Me

December 3, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik! This year I’ll be graduating high school. But I’ll be graduating at 16 and I’ll be 17 in the summer when I start university and I’ll be a sophomore due to all the college courses I have taken already. I have no idea what to expect, especially for someone like me who isn’t even legal yet! What should I expect? Do you have any advice? Thanks!

I think you should take a year off and travel the world… what’s the rush?- nik

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Trolling Monkey

October 25, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this troll ass monkey looking crossed eyed baboon has made my life hell she’s a doormat who likes to be shitted on. Shes a crossed eyed retarded looking frog, and she is a thirsty ass bitch. She’s THIRSTY! Throw her a bottle of Aquafina or some Gatorade… She thinks someone wants her man I DONT! you can have your MONKEY! BITCH!!! with his KRUSTY ASS!

Those are some steep bangs, gotta be an 8head at least.- nik

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