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Jessica Wilson The Girl Who Doesn’t Deserve What She Has

October 12, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 78

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessica Wilson, she is a amatuer “model” and she doesn’t deserve one thing she has gotten. I went to school with this girl and I have to say I am so tired about hearing how shes a “Model” I’m sorry but, Jessica doesn’t have the “unique looks” to be a model unless you count that she never shuts her mouth at her photoshoots. All you can see is her front teeth like she is trying to be sexy. Oh, and now I hear shes trying for americas next top model,well I’m praying you get it because we all f*cking know that none of those girls do anything with their careers.

What is with the little guy between her legs?- nik

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Best Shirt Ever

October 10, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 33

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is why college is the best thing ever.  You get hot natural girls who are ready to get crazy and explore their sexuality.  Nothing like hot girls running around trying to do anything for attention and posting pictures like this online.  Wanted to see what you think about her and how sexy this one is.  I know if you were a student right now you’d be all over these.

Those are very real and very saggy. Gross.- nik

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Craig Sasser, Sumner, Washington Creeper

August 29, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 3

Craig Sasser, Sumner, Washington Rapist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, Being still very young and recently divorced, I decided to place an ad looking for a boyfriend, something meaningful, no sex hookups, and NO MARRIED MEN specified. I received a good amount of replies, and took a liking to one Craig Sasser, of Sumner, Washington. Everything was cool until he got nasty, pervy, then straight up RAPEY…Subject: Re: Still looking? -wanna roll in the sheets?- That’s my naughty little girl…oh baby…You are my one and only slut..You want me on top? behind? or on my back letting you take all of me in? You’re damn right you will…You little slut…I’ll take you from the back, you little bitch..I’d slam your face into the pillow as I slap my ball against you…sliding in and out…You want a finger in the ass? Oh don’t be scared baby, you are my only bitch…but I do wanna keep this discrete. Can you send me a clearer pic than the one you put up on CL? [[When I told him I was going to the park, and the fact I was probably going to get brutally raped if I went alone, he went on to say...]] -Well I won’t be showing up..Not my style…It would be fun to watch though…You’ll have to tell me how it goes… [[Again, this Craig Sasser, married to Stephanie Sasser, lives in Sumner, Washington, real sleazy, shitbag, filth, what a stand up guy... pervert... and rape enthusiast!!]]

Your young, you shouldn’t need to use dating websites.- nik

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Crazy Girl Jordyn

May 31, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 10

Would you with this crazy bitch?

Would you with this crazy bitch?

Would you with this crazy bitch?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jordyn Oakland aka the biggest wh*re to ever come out of newport high school. She thinks she’s the absolute hottest sh*t and has an ego 10 times the size of her tiny t*ts. She cakes so much make up on but then claims when people ask her and that she “barely wears anyways” LOL sure b*tch. She works at a tanning salon and has slept with most of her homosexual coworkers.

I’m headed to Seattle in June… everyone be ready to party! Jordyn you are not invited to my party… not hot enough.- nik

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One Of Pullman’s Finest

April 24, 2012 Seattle, Washington State 53

Master Persuader... One of Pullman Finest

Master Persuader... One of Pullman Finest

Master Persuader... One of Pullman Finest

Master Persuader... One of Pullman Finest

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy will drive around Pullman with his sweet-*ss mustang and show off what he has. Everyone on Greek row knows what he looks like and he is constantly pulling wave after wave of women into his man cave. He has a special liking for Cougars (older women). He is open for business 24/7.

Why are his nipples under his pecks?- nik

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Dane The Dildo

April 18, 2012 Washington State 33

Dane the dildo

Dane the dildo

THE DIRTY ARMY: so nik this guy is named dane and is a total LOOSER!!!!! we were totally dating and hanging out and hooking up and he just STOPPED TALKING TO ME, and like pretends i do not exist when he sees me, when i said hi to him, he like pretended not to hear me! he likes FAT GIRLS, but for some reason pretends he doesnt, but he creeps up on every big girl around and is the WORST SEX I HAVE EVER HAD! i want my 45 seconds back. you are so lame dane, i am sorry i ever met you, and listened to youre sad game. oh, and i TOTALLY stole your ipod!!

He doesn’t want his boyfriend finding out, he must get rough when he does any experimenting.- nik

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She Brags About Being In Porn

March 27, 2012 Las Vegas, Washington State 22

Porn porn porn

Porn porn porn

Porn porn porn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first time submitting dirt but this girl needs to be put up. Her porn names Megan? I think. This is one of the girls who her WHOLE life thought she was hot for absolutely no reason.. like we all don’t know 100 of these girls. She’s ‘so hot’ she’s now in porn. :She doesn’t realize the only reason guys have EVER payed attention to her is cause she will open her legs for just about anyone. She brags about being in porn but for some reason wont admit she’s been a stripper for quite awhile before porn? She has crooked teeth, a weird rather large nose, and odd tiny tiny eyes. her face is oddly mis proportioned. And her body? what body? no boobs no ass.. NIK, why are cocky girls so unaware of how everyone else views them!? and please upload this i want an answer, and sh*t. lets give her the attention she wants.

She will not last long in the Porn game… I don’t care how much forced anal she does.- nik

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Girls Need To Know About Eric Anderies

February 29, 2012 Dirty Greeks, The Dirty, Washington State 99

The biggest douchebag closet fag at WSU

The biggest douchebag closet fag at WSU

The biggest douchebag closet fag at WSU

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Eric Anderies is the biggest douchebag at WSU. He cheated on and beat up his ex girlfriend, and tried to hook up with multiple girls the entire time they were together. He’s a dirty whore and a pathological liar. He has hooked up with at least 60 girls and lies about everything, even when the proof is right in front of his face. He gets spray tans all the time and is desperate to be bro, even though we all know the reason for this desperation is that he’s secretly gay, but you can only hold that in for so long…What’s really pathetic is that Eric has a 4 inch penis and can only last for about 4 minutes. Eric jacks off on the internet for gay men to make money, and he is soon going to San Diego to do gay print. Look it up and you’ll find it’s true. So if you’re a girl, stay away from him unless you want multiple black eyes and to be constantly cheated on and lied to.

Are you sure he likes girls?- nik

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