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Ugliest DG On Campus

December 13, 2011 Dirty Greeks, Seattle, Washington State 20

Ugliest DG on Campus

Ugliest DG on Campus

Ugliest DG on Campus

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just have to put this annoying sloot to blast. Devan Paxton. She’s in my sorority and none of us can stand her. She left school to go to the nursing program WSU has but keeps coming back on the weekends to all of our disgust and annoyance. She’s a backstabbing, ugly b*tch who got in on luck. Devan, we don’t want you here, stop coming back. You’re ugly, a sl*t, and give the sorority a bad name. Fellow girls, beware. She’s known for going out of her way to ruin relationships and then bragging about it. Just stay away, Devan. Greek row is better off without you.

That right eye socket of hers looks like its had a rough life.- nik

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Douchebags Of Sigma Chi

December 7, 2011 Dirty Greeks, Seattle, Washington State 47

Douchebags of Sigma Chi

Douchebags of Sigma Chi

Douchebags of Sigma Chi

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, love the site, gives us all something to laugh at. Speaking of things to laugh at, allow me to introduce you to the f*gs of Sigma Chi at Washington State. I have no idea how no other frat has put them on blast yet, but I have really had enough of them acting like their sh*t doesn’t stink. They have TWELVE MEMBERS. TWELVE. How are they not kicked off campus yet?? Oh wait, they were, for running a c*caine distributions ring. As the pics show, they are all all f*gs. We stand out on our porch and just laugh at them- as they try to “brew beer” in a giant witch-*ss cauldron in their yard. I am not sh*tting you. Best of all, I included some pics of this old *ss man in their house- he is legit forty years old. And married. And his big ol’ troll *ss wife is always skulking around there too! Major game killer to have a chubby old lady hanging out. The best part- they are on probation for the cke thing, and the old fat man is now running weed out of the house! These dudes are just f*gs in every way imaginable, I could go on for days. Put em on blast Nik, maybe IFC will finally make a move and boot them.

That dudes making a living off those morons, least he could do was make a little face time.- nik

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The Dirty Mormon

November 29, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Washington State 7

The Dirty Mormon

The Dirty Mormon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Chelsea Nelson. She lives in the Tri-Cities but is known to make the occasional trips to Washington State University and Eastern Washington University. She tries to play the goody-good religious girl card when she’s in front of people, but thats hardly the case. She cheated on her last 2 boyfriends (one case was with her black guy co-worker) AND the other was with the guy she is currently dating: Sean Paulos. Little does he know that she’s sleeping with my friend at WSU!! Nik, this girl is twisted…she dates a guy, cheats on him, dates the guy she’s cheating with, then cheats on him! And did I mention she tries way too hard? I think the pics can explain that one.

Sleeping with guys makes her forget about her nose.- nik

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Trashy Lacee Johnson

November 14, 2011 Washington State 15

Do you want to be another lacee johnson eskimo brother?

Do you want to be another lacee johnson eskimo brother?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lacee Johnson, 5′ nothing and considers herself hot sh*t at WSU. Granted this girl has gotten more greg than half the frat guys here, you’d imagine that this slut would get the hint that have 5 Eskimo brothers in one house is enough. Better yet since she broke up with her ex boyfriend before coming to school she has racked up her number to 24 in a matter or 3 months. Who knows what shes at now since no one has talked to her in a while. This b*tch needs to get the idea that no body wants her stretched out fat v***** as you can see her looks are to kill (literally) look at her teeth, guess smoking really does make you look like white trash honey.

Why would you get your most unattractive feature pierced.- nik 

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Washington State University Tri Delta Stars In Her First Porn

November 4, 2011 Dirty Greeks, The Dirty, Washington State 136

WSU Tri Delt makes first porno

WSU Tri Delt makes first porno

THE DIRTY ARMY: So, word has been going around campus that this Tri Delta is in a porno. Of course once that rumor is spread around, someone had to confirm that it’s true. And what do ya know, it is. Way to be the sl*ttiest girls on campus, Tri Delts. If you can’t get laid, Tri-Delt obviously.

This is Washington State University just incase you were wondering.- nik

Click here to see why her parents made a mistake by sending her to WSU. 

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Thanks Sara Thornquist For Sleeping With My Husband And Ruining Our Marriage

September 30, 2011 Seattle, The Dirty, Washington State 131

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is for Sara, you’re such a f*cking sl*t. Thanks a lot for f*cking my husband. Oh and sending him pictures of yourself in barely anything. Does marriage mean nothing to you? Please stop sending pictures and texts to him! He’s f*cking married! To me! And we have two children together! But somehow I am not surprised you would be such a wh*re. I hope you one day marry a man and that cheats on you left and right with sk*nks from the bar. Oh and don’t worry we’re getting a divorce and I’m taking custody of the kids. He’s all yours, you f*cking life ruiner. F*ck You.

Sara let me know if you want Ashton’s number.- nik

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WSU Needs Your Help

August 20, 2011 The Dirty, Washington State 36

Nik, WSU needs your help

Nik, WSU needs your help

Nik, WSU needs your help

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik…please call WSU and tell them they need to have hot chicks on their cheer squad and not 12 year old boys. I was flipping through some pictures and came across this chick. WTF not to mention she used to be the miss junior teen Washington or whatever. I do have to say she is a pretty nice girl…but she looks like she still is unable to ride the merry-go-round since she looks so young.

Simple solution is for her to get +2′s. Her age will look perfect then.- nik

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Nasty Sloot

July 18, 2011 Portland, Washington State 25

nasty sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Morgan B. she is orange and gained about 20 lbs since going off to WSU. She has the most obnoxious voice ever and thinks she is one of the hottest people to walk the earth.

I’m scared she is going to posses me if I look at her in the eyes.- nik

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