Sara From WSU

May 31, 2011 Washington State, Would You? 15 8,310 Views

Sara loves anal

Sara loves anal

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls at WSU, so would you?

Answer: No, I can tell by the lack of definition in her stomach that she is bound to blow up by age 23, and the size of her beak doesn’t help her case either.

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Miley Cyrus Wanna Be At Washington State

May 24, 2011 Seattle, Washington State 34 5,649 Views

Miley Cyrus Wannabe

Miley Cyrus Wannabe

Miley Cyrus Wannabe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch walks around WAZZU in her cowboy boots like she owns everything and everyone in it.  She is a wannabe country singer who will never be bigger than her own hair. It’s really too bad that such a great set of t*ts was wasted on a dumb *ss like this.

She needs to relax on the hair.- nik

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Dirty Julie

May 2, 2011 Seattle, Washington State 33 6,627 Views

julie anderson is a dirty baby killer

julie anderson is a dirty baby killer

julie anderson is a dirty baby killer

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik, this girl julie anderson is a freshman at wsu. she is from bellevue and thought she could could hide from her dirty past. she is an ugly liar and will throw anyone under the bus so she can continue to live her disgusting life. before she left for college she got pregnant by a 30 year old man. after her abortion she told her friends how she watched the baby get sucked out and thought it was funny. what a sick bitch. dirty army have at her!

Looks like she’s driving drunk…actually it looks like shes living drunk.- nik

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De’Angelo Casto’s Ultimate DreamKiller

April 28, 2011 Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, Washington State 18 6,013 Views

WSU dreamkiller

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ultimate dreamkiller. Washington States DeAngelo Casto knocked up the then 17 year old “gf”. Cheats on her daily. Dropped out of college one year early to enter NBA draft to quote on quote support his child. Only part is he will never be drafted. Now looks like he will be the most talented basketball player to flip burgers for a living.

Can he do tricks? Maybe the Harlem Globef*ckers will take him since he already has one bastard child on the resume.- nik

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ManFest Destiny

April 6, 2011 Washington State 5 7,171 Views

ManFest Destiny

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Destiny (eve costume), better known as ManFest Destiny, The C*mster, or Dirty Destiny, is a real threat to any self respecting male, or female, out there. Her typical weekend activities include going out, blacking out, putting out, and passing out, but not necessarily in that order. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Not even Ray Charles would do her. But in only two semesters at WSU, she could open up a sperm bank with the amount and variety of semen inside of her. There’s a real c*mcoction inside this dumpster.

And I guess it’s my destiny to tell you to put your clothes back on, and a bag over your head.- nik

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WSU’s Finest

April 6, 2011 Washington State 9 6,090 Views

Players getting pussy, girls getting heart hurt.

Players getting pussy, girls getting heart hurt.

Players getting pussy, girls getting heart hurt.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these two players are constantly breaking hearts and popping cherries, at WSU these two studs are getting it where ever they can and are always hooking up with new girls. The tag team duo are always each others wingmen and can get any girl they want, no matter how hot, if they are in a relationship, or even lesbian. I myself have had the two charm their way into me and my best friends pants, and ultimately ruin our reputations. Even though it was the best sex of my life, 8 orgasms in one night is just too much. Watch out for these two, any guys that hot cant be trusted.

8 organisms eh, nice try guys…None of your friends back home will believe your actually sleeping with girls.- nik

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Emmett Aka Higgy Smalls

April 6, 2011 Seattle, Washington State 4 8,488 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I dated Emmett for like 3 months before I figured out he was playing me with like 4 different sloots. He thinks he’s so hot because he is a practice squad athlete at WSU and I think he just sits on the bench!! Not to mention he thinks he is a rapper… thats all he does!! Does he look like a rapper to you Nik?? HELL NO!

Guys who go after female athletes have lowered expectations.- nik

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Panty Stealer

April 5, 2011 Scottsdale, Washington State 36 8,260 Views

Bikini & Panty Stealer

Bikini & Panty Stealer

Bikini & Panty Stealer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m putting this wh*re Rochelle Rice on blast for being the dumbest piece of sh*t that I have ever encountered. Not only is she dumb but she is also a liar and a thief and steals from people that have done nothing but help her. She has absolutely no girlfriends besides the ones that she works with bcuz she has burnt every bridge imaginable. She was ran out of Seattle bcuz her reputation was so bad so she ran to Scottsdale and her rep is probably even worse here. I have done nothing but help this dirty, man looking whore and she has done nothing but lie and steal from me. Things started going down hill when we took a trip to Vegas with all my girlfriends, she pissed me off so I had her kicked out of the table at Marquee and things haven’t been the same…by the way she was supposed to be in Seattle with her family which is what she told her boyfriend at the time and her work, Narcisse…instead she was getting f*cked by one of my friends the whole week she was gone…once she finally came back she started to avoid me and not communicate, she wouldn’t be home when I was there and I started to notice my things turning up missing…I would ask her via text but she wldnt respond, finally I had to trick her by parking my car down the street so that she wouldn’t think that I was home…the night before I went thru some of her boxes that she had packed up and left downstairs for over a week and found 18 of MY ITEMS in her boxes! I left them on the counter so that when she came in I could confront her about it…she completely denied everything! My gf took the liberty to search her car and found pants, shoes, and 4 pairs of MY PANTIES in her glove box all smelly and dirty! So disgusting this girl. She then left in tears after I confronted her about my stolen items and the $$ that she owes me. Several days later I pull up to the house so that I can change to go to the pool and she is there with some idiot guy that she is sleeping with and he is helping her move…I confront her again and continue to tell all her dirty laundry to this poor guy that’s helping her…hopefully he is smart enough to heed my warning and run very far away from her. I called the police so that I could file a report about my stolen items and I will be taking her to court over them…one of the highlights of the day was me berating and belittling her in front of the police and the guy she brought with, also when her head board fell on top of her as I watched. I saw it coming but didn’t have the strength to say anything lol Please steer clear of this nasty slore or else u will need to go and get checked. List of things that she has stolen are $400 bikinis, pants, shoes, dresses, jewelry, 20+ pairs of panties, sunglasses, and who knows what else she has stolen that I don’t know about. She even stole the canola oil and peanut butter! What a retard, her dancing has been compared to Elaine from Seinfield and whenever she gets drunk she just starts crying about her ex boyfriend and how he stole 50k from her, sure Rochelle.

I love how she goes to scottsdale for a “fresh start”.- nik

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