Washington State | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Emmett Aka Higgy Smalls

April 6, 2011 Seattle, Washington State 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I dated Emmett for like 3 months before I figured out he was playing me with like 4 different sloots. He thinks he’s so hot because he is a practice squad athlete at WSU and I think he just sits on the bench!! Not to mention he thinks he is a rapper… thats all he does!! Does he look like a rapper to you Nik?? HELL NO!

Guys who go after female athletes have lowered expectations.- nik

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Panty Stealer

April 5, 2011 Scottsdale, Washington State 36

Bikini & Panty Stealer

Bikini & Panty Stealer

Bikini & Panty Stealer

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m putting this wh*re Rochelle Rice on blast for being the dumbest piece of sh*t that I have ever encountered. Not only is she dumb but she is also a liar and a thief and steals from people that have done nothing but help her. She has absolutely no girlfriends besides the ones that she works with bcuz she has burnt every bridge imaginable. She was ran out of Seattle bcuz her reputation was so bad so she ran to Scottsdale and her rep is probably even worse here. I have done nothing but help this dirty, man looking whore and she has done nothing but lie and steal from me. Things started going down hill when we took a trip to Vegas with all my girlfriends, she pissed me off so I had her kicked out of the table at Marquee and things haven’t been the same…by the way she was supposed to be in Seattle with her family which is what she told her boyfriend at the time and her work, Narcisse…instead she was getting f*cked by one of my friends the whole week she was gone…once she finally came back she started to avoid me and not communicate, she wouldn’t be home when I was there and I started to notice my things turning up missing…I would ask her via text but she wldnt respond, finally I had to trick her by parking my car down the street so that she wouldn’t think that I was home…the night before I went thru some of her boxes that she had packed up and left downstairs for over a week and found 18 of MY ITEMS in her boxes! I left them on the counter so that when she came in I could confront her about it…she completely denied everything! My gf took the liberty to search her car and found pants, shoes, and 4 pairs of MY PANTIES in her glove box all smelly and dirty! So disgusting this girl. She then left in tears after I confronted her about my stolen items and the $$ that she owes me. Several days later I pull up to the house so that I can change to go to the pool and she is there with some idiot guy that she is sleeping with and he is helping her move…I confront her again and continue to tell all her dirty laundry to this poor guy that’s helping her…hopefully he is smart enough to heed my warning and run very far away from her. I called the police so that I could file a report about my stolen items and I will be taking her to court over them…one of the highlights of the day was me berating and belittling her in front of the police and the guy she brought with, also when her head board fell on top of her as I watched. I saw it coming but didn’t have the strength to say anything lol Please steer clear of this nasty slore or else u will need to go and get checked. List of things that she has stolen are $400 bikinis, pants, shoes, dresses, jewelry, 20+ pairs of panties, sunglasses, and who knows what else she has stolen that I don’t know about. She even stole the canola oil and peanut butter! What a retard, her dancing has been compared to Elaine from Seinfield and whenever she gets drunk she just starts crying about her ex boyfriend and how he stole 50k from her, sure Rochelle.

I love how she goes to scottsdale for a “fresh start”.- nik

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Ugliest Sloot At WSU

April 1, 2011 Washington State 11

Ugliest Bitch at WSU

Ugliest Bitch at WSU

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Devan Paxton. She’s got to be the most annoying, slootiest, sorority girl I’ve ever met. Not to mention she’s kicked as sh*t. Can you say mega forehead? Accompanied with a huge fat vein right down the center. The worst part is somehow, this b*tch is able to pull guys and is a known serial boyfriend stealer. Probably only because she leaves her legs open for anyone. Otherwise she doesn’t have much else going for her.

Wow, you could shine a light with a magnifying glass and kill ants with that thing.- nik

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The Classiest Birthday Ever

March 22, 2011 Spring Break, Washington State 7

The Classiest Birthday Ever.

The Classiest Birthday Ever.

The Classiest Birthday Ever.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out her Facebook, Best Facebook Status:  “Who knows where I can pick up a strap on?” Best Conversation On A Picture:–Mikayla: please just admit that you want it! you told me the night that they came over:) –Ashana: ahhhhhhhhhh! you caught me i finally need me sum a dat dark chocolate ;)—Mikayla: trust me you will love it!:) haha –Ashana: youre a bitch for deleting my comment!!!!!! SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKEZach: ashana your all drunk those brothas know they bout to get some. icebreakerrr…I hope your mother is proud.

All she wanted was a purple crayon and she got it…congratulations.- nik

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Rielle Fake

March 15, 2011 Dirty MySpace, Seattle, Washington State 26

Rielle Fake

Rielle Fake

Rielle Fake

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Rielle, Bellevue’s Very Own DRD With Feet! This Girls’ Right Leg Has Never Met Her Left Leg. She Loves Older Black C*ck And Only F*cks Around With Baby Daddys. Before, She Would Go To As Many Parties As She Could To Get Drunk And F*ck Anyone With A D*ck, No Matter What Size. Now, She Says Shes Looking For A Real Relationship Which She Had With Some White Boy That Lasted About 2 Weeks. Guess He Saw Her During The Day And Didn’t Recognize Her. She Posts Vulgar Statuses On Facebook All Alluding To Sex. When It Comes To Girls, She Has A Habit Of Becoming Really Close Friends With One Really Pretty Girl, Spending All Her Time With Them Until She Finds Out Enough Then Starts Talking Sh*t Behind Their Backs. It Happened With Madi And Ended With Ariana. Now No One Is Friends With Her Except For A Group Of Sloots Just Like Her That Go Clubbing Every Weekend At 16 And Up Shows And Always Brag About How “Crackin” It Was. Nothing 16 And Up Is EVER Crackin Dumb B*tches. With Her Going Off To WSU Next Fall, Being “New Meat” Once Again, She Will Continue To Spread Her Crabs To The Next Poor Victim.

She looks like those roasted pigs hanging in Chinese restaurants, how strange.- nik

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Mackin Like A Pro

February 16, 2011 Seattle, Washington State 43

Mackin Like A Pro Ho

Mackin Like A Pro Ho

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well Nik, here you have a purple crayon loving slut by the name of Alyson M. She f*cks every black man she encounters and sucks the purple crayon until it’s white. Her parents are drug dealers and drug addicts and her mom’s also a stripper. Alyson goes to WSU only for the black meat and enjoys cramming fat purple crayons down her throat any chance she gets. She’s also a facebook wh*re! Don’t let her befriend any of your friends because if they’re indeed black, she’ll like every picture and every status update and comment on everything. Anything she can do to get some purple crayon she will. And here’s the worse part of it all, she thinks she’s black, “N*gga this, n*gga that.” She’s dirty for real. WATCH OUT. HIDE YOUR KID AND YOUR WIFE AND YOUR HUSBAND CAUSE SHE F*CKING EVERYBODY OUT HERE.

Nice try hiding the belly in the bottom picture, its usless though we can tell from the arms.  Also some more back tats may help the wrinkles.- nik

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Extreme Feminist Needs To Be Exposed For All To See

February 14, 2011 Washington State 5

Extreme feminist needs to be punked for all to see

THE DIRTY ARMY: Okay, Adriana Diaz is in my Women Studies class and this girl is straight off her rocker. First, she is an extreme feminist. This girl never shuts up in class and I mean never!! She thinks that everyone in class is interested in her opinion when in fact, nobody cares, all she does is blab and blab and blab, everyone’s laughing at her in reality. Also, she totally dissed you in front of the whole class!! Somehow, out of nowhere, she brings up TheDirty.com and totally bashes you and I quote. “This guy isl like total trash, he’s below average looking so my guess is that he’s just mad at women because he can’t get a date” Wow, this coming from a below average looking, loud mouth bimbo!! The other girls feel sorry for her and laugh. Please, for the sake of us all, put this cackling hen in her place, thanks, your the best! Muahh! BTW- This picture does her wonders!

Extreme feminist and beat means she is no doubt a dyke.- nik

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These Girls Live In A Dump

January 18, 2011 Seattle, Washington State 19

skanky enumclaw girls

skanky enumclaw girls

skanky enumclaw girls

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, three of these girls are skanks: Jenn right there sticking her tongue out is a wh*re and likes to party and get banged by random guys and Claire right there in the middle is just a straight sloot and has gotten with the whole town and Carli on the bottom smile by the but thinks she’s hot sh*t which makes me laugh because her smile is so gross and she thinks she’s the hottest ever and the other girls they hang with look like ho*s to me.

They look like a gang of midgets.- nik

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