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Extremely Graphic: Marlon Brown Gets Run Over By Police Car

September 24, 2013 Orlando, The Dirty, West Palm Beach 250

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the family of a Florida man killed several months ago released a video late last week that shows the last horrifying moments of 38-year-old Marlon Brown, who the family’s attorney says had fled cops over an alleged seat belt violation. The chase scene through a vegetable garden shown in the video is brief and appears to countervail a report released by the local coroner’s report near DeLand that says a collision with a car is not what killed Brown.  Of course the officer was white and did not get in trouble which is complete bullish*t.  He totally was going to fast and you could tell, a slip up by Marlon wouldn’t result in him getting ran over.

Make sure you haven’t ate breakfast yet before you watch this.- nik

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Eden Sirene Is A Real Life Mermaid

July 18, 2013 Palm Bay, The Dirty, West Palm Beach 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a mermaid living in the Fishhawk Ranch community in Lithia, Florida, can no longer swim in the pool, says the community’s homeowners association. Eden Sirene (or, as she’s known by her nonmermaid name, Jenna Conti) was told she’s not allowed to wear her fins in the pool, per the community’s “no-fin” policy. She wears a custom-made silicon mermaid suit whenever she hits the pool, much to the delight of the other residents and swimmers. Kids, in particular, love the sight of a real-life mermaid frolicking underwater in their pool.  I hate how this community is being so messed up and not allowing her to swim with her suit in any of the pools.  Why not allow something that puts smiles on kids and grown ups faces?  I’m totally with Eden on this one, what about you Nik?

Ok, now I’m tripping. This purple drank for my Pneumonia has me seeing mermaids and sh*t.- nik

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How Can I Score

March 14, 2013 Ft. Lauderdale, The Dirty, West Palm Beach 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Britney.  She works at my local club in Palm Beach, she is the hottest girl in the club and always getting hit on, but problem is if you don’t have cash or your not a Jersey Shore looking scum bag, she won’t hook up with you. How can I score this bar maid Nik?

Some chicks should never smile. You don’t want this girl, she bench presses way too much… her +2′s are being eaten by muscle.- nik

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Idiot Blows Off His Greg While Cleaning Gun

September 16, 2012 Port St. Lucie, The Dirty, West Palm Beach 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is classic. So this 18 year old Micahel Smerigilio was cleaning his gun when he accidentally fired it…anddd it happen to be aimed at his greg. The bullet BLEW A HOLE through it and his left ballsac perform settling in his though. The best part? When police questioned him, he lied and said he was just walking down the street. Then fessed up to shooting the gun…and admitting he bought it illegally at a party. HA! Poster Child for Gun Control or what Nik?

Nice Beamer.- nik

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Douchebag Baseball Player In West Palm Beach

May 23, 2012 Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, West Palm Beach 13

Douchebag baseball player

Douchebag baseball player

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this asshole’s name is Spencer Kasmere from West Palm Beach, FL. We’ve talked on and off for the past 2 years and he has been nothing but a waste of time. He will text me and persuade me that his intentions are good, but then he will just end up trying to use me. He is a desperate and lonely loser who tries to get with me at his own convenience. He knows that whenever we talk I have feelings for him, but that doesn’t matter to him. As long as he gets what he wants. I finally put my foot down after he recently texted me trying to hook up again. He didn’t like that so he sent me some pretty f*cked up texts. I want everyone to know about this dirty scumbag.

I’m sure you can do better than Dumbo.- nik

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West Palm Is Laughing At Natalia Not Hatin’ On Her

January 10, 2012 The Dirty, West Palm Beach 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! I love your site, been DA strong for 3 years now! It took a lot of consideration to submit, so I finally did. Meet Natalia, she’s a 20 year old sl*t that loves attention as you can tell by her huge, beach ball shaped +2′s (that she got in Colombia when she was 17) and the refund gap they came with. She thinks she’s hot sh*t because she goes out and gets wasted underage every night then brags about it all over twitter, she also looooves to f*ck all the local dj’s around here so they’ll get her into clubs and pay for her drinks, because ya know.. she can’t. She wants everyone to hate her for everything she has and everyone she knows and f*cks. Please Nik, put this cheeto colored wh*re on blast! She needs to know West Palm is laughing at her, not hating on her.

I thought only old people live in West Palm Beach, whose Grand daughter is she?- nik

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