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Elizabeth McCoy is a Husband Stealer

December 31, 2013 Pittsburgh, West Virginia 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Elizabeth was a former employee of my husband & recently reached out to us to become closer friends(her words). Then began a sexting relationship w him sending him naked, trashy pics of herself. This continued for at least a month between them until I saw a picture. We even spent Thanksgiving weekend with her, her husband & daughter! My husband told me she was trying to break us up because she wanted him. He’s at fault too but he’s my problem & I don’t want her to ruin anymore marriages. Her family is from sipesville, pa & she now lives in sutton, wv

I can feel the belt tightening.- nik

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Travis Snuffer

April 29, 2013 Dirty Business, Virginia Beach, West Virginia 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This dirty cop is just that, he will sleep with anything willing. He claims to be a ladies man but does that really count when these “ladies” are fat lesbians or look like 10 year old boys? I don\’t think so. All while having a girlfriend. Have fun with his pregnant belly and lack of “nightstick” ladies.

I thought cops had to be in shape.- nik

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Another MTV Trashbag

February 13, 2013 Dirty News, Virginia Tech, West Virginia 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Salwa Amin, the new hefty trashbag of MTV’s Buckwild series- This bitch first off doesn’t even know what it means to be country. I grew up in WV and we do not walk around in 5 inch heels when we know we are going to have fun in the mud and we sure as hell don’t priss around like we are better than anybody and talk the way she does. Come to find out, she was arrested Monday morning on 3 felony drug charges for intent to deliver Oxycontin and Her**n from Michigan with her douchebag boyfriend. Sickens me to know that this is what kids get to look up to and not the real part of what it means to live in WV and have fun doing so. We already have a bad rep as it is. MTV needs to take all of their dope pushers and pile them all in a room together until they figure out life. But then again, they would make a damn show out of it!

Its a hard life after your 15 minutes.- nik

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Cleat Chaser

November 14, 2012 West Virginia 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl has a love affair with baseball players, and she\’s boarderline crazy.

Who is the baseball player?- nik

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I Trust Your Opinion

November 8, 2012 The Dirty, West Virginia 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I  see how honest you are on TheDirty and I really need some blunt honesty in my life (friends always seem to sugar coat things). I’m 22 and have been with my boyfriend since I was 16. We always had a normal relationship – occasional fighting, name calling – but always made up. Lately we have been fighting a lot and have just broken up. He says I’m not affectionate enough, although that’s not the reason we broke up. He was becoming very insecure and controlling and I told him that was not okay. I feel really bad that we’re broken up and want to make things right between us. I try to talk to him and he is being really mean and nasty trying to hurt me, saying he doesn’t care. What do I do to get through to him? Why am I so scared to let him go? Do you think he truly does not care anymore?

Why are you trying to get through? When a car breaks down and you get it fixed, it never runs the same. Time to take this car to the junk yard and never look back.- nik

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WVU Doesn’t Deserve Their Title

September 17, 2012 West Virginia 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I go to school at the University of Texas and party all the time with hot, sexy and beautiful blondes on 6th street.  My cousin goes to WVU and this year they were named the #1 party school in America.  He is always bragging about how much better the parties and girls are and blah blah blah.  So I decided to go visit him for a weekend and see what its all about.  Well, let me tell you… the dude is trippin’.  Whoever ranked them number 1, must have attended that school because that was the biggest scam ever. The girls first off were fat, not 1 pair of +2′s came across my eyes and every bar was full of 13 to 1 guy to girl ratio.  I was beyond pissed, I wanted to leave the first night because it was so boring.  Just a bunch of guys drinking and acting like idiots.  No girls worth of hooking up with or anything.  Its total disgrace to have that school ranked at number 1.  Sorry I had to vent, I’m a college student and just wasted $600 on a flight for no reason.

When have you ever met a hot girl from Virginia?- nik

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Felecia Gargani’s Refund Gap

July 20, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, West Virginia 10

Refund Gap Slut

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Felicia “Monroe” real name Felicia Gargani, I came across her pictures in my boyfriends phone but they were sent to him by one of his friends (who has a girlfriend) who is hitting it and wanted to run a train on her. At first I was pissed because I thought she was sending them to him and that my man was going to f*ck her too, but turns out she is just a Hollywood trashy hoe. I read the whole conversation about her, then asked my boyfriend about her, she is the laughing stock of the “urban” crowd in Hollywood. Loves fcking athletes (f*cked 3/5 of the starting 5 of the OKC Thunder). She is a wannabee model, telling all her friends she’s a LEAD video girl in videos for people like Rick Ross, Birdman, Chris Brown, Too Short, etc, meanwhile she gets less than 3 seconds in a video and it is just her getting rained on. We all know video hoes only make a couple hundred dollars a video and thats probably why she’s a waitress. Typical purple crayon lover. She looks like she has something mentally wrong with her the way she makes her “model faces” and look at the one picture how bad its photoshopped, it looks like one of her ribs is popping out. Then theres that refund gap, maybe one of the worse refund gaps I’ve ever seen. The guys refer to her as “Thirst Dummy” because she’s so thirsty and doesn’t even ask for things like normal hoes do (purses/trips/shoes) she is satisfied with being a bottle rat at the urban clubs and getting some greg, from whoever. Please put her on blast because she really thinks she’s the sh*t.

Why do girls think being in a Rap Video is a good look? Getting rained on is degrading.- nik

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Stay Away From Robert Paul

June 27, 2012 Louisville, West Virginia 0

Robert Paul has the herp and won't tell you.

Robert Paul has the herp and won't tell you.

Robert Paul has the herp and won't tell you.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Robert Paul Amis has DRD and will sleep with you without telling you and then deny that he knew he had it after giving it out to who knows how many girls. I am blasting his a*s so he never has the chance to do this to anyone else again. Robert Amis is a basketball coach for The University of West Virginia at Wise and also graduated from Wise University. He also frequents Louisville, KY for horse races and the Eastern KY area where his family resides. They are not Dirty Army Strong out here in KY like I have always been but hopefully you can help me get the word out so this scum bag gets what he deserves. Thanks Nik- DA Strong here since 2009!

That’s nice of coach to lend him his clip board, now back to warming those seats…- nik

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