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Ratchet Heather Is Not Nice

September 18, 2013 Western Michigan 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Heather Lynn girl decided to put her hands on my ex. Not a sexual way, a violent way. Weird she was even hanging out with him when she has a boyfriend, Dan James. Poor boy, his girl was two timing him and she’s abusive. “Respect Your Elders”, I’m sure her mom did not raise a whore.

Well, now her boyfriend will know.- nik

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Jealous Backhoe

May 3, 2013 Detroit, Western Michigan 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the fatty mc fat ones name is jenni. She obviously is jealous of the cutie wit a booty Tina. Shes guilty of being obsessed and always on my shit. I tried to post a reply to the sh*t talkin she put on here adventures of Mimi and the rat but it wouldn’t let me. So here you go hatin a$$ Jennifer. Yet again your jealousy and envy shows. How pathetic are you seriously Jenni?? Constantly on my sh*t we block you on Facebook and u still can’t seem to get a life. Maybe if you spent more time on your own life instead of hating on me you might accomplish something. I’m far from trashy. Your mad cuz U got two sets of back tittys and Ur fatass rolls cover your cooter haven’t seen Ur p*ssy in years. Throw some sand down there so the crabs feel at home hoe. Ur bitter cuz he don’t want you?! 14years no matter how hard you try ull never be me. You will never amount to sh*t. Yea Bonnie and Clyde we ride till we die. Quit living off Ur dad and Ur mommies money. You wouldn’t last a day in the real world. I’ve been working since I’ve been 14 on my own got my own house, my own Chrysler 300, my kids don’t need or want for nothing. Quit going to churches and having them pay Ur bills get off Ur fata$$ and support your kids. Even on my worst day Im a better mother than you will ever be. My kids are respectful have good morals get a’s and b’s, constantly in school activities and sports. Whose kid is on probation at the age of 12?! Oh that’s right yours. Your son held a knife to a lil girls neck, got sexual harassment charges yet mother of the year buys him a samurai sword?! And leaves him and your 1 yr old home alone. Great mother. Get off my sh*t. He don’t want you. Ur pathetic. Hate on hater cuz he would rather be with me.

I don’t think anyone’s been kind enough to let her know about her back issues.- nik

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A Little Old To Be In A Frat

April 15, 2013 Detroit, Dirty Greeks, Western Michigan 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This greaser looking fellow is Dominick Pederson. He is an 25 yr old ex marine and a member of delta sig at western Michigan university. Dominick has hooked up with many girls up here, despite the fact he has a girlfriend. The marines have made him a little crazy in the head,in my opinion. i personally know a couple of the girls he has hooked up with and he won’t leave them alone. one of my buddies informed me, at one point he had a drd.

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Gail Deau/Pierce

December 18, 2012 Detroit, Western Michigan 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So this fat chick is Gail. She is a crazy pysco chick from Kalamazoo. She is known for being a city easy pick as the guys like to say. Its sad because she has 2 beautiful children and family but yet she is cheating on her husband. Its sad because he does not know it but she is all over dating sites and has a affair going on with her pot dealer that lives in the apartment across the way its kinda sad really. Scandal I think so. This chick needs a reality check she had a great life but due to her stupidity she lost what she had and I mean look at her no one will ever want those used goods…

This pic is turning a lot of gamers on right now.- nik

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Pi Beta Phi Prez Lidia

October 4, 2012 Dirty Greeks, Western Michigan 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Lidia. She is the current president of Pi Beta Phi Sorority here on our campus. The deal with this c*nt she is a manipulative, fugly, lying wannabe whore. She is ass ugly f*cking disgusting and think she is hot sh*t reality check skunt everyone hates you!! She will take anyone down that stands in the way of what she wants to achieve she started rumors about her own sisters and roomates that tore friendships apart. She turned her bff against her by breaking up her bff and her boyfriend cause she wants to date the boyfriend. We all think shes a lesbian though which is funny cause she has never even kissed a boy or been around one since they all find her repulsive. What scummy trash…Lidia WMU knows your a fraud so gtfo b*tch!!!

Are there any hot sorority chicks left?? good looking chicks have figured out they don’t need school to make it in life.- nik

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Know Your Rights

November 15, 2011 Detroit, Dirty News, The Dirty, Western Michigan 25

Know Your Rights

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, even though I think you’re an abomination, congratulations on your little girl. I hope that she is nothing like you. Anyway, the reason why I am writing is because you have a lot of minions posting things about free speech on this site and they seem to be lacking a few brain cells and don’t understand that free speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want. Let me provide some examples for your followers and yourself. Slander, racial slurs, curse words, defamation of character are several things that are NOT covered under the first amendment. You can’t even yell, “FIRE!” in a crowed stadium. IT’S ILLEGAL! I just wanted to clear a few things up and give people a little education. Seems like most of the people on here lack a decent education and obviously don’t even know their rights. So kiddos, next time you decide to go off on an individual you don’t even know, disagree with or dislike, use a little bit of diplomacy (you can look that up). Stay classy.

You think you know, but you have no idea. Everyone reads a book and claims they know the world. You have a right to your own mind and the direction you want to take it. Nobody should ever silence or brainwash your view.- nik

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Frat Daddy

November 3, 2011 Western Michigan 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this tool bag Cody Ringle (or as his brothers like to call him, “ringleberry”)  loves it when you call him “Daddy”. Don’t let this STUD MUFFIN fool you, he’s not the hot sh*t he thinks he is. Friendless and enrolled in anger management in high school, this idiot is one of the most worthless assets to fratville. Way to go TKE.

I think the first picture explains his sexuality perfectly.- nik 

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How Is She Allowed To Drive

June 24, 2011 Dirty News, The Dirty, Western Michigan, Wichita 57


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- this girl Lisa Danyielle Dame (from Wichita KS) was involved in a head on collison a few weeks ago where she KILLED the person she hit. She was attempting to pass “slow moving” traffic and crossed lanes killing a 52 year old woman. She is already back on the road in a brand new car. The news claimed she was “seriously injured” but all she has posted on her fb page are pictures of a few stitches and of the car that She totalled. Boo hoo you KILLED SOMEONE you dumb, careless, wreckless bimbo! She needs to go to prison for reckless endangerment and manslaughter and have her license revoked for a Very long time.

Good to know you can kill someone in Kansas and not lose your drivers license.- nik

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