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Bunny Or Bust

May 25, 2011 Detroit, Western Michigan, Would You? 15

Bunny Or Bust

Bunny Or Bust

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik heres our Michigan wannabee again! here she is again,trying to be a playboy warlock!tell us would you now after her 10x dirty appearance!!

Answer: No, there’s no way she can contort herself to look good.  Losing weight would show off her manly structure, she’s stuck.

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Dinkel Sloot

March 30, 2011 Detroit, Western Michigan 10



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This b*tch was already on here but i thought i would give you some more dirty deets. Marisa Dinkel is the biggest slob I know. She is an alcoholic and stoner who stalks every single guy at Western Michigan. She needs to take a look in the mirror because she looks like nasty trash and is an embarassment as a human being. She is a “Sigma kappa”, also know as the “fat ugly bitches” and her life goal is to STALK frat boys. Basically this bitch needs to hit rehab…and fast.

Definitely clings onto anything that doesn’t mind what she’s hiding under her pants.- nik

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Dirty Raccoon

January 19, 2011 Dirty Greeks, Western Michigan 27

Dirty Raccoon

Dirty Raccoon

Dirty Raccoon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is Marisa Dinkel aslo known as Dinkel-fck or Dinkel-berries. Stay far away from this raccoon-eyed sloot. She is known on Western Michigan’s campus as a trailer trash whore that will steal your boyfriend and spread her legs to get free weed from frat boys. She is just a stupid sorority slut with multiple drd’s and noone will ever make her their girlfriend. She stalks every walking penis on this campus and thinks that she is “one of the guys” when really she is just a stalker with no girls as friends. She is always high and drunk and does lines of cke in between classes. STAY FAR AWAY unless you perfer racoons with smelly vaginas.

Looks like shes trying to initiate a threesome in the middle pic…dirty girl.- nik

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The Price You Have To Pay When Trying To Be Cool In College

January 17, 2011 Detroit, The Dirty, Western Michigan 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, watch out for this kid, if he gets drunk he will puke anywhere but the toilet, don’t let him into your party at all costs!!! puke puke puke, good job Andrew Rice.  Next time you decide to drink you should try and set your self a limit.

Don’t worry he is ok… we thought we lost him for a second, but according to friends his cell phone just died and he never goes to class anyway.- nik

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Bobby Heffernan

January 7, 2011 Chicago, Dirty Predator, Western Michigan 14

Bobby Heffernan the stupid pollack

Bobby Heffernan the stupid pollack

THE DIRTY ARMY: This kid carries a bag of roofies wherever he goes. Party or library he knows no bounds. I was once a victim, i want to spread the word on this stupid a** pollack. He left me with a burning rash, and after he was done he stole a pair of my high heels, my panties, lipstick, pantyhose, and extentions. He then proceeded to break all the light bulbs in my house. This kid should not be within 40 yards of a female on the Western Michigan campus.

Sounds like he should be confined to a jacket.- nik

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The Who From Whoville

April 21, 2010 Detroit, Western Michigan 8

the Who from Whoville

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK this girls name is cassie! but everyone calls her “tuna-cassieroll” because her vag smells something like a seafood market mixed with the dumpster at planned parenthood where they throw the aborted babies! she likes to get thru life by laying on her back and letting anything with a p*nis slide up in her! seriously, ANYTHING! she reminds everyone of a “who” from the movie “the grinch who stole christmas”. nobady has any respect for her because she doesnt respect the boundries of friendship and will end up in bedwith your boyfriend without thinking twice! she is also HPV and HSV2 positive! her teeth look like a saw-zaw blade and she weighs about 60 lbs because she is a coke-wh*re! she is fake as h*ll and bounces from friend to friend until they cut her out! she needs to be put on blast!

Is it me or does that parrot have a mullet?- nik

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Go Back To Ohio

February 22, 2010 Detroit, Western Michigan 57

Go back to Ohio

Go back to Ohio

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Nick. He is from Ohio but he lives in Kalamazoo…where he DOESN’T go to school. He thinks he’s hot sh*t and plays girls. His current girlfriend is 6 years younger than him and she looks like a c*ked out whore. Nick gets drunk all the time and creeps on girls at the bar. He’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear to get in your pants, but girls, he’s got a couple friends for life that you don’t want to meet. He’s friends with JS of course, they might be gay together. Total douche bags..

Why do his eyebrows almost touch his ears and are all his shirts affliction.- nik

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Fish Lips Aren’t Sexy

February 18, 2010 Fish Lips, Western Michigan 24

Girls dont actually think fish lips are sexy do they??

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Where do we start with Gracelisa. Fish Lips, lip ring, nasty looking highlights, wtf eye brows, and caked on make up. Nik, if you were into shims, would you?

Answer: no. That will never happen.  And they do fish lips cause they think it makes them look thinner.

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