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Narcissistic Know it All

May 15, 2014 Denver, Westminster 34




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So this is the most worthless piece of shit i have ever had the misfortune of meeting. He is so full of himself that its not even funny! Most of Denver probably know him for his alcoholism and his retarded ass haircut that hes had since middle school. He spends a lot of money at the bars just to get girls to sleep with him. we have been talking for like 2 years and he says hes not ready for a realtion ship. After we fucked he goes and fuks my best friend/Cousin and tells her the same thing. I just want everyone to know that he just wants to fuck you. Even though he claims to be single, he will still wine and dine girls and stay with them for daays at a time. he basically lived with me and still claimed he wasnt ready for a serious commitment. The sex is probably the only thing hes good at. Hes fat, ugly, and has no job. He has a coke problem and spends over $500 a month on coke and doesnt think he has a problem. Ladies hes a looser and the only thing goin for him is in between his legs, staaay away!!

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Dear Bam Margera, Please Stop Chasing Your Dead Fame

September 18, 2012 Hollywood, The Dirty, Westminster 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I grew up in PA and idolized Bam Margera.  The guy was on TV, pro skateboarder, hot chicks everywhere and had a ton of money.  So as a kid from PA how could I not look up too him?  I know he is a fan of your site so I hope this message reaches him.  I’m very tired of him reaching for fame lately, he will do anything and make up stories to get on TMZ to feel relevant.  He is currently making up a story about how a naked girl broke into his house and tried to beat him up… stupid right?  Its beyond lame and I don’t know why his real friends won’t tell him to relax and just enjoy the money and life he has.  He had the fame in the past, so why does he keep reaching for it?  Is it the feeling of being irrelevant?  Or is he like a little kid that just needs the attention.  All I want to tell Bam is to stop reaching brotha, you are no one any longer and no one barely remembers your name.  STOP IT.

Hot topic sales must be down.- nik


Bam Margera Facing Parental Rights Termination While Partying With Girlfriend

**Update: Exclusive: Bam Margera Pulls A Mark Sanchez And Hooks Up With 17 Year Old Canadian Girl

Bam Margera’s Real Girlfriend

Looks Like Bam Margera Got Tammy Pregnant

Bam Margera Needs To Dump Nicole

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Bam Margera Needs To Dump Nicole

July 4, 2012 The Dirty, Westminster 11

Bam and Tammy The Rock Star and his Beauty

Bam and Tammy The Rock Star and his Beauty

Bam and Tammy The Rock Star and his Beauty

THE DIRTY ARMY: LOVE LOVE LOVE Bam and Tammy – This is Tammy Palumbo, not the girl above. This picture was taken and posted when her phone was stolen. Even though she hasn’t been commenting about it, I am pretty positive she is and just hiding it. This girl Nicole needs to go back to LA. I read a ton of posts about her and have seen pictures and emails that are shady. Bam and Tammy, we are routing for you guys. You deserve more then a piece of trash.

So confused.- nik

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How Come You Are Not Into Asian Girls

April 24, 2012 The Dirty, Westminster 180

How come you don't like Asians?

How come you don't like Asians?

How come you don't like Asians?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is with you and not liking Asian chicks? Is it because they smell like noodles? What does that even mean? Anyway, this girl’s name is SCARLET and she’s an ex of a friend of mine. I think she’s one of hottest Asians in OC. She’s got looks, talent, and brains. She has her own floral business at the age of 22 and she makes extra money on the side (look at the pictures and you can tell what her second job is). In the first picture she’s the middle one in the red; sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of just her. So Nik, besides her being Asian, what do you have to say about this beauty?

I commend Scarlet for getting her name tramp stamped on herself… how else are guys going to know who she is (in the sack)? I just wish it was on her forehead… because I still have no idea who you are talking about.- nik

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Trailer Trash Jessica

September 7, 2011 Westminster 3

trailer trash jessica

trailer trash jessica

trailer trash jessica

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty thing is the biggest sloot ever! Her name is Jessica Otto and resides in a trailer park and not even on her own! Lol she’s still living with family She’s a total alcoholic! Already has two dui’s. Instead of drinking and hooking up with everyon she should be taking care of her kid! She’s the worst mom ever! She thinks she’s so sexy even though she has to wear a mountain of makeup and only takes pix of her face to hide her giant thunder thighs! Oo and did I mention she screws anything that walks?!

This is what happens to uggo’s when you expect guys to pay your way through life.- nik

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The Not So Hot Mommy

August 18, 2011 Huntington Beach, Westminster 53

the not so hot mommy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik This is Taeler Hensley aka Taeler H R! It is amazing that this girl does not have drd. But one thing she does have are straight up saggy mommy boobs. Yes she is a mother. She has a little girl at home….or maybe she is at the Westminster Bowling Alley. She goes out 5 nights a week and leaves her daughter at home or with some random babysitter. She thinks that she has all these friends when really they just feel bad for her. I just wish that someone would take her daughter away so that she doesn’t end up like her mother.

She’s wearing a super thick padded push-up….don’t believe the hype.- nik

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Dirtiest Sloot In New West

August 12, 2011 Dirty Army Strong, Westminster 51

Dirtiest Slut in New West

Dirtiest Slut in New West

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, i alway see this fat cow out with multiple guys she met online ………… i saw her giving head at a local park to a guy that she just met…… this bitch gets passed around like a hot potato.

Poor thing was born with a noodle face and she’s not even a noodle.  If she leaned out her eyes would drop an inch or two.- nik

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Dirty Little Sloot

July 19, 2011 Westminster 2

dirty little sloot

dirty little sloot

dirty little sloot

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, tell everyone to watch out cuz this sk*nk Cortney Cooke is a 19 year old mom that abandoned her son. She slept with 13 guys while being married and pregnant. This wh*re would rather party then spend time with her little boy. She slept with so many guys that her p*ssy smells like rotten eggs. This b*tch thinks she is hard, but he is all talk. And ladies keep your men away from her, she will f*ck them and not care. She likes to make girls her best friends to use them, and their boyfriends. And guys don’t even bother with her because she will just use you for your money and will try to say you beat her. Its about time this 19 year old mom stops blacking out at parties, and keeps her legs closed.

I’m almost scared to ask whats hiding behind those lips.  Why won’t she open her mouth?- nik

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