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These 3 steal from Walmart

November 11, 2014 Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik I’m a long-time fan and have had the urge to submit someone dirty lately and low and behold I have 3 thieving con-artists for you! Ok so they work at Walmart at 19th avenue and Bell Road in Phoenix.5 Galaxy phones have gone missing from the store since July and its obvious these are the ones responsible as its impossible for customers to access the drawer behind the electronics counter so its clear its an inside job.They have been stealing cell phones and other merchandise and selling it on Ebay. Their names are Corey Briggs, Roland Rivers, and a lady who I only know as Grace. Corey is an emo/scene kid who likes his friends to refer to him as \”Santa Claus”. He lives in North Scottsdale with his mom and works in the loss prevention department of all places! Yeah perfect cover! Grace is friends with Corey’s mom and is in on the whole thing. They always smoke out front of the store together with the other guy Roland. Roland is a very arrogant customer service rep who was questioned in the past about stolen merchandise. These 3 usually hang out smoking in front of the store or go out to Jack-in-the-box or McDonald’s for lunch on their breaks. For the record I have heard Roland brag about making “$400 extra per-month off Ebay”. Where is he getting his merchandise?

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Beware Sociopath

November 6, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 166

THE DIRTY ARMY: First off this guys father is a convicted sex offender! Google the name Michael Dignard Sr. Like father like son. Michael Dignard Jr. Works at Skydive Phoenix as a tandem instructor. He likes to fondle the young girls in the plane before jumping when they are scared. He’s known as the creepy guy cuz he is a stalker if you say no to him! This guy has restraining orders out on him and is known for beating his women! He goes from girl to girl while telling them he is a one woman man. He has recently spread an std to several girls. Watch out for him. He is a pathological liar who gets angry very easily. Comes off all polite in the beginning but beware. He did 10 years in prison for attempted murder in MA. Do not trust this guy around your kids!!!

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Your tax dollars hard at work

November 5, 2014 Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 31


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Allison. A single welfare mother, and a great example of everything wrong with America. She’s on every government program she can get on, yet still can’t get on her feet due to her trashy lifestyle. She always bitches to me about not getting enough child support for her daughter, yet always has money to go out drinking, using drugs and getting tattoos. She was even recently caught and charged with welfare fraud, but not even that can stop her. Shes a horrible parent, exposing her daughter to her awful lifestyle, including her low life cheating boyfriend. Why are teen moms so proud to raise their kids like this? They may think they’re “cool” moms, but all they’re doing is creating a new generation of losers.

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Mathew Harris

November 5, 2014 Westside-AZ 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this is Mathew Harris who works as a case manager at southwest behavioral health in phoenix.he loves getting wasted every night at Tim finnegans at metrocenter. His relationship ended recently after his ex got tired of him putting his hands on her. My friends boyfriend goes to the clinic he works at and she was waiting for him to finish his session and was nice enough to snap this photo after Mathew forced her off the property for no reason other than he doesn’t like her. Please blast this punk ass women beater! Real men don’t hit women he better hope I don’t catch him on the streets!

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Creepy Guy

October 31, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man Raymond Burch took note of my name on my student Id that was attached to my lanyard. He tried hitting on me at Churches Chicken in front on my boyfriend despite the fact im a 19 year old girl and he’s a 60 year old man! He even looked me up on facebook and tried to friend request me!

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Trash Couple

October 30, 2014 Westside-AZ 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Disgusting white trash junkies who live in Phoenix Arizona. Their names are Nicholas Rosa and Nicole “Nicki” Raymond-Ericson. They are notorious liars, thieves, and have screwed over all their friends and family for their own selfish needs. Please don’t trust them or let them live with you. They will steal all your shit and blame you. Please put this scum on your site so the whole Phoenix Metropolitan are can be aware.

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Da Nastiest

October 29, 2014 Westside-AZ 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This nasty hoe fuks black men but turns around and calls us niggas to her white friends. Her name Karen Peterson and she works in downtown phoenix.

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Anime Girl with a Fetish

October 28, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Her name is Sara Garcia she lives in phoenix. I with the boyfriend she cheated on now and he told me the horror stories. She likes getting peed on! She is obsessed with anime and smokes spice in addition to being cheap he paid all her bills and drove her everywhere! This girls nuts!

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