Cries Wolf

March 5, 2014 Westside-AZ 0 5,490 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is Jordan Gunnyon. She is so pathetic her boyfriend told her to get a boob job or he would leave her, and NOW she does online webcam shows and he allows it!!!! This bitch is so trashy and she thinks she’s some kinda hot shit when she looks like she could be her boyfriends little brother…with uneven boobs… She does’t believe when people try to tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her. The only reason he keeps her around is because she acts like his slave. He treats her like the dog shit she is. If you ever come across this hoe she needs to have her face smashed in just like her boyfriend Jon Purugganan did.

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Little Town Hoodrat Christina

March 4, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Westside-AZ 3 6,895 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: You see this piece of work. this is Christina N. Soto or (christina tozer now) she is well known in the neighborhood of little town and southside tucson as the easiest slut around in Tucson AZ. all kinds of guys have banged her outside of her grandmothers house in their cars and then left after they were done, i remember a few friends ran up in that and had to run away because she is a fat psycho with mental problems. she works at a call center and still continues to hop from guy to guy while she says she is in love with her BF. anybody stupid enough to get with this blob is in for it. i got a friend and former co worker who banged this chick while she was with her current BF and she was scared that she got pregnant from their get together, “sounds like a common slut to me”. she claims to be miss perfect but she is nothing but a junkie & baby gravy dumpster

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Maya Valenzuela is Bipolar Crazy

March 3, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Westside-AZ 5 7,594 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This chick is a compulsive liar!!! She’s got a profile on a dating Site with old pics, she’s since put on about 85 lbs. Met up with her and was immediately disgusted by the overweight beast with tore back yellow teeth and greasy hair!!! Bounced out quick!! Week or so later I was contacted online by another girl. Pretty hot chick, we texted for a bit and exchanged lots of pics. Her stories were starting to be a little odd so I googled a few of the pics she had sent. My hunch was right, I was easily able to find every image she sent, from her bullshit garden tub, to the tattoo pics she claimed she had done (supposedly she was a tattoo artist) this girl went by Rebbeca Loporto…..I never called her out on her obvious bullshit. I wanted to see what her motives were, so I just played along. That is till she sent me a text telling me contact her at a different number. The number she provided just happens to be a number that Fat Pig Maya Valenzuela had called me from!!! Oh shit wouldn’t you know it!!! Fat ass Maya actually made up a complete persona just to stay in contact with me….fellas watch out, it takes a special kind of crazy to go this far, stay far away from this little piggy!!!

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WestSide’s Snookie

February 27, 2014 The Dirty, Westside-AZ 19 101,257 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you are the only person who isn’t going to be fooled by Jessica Brook Lynne Vest Meister Fuller (or whatever her name is this week). Her photo shopped pics don’t even hide her fat body. She thinks she is an up and coming country star but all she is is a sloppy, alcoholic who sleeps with anybody that she thinks will take care of her. She is overweight but posts picture from ten years ago to try and fool everybody on the internet. She had some boyfriend she was completely in love with and then suddenly she married her ex bf, an old trout that she is using for his money. Somebody please call this girl out. She is not hot, she is not a celebrity and she uses everybody around her. The “modeling” picture with her and her friends is so airbrushed they forget to put her friend’s bellybutton back on.

**JV Note:  This girl was in her prime back in 2008 and was one of WestSide’s most sought after.  Damn did she fall off.

Must be a thyroid issue.- nik

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Whitney Jacobsen, Return of The West Side Player

February 27, 2014 Westside-AZ 3 5,682 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This lady, Whitney Jacobsen, sent me a message on OKStupid a couple days ago, saying she was a huge fan of my page ) and that she found me from my posts and comments on TheDirty regarding The Nasty West Side Player (ALSO SEE) and (SEE MORE). The red flags started popping when: (1) she claimed that she knew him and his fiancee and started badmouthing them; (2) she proposed that we create a page to expose people (I like going solo in my ventures, and her methods were quite creepy to be honest); (3) she offered to post stuff about her ex-lovers on my page, and she asked me if I’ll give her my username and password to do so (sure, because I’ll give my Facebook login info to a complete stranger); (4) she sent me nude pictures and started hitting on me in a very recognizable way, despite the fact I am not interested in women and I told her so; (5) she proposed that we meet in person, but she had an emergency and she’s not sure if she’ll make it (something I remember from a certain person); (6) she invites me to go with her friends and her to ski and snowboard, despite not knowing me in person; (7) she claims she’s a teacher, but most of her profile pictures are her in sexy underwear and in suggestive poses. Overall, her story was full of irregularities.  I told a friend  about this woman and how suspicious I was about her intentions. I sent him the stuff I had in hand and in less than ten minutes, my friend provided me with a link to a porn website (REMOVED) in which all the pictures of “Whitney” (including the ones on her fake OKStupid profile and that she sent me) were uploaded, identifying the woman as Jenna. First thing I did was to report “Whitney” to OKStupid. Then I confronted her with the information and obviously she’s MIA, so now I’m sending this to TheDirty to put this broad on blast. I guess someone out there ( had some cards left to play (and too much free time) and keeps underestimating my intelligence, but the new plan (whatever was it) backfired before it even got into fruition. In the meantime, I think I should invest in self-defense lessons and maybe a CCW permit.

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Biggest sloot Tracey Peterson

February 26, 2014 Chicago, Westside-AZ 9 9,448 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello nik this is ms. Tracey Peterson she moved to az from Chicago because she’s been caught sleeping around in apartments of guys with girlfriends while they were at work. She went back to Chicago and contacted the same scumbag who btw is ugly he looks like your typical short brown landscaper straight from the border. They met up he bought her drinks and I see these two storm out so fast I was cracking up!!! It’s that easy to bang this dumb cnt. She doesn’t care if you’re married, taken, engaged it does not matter!! That actually attracts Tracey. And its so funny because she’s always posting on Facebook how sad she is, how she can never get a peaceful day how she can never find a good guy. Honey!! Open your eyes!! You’re sleeping with men with girls friends maybe you should use your next welfare check at sephora and buy yourself some nice makeup and cover up those trailer trash freckles!

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From Fat to Fit

February 20, 2014 Westside-AZ, Would You? 81 11,366 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sara is a complete narcissist. She has gone from 300 pounds to this and after multiple body lifts, boob jobs she just loves herself. She is entering a bikini contest, my question to you Nik, is would you with this body and face?

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Cristina the Willy

February 19, 2014 Westside-AZ 1 6,553 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl Cristina Urias is the biggest slut she fucks everyone and anything that comes around her she has 3 kids but she doesnt mind bringing different men around them (kids) she fcked with my friends man of 11 years knowing she’ll be the side bitch and didn’t care! She thinks she’s good looking and talks shit over the phone and FB but she doesn’t do anything .. She’s okay with being the side bitch so watch out for her !!!! She’s nasty ..

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