Avondale Cheater

July 7, 2014 Westside-AZ 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: Found out that this little bitch has been fcking another dude, some Avondale firefighter behind my back for 2 months. She told me that cause of our rocky past few week she wanted to stop sex and just focus on our relationship and build Jesus into our future and hold off on the sex part! I took her to Seattle she met my family and she talked all the time how she wanted to get married. She was texting this guy and I’d ask and she would lie of course and say oh “I’ve known him for years a good friend if mine!”We’ll finds out that mr. Bryan Depauw has been fukin her for those last 2 months. It all makes sense now! Daddy thinks she a a good little girl well nope she has been a cunt face slut! Karma is a bitch! Hope she rots in hell and dies expose this CNT She called crying how her mom cheated on her dad and how she could never do that WELL BITCH YOUR JUST LIKE YOU MOM U FUCKIN TRAMP!

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Martha Manzo

July 6, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Martha Manzo shes a nursing assistant & has a boyfriend who she claims she loves.. but little does he know she is a sloppy whore. she meets her f**** on her facebook/instagram. She meets up with the guys she meets and tells her boyfriend shes goin out with her girlfriends. She also infested my guy friend with DRDs which isnt going away ever! She’s ghetto trash from the west side of phoenix who is also into BBW. She even tried to get a ride from this girl to take her to get fcked in this guys car she had just met.. its pretty sad because he didn’t want to waste his gas to pick this low life up !!

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Westside Scammer

July 3, 2014 Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Mr nice guy Tony Oesterreicher This low life works for the biggest hospital in Arizona in the billing department. He steals patients checks and cashs them himself who rips off old people?

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Financial Fraud

July 1, 2014 Westside-AZ 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Evan Jensen , is a online scammer believes hes a exorcist. Self proclaimed ordained minister and a ex navy seal. (laughing yet) It gets even better , he trashes anyone who does not like his online radio show. Trashes atheist and cries like a little bitch because some one is picking on him. Thats not the best part he is now trying to get a lawyer and sue Ryan Buell. He wants peoples personal information , for a finacial scam and have people pay him money. He does not care about people , he wants to be rich and famous. The un educated loon , was arrested when he was 19 for kidnapping charges. He lies about everything and people actually feels sorry for the Big Idot. Evan does not have any credibility to begin with and has a huge fascination for Porn.

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Respect our Military

June 26, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Centerfolds finest. 1 abortion and 2 miscarriages later, meanwhile dating me while i was deployed fighting for our country this whole time. Thanks for wasting 7 years of my life Kalina. This girl is a maniuplater. A liar. She is promiscuous and goes around sleeping with random guys at her work. shes had 7 partners that i know of and multiple boyfriends since i left. Enjoy Nik. These ones a keeper.

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Mega Jew

June 25, 2014 Westside-AZ 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy marcus is a legend in his own mind. for real he has a girlfriend who he swears he loves but cheats on here all the time. one time he told he was fcking another girl while his girlfriend was knocking on the door for an hour plus until she finally left.(Don’t worry though he “loves her” haha. when he was about to get kicked out of his apartment his buddy gave him 700 cash to save the place he spent it on shoes and clothes typical black guy to spend money on clothes and shoes before rent. then when you try to go get the money back he sends his coke dealer dad to save his ass and pull guns on people smh. this kid is a loser and going no where fast. WATCH OUT FOR THIS GUY HE WILL FCK UP YOUR LIFE GUYS AND GALS NEED TO STAY THE FCK AWAY. He doesn’t need to mess up more people lives. PS heaven sent on your cheat wont send you to heaven cause you fck to many people over and you don’t go to church. which you should cause your a scared little bitch!

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Your Brunette 2014

June 25, 2014 San Antonio, Westside-AZ 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik, DA strong!! Just wanted to submit a good friend of mine, her name is Samantha and she is a humble sweetheart. Since you’re looking for a brunette, i figured she’s the one! Granted she doesn’t have +2′s just yet.. As you can see, she did use to be a blonde Soo she goes both ways.. lol She is not a model.. her 9 to 5 is a security officer at a casino. I tell her all the time to be a model, Nik she is beautiful! She reminds me of Shayne. What do you think? P.s she loves you and is also DA strong from AZ days.

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Melissa AKA Natalie

June 23, 2014 Westside-AZ 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Melissa Ridder or as on her escort ad Natalie. She’s such a good mother.

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