Biggest Loser in Vegas

August 5, 2014 Las Vegas, Westside-AZ 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this asshole, known as “Geno” in vegas, cali and arizona, claims to be the greatest Guy whoever walked the earth. He goes around playing multiple girls at a time claiming he loves you white he uses you for whatever hr may need at the time. This foo has no home, no car, sells drugs, recently joined an MC CLUB, claims to be hard core but does Nothing but whine and complain about how horrible his life is. All he does is get fcked up, fck dirty nasty bitches and talk shit about how everyone always fucks him over. This POS lies about everything, life literally everything. Hes got a wife he deserted, three baby mamma’s and kids he dont do shit for. Hes recently been seen around the gay community, selling drugs at rumors and getting rooms at the hotels close to there. He likes to hang out at artisan after hours and a few strip clubs around vegas. He walks around claiming to”be about that life” but the only thing Vegas sees is a fcking deadbeat loser that causes Nothing but problems everywhere he goes. Hes always claiming “fck bitches get money” maybe its cause he likes dick? This foo needs a realty check, everyone is sick of your shit geno. You talk too much shit when u aint shit. You should just take your retarded ass home to your mamma, since you can do anything on your own.

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Kid Beaters

July 31, 2014 Westside-AZ 316

THE DIRTY ARMY: HEATHER “THOMEN” IF THATS EVEN HER LAST NAME AND DUSTIN BARTON WHO LIVES IN GLENDALE *** – ARE HUGE HUGE HUGE DRUGGIES WHO SNORT PERCOCET ALL DAY, DRINK AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE AND BEAT HER SON AND HIS 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! HE RAPED HIS EX GF AT THE TIME, LITTLE SISTER WHO WAS 12 YEARS OLD! He wanted nothing to do with his daughter and now he has gone states away to steal her back. All of his friends don’t talk to him and have called to tell everyone that DUSTIN BARTON is a druggy and that his girlfriend is a homie hopper psycho who snorts and drinks and beats her son and makes him stand in the corner for hours needs to stay away from his daughter because they are all worried for her… HE SHOULD BE IN JAIL, ALL THEY WANT HER FOR IS THAT INCOME TAX CHECK! CAUSE HEATHER HAS BEEN SUCKING HIM DRY OF ALL HIS MONEY! SHES A STRAIGHT FUCKING FREAK WHO IS A SNOOTY UGLY LITTLE BITCH!

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Amanda Reed the Poser

July 30, 2014 Tucson, Westside-AZ 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Amanda Reed. This poser & tramp tries way to hard trying to act like a badass & she is full of more bullcrap than filters she uses on ALL OF HER PICTURES! Like DAMN GIRL! Take it easy on them filters! I guess ugly caca faces have to do whatever it takes to look somewhat decent. The low down- She has her priorities screwed up. She lost her daughter to cps & barely got her back. During the court stuff she continued acting like the dumb ignorant biotch she is. Can’t blame her I guess. The biggest part is not only her being a horrible Mother that has NO MONEY or GOALS in Life, but her stuck up conceded attitude. She thinks shes the prettiest girl in Tucson! Umm NO BITCH! She loves to blow KAck as well. Just look at all her pictures. She’s blowing on something. lolz. Put this girl on thedirty Nik. Maybe she’ll clean

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PHX Trash

July 30, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik what is there to say about this trash. I slept with him and he also got with my friend, not sure why I fell for this his fuking lies. For one he’s a cheating piece of shit, always has been cheating on his gf with multiple girls/men whatever, in Phnx. Which im pretty sure she knows. Claimed he was in all honestly a good guy and a changed man told me him and his gf had broken up along time ago. but im pretty sure everyone including his own delusional illegal immigrant family doesn’t believe that shit. Hes controlling manipulating easily gets jealous probably because hes cheated on his fat gf so many times that he assumes she’s going to do the same thing…and she knows he does it which is the hilarious part. Apparently. I heard from some of his family members that he was in some car accident because he was drinking and driving. You deserve it you bitch. maybe one day your delusional girlfriend that you’ve been with on and off for god knows how many years opens up her eyes and realizes you’re trash until then I hope she enjoys sucking your chl**a infested dick all day long.

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Megan Campbell

July 22, 2014 Westside-AZ 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: Megan Campbell is scum of the earth. She will bang any guy that has a dick. She uses abortions as a form of birth control when she needs to rid the baby from the druggies she got pregnant from so her one baby daddy don’t find out. She will beg, steal and fck for drugs. She will even lie and tell guys who don’t want a baby she got pregnant just for drug $ and she\’s going to abort it. Even going to the extent of letting one think she had one made a fake ultrasound pic and everything. She will always be scum dirt on the bottom of a dogs shit covered paws. Watch out for the drd she spreading

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Westside Homie Hopper

July 21, 2014 Westside-AZ 6



THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch is Karina Gonzalez from the Westside. Has two kids from two different men. Never takes care of her kids always has her mom to watch over then while she goes out nd go ducks her dude. Calls her that she working late lol her mom is wet back so of course she’s gonna fall for her daughters lies. She lives off the gov. Getting food stamps. Always putting on a front. Making herself look innocent in front of her fam but today you get exposed bitch. I know mommy won’t be proud of you. This bitch just needs to stop being a hoe and opening her legs to every guy. This hoe had chl***a a while back I wounldnt be surprised if she has drd or **ds. Bitch learn how yo take care of your kids and stop being a hoe get a real fckin job and stop living off of foodstamps and your wet back parent’s. I just reported them to the immagration. Sad to say she y baby mom but I left that hoe when she was pregnant. Cus she was fcking some other nigga. Haha she was fucking while she was pego too dam only one looking stupid was that nigga. Make it more funny he thought it was his baby lolol Dam how stop acting all perfect in front of your parent’s and tell them who you really are always kissing their ass because they support your ghetto ass and you daughters. I support mine. But dam hoe wash you vajay sometime that shit black and smelly. Wear clothes that fits you for once. Do your eyebrows. That make up looks nasty on you. Your trying to hard bitch. Pussy is all loose when I fucked her so you know she been around. Oh and buy matching rims to your jeep lol they be looking ghetto like you ha. I never see you with your kids. You always raking pics with em but nah bitch you never take of them. Grow and ass and some boobs you look nasty clean that pssy to. Karma is a bitch your hoe ass needed this. Stop having kids your poor dad is the only one bringing in income. With all them people living in that little ass house of yours dam I feel sorry for you real talk. But your mojos so yall make it work. She send me these nasty ass pics of her with her handles. I hope someone shows her mom cus fuck she lives two lives. Always kissing her parent’s ass always acting perfect in front of them.

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AC The Promoter is a Joke

July 15, 2014 Tucson, Westside-AZ 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: AC The Promoter is a bullSh***ing, womanizing, broke, conceded PUNK! He goes by AC Chavez on Facebook. It is absolutely ridiculous how stupid he is. This self proclaimed wannabe concert promoter is beyond ignorant and stupid multiplied by each other and then BROKE added to that. He is A HUGE attention whore. WHORABLE! HE LOVES to put his ugly fat face on flyers promoting concerts that OTHER people put on. Put on meaning Pay For. NEVER MONEY from AC! AC loves to add his fugly face to flyers announcing HE’s Going To Be THERE! Like, Really???? ummm So WHAT EVERS DUDE! All the concerts he claims to present & host are always for hasbeen artists! Or they’re lame ass chicano rappers or singers no one gives a turd about. Once in a blue moon he’ll have his fugly whale face on a flyer promoting a big concert, but it’s because he begs his friends with $ to let him host. He’ll do it for free as long as he can plug in his album. Oh yeah! HE tries to rap. L to the O & to the mother f**king L! Now the bigger stuff! He is a cheater! He will hump anything with a heart beat. Even though he had his baby momma at home for many years raising their kids, he was out boinking teens & UNDERage females! Yup! We will show proof after lawyers in NM say we can. What bugs me most is how he claims to have “The Mind Of A Boss” & posts about $$$ & takes pics with $$ but needs a car wash w/ people to help him raise money to help him buy a new car. WTF?

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Caught Up

July 8, 2014 Westside-AZ 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: WTF!! This girl Bonnique was just recently spotted wit boye Jake..guess they got sum unfinished buziness. She say she is happy…bla bla bla..then why she hookin up wit Jake when bf is at work…wat! Guess boye Nate isn’t the only dude in this bitchess life. Yep..we know Choking on Jakes Dick is where she would rather be. Haa everyone knows they are a joke. Skeezy cheater..Nice piks.ha

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