Chrissy Varvel

June 5, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as you can see in the pictures, Chrissy Varvel of Phoenix is an absolute mess. But as ugly as she is, she is an even worse human being who had 5 kids with 4 different men. Its almost as if she was trying to get on Maury, yet she was to low class for Jerry Springer. She sleeps around, I don’t know why men would be that desperate, even 80 year-old virgins. She is a horrible mother to her kids, even sticking her 4 year-old’s head in the toilet to get him to stop crying. Cps mercifully took her poor kids away and gave custody to hed parents. Chrissy shed a tear,not because she missed them, but it ment less food stamps to spend on french fries, doritos and m&ms. I think Chrissy is dirtier than anyone you ever had on your site Nik.

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Marjie’s husband needs to know the truth

June 4, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl is so fake tries so hard to mask her sloring around by going to church and acting like some sweet little princess and even getting married to this stand up guy colby! news flash to all at glendale community college and calvary community church in north phoenix where she pretends to be a good little choir girl: marjie is having a lesbian affair with carrie hughes in addition i know for a fact that she slept with matt decker because matt told us all about how he gave her a bj in the restroom of the gcc student union while colby was playing magic with us just feet away at the tables! colby i beg you to divorce this slore you need a good women not some manipulating sociopathic bitch and you need to get yourself tested asap.marjie you arent fit for married life please divorce colby and get your tubes tied so you dont procreate because you are unfit to be a mother and start strippin\’ once you get a sugar daddy to pay for some much needed +2′s. nik please put this tramp on blast and expose her for the disgusting backstabbing skank she is.karma is a bitch eh marjie?

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Gabrina Gaby Friend

June 4, 2014 Tucson, Westside-AZ 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: The Tucson streetwalker sleeps wit any man she\’s a whore and a druggy and she\’s just a piece of shit home wreker she been around like the other posts say everyone\’s had a turn so women beware she will be all nice to ur face but thats only bc she fuc*in ur mon gaby gabrina Gabriela what ever u go by have some respect its bitchez like u that give good bitcez bad names

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Blanca Amador

May 28, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Blanca Amador and she is a dead beat mom that put her kids in danger so she can live comfortably. She goes out partying every weekend and always finds a guy to sleep with and tries to pin her kids on anyone that will listen. She had one child taken away because she was to busy enjoying herself. The other is with her only because she can’t find a father to pin him on. She uses god as an excuse to give herself forgiveness for the lack of motherly instinct. She is always look for a guys to take her out of her parents house, where she has always lived. She has had no luck because as you can see she is not in very good shape or maybe she is? She is a pretty round shape. I know a lot of single mother who make it without mommy and daddy helping them. She lives in Phoenix, AZ and this is her facebook page. Oh also know this is the more current picture, all others are from a while back not at all how she looks now.friend her she is always open to knew “friends”.

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Not a good friend

May 22, 2014 Westside-AZ 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Idk if I can call Carissa a friend right now. I’ve know her for a long time Lately she has been acting kind of shady ever since I started another job. her mom watches my kids while I\’m at work. While my kids play around she yells at them for being loud She told me to file for a divorce since my ex was playing me. He hasn\’t signed the papers yet. ever since her brother got back with his ex she acts like she never talked about her and tries to be buddy buddy with her. we go out here and there and she can’t handle her drinks. She will grab people and be loud. She can be a very friendly person  I know she talks about me and what I do. She isn\’t any better with almost every date site she goes on. She made me one when I first started coming around again. I think she is just a jealous person

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Michael Winder is a Stalker

May 15, 2014 Phoenix, Westside-AZ 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik this guy somehow works at a behavior health place downtown: Connections Az at Third and Roosevelt. This place has a bad reputation for not letting patients leave despite the fact it\’s a voluntary clinic. My girlfriend had a hard time recently and it was suggested she go down there to get meds as no doctors available on weekends. While there, this pig Mike kept hounding her for her phone number. She told him she wasn’t single but this punk didn’t quit. He has called her phone and even tried friend requesting her kn Facebook! She called police and it turns out that Winder has a history of sexual harassment of female coworkers and he obtained her number by accessing private documents from the help of a coworker. We have a restraining order against him, but amazingly he is not fired but being placed “under disiplinary action”. Nik let’s discipline this stalker by putting him on blast!

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Yuma Slores

May 14, 2014 Westside-AZ, Yuma 38

THE DIRTY ARMY: These Two Bitches just can’t keep their legs closed. they have not only ruined my relationship with my man but Mz Bree and Mz Lola have also destroyed a few others along the way. and thanks to a few of my very good friends here in Yuma, Me and my friends are going to make their lives a Living Hell. Mz Lola walked out on here Husband and family to follow her BFF Mz Bree to live the life of “Who Gives A Fck” lifestyle. in the 7 plus months Mz Lola aka Joice Madrid has left her husband, she has been with over ten men not including the ones we dont know about. she has also had several affairs at her work at YPG. Mz Bree is the very same way and Go figure they work together and are almost always on the same shift together. which is perferably nights. when there is little or no supervision at night shift. Mz Bree has had several affairs at work at YPG during work hours and their testing with married men like Carlos Salas and even fcked another co-worker on a test site. Isnt that right Mr Ernie Flores. when me and my friends find out where your wives live we will be sure to let them know the whole dirty crap you all have been doing while at work. Also Mz Bree aka Sabrina Bree Smith and Mz Lola have been written about on several site by Marines who have visited here during WTI about their Party favors on MCAS. Hmmmm i am sure more Marines will come out of the shadows to post their adventures with these two Hoes. Please do.

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Shane is a Punk

May 13, 2014 Cleveland, Columbus, Westside-AZ 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Shane Delakowitz: a lying, cheating, pot smoking ,pill poping, tweaking, thieving,con-artist asshole from hell. My friend David and his dad let him stay at their place last year and he stole a gold ring that was let atop the TV to trade it for his drugs yet he was too stupid to realize that it was a trick by David’s dad to test him and that the ring was fake gold! Shane loves to talk about how he is so intelligent yet he flunked out of college and can’t get a job to save his life. He stole from his dad and grandma and they both kicked him out so he ran back to mommy in Ohio for the time being. Word is she kicked him out for smoking spice inside her house so he is staying at a homeless shelter in Cleveland now. I encourage everybody to remember his face so if they ever see this punk on the street they can steer clear unless they are looking to get ripped off and lied to. Yeah Shane did you really think that karma would’nt come back to haunt you? What goes around comes around. Now you’re exposed and everyone will now know how dirty you are.

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