Jeff Kimble’s a Sociopath

April 16, 2014 Indianapolis, Westside-AZ 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jeff Kimble 48yrs old, 6’2″, bald white male, 210lbs He is a violent, mentally ill, sexual preditor who thinks he’s untouchable. This psycho slipped me a date rap drug not just once but a few times. I would black out and be out of it for days. I couldn’t figure out why everytime I went to his apt I would just black out. He didn’t look like the sicko he really is. I found out later that his band made songs about drugging up girls who were unwilling. He is a sick sick person who deserves a visit from karma or justice. I would have gone to the police but was too ashamed at the time. Its taken me along time to heal or trust another guy.

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Burglar/Thief Jason Curtis Goldberg

April 16, 2014 Westside-AZ 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jason robbed a neighbor while befriending both me & my roommate to learn our schedules – anywhere he goes he is scoping out his next place to rob. And dont let him “update” your computer in to his own by parting u out like he did to Michelle’s family member-Michelle is his girlfriend of six years/also beware of him getting any social security number he really likes the ones that havent filed taxes in a while and u dont want him to use your phone if u dont want him using the internet-everything I have said is true and has been proven he has admitted it he is a low to lazy to get a job and relys on stealing other peoples hard earned valubles and money so just beware of JASON CURTIS GOLDBERG IN APACHE JUNCTION, AZ

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Lossey Goosey

April 14, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Westside-AZ 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is everyone’s favorite drunk night time fuck. This girl has a different guy over each night, including a young one who is currently a soon to be daddy, and as I may add had an abortion WHILE he was a soon to be dad with him. Dorian Thomas, and had to have some guy pay for the abortion. Tisk Tisk. Savanna, your pale, dull hair, stick straight eyebrows and awkward body is discusting that’s why everyone hits you up after hours to tap it with the lights off then dip home. This girl lives with Jenni Mitchell. Two loose yeast infected sloots Should I mention is a total klepto? She doesn’t go a day without stealing makeup and her clothes from the mall to the second hand stores. Your pure trash. You live in a rotting shithole that’s been redtagged. And now you’ve been bare backed. I hope you enjoy your coke, alcohol, dirty vagina life. And al you should know she works at Little Anthony’s on broadway if you want a quickly In the car  she’s the photoshop queen so bring a blanket if it’s light out.

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Psychotic Liar, Zach Price

April 14, 2014 Mesa, Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Oh nik, there are so many things that i can say about this BOY. Zach Price is a conniving, heartless thieving, psychopath. I currently have a restraining order against him for threatening me and my family, also for stalking me and knowing where i was all the time, knowing when my car was or wasn’t home, because he’d be outside in the middle of the night to see if i was home or not. I would never feel safe with him around. And i always made the mistake to sleep at his place and weeks after certain nights i would come to find out that my debit card had been charged for ridiculous things. He would even get up n the middle of the night to look through all my things and my cell phone to find God knows what, to use as an excuse to yell at me the next day. One year i went to Mexico with my family and his own Mother called me and let me know that he had been having a girl over, staying the night. This guy was literally a nightmare and he has been in and out of fines, probation, and jail ever since i got the restraining order. LADIES!!! they work! do not be afraid to get one! Don’t say i didn’t warn you…

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Kayla Winter

April 10, 2014 Westside-AZ 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kayla is your go to gal for a tour around some easy Phoenix pussy! Her hobbies include getting rim jobs from girls she doesn’t know in front of engaged men with pregnant fiances, and sleeping with taken men in their girlfriend’s beds. A real winner, all you need to do is tell her she’s pretty, and that you are NOT single, and she’ll be spreading them for you in no time. As an aspiring model, she may even blow you for a photo shoot. So would you?

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Stephanie I throw up now

April 8, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Westside-AZ 19

THE DIRTY ARMY: So where do I begin! This cnt looser ass bitch needs to be put on blast! she fucked up fckin w the wrong person..she lives w her mom and her kids..he x dies n while he was on life support was out w guys n fckin half of tucson. She must have no shame..she like that type of bitch that will put out for attention cuz shes fat n busted af! Quit the traahcans n work out a little!shes allways out w her orgs or cuzins n sister!ralfffff! She tryes even fuckin her sisters own man!hoe!or she’ll try to take other girls dudes biatch go get yo own with your deformed lookin ass! call her out stephanie the slooorreee ortiz!

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Bagger Brianna

April 8, 2014 Scottsdale, Westside-AZ 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: brianna aka bag hoe will get with anyone who she thinks is a drug dealer. this girl is ratchet enough said.

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New Stripper In Town

April 8, 2014 Arizona / UofA, Westside-AZ 35

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gross, Sloot, poser, ratchet tucsons new stripper! This is Jenni Mitchell it’s about time she gets put on here! Let’s start off by saying she’s broke and BRAGS about being a stripper! That’s embarrassing, what person will respect you knowing you take off your clothes and grind on guys all night for what 100$ you have no boobs and your ass and legs are covered in cellulite. At least TENS is dark muahahaha. This young girl is ruining her life, 19 and lives of coke, alcohol, young boys and TENS. No wonder Drake Garlets cheated on your gross ass. You copy your “pornstar fake everything new friend” pay your own damn speeding ticket cnt. You “make so much money”

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