The Deli Special

April 14, 2014 Wichita 15 5,882 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Not only is she good at making sandwiches, but she is also good at beating the meat too. This 20 year old Texas native has not only cheated on her boyfriend with her 30 year old general manager, but got her boyfriend’s sister hired at the same deli! Their rendezvous include but are not limited to: tables in the dining room, prep tables in the kitchen, the managers office and who really knows what else. Even when she isn’t getting the GMD, she still likes to cop a feel a time or two. I mean if you gotta sleep with your manager to make 9 bucks an hour, shit. God bless your heart. Best of luck to ya girl.

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Jessica Lickus Lovely Escort

April 11, 2014 Houston, Wichita 2 5,710 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, This is lovely horse head is known as Jessica Love on Facebook but her real name is Jessica Lickus. This chick walks around like her sh!t don’t stink. Uses guys for everything thing they have. She is abusive money hungry ho3. Lately she started escorting as well. Thats how she can afford vacations left and right and everything else. Nik, put this trash on blast so everyone can kbow what type of a person she really is.

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Stay away from this mom – Marissa Davis

April 11, 2014 Wichita 8 6,456 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Marissa Davis (Rariden)…Miss Riss…Princess…THIS BITCH…Was with one guy,got pregnant, had her kid, acted like a dumb bitch and lost the guy then acted like an even bigger bitch and wouldn’t let the guy see his kid just cause she was a jealous bitch. Then…found a guy, got pregnant, married him, had the kid then got pregnant again…husband found out the (3rd) kid wasn’t his and left her skank ass…3 kids, 3 baby daddies and still an ABSOLUTE BITCH to everyone she encounters. Her mom is also an enabling, homewrecking, c u n toledo also.

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Jose Enos, Bad Trucker

April 10, 2014 Wichita 5 9,286 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Jose Enos but he goes by Joe is one of the most biggest liars and players alive..He says that he owns BTI special Commodities Trucking company but he doesn’t.. he says he inherited it by his uncle but the owner is still alive and well. He will tell you that he owns 20 different cars and a 12 bedroom house when really he owns a shack.. he will tell you he has 7 kids… can you say cant keep it in the pants!! He has a girlfriend in ever city that there is possible. He will want to marry you after a week of dating. He will tell you all these girls that text him “ilove you babe ” are all his cousins but in reality they are woman he is fucking.. He will tell you he will put you on his bank account but he has a Walmart gold card… GIRLS STAY AWAY!!! FAR AWAY!!!! He wants you to pay for everything when he is in town, but if he owns a company and has all these millons of dollars then why would you be paying?? Also if he had all this money when he was in town why would he not get a hotel room instead of staying in his truck!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BAD TRUCKER!!!! HE IS A BUNCH OF CONTROLLING LYING BULLSHIT LIES!!!!

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Pillhead Horse, Megan McGrath

April 10, 2014 Denver, Wichita 29 6,237 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Finally decided it was time for people to know about this whore, even though almost everyone already does. But it’s not real unless its on the internet right?? This is Megan McGrath Lujan Kitahara ahahaa. Really its just Megan McGrath, but she likes to act like someone would love her enough to marry her. She is the biggest pill whore in Hollister, but she goes to Los Banos and Dos Palos to whore it up too. Its no secret that shes a gutter slut, so only the nastiest guys get with her. She will sleep with anyone for some oxys. She likes to go for drug dealers, but anyone with pills in their hands will do. She smoked pills her entire pregnancy… poor baby.

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Lola Who

April 8, 2014 Houston, Wichita 6 8,943 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lola she is Instagram “famous” what do you think of her ?

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Deadbeat Druggie

April 2, 2014 Wichita 6 6,065 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dear beat druggie loser is Michael Dickson aka Mike aka loser! He has a kid he doesn’t see or take care of another girl pregnant and thinks he is gods gift to women he is a 33 yr old loser no job never really had a job went to collage but more for the money to blow on drugs he got his degree but his is bad on working on cars he helps sells and does m*th crack and other drugs pop pills and lives off anyone he cans he thinks he can take anyone down but this dude is weak and stupid he needs a reality check

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Rob Lambert – Sloremonger

March 31, 2014 Wichita 0 9,832 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Injury accident attorney,….he injures

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