Michael Hernandez

October 14, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Michael hernandez he is a deadbeat dad who does drugs he is a crackhead who stopped shooting up because he caught a disease from a dirt needle this boy is also a women beater the only time he worries about his kids is when he don’t got any hoes he is spreading kids around and claiming kids that ain’t his but can’t be there for his own kid he is also a child abuser I witnessed with my own eyes him trying to throw his baby in front of a bus and he if it wasn’t for his baby mom getting in the way he would of kicked his daughter this man deserves to be put on blast someone need to kick his ass and cut his balls off so he can’t bring more innocent babies into the world Michael is on ssi but instead of buying his daughter anything he buys drugs and either does it all or sales it he is a poor excuse for a man ladies if you come across this piece of shit asshole please stay away he is known for stds and also getting another disease from used needles and I suggest mother be careful with your young daughters he’s in his 20s but go for middle school girls just wanted to warn everyone about this coward

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Barbara Ehret

October 14, 2014 Wichita 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Barbara Ehret of Eldorado ks. gets guys to love her then starts fucking around with other of her “friends” that are guys. she says.. I only have guy friends.. her friend Justin Johnson of Wichita ks. she has disappeared a couple times for a “sleep over” with her just a friend Justin.. now she has thing thing called.. I don’t have enough time for a real relationship . cut me out of her life for 2 weeks.. to find she had lots of time for Justin.. she has sever ocd and will rag you crazy about little things.. also watch what you say around her she is also a word Nazi.. even if your just having fun she will take it wrong and personally.. so you will always be on egg shells, wondering if she has gone off with another of her just ..”male friends”.. not mentally stable even though she talks a good game.. so if you want someone mentally unstable, ocd, word Nazi, that will get you to love her, then start doing sleep overs.. she is your gal. also she loves the ganja.. barely has enough money to live on. complains of no insurance but wont get a decent job because she cant pass a blood test.. minor child she says also does it too.. whole family is fracked up. only one that seems normal is her daughter but I wonder how long until that one goes by the same genes code…

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Any Ladies Intrested

October 13, 2014 Kansas, Wichita 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Chris Oliver he cheats on his common law wife and takes things that don’t belong to him he is nothing more than a dirty tweeker.

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Kayla Rose LMK

October 10, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: My names is Kayla I love to suck dick I will dump my kids jus to give blow jobs.. I’m 23 an love to have sex my ***is so loose that I don’t feel anything so while I’m getting fkd I jus moan to Mk them think they turn me on.. I also live off of my kids ssi check every month that’s how I pay to have sex with guys if u interested lmk

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Gina Chavez

October 8, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 40

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gina Chavez this dirty drd infected hoe loves to fck with anyone’s man to bad ain’t none of them planning on wifeing her.. she spreads her legs to anything that has a dick after a few drinks not to mention fcking them where ever and whenever public or private. . This bitch has no standards and doesn’t even consider that her kids watch her be fuked.. Not to mention her mom will join in considering she still Lives at home with her.. she can spread her legs and when confronted runs and hides thinking that filing a report will help her. This bitch needs to be put on blast and learn how to get her own man and stop fuking with unavailable ones..

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Wichita Falls Cheapest

October 6, 2014 Wichita 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: These girls are nasty have roast beef pssy gets finger ed in the lap dance areas and leaves the club and fck for 39 dollars… beware I don’t ever wanna go back into a strip club these girls are at

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Cassie Rocha

October 6, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is one sophisticated momma.  Gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills, right?

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Fakest Of The Fakes

October 1, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Natalia Kusek fakest bitch I ever met. I had heard stories about her but never wanted to judge until I saw for myself and guess what they were all right. She’s just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. She thinks her shit don’t stink and that everyone is jealous of her but in reality they all just hate her because she’s two faced and sleeps with everyone’s boyfriends. This skank has no shame!! Who hasn’t this girl fcked. She also photoshops the shit out of her pictures because she is HIDEOUS in real life. She legit looks like a man! She says she hates drama but is the first one to start it. She just loves the attention! Natalia nobody likes you your nothing but a dirty whore! And trust me nobody hates on you! You have nothing for us to be jealous about with that horse face of yours!! Nik please put this tranny on blast!

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