Crazy Sloot

March 11, 2014 Wichita 0 9,338 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well lets see first off this crazy home wrecking hoes named is raven cuevas shes a crazy bitch who takes barz and drinks bleach jus because a nigga left her ass maybe if she wasnt ao crazy she could actually keeo a stable relationahip shes an unfit mother she doesn’t knw how to take care of her son thats why her mom always has to take care of him shes always out in the club or out being a hoe or kreeping on her ex niggas shes a big time slut who steals ppls boyfriends watch out for this nasty ass slut!

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Can’t Turn INto a Housewife

March 11, 2014 Wichita, Windsor 4 7,400 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s a former stripper who has made a profession of fucking married men. Apparently, she suckered some dude into knocking her up. Poor fool has ruined his life with this one. Ajax won’t clean that diseased soul.

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Preying on Women and Children

March 10, 2014 Wichita 4 9,565 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: this is joseph estes he parays on women an lil girls..he like to use an abuse women for everyrhing they have money cars house etc..he is an addict he will use an abuse anything tht will let him..i know hes a chomo because he molested my daughter when she was 5 an how i know hes my cousin i never thoufht in a million years he was like tht but i found out the hard just trying to warn anyone who may come in contact with joe estes hes a liar snitch cheat theft addict coward all the above..

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Wants A Man As Long As He Isn’t Hers

March 9, 2014 Wichita 14 11,173 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Michele Catherine, she loves not having her own man and insists on stalking guys in relationships. She will fall in love with you the more you tell her you’re taken. Exhibit A: Michele Catherine Have fun thinking about me while your fcking your girlfriend. 11:02am Joe That’s not right 11:03am Michele Catherine Lol what joe? Shes just a nasty, drd ridden skank!

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Renee Davis

March 9, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 9 9,649 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I am tired of this hooker. Her name is Renee Davis and she is constantly sleeping with old men to support herself. She is all over Instagram posting pictures of her going out on her escort dates. I have proof she is a hooker. When is she going to retire? She is getting old and her wigs need updating. She looks like a man and she is a joke just like that clown in her picture.

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Terrible Boyfriend

March 5, 2014 Wichita 7 6,521 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This sorry excuse for a man and a nasty ass bitch slept together while I was dating the bastard! His name is Zachary Shreve and nasty bitch is Crystal Radovitch. Hes 23 shes 19. He lives in her moms basement rent free, and Crystals mom gives him money for doing nothing. He is a pill head. He’s an alcoholic. He’s a lying cheating worthless man with no job, no license, and definitely no future! She is a nasty skank, she doesn’t brush her teeth, her house is a disgusting mess, she uses man to get money to now on alcohol. She parties every night. She stabs her friends in the back.

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Pervert Sexts

March 4, 2014 Wichita 9 6,175 Views

phpt2oZUk copy copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: This DISGUSTING PERVERT sent this to several of my friends but none of them asked for any pictures let alone this kind! Put him on blast to warm guys and girls because he’s actually on the downlow screws guys at the gym & I’m sure other places! Just come out already & leave the girls alone!!! Who does this?!! Also figure out how to straighten that thing! Yuck!!!!!

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Homewrecking Side Chick

March 3, 2014 Wichita 27 7,407 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Brittany Martin is a home wrecking piece of white trash. She will sleep with anything with a pulse. This Krusty used up chick has been hooking up with married marine Cade Tice. (Pictures provided) Cade’s poor wife, Allison was ditched so he could hookup with Brittany (the one who looks like a malnourished 12 year old.) Brittany would hookup with Cade and he would treat her like shit because she was the side bitch. He would ignore her and not tell her where he was, he’d lie to her and he said he was at a family gathering then went to a beach house. What Brittany didn’t get is she was and will always be the side chick, Cade didn’t have to tell her jack squat. She wasn’t his wife. She’s not exactly wife material. (she’s used up.) Brittany has had Ch**dia a a countless number of times. She’s all about high school drama even though she’s in college. Brittany also refers to her younger friend Bailey North and herself as sluts, bitches, and whores. At least they know their place! Here’s the thing…if the’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you… Brittany is nothing special to him. Obviously he went to her because she’s easy. What I’ve learned is all that douche bag Cade cares about is getting his Greg rubbed, even if its by krusty used up girl named Brittany Martin. They’re both grimy cheating whores, perfect match.

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