Letty Fujarte

August 20, 2014 Chicago, Wichita 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik Richie, here’s dirty, drd carrying slut. She fuks married men or whoever gives her enough attention. She claims that she’s “independent” but lives at home with her mommy and has to get family to cosign to have the car she drives. She fcked my boyfriend while we were together and thinks she’s so hot. The troll has a different hair color every time I see her, guess she has to draw attention away from her big nose crackhead looking face!! Lol The hoe goes to soho martini bar and freeloads off the bartender there because he gives her and her family free drinks. This cunt has a big mouth but can never back it up, because sh’s a scary ass bitch! She was all in love with my boyfriend, but the dumb bitch was getting played. She would send him money and write to him thinking he was going to get out of jail and marry her. Haha yeah right slut…

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Fat Tweaker

August 18, 2014 Wichita 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: Surprisingly, this one has yet to be broadcasted, but her it is. What weighs 3 hundred pounds and crouched in dirty corners of Wichita? What if I told you that this troll survived off of meth and small amounts of seamen? You heard about her, Nik meet Passion Kelly. She has the name of a stripper, and the body of a unkempt prepubescent teenage boy. i remember since high school this tweaker has walked around thinking she is hot when really all anyone wants from her is a blow job. we have common aquaintences and she wont hessitate to lay down for even her friends boyfriend. i remember in grade school she came to school smelling like armpit and never bathed. she has got pregnant twice by 2 guys and did a bunch of ice to ki** the baby. a name like Passion you think pretty but in this case noooo!. Fattest meth head i ever seen thats FOR sure. then again if i had a herpe infested cauliflower cunt i would give up on ever amounting to anything other than a dope fiend also. you know when you see a kid you grew up with in recent death notices, sadly this wont be nothing even noticed, nothing more than an expansion of previously voided space by just another dumb used up meth head.

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Cheap As a $1 Bill

August 14, 2014 Wichita 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Kerry Nichols showing off her wad.

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Loser Beware

August 11, 2014 Wichita 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: This dude is a low life pill popping asshole. He will use u and manipulate u to domwhat he wants and leave u. BEWARE

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D&D Sloot

August 7, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 97

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Id like you to meet the slut from Wichita, Ks. Her name is Abigail Ruth Secondine she\’s a lying cunt that has the herp

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Couple a Bums

August 5, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: niki this is justin hixson n his baby moma, there both scamming SSI for money. justins claiming to be legally blind. justin is also scan mean child support if anybody knows him or knows where he works please leave a comment letting me knpw. Trash like shit shouldnt be allowed to live free.

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Cycle Gears InstaSlore

July 30, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is amber kohler. This girl is the biggest trashiest home wrecking girl ever! She tried talking to my bf that Ive been with for years over a social network so of corse he told me. The whole time he was replying to her we were both laughing at her ugly pics and how desperate she sounded. Apparently she works at cycle gear. Girl please, anyone can tell you don’t know anything about riding. Idiot! She thinks sh’s so cute when all she is, is an albino female with a beak nose. I mean look at her. I’ve seen a nicer face on a gargoyle. You know what looks good on her face?! A paper bag! Make that a double, ain’t no one want that. Amber is that your nose or did someone park a blimp on it?! From what me and my bf have seen she try’s so hard to style her hair and make it look not frizzy. Girl please you look like you style your hair with a weed wacker. What’s funny is after my bf stopped replying to her she added his friends also. Hahaha can you say thirsty hoe?! If your after my man and after all these other guys, umm yea nasty. Any one can tell you get around. I remember you in high school and your pathetic! You remind me of a squirrel, always having two nuts in your mouth! Stay away from my bf and his friends, and stop acting like a thristy ratchet female!

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Two-Face Joker

July 29, 2014 Wichita 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Uhhh Theresa Webber is the name. (on the far right) Let’s not forget this shoe bag from Dr. Seuss’ s Whoville. Oh of course, she\’ll be your best friend!!!! Until she gets kicked out of a decent college for selling drugs and booted out of her mommy’s household for the same reason! Then she’s all about crying to everyone for rides to her dead end job everyday. But wait! There’s more! Once she gets out on her own she suddenly thinks she knows everything about how life works and starts getting fancy with how she treats others. From Blaming others for her broken property at her wild, drug-filled, apartment parties to accusing everyone for her boyfriend’s homosexual promiscuity behind her back! Even threesomes. She has no limits on earth. This girl is a very ungrateful sack of trash. Don’t trust her. Look out. Look out! Where ever you are!

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