Gustavo Oliverez

June 24, 2014 Wichita 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gustavo oliverez deadbeat I am not the first woman to writ about him on here and I’m sure I won’t be the last Gustav aka gus, oliver, is a piece of shit i have known him for 7 months during the time our relationship was great had a few bumps but other then that great we had great sex all the time…. then I end up pregnant with twins on top of that oliver was happy said it was a sign because he lost his son said some bitch didn’t know how to take care of him so he die in the crib .just what he said he was being a loving boyfriend helping because I was so sick all the time then things start to change. ….. I text him one day saying I’m having contractions he said u can’t it’s too early I said I know but it’s twins I went to the hospital and kept calling and texting him he did not answer so I stopped the next day I sent him a photo of our son foot and said I can’t believe u wasn’t here for me and your kids birth when always said he would be he text me back and said I was bowling it’s Galvin birthday then he blew my phone up 11mon saying he is now ready to go over and see the twins I told him go fck himself after that we start talking and picked out relationship back up once I heeled we had sex we talked about child support and him seeing the twins I told him it is costing me out of pocket to keep the twins in that hospital 2000 a month each he said I don\’t have that much money to pay I’m like I don’t either but I’m doing what I can for our kids he has only given me 800 since the twins been born and he feels that’s alot I’ve spent thousands I have called and text him over 12 time to go see the twins and he always say he is busy or sleep then he play a sad story when ppl ask him have he seen his kids he say no she won\’t let me !!!! I have called him every name in the book and he still seem stupid he tries to speak in parables like he’s Jesus he tries to say that he\’s not weird I\’m the one weirdone day he could tell you how much he loves you and then the next thing he\’s over here talking about he don\’t know if he really loves him one day he say that he’s never felt so much lovehe also cries a lot and drinks like crazy and then he has the nerve to say that his ex girlfriend was a drinker I know its stupid I should I follow the signs when I see his ex girlfriend post on here but yet I got upset at her he has not seen the children then yesterday I get a call from a woman who was claiming to be his lawyer I went ahead and asked the woman for her information like name law firm phone number she refused to give it to me that\’s how I knew right away im just another one of his games his woman threaten me and my children and harassed me on the phone telling me that he will never give me another dime also said just because the kids look like him don\’t mean that they\’re Hisshe accusing me of being on welfare she told me that I did not have a job and that the government paid for the delivery of my twins would she clearly does not even have the right information she told me he\’s never giving you nothing else again and he\’s going to get a paternity test so once I told her that she stupid if they want to go ahead and do that and she\’s clearly not a lawyer I\’ll just wait a few years and then go file so he\’ll be back up she got upset called me a bitch and told me I will see later on that night a woman shows up at my place telling me to sign a piece of paper that I would give a paternity test I told her no and we got into it what I was calling the police she took off I\’ve tried to reach him several times and he never answered me and by coincidence when I talk to the police it was the same police officer he talked to you can buy his words he is clearly crazy too he said that he\’s ignoring me on purpose like he said he should not have done no one else into this and just spoke to me directly but he refused to now I am pressing charges against him and the woman that he sent to my place it was cleaning to be an attorney and threatening me and my children once I sent a text message to him letting him know he wanted to play dumb like white women and what time keep going to court today was actually just going to deny his claimhe knows absolutely nothing he doesn\’t even know my last namehe doesn\’t even know the name of the twins he doesn\’t know their birthday or what hospital they were boring what you decide to go to court He I’d a dead beat loser father I can\’t believe I had kids by in his so called the lawyer called me a w**** and told me I did not know who my kids father wasI really am shocked by his actions he really does think that he is God\’s gift to women he\’s always talking about how he made women feel how they complain about how long he have sex how crazy they are all over himbut when you really start getting to know him you see how was your talk with youhe’s one of those people that try to one up you so if you have a story of something that happened here at the same story but it is better he’s clearly a child and can\’t even be a father to his kids because he’s trying to see how he can pay the bare minimum and help in this entire time pciven old blue truck that’s unlike the 80s always breaking down and always trying to fix it yet I have 3 cars and house he can’t even give you a ride in his car because he hasn’t seats when you go out to eat in different places he always wants you to pay for it can’t even go to the movies if I have $500 in cash he thinks I’m rich like I said he\’s nothing but a little boy that now has a little boy and a little girl he will be coming to me soon enough I know he will and the whole SaD thing about this situation is I’m pregnant again but the fucken loser.

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Ready Made

June 24, 2014 Wichita 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: How is this bitch not on blast yet?! She is a ready-made whore who wouldn’t be able to spell G-E-D with her trailer trash IQ. All she does is drugs and fck MULTIPLE dudes who will give her troll ass a second look. she has a kid, doesn’t know who the dad really even is and hangs around wichita’s finest trashy alcoholics who aren’t even legally old enough to buy cigarettes. grow the fck up hailey……you’re a slut who needs to stop frying your fcking hair with cheap manic panic, get a fcking job. btw a “tattoo artist” out of your mom and dad’s basement is not a fcking job. the only halfway decent about this hoe is her tits, which she shows off in all of her facebook pics and how well she can suck dick. take care of your kid and stop fcking everyone in Wichita. on a final note, your nasty tattoos have literally ruined any chance of you having an ounce “class” so get the fck on with your EBT card you ratchet bitch. idk why you tell everyone else to “grow up and have some class”…. do u even know what the fck you’re talking about? OBVIOUSLY NOT!

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Married Sloot

June 24, 2014 Wichita 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is crystal, she goes by cat. she’s been seen at several wichita clubs stripping. she meets up after his to fuck for money. doesn’t matter who as long as they are paying. her husband is in the air force and allows her to prostitute! she’s super sexy, but don’t let that fool you! she’s had the c**p, and God knows what else.

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More From the Horse

June 23, 2014 Wichita 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Wichita ks..giddie-up

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Black or White

June 20, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey, Nik this is Tony and Barbara Vasquez it’s about time they been put on blast. They are a manipulative couple who lie to get what they want they always want people to feel sorry for them and Tony he is a dead beat husband and dad who don’t work thinks he’s a Gangster who thinks he’s real and always asking for money he still owes me around 1000+ I’m the stupid one for lending them the money i was a good friend until they screwed my wife and i over many times even stole jewelry a flat screen an Xbox and other items even my rent money and Barbara is a sloot she’s a Homie hopper she the type that doesnt wanna be alone i took her and her kids in when they didn’t have no where to go and they are some dirty disgusting people never again would i do that so thats the story with these two people looked need to know not to trust these two

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Donna Padilla

June 20, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 15

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Donna Padilla always looks for attention good or bad she bartends a street light n doesn’t know how to make shot cuz she’s worried about her tight ass pants thats holding in all her fat go sniff more coke and maybe you’ll lose weight slut looking for the next boy scout to take advantage of bitch what u need is a dude ur own age your fcking 50yrs old retire already…….your not fine you don’t know how to walk in heels with all that weight miss piggy bye fat girl…:

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Diamond Dameron

June 18, 2014 Wichita 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Diaomd from wichita ka is a nasty ass girl this girl was in Wal-Mart stealing pants and went into the changing room and took her pants off and bleed all over the floor her pants had blood on them as soon as she left the changing room they called for a clean up what kind of hoe dont wear a tampon there like 25 cents at Wal-Mart. She also was with her bf for about a month and fake her pregnancy and dont lets jot get started that she went to the doctor and came back and told everyone she had a yeast infection haha what a nasty hoe and the worst part of all this is she had a close friend that did everything for her and she went around and fucked her husband and than s Her friend found her nasty dirty bloody underwear on her floor in her house who dose that she is one of the nasty people in wichita

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Greg Deposit

June 18, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 5


THE DIRTY ARMY: This slut thinks she’s better than everyone but she had go get knocked up by some fuckn loser that already had a kid n didn’t do shit for that kid shes 30 years old flipping burgers with 3 kids n different dads I’d kick her ass if I ever saw her I’m sure her hair ain’t real anyways she a dumb fk for letting him hit it. He was so happy that he hid the baby from his family even his friends, she don’t even know where he lives or his last name is I feel bad for her kids one day they’ll leave her ass and look down on her too this old lady needs to grow up and stop smoking weed you\’re not in high school I help feed her tribe by paying taxes on those food stamps she uses to feed her 3 kids your welcome trashy welfare bitch! I bet she\’s the type to have all this shit n her kids be looking like shit wearing generic diapers n clothes from Walmart riding the fkn bus or a beater ass car I’m sure her baby’s dad would like this ass better than her loose ass any day funny how both of them her and my bbydd seek revenge cuz they get cheated on all the time idiots I’m not putting my self down to her level but god damn some ppl as ignorant as her just need fcken hear the damn truth!!! She’ll get her karma with someone else baby mom cuz that I\’m sure that u won\’t stop being the hoe that she is and fuck anyone that comes ur way literally she’s dumb and full of cum all she knows how to do is open her legs you can see her weave tracks and I wonder if she thought that hot Cheeto was good

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