Desaray Presley

July 9, 2014 Little Rock, Wichita 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl gives drd a bad name!!

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Kim Hannon

July 7, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 43

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, This Bitch is a Fcking whore! No doubt about it. She’s so fake its disgusting! She has slept with and ex of mine before he was my ex. (get it) She has slept with Multiple of her friends boyfriends and Husband!! Yes you read it right. HUSBAND! His wife and him were having issues so she snatched up the opportunity to open up her nasty Vagina for business ! The husband she slept with has a child also -.- Can you say HOMEWRECKERRR! She’s a nasty slut who thinks she can get any guy she wants but in all reality no one wants to touch that. She has spread rumors that Kayla H. Has more than One drd. And they were supposed to be good friends!! The hell? She thinks she is a model but newsflash she isn’t ha. She either pays ppl to photograph her or pays by once again opening her vagina for buisness .. Gross right? She’s a fatty and loves to start drama. So Kim Hannon just know Not even your ex’s want you back doll. And when you do get a good guy you fck him over and ruin it. You’re disgusting and have no friends. Go get your teeth fixed and give the aliens their forehead back.

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Alicia Rayanne

July 6, 2014 Wichita 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is alicia orzs one of the grossest sluts around peace river, grimshaw, and now gp! She was a slut at the age of 12! She sleeps with any guy especially native from reserves. I knew her when she dated my cousin. She fcked guys while he was working hard to support her ass. She has been with older married men too. She uses guys to pay for her rachet hair and anything she cant afford. She is a welfare case and has no education or skills to have a job. She gets pregnant from every guy she dates because she never wears condoms. She was once got an abortion to be with a guy she cheated on with her last baby daddy because she didnt know who the dad is. She has 3 kids. And is pregnand now and is blaming 3 different men. She doesnt take care of her kids and demands money from there dads when she doesn’t even keep them. She will keep going from man to man to get what she wants cause she cant work. She is white trash. She got a tattoo of a guys intials on her neck and still tried to get her last baby daddy back! The guy she got the tattoo for only used her as a rebound slut to get back at his ex who he couldn’t get over. He would kick her out n she woukd try to go back to her ex n fck any guy…she drags her oldest son around with these men n expects her ex to help her when she gets kicked out. She pissed herself trying to sleep with her ex! Hahaha she stays with people and can never find a place to drag her kids around! She claims shes a good mom but i have seen her giver her baby girl away cause she “couldnt keep her” and then had another kid. She is a rough trashy slut! And everyone keep ur man locked up!

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Celsie Royal aka Laryiah Cash

July 3, 2014 Wichita 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Celsie Royal a.k.a Laryiah Cash NEEDS EXPOSED!!! She is great at being a PROSTITUTE, WHORE & BITCH! Celsie Royal aka Layriah Cash should try and learn to be a mother of her 4 kids. She is on Wichita ks TOP 10 MOST WANTED list for a Drug charge which is no surprise with her drd infested ass. Her kids are all by different men as well as not knowing who the real father of her 3rd child(boy)is, she says it is Emory Buncome’s kid but she told me she does’t really know for sure. She tries to make people on her Facebook believe she is taking care of them by posting pics especially to the kids grandparents on their fathers side She says she loves playing the role when she doesn’t really have to. She travels from Wichita,Ks to Kansas City, Mo. hopping on dicks, prostituting ,spreading drd’s stealing money,tking drugs. Be careful men and women you might get something from her!! Her mother Mindy which has heart conditions is having to watch and take care of her kids since she abandoned them! She thinks she is the most beautiful thing going but she looks like a bitch with aids. Stay away from this whore she will try and ruin your life by spreading lies & Blackmale you to get what she wants from you. BEWARE OF HER!!!!

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Freshly Tramp Stamped

July 3, 2014 Wichita 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Melissa is a not so hot, MESS. In her freetime she enjoys sucking titties and trying to give other people the herp and chlamydia . My poor friend received this dirty gift from her and im gonna let everyone know how nasty she is. She makes fun of people and will start rumors about people saying they are a slut, fat,ugly , have an drd, or that they are being cheated on. she loves drama and loves trying to sleep with taken ladies. watch out…heard she likes sucking dick also.

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Maya Dutch Escort

June 30, 2014 San Antonio, Wichita 112


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here are actual pictures of maya dutch I found on escort website they were in my boyfriends phone. He admitted to paying her 500 for sex

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Innocent looks, but a Theif and Slore

June 27, 2014 Kansas City, Wichita 0

THE DIRTY ARMY: I let this bitch stay with me for three months. She did nothing to contribute. I paid for everything, bought her anything she needed as if she were my kid. I make decient money, I didn’t mind helping out what I thought was a friend. Well behind my back, this bitch would bring strange men into my house while I was away, drug addict men, and fucking them on my bed, and stealing larg amounts of money from me. Like 500$ at a time , quite often. She is a drug addict, and pregnant … Likes to smoke meth while putting her unborn child at risk. She didn’t need to steal from me, she already had it made. She uses men like they are disposable objects. Juggling 6 or more “daddy’s” at a time. She meets up with her victims on pof. Her pics are very misleading FYI. Thought I’d do the Bay Area a favor and warn those who may fall for her bs Her name is Anna kimmel

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Questionable Cindy

June 25, 2014 Wichita 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks like she gotta take a shit in her pix with her bushy filled in over thick sesame street eyebrows

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